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A Darkness, Indeed.

A nation that rivals Edwin in power, ruled by the Mustelid. The current system of government is Feudalist/Constitutional Monarchy, with Duchies ruled over by Dukes, which elect the monarch, usually one of the Dukes. The military is third largest in number, and rivals Edwin's fighting effectiveness. It consists of the Gawainian Army. It is geographically one of the largest countries of Feila. Similar to Earth's medieval Germany.
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Re: A Darkness, Indeed.

Post by Maxwell » Fri Jul 14, 2017 10:57 pm

Maxwell nodded to Daichi's response to the situation. Maxwell looked up at the beast fighting the summoned creature. He was impressed to see that Jessica's creature was doing considerable damage to the beast. The beast put up a ferocious fight with the summon, but before it was able to hurt the summon significantly, it's wings broke, looking like shattered glass as it fell. The beast struggled for height, but, alas, nothing came of it. The beast hit the ground at full force, leaving a small crater where it landed.
I really enjoy realistic sword fighting.

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