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Delving into Time and History [With Draro]

The third most powerful nation of Feila, ruled by the Canine. The current system of government is Feudalist/Absolute Monarchy, with the monarch as the control of power and the aristocracy. It's military is fourth largest in number, and weaker than Gawain's or Edwin's. It consists of the Domus Army and Navy. It is geographically one of the smaller nations of Feila. Similar to Earth's medieval France.
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Delving into Time and History [With Draro]

Post by Miko » Wed Apr 19, 2017 9:41 am

A week after his expedition to the Clover Palace, Miko could finally manage to get a somewhat safe access to the Royal Library for Xedot and himself, and thus he asked him to meet in a public courtyard ten minutes by feet from the Chruch of Celeste, by night. As usual, he made it so he got there early so his companion would not wait for him. He sat on a bench in the courtyard, looking at the central fountain while thinking. It was a long time that he did not set a single paw into the Chruch, since he fled away from his parents. The only times he got near the holy ground was to speak with his sister to whom he wanted to stay in touch. Of all of this, she was only another victim of their parents. But Miko needed answers, and taking risks to get them was part of his daily life since then.

He put his bag on his left, in which he brought nothing but a first-aid kit and saved space to steal the books needed. He came wearing dark clothes, light shoes, and a black hood to sneak in like a ghost. He asked Xedot to do the same, and hopped he followed his advice strictly: coming light and sneaky. Showing of will be for a next visit.


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Re: Delving into Time and History [With Draro]

Post by Draro » Thu Apr 20, 2017 7:37 pm

Xedot slowly approached the courtyard, smiling when he spotted a dark clothed individual sitting alone on a bench. Xedot was likewise wearing nothing but black with a dark hood and black cloth shoes. On his left hip he carried a small black bag, just big enough to carry a couple books if needed. It was currently empty save for four small pouches of sawdust.

Taking a seat on the bench next to Miko, Xedot said, without looking in his direction, "You know, when you said you had access to these libraries, this isn't exactly what I had in mind."

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