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Skirmish in the woods [With Jerry]

The third most powerful nation of Feila, ruled by the Canine. The current system of government is Feudalist/Absolute Monarchy, with the monarch as the control of power and the aristocracy. It's military is fourth largest in number, and weaker than Gawain's or Edwin's. It consists of the Domus Army and Navy. It is geographically one of the smaller nations of Feila. Similar to Earth's medieval France.
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Skirmish in the woods [With Jerry]

Post by Miko » Mon Jul 10, 2017 7:48 am

Making his way back from Rennes to Lourdes, Miko was walking through a heavy forest of south-east Brittany. The light was dim, with a few rays piercing through the foliage, but sufficient for him to see clearly the path. A semester has already passed since the accident with is sister, but he still had no clue about what exactly happened, neither how he would bring her back. While walking, he was reading a book he stole in Rennes' ducal library that seemed to theorize time travels, although for the moment it was only theological garbage. Suddenly, a crack from a branch echoed in the woods. Miko put the book in his bag and looked around him. "Who is there? Show yourself!" he ordered, with an imperative tone. A few seconds later, a boar showed up and ran away, leaving the forest quiet again. "Still... there're auras from some people around here... three people..." he thought, vigilant to any sound or movement behind the trees.

(A little music ~~)

Miko made an about-turn and raised a ward in front of him, blocking a ray of light aimed at his back. He counter-attacked with a dark ball that exploded near the caster, a husky, and made him fall from the tree he was hiding in. Looking at his brown cloak and the markings on it, it was clear he got caught in an ambush from the Watchers. "There's a reward on your head, Caldin. Dead or alive..." said a mocking voice coming from behind him. A second Watcher, a bulldog, made his way to the main path, holding a light-imbued sword and a buckler. "And the prize will be for both of us today!" he yelled, charging Miko. The fox conjured his weapon, imbued with dark magic, and blocked the sword of the dog. Taking advantage of his momentum, he grabbed his neck, pulled him and threw him down. Before the husky had the time to gather his spirit, he cleanly hit the back of the bulldog's head, breaking his skull and sending him to Célèste. When the last Watcher understood what happened, he used another ray to hit Miko on his left shoulder. "You should have stayed home..." Miko ground his teeth, and casted a hex on his opponent to blind him. Which worked, as the husky started panicking. Nonetheless, Miko decided not to spare him. "May the merciless embrace of dark take thee...Shadow Servant!" A black mist slowly raised around the Watcher, and when it got to his shoulder's height, three ghostly figures raised their arms and collapsed on him. His cry echoed far in the forest, but his body got reduced to ashes.

The Watcher implied they were only two of them. However, the aura of one last body was still here. Miko lowered his weapon and took a gentle voice. "I know you're still here... get out. I won't harm you if you mean no threat to me."


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