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  • The Kingdom of Edwin
    The most powerful of the nations of Feila, ruled by the Feline. The current system of government is a Feudalist Monarchy, with counties presided over by nobles, whom answer to the monarch. The military, being the Edwinish Army and Edwinish Royal Navy, whilst second largest in numbers, is the most effective fighting force in Feila. It is geographically connected to its larger neighbour, Gawain. Similar to Earth's medieval England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland.
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  • The Kingdom of Gawain
    A nation that rivals Edwin in power, ruled by the Mustelid. The current system of government is Feudalist/Constitutional Monarchy, with Duchies ruled over by Dukes, which elect the monarch, usually one of the Dukes. The military is third largest in number, and rivals Edwin's fighting effectiveness. It consists of the Gawainian Army. It is geographically one of the largest countries of Feila. Similar to Earth's medieval Germany.
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    Last post A Ferret's Lament (OPEN!)
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  • The Kingdom of Domus
    The third most powerful nation of Feila, ruled by the Canine. The current system of government is Feudalist/Absolute Monarchy, with the monarch as the control of power and the aristocracy. It's military is fourth largest in number, and weaker than Gawain's or Edwin's. It consists of the Domus Army and Navy. It is geographically one of the smaller nations of Feila. Similar to Earth's medieval France.
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  • The Kingdom of Maze
    Once one of the weakest nations of Feila, ruled and predominately populated by the Rodents. Recently, it has recovered from a famine and Civil War, leaving it governed by a duumvirate of King and Tribune. While still economically disadvantaged, its technology is surprisingly advanced, and it is primed to take a larger place on the world stage. Similar to Earth's medieval Spain.
    9 Topics
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    Last post Re: Points of View, Chapter 1…
    by Asyriel View the latest post
  • The Empire of Yamaha
    A nation weaker than all but Maze, ruled by the Feline. The current system of government is Imperialist Monarchy, with an Emperor or Empress as Head of State. Its military is only ahead of Maze, as the Yamahanese Army and Navy. It geographically shares a large continent with the Territory of the Ravens. Similar to Earth's medieval Japan.
    20 Topics
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  • The Kingdom of Kahun
    A reasonably powerful nation, ruled by the Reptile. The current system of government is Absolute Monarchy, with a monarch controlling the power. It has the largest Army in Feila, but not the most well-trained. It consists of the Kahunian Army. It geographically is connected to Maze, and is a small country. Similar to Earth's medieval Arabia.
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  • The Territory of the Ravens
    The Territory of the Ravens is not a collective nation, though mostly controlled by the Avian. The current system of government is Tribalism, with many tribes found throughout the country. It has no official standing army, nor a standing navy. It geographically shares a continent with Yamaha. Similar to Earth's medieval Africa.
    11 Topics
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    Last post Re: The Tower of Ash. (see di…
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  • The Arctic Islands
    A recently discovered nation by the rest of Feila. The current system of government is Imperial Autocracy, with barons ruling fiefs, on the orders of the monarch. It has a standing army and navy known as the New Empire Forces (NEF). It is geographically a collection of five islands North of the Territory of the Ravens. There is only one season here and that is winter.
    29 Topics
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  • Dimensional Break
    A dimensional break that shatters time itself, and sends souls into other time periods of the world of Feila. Come here if you would like to role-play in non-medieval time periods of Feila. This is also where Feila's Twilight Zone dwells, a place for non-canon Feila and non-Feila role-playing. And, lastly, there is the One Liners board, where you can write role-playing posts that are under five sentences.
    Subforums: The Age of Space (2350's), The Age of Cyborgs (2150's), The Age of Information (2000's), The Age of Steam (1880's), The Age of Revolutions (1770's), The Age of Musketeers (1650's), The Age of Antiquity (1 BCE), The Twilight Zone (Non-canon Feila and Non-Feila)
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