NEW USERS START HERE: About Feila & Forum Rules

NEW USERS START HERE: All rules and official announcements are posted here, as well as general information about the role-playing setting.
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NEW USERS START HERE: About Feila & Forum Rules

Post by RabidFox »

Hey everybody and welcome to Feila, a medieval world inhabited by furries. What's a furry, you may ask? A furry is an intelligent animal who walks, talks, and lives much like us humans do. In other words, anthropomorphic animals.

The World of Feila is a play-by-post role-playing forum, which means that users post dialogue and actions for characters that they create, in order to start or continue a role-playing thread. A role-play is a type of collaborative story, where you and others join together on all kinds of adventures with characters that can be any way that you want them to be.

The theme of this role-playing forum is anthropomorphic animals, also known as furries. Therefore only furries may be role-played here, with the exception of Skin Avian and role-plays that take place in the Twilight Zone. Other than that, there are NO restrictions. Jump into a role-play and get started. :D

There's NO need for characters to be pre-approved and you do NOT have to read lots of information. While you will see a lot of informational threads, you do NOT need to read them.

If you have any questions, you can read our FAQ, post a topic in the Medieval Information Kiosk, or you can send a private message to RabidFox.

Despite that the World of Feila is primarily set in a medieval time period, we have the Dimensional Break for role-playing in other time periods. For more information on role-playing in non-medieval time periods, see here. If you'd like to role-play in non-canon time periods of Feila, that is time periods that don't have canon counterparts, or if you'd like to role-play in a setting that is not on the world of Feila, you can do so in the Twilight Zone.

The following rules are the simple expectations of the World of Feila community.

Rules of the Forum

* No sexually explicit images or text. No exceptions.

* Respect other users and different opinions, and do not insult another person for any reason.

* Respectful debates are fine, just don't start any flame wars.

* Avatar size cannot exceed 150x150 pixels. If an avatar is larger than these dimensions, it will be removed without prior notice.

* Advertisements should be posted in the Links thread and nowhere else. Only active members with at least 100 posts may advertise their personal websites. Anyone attempting to advertise without meeting these requirements will have their advertisement removed.

* All ROLE-PLAYING posts must contain no less than five good sentences. This rule does NOT apply to NON-ROLE-PLAYING posts. If you want to role-play without the minimum sentence rule, you can do so in the One Liners board or on our Discord server.

* It is expected that ALL text (Role-playing and otherwise) be checked for basic spelling and grammar errors.

Spell checking can be done by copying the text and pasting it into an online spell checker such as the J Spell Checker. A writing program with a spell checker like Microsoft Word is also an alternative.

If you use FireFox as your internet browser, right clicking any text field will allow you to turn on its built-in spell checker. Misspelled words will then be underlined in red, and can be automatically corrected by right-clicking the underlined word. Non-US English speakers, see here for dictionary browser add-ons, in order to customize your Firefox spell checker for your variation of English.

* Do NOT post only OOC comments when role-playing. If you would like to chat while you are role-playing, that's fine, but role-play in the same post. For discussion specifically pertaining to role-playing, you can always create a role-play discussion topic in the Role-playing Discussion sub-forum. There's also the private message system.

* Do NOT create multiple usernames for separate characters. One username is sufficient for all of your characters, and having more than one username creates confusion among the userbase. In the case that you have forgotten your username or are unable to retrieve your password, you may create a new account.

* Please try to keep threads on topic and move off-topic conversation to a relevant thread.

* If you post something that you yourself did not create, then you must make sure to accredit the artist or author.

* NO double posting of any kind except in forums where the act is allowed, such as the Entrance Hall for posting new characters and the Gallery for posting new artwork or literature. If there is an exception, then it will be listed in the FAQ of a forum if a FAQ is available.

That's it, those are the rules. We're pretty laid back here, so I wouldn't worry yourself over rule-breaking.

Legal Disclaimer

The purpose of the staff here at the World of Feila forum is to keep the forum enjoyable for everyone while staying within the rules of the host. Not me nor any of the other World of Feila staff may be held legally responsible for any potentially unlawful acts made by another user of this forum via the use of this service.

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Re: NEW USERS START HERE: About Feila & Forum Rules

Post by Rackenhammer »

Due to concerns brought to me by a member, I am adding an addendum to the rules:

*Off-site harassment of any member by another, whether by e-mail, social media, or another site, is considered a bannable offense. If you have an issue or concern with another member, please take it to one of the staff for resolution.
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