Fur Affinity Artwork of Feila

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Fur Affinity Artwork of Feila

Post by RabidFox » Mon Feb 02, 2015 11:22 pm

Check out the new gallery of Feila artwork!


We currently have 100 pictures of Feila artwork in our favourites gallery.

We have started a new Feila page on FurAffinity.net. The old page was unable to be retrieved because the password was lost and Zeru doesn't remember what it was any more. She was the one who started the page. We tried to revive the page years ago, but because of the lost password, the project of having a Feila page on FA fell into the dark.

But now we went ahead and created a new page. With our recent goals set at reinvigorating old site projects and bringing life to new ones as much as possible, we have found a rekindled interest in keeping an active Feila page on FurAffinity. At least, as active as one can be depending on just how much new artwork that people make for Feila.

However, we have decided on a new way to keep track of Feila artwork. We will no longer be accepting submissions to a gallery and will be simply making favourites of any Feila artwork that appears on FurAffinity.net. This way, we don't have to ask anyone for permission to re-post their artwork and everything is far easier to manage.

If you are a member of Feila, leave a shout out on the Feila page at FurAffinity.net and we will watch your page.


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Re: New Feila Page on Fur Affinity: Browse Feila Artwork in Our Favorites!

Post by Rackenhammer » Tue Feb 03, 2015 8:29 am

I used to have an FA page, but I left the site some time ago.
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