Getting Started Role-playing

NEW USERS START HERE: All rules and official announcements are posted here, as well as general information about the role-playing setting.
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Getting Started Role-playing

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Sometimes, users come by and they don't know what to do. A lot of us are able to just jump in and do our thing, but there are always people that are clueless. Here's some advice from the rest of us to help new users get started role-playing.

So you're new, you just joined, and you don't know where to start.

You should read the rules.

After that, post an introduction for yourself in the Entrance Hall.

Once you've told us a little about yourself, you might want to introduce us to your characters. Post a biography in the Entrance Hall.

Ready to role-play? You can post a role-playing request in the Role-playing Discussion sub-forum attached to the Shady Tavern, or you can look through recent role-playing discussions to find a role-play that you'd like to join. If a role-play has restrictions on who can join, you may need to reply to the role-playing discussion thread or send a private message to the thread starter.

Want to create your own role-play? This is very simple. Just pick a medieval location or a different time period, and start a new thread. You only need minimal information on the area and/or time period to role-play, so make sure you read at least a little information before starting. There's always informational threads to read, but you really only need a brief summary.

Need people to join the role-play you started? Head back to the Role-playing Discussion sub-forum and start a recruitment thread. Give people at least a little information on the story behind your role-playing thread, so that they can make better decisions.

Just ended a role-play and want it archived? Check out the Archived Role-plays thread in the Archives.

Need a break from role-playing, but still want to interact with the community? Talk about anything you want in the Shady Tavern or play games in the Carnival. We also have a Discord server or you can talk in the Chatango at the bottom of every page.

Confused and have questions? Get help in the Medieval Information Kiosk or send a private message to RabidFox.
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