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Post by Chester » Sun Nov 26, 2017 10:24 pm

Alright finally got most of my character done. I'm still working on stuff such as his background, if he's got anything magical about him and such, so I'll make sure to include that once I figure it out.

Full Name: Chester Abbott
Nickname/Alias: "Damned thief" Given to him by a nice merchant who's safe simply wasn't safe enough.
Sex: Male
Age: 25
Species/Race: Red Fox
Height: 5'11

Physical Appearance: He’s a bit on the taller side for a fox, though that's not too impressive in and of itself. Being naturally thin and constantly on the run has produced a lean build, keeping him light on his feet which helps a great deal in his line of work. Light reddish orange fur covers his back, flanks, upper arms/legs, the upper part of his face and muzzle and just up to the tip of his tail, which is a creamy white. This creamy white color matches the fur on his abdomen, chest, the inside of his thighs, the front of his neck, the bottom portion of his muzzle, along with his cheeks. His forearms and calves are black, and the rims of his ears are dark brown.

Apparel: He wears a dark green shirt akin to a tunic with a navy blue vest over it. Tied just above his waist is a thin brown leather belt with a small silver belt buckle. A small messenger bag hangs just an inch below the belt, bound to it by a short piece of thick rope. He wears solid black landsknecht pants, which are the kind that puff out in the thighs and down to the knee, before becoming formfitting and tight down the calves. On the skinnier part of the pants, they are white with thin horizontal stripes that wrap around the pant leg. He wears a dark purple robe over it all (hood included) that’s a bit torn up at the bottom. Also attached to his belt are multiple daggers of varying sizes. Slung over his shoulder and over his cloak is a bow and a quiver full of arrows. He carries a multitude of things in his bag, though they tend to be either stolen goods small enough to pocket or healing items such as herbs.

Personality: He’s mischievous and sly, a natural troublemaker. While he may seem selfish, sarcastic and otherwise rude on the outside (which he is, to a degree), he is extremely protective and caring to those who he holds close. Though it’s rather hard to get close to someone when they tend to “borrow” anything not nailed to the floor. He’s also a bit reclusive and skittish around new people (and people in general) because of his “occupation”. While most may call it being "twitchy" or "jumpy" he simple prefers very alert.

Personal History: As a pup, his parents weren’t in the most stable financial position and couldn’t afford another mouth to feed, so they sent him off to a quaint little orphanage where he lived for most of his life. Being the troublemaker he was, no one took the chance to adopt him. The kind owners of the orphanage, Garvan Abbott and Juniper Abbott had served as parents for him, giving him the name he uses now. He lived in that orphanage for years and years until he finally reached age 18, when he could leave. Problem was, he had no money. Worst of all, he had no experience in anything other than stealing and causing trouble. When he finally couldn’t live in that orphanage he'd grown so close to, he simply wandered the streets. It seemed like a cruel joke at the time, having the kid who never thought he’d grow up be the first to get kicked out into the real world. What would’ve been a wake up call to anyone else was more of a “minor setback” as he’d call it. Thus his thieving tendencies were only amplified when he had no other choice. After all no one would take a chance hiring a lowly fox who'd never set foot into an establishment without sinister intent. So he became just that, a common thief. Taking what he could to get by. While his excuse for such behavior was “just looking out for number 1”, he’d normally end up sharing his profits with his two close friends, Jaxon and Thomas. Even with how much he's changed and grown, Chester still takes the time to visit that orphanage when he can, just as a chance to see his parents again. He even helps around the place when he has the time.

Friends/Family: His close friends include Thomas Schmidt and Jaxon Vaughn. Chester had grown up with Jaxon, and the two met Thomas once they were kicked out of the orphanage. The three are practically brothers. His current living blood relatives are limited to his unknown father and mother. The pair are just a blurry memory to Chester now, unfortunately.
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Re: Chester

Post by RabidFox » Sun Nov 26, 2017 10:28 pm

Hello! My name is Todd. It's nice to meet you.

Welcome to Feila. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to ask me for help or to post a topic in the Medieval Information Kiosk.

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