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Enter stage right: Claude Hérbert

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Enter stage right: Claude Hérbert

Post by Wolfram Heart » Tue Dec 19, 2017 1:14 am

Basic/Universal stats.

Name: Claude Hérbert
Sex: Male
Species: Bengal Tiger
Age: 20
Height: 6'4 / 1.93 m
Weight: 316 lbs / 143.34 kg
Physique: Very muscular with pronounced rear and pectorals, and a somewhat rotund gut.

Apparel and equipment (Medieval)

Gaudy red robes adorn his rather bulky figure, not doing much to dampen his brutish visage, with a brown leather satchel at his side, black leather breeches and brown leather boots covering his lower half and a white tunic underneath the robes. He may also be wearing a breast plate and have a longsword slung on his side, depending on the scenario.

Background (Medieval)

Claude is the un-named "partner" in Wolfram's background. His family is well-liked within the city of Rennes, despite being more liberal in their views than most. Claude's parents are frugal merchants who live in a fairly humble home, not because they can't afford anything better though. While they could be living in a small manor or something of the sort, they'd rather not flaunt their wealth in such a manner or be perceived to be doing so. Claude is also an only child, as his mother had some fertility issues which led to her only giving birth to him.

His parents were quite fond of the arts, and brought him along with them to plays and musical performances whenever they could. Claude came to admire the arts as a result, and pursued them in his spare time. He would write prose and sing when he felt like it, and his parents even paid for music lessons for a brief period of time so that he could learn how to sing properly and know how to play both cello and piano. Claude was always naturally flamboyant and loved flaunting himself when he could get away with it, and it often made his parents wonder about him in certain ways.

When they saw that he had an aptitude for the arcane arts, Claude's parents sent him off to the same school as Wolfram so he could not only have an education but also explore his talents with magic. While attending the school, he found that he had a unique ability of being able to weave magic into his performances in various ways regardless of whether he was singing or playing an instrument. While Claude could still cast spells in the same ways as his peers, this ability allowed him to mix things up a bit in very interesting ways.

Then, he would cross paths with Wolfram and things would never be the same for him. Claude befriended the wolf quite quickly, and the two eventually became inseperable. Soon they would discover that their feelings ran deeper than they thought, and decided to go with it and see what happens. It progressed to the point where one night they went all the way and made love.

Sadly, that happened only days before one of their class mates figured it out and told the head master. Claude was fortunate as his parents were not appalled by what was discovered and were supportive. Wolfram was not so fortunate, as he suffered a calamity at the hands of his own parents. The wolf would then slip away under the cover of night shortly after, without a word to anyone. Not even Claude.

The tiger was devastated when he couldn't find Wolfram anywhere in Rennes, and was unable to find any clues as to where the wolf could have gone. He would lie in bed for days, wanting for nothing but the wolf he came to know and love. Then, Wolfram's father would pay Claude a visit to personally apologize for what happened after the relationship was revealed. He offered to provide the tiger basic military-grade training so that he may set out on his own to go find Wolfram and reunite with him if it's still possible.

The apology combined with the offer encouraged Claude, bringing him out of his depression and back to his former self as he gladly accepted both the apology and the offer of training. After spending some time training with Wolfram's father, Claude would say his goodbyes before packing his things and setting out to find his long-lost lover.

Special Notes (Medieval)
Claude's abilities to weave magic into his performances allows him a great deal of flexibilty when it comes to spell-casting. He can sing in order to cast a spell, or play cello or piano to fascinate those in his presence and serve as a distraction. Those are only two potential uses of this ability.

Otherwise, he can cast spells in a fashion much similar to most experinced mages. He knows a bit of everything when it comes to magic, although he's stronger in earth and water when compared to the other elements and earth magics used for healing is where he is strongest.


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