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Post by Humblefox » Fri Oct 04, 2019 7:30 pm

Gender: Male
Race: Grey Raccoon

Appearance: A small jovial, raccoon in a silver robe. His fur is grey, or sometimes gray, with black stripes. He has small blue piercing eyes. He likes his whiskers combed out and normally has an open inviting way about him. He speaks softly and openly. His built is light and strong from years of martial arts. His robe is simple but if you look closely you notice it’s covered with paw stitched embroidery of the same color. There are intricate knotwork patterns and lunar symbols covering the robe.

Biography: Rajole was a reserved kit often lost in his own little world. He would stare off in the distance where ever he was, not seeing or hearing anyone. What his family failed to realize was that his own little world consisted of lost spirits and visions of the future. The young Rajole was a born diviner but lacked the focus on mundane life to connect his visions to the folks that they were intended for. His family couldn’t find a way to help the little raccoon connect with his surroundings. One they they happened upon a monastery dedicated to the moon goddess. They were well acquainted with visions and divinity skills. Young Rajole was taught martial arts to heighten his awareness. He was taught to read Moon sticks to connect help focus his visions. He also developed a love for embroidery to calm his mind. After many years of peace, Rajole felt the nagging wonder of the world. The practices and beliefs he was taught worked well in the monastery but what about outside? So taking a long carved staff, his robe of many embroideries and a pouch of moon sticks, he struck out to find his place in the mundane world once again. He can be seen in various parts of the world talking to folks about life and how they manage. He also earns his way through his fortune telling gifts.

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