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Please Mark Character Biographies with Appropriate Era

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Please Mark Character Biographies with Appropriate Era

Post by RabidFox » Sat Nov 24, 2007 2:14 pm

This is not a requirement, but it would certainly help to keep things more organized and comprehensible. Since there is more than one age available for role-playing, which era that a character originates from can become confusing unless clearly marked. For this reason, character biographies should have an "Age Mark" such as "Medieval" or "Modern" either in the subject of the topic, or within the topic itself. Placing an Age Mark between two parentheses () in the subject of a topic should prove sufficient for character biographies only pertaining to one character or a group of characters from a select time period. Placing an Age Mark somewhere within a character's biography, whether by the name or in the history, does better for topics that handle multiple characters from differing historical origins.



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