Reinko Algeirr (Medieval)

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Reinko Algeirr (Medieval)

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Name: Reinko Algeirr

Nicknames: N/A

Age: 19

Species: Red Fox

Gender: Male

Place of Birth: Wizmar


Reinko died aged 26 (biological father, deceased, surname unknown)

Gesina Waldir (mother, aged 39)

Joris Waldir (maternal grandfather, aged 64)

Meinert Algeirr (stepfather and adoptive father, aged 37)

Tammo, Wilko and Meiko (half-brothers, aged 18, 17 and 13)

Karsta, Heike and Sylke (half-sisters, aged 16, 14, 12)


Hinrik Dorfin, (father’s apprentice, family friend and mentor, aged 37)

Eduard Muirsch (father’s master, idol, age unknown, more than 60)

Current occupation: Freelance bard

Appearance: Reinko is short for a fox, and his left footpaw is higher than the right. He wears a brown tunic and a cloak of the same colour and material.
Weaponry: A stick that is also used for walking, with no special features. It is also possible to smash a hostile beast’s head with his lute, though Reinko is reluctant to do so, for reasons obvious.

History: Reinko is the illegitimate son of a bard and an innkeeper’s daughter, though his father died around four months before he was born, having perished in a bar fight. His mother married a certain Meinert Algeirr before Reinko (named after his biological parent) was born. The young fox considers his stepfather his father more than a fox he had never met, and bears his surname with pride. Seeing that the young fox’s limp prevents him from working with his grandfather alongside himself, Meinert encouraged the cub to follow his biological father’s profession and train himself in the ways of a performer. After completing his training, Reinko saw himself ready to make his own living, and burden his parents no longer. Promising to return to his family, he set off into the Wizmar streets, his destiny no longer within sight.

Personality: Reinko is lively and buoyant, with him being the life of a party. To the detriment of his half-siblings, he is bit over-talkative, and a ‘scatterbrain’, whatever that meant. He is also not the bravest of beasts, preferring talking his way out of problems rather than fighting everybeast that stands in his way.

Likes: Reinko likes the typical bard trio - wine, females and song. He also likes berries, like any fox would.

Dislikes: Getting into trouble and physical exertion.


He often speaks out of turn, which leads to all too many beasts seeing him as a mere annoyance.

He doesn’t have the greatest grasp on table manners.

He holds his liquor well enough. The only time he ever got drunk in his life was when his father won the Wizmar city archery competition, and he was dared by his half-siblings to drink much more than he could stomach.

He loves to flirt, but had never moved further than that.

Goals: Reinko has three goals in life: to perform as well as he would have, to make tons of gold doing so, and to preserve his relationship with his family.

Fears: Reinko is all too afraid of death, but he is equally scared of losing his family too - oh, and heights as well.

Beliefs: Reinko believes that all beasts have at least some good in them, and that every creature considered evil can be redeemed.

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