The Arc Thaums

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The Arc Thaums

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The Arc Thaums are a small group of randomly selected people who are able to fully understand and master the art of Arcane
Thaumatology. This is a art so lost it was not even originally believed to have existed. The Arc Thaums have a collossal
arsenal of 'Artifacts' they can use to further expand their knowledge of Arcane Thaumatology. However, these artifacts have been
scattered across the globe, and are disguised as absolutely anything; From sticks to Fobwatches, Gauntlets to wooden planks,
they could be absolutely ANYTHING. Each Arc Thaum has a different way of locating said Artifacts; And some will even do deals to
share fragments of Arcane knowledge to get them. The knowledge that Arcane Thaumatology produces is almost completely
unlimited; From how to quickly heal a wound, to the secret of immortal life and time travel.


Jack 'Dirt' Ike

Age: 1500 (Claims to be 16)
Gender: Male
Race: Crow
Info: 7" 2', Usually wears a unbuttoned leather jacket, potato-sack shorts, no shoes. Long, untrimmed feathers that look as though
they haven't been washed since he was born.
Artifacts: Sun Dial of Years, Twin Blades of Skotino, Fobwatch of Hours, Compass of Direction

??? '???' ???

Age: 1499
Gender: Female
Race: ??? (Once was crow, unknown now)
Info: Jack's Arch-nemesis
Artifacts: ???


??? '???' ???

Age: 1248
Gender: ???
Race: ???
Info: Is known as the 'Dark Iron Soldier' in Gawain, wears some form of superarmour made of a pitch-black metal, brandishes a colossal battleaxe of the same material which is almost the size of him. Armour is too thick to get any proper details.
Artifacts: ???

More coming soon!
The Arc Thaums:

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Re: The Arc Thaums

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Please do not do that thing with the dashes again; if you create a continuous line, it screws with the formatting of the post and a mod has to edit it so that readers don't have to scroll sideways.

Also, just keep in mind character balance when bringing these macguffins into play.
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