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Hey Folks! :)

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Christel Shard
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Hey Folks! :)

Post by Christel Shard » Thu Sep 17, 2015 12:45 pm


Hey folks, Christel here. Here is my intro, though not exactly medieval, it's what I am, sorry for the folks who like medieval settings.

Christel is a female anthro hyena, smart, capable and quite lovable. She is about 1'70 tall and she weights about 80 kg. Her head fur is blonde, but her fur is mostly charred light maroon, with whiteish light fur covering her breasts and her lower belly, with dark spots all over her body, except in her breasts and belly. She usually wears a Rolling Stones white t-shirt, a bit too big for her, and blue jeans. On her feet she usually wears a pair of black thong sandals.

The Medieval description:

Madame Shard is an female anthro hyena, cold and distant, but once you get to know her she might be what you are asking for. She's about 1'70 m tall and weights around 80 kg. Her head fur is blonde, but her body fur is charred light maroon, with whiteish fur on her neck down to where her dark dress allows sight. Reagent to the Castille Castle Throne, a central part of The Iberian Peninsula, she rules from 1469 to 1504, date of her death. At the present time, though, she's 36. She dresses usually in a dark dress, long down to her feet, in which she wears a pair of black boots.

How's that? I also got Classical Greece and Roman descriptions, ask if you're interested.

Since Adult roleplay is forbidden in this forum, just drop me a line at Skype and we will see if we are compatible.

Thanks for reading :)
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The Great Fox
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Re: Hey Folks! :)

Post by RabidFox » Thu Sep 17, 2015 8:15 pm

Hi there. My name is Todd. I am part of the staff here. It's nice to meet you.

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Spanish Scion
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Re: Hey Folks! :)

Post by Rackenhammer » Fri Sep 18, 2015 3:30 pm

Hello and welcome! I'm Rackenhammer, the other half of the staff. Not on as much as I'd like at present, hope to get my activity up to something more regular soon. Have fun, and enjoy your stay!
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