Questions Concerning the General Usage of this Board

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Questions Concerning the General Usage of this Board

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Entrance Hall Board FAQ

Q. What is this board for?

A. This is where members post their character biographies and just come to say "Hi" to the userbase. Multiple threads for multiple characters are allowed. Likewise, you can also place all of your character biographies into one thread.

Q. Why do members double post here? Isn't that against the rules?

A. The Entrance Hall is one of the few exceptions in which members are allowed to double post. Members may double post in order to bring attention to new characters or character artwork, or as a way to organize their character biographies.

Q. Why do some of the topics have subtitles such as "Age of Steam" or "Modern Version"?

A. Since the forum has several different ages available for role-playing, some users find benefit in subtitling their character biography topics with what age the character originates from.