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Alessio Vesari (goes by Dusk) (Renaissance)

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Alessio Vesari (goes by Dusk) (Renaissance)

Post by lampshade » Fri Nov 11, 2016 8:59 pm

Age: 25
Gender: Male
Species: Raccoon
Height: 5' 7" (ft.)
Weight: 140 lbs.
Sexual Orientation: Bi-sexual, but generally prefers men
Occupation: Art Critic/Forger
Physical Description: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/56 ... fcce9f.jpg (Dusk unclothed)
https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/or ... 649a3c.jpg (typical clothes for Dusk)

Backstory: Dusk was born in 1459 during the height of the Renaissance era. He was well loved by his mother (Stella), well beaten by his father (Donato), and well taken care of by his brother (Frederico) and sister (Lucia). His father was a member of the locksmith's guild, a job that paid him a modest but comfortable salary. It was also a profession that Dusk's father expected both of his sons to one day become apprentices of when they were old enough. Unlike his brother, Dusk had never been one to follow the path of least resistance and, with the help us of his mother, enrolled in the artist's guild at the age of 9. This would not be the last time that Dusk usurped his father, but each rebellion came with a beating.

Dusk was educated in the studio of renowned painter Andrea del Verrocchio and it was during this time that he became friends with a fellow apprentice, Leonardo. His time at the studio helped him view his surroundings with a fresh perspective. He began to see artistic beauty in the most mundane things: from the peasant women begging for coin in the town square to the subtle ripples a flag makes when it's caught in the wind. He was also inspired by the natural skill Leonardo had at capturing such things in his sketchbook. Leonardo always seemed to be able to effortlessly translate people and objects into drawings that possessed as much life as the things they were modeled after. Dusk, however, struggled to create original works of art. No matter how clear the picture of what he wanted to paint was in his mind, Dusk simply could not get the image onto the canvas. Despite this shortcoming, Dusk did discover that he had one particular talent when it came to painting. He could perfectly replicate the works of his fellow apprentices as well as the paintings of his master. Dusk's attention to detail was impeccable down to the last brush stroke, but to copy the work of another artist was highly frowned upon and so Dusk only shared his talent with Leonardo.

That was not the only thing Dusk and Leonardo shared. Leonardo, as his name suggests, was a young lion. In addition to possessing a mind that Dusk admired, Leonardo wasn't lacking in the looks department. The attraction between the two became increasingly more apparent as their apprenticeships stretched into their early teens. One night, the two found themselves sitting next to each other working on separate projects while sharing brushes and paint. At one point, their hands touched as they reached for the same brush sitting on the stand in between them. The room had been silent all night but it felt even quieter now. Dusk and Leonardo stared at one another for what seemed like forever until the two leaned in and kissed. Dusk had never felt more complete than he did in that moment, but it wasn't meant to last. A fellow apprentice had seen the entire exchange and word quickly spread to the master's ears and Dusk's father.

Verrocchio could not afford to lose Leonardo, who stood out among his peers as a rising star within the art world. He also could not allow debauchery to take place within his studio and potentially cost him the patronage of affluent clients. Dusk's father was infuriated and aside from delivering another swift beating to his rebellious son, had already begun making plans to remove Dusk from the studio and force him into serving the church. Leonardo came up with a compromise. He would accept the patronage of one of the noble families in another city and move to work on projects for that family. As his master, Verrocchio would receive a percentage of the patronage payments and it would separate Dusk and Leonardo. All parties agreed to this arrangement and Leonardo was shipped off days later without being given an opportunity to speak to Dusk or say goodbye.

Dusk. Was. Furious. For days his anger seethed and he lashed out at anyone who attempted to approach him, but it was in his anger that he formulated a plan. He would finish his apprenticeship and then use his skills to ruin the people who had driven a wedge between him and Leonardo. He would use his forgery skills to replicate paintings created by Verrocchio and the apprentices at his studio. He would steal the original from the studio, replace it with his replica, and then sell the original to wealthy buyers looking for fine art at low prices. He would also learn everything that he could about locks from his brother and only steal paintings when they were housed in locations equipped with the locks produced by the guild his father worked for. Two birds, one stone.

In the years since he and Leonardo were separated, Dusk has become known throughout the region as Alessio Vesari, Art Critic. When the sun goes down, his true work begins which is why those who know him best call him Dusk. At night, Dusk the renowned and un-catchable art thief sets about replacing his forgeries for real artwork and fencing the originals on the black market. The impact on his old master's studio has been fairly devastating and has resulted in a rapid decline in business. His father's locksmith guild has also suffered a major blow as the quality of their locks has fallen under suspicion. Some have even begun to believe that the locksmith's guild works with the art thief. As the years have passed, Dusk has slowly forgotten the reason that he set out on this path to begin with. Leonardo has become like a distant memory to him and the two have not seen one another since the day they were parted.

Dusk's double life often keeps him busy and what little love life he makes time for are usually trysts that are relatively short-lived. As an art critic, it has helped him to have a beautiful woman on his arm when he attends galleries and other events in his official capacity. For the most part and much to his shame, however, he has realized that he has a preference for men. He does not permit himself to grow attached to anyone, whether they be a man or woman. Dusk also refuses to be submissive to any of the lovers he's been with. For him, intimacy requires control and the moment that you let go of control, you open yourself up to being disappointed.


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Re: Alessio Vesari (goes by Dusk) (Renaissance)

Post by RabidFox » Sat Nov 12, 2016 6:06 pm

Hi there! I'm Todd. Welcome to Feila.

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