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Lilliann (Medieval)

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Lilliann (Medieval)

Post by Cheshire » Wed Dec 28, 2016 3:21 pm

Hello everyone! I'm Cheshire, and I'd love introduce a character that hopefully get along here! Little Lilliann!

Full Name:: Lilliann Bardow
Nicknames:: Lilly, Anna, Lil
Age:: 23
Gender:: Female
Species:: Dairy cow
Occupation:: Barmaid (She works at the Verdant Vixen.)

Family:: Aaron Bardow (father), Mary Bardow (mother)
Close Relations:: Nana Darla (old goose, acts like her grandmother)
Physical Description:: Lilliann isn't very tall, only standing at 5'3. She's a white cow with brown spots across her stomach area, arms, ears and muzzle. She has a very wide set of hips and a rather plump bossom, while her hooves are very small. Lilliann has shoulder length red hair, and a small set of light brown horns ppcking through it. Her ears are floppy, never standing up straight, and she has a gold ring through her left ear. She has large, blue eyes, and a tail, which is white with a little tuft of red hair at the end.
Personal History:: Lilliann was born on a farm with her parents, they obviously had to work for a living. But she had dreams of living in the city surrounded by other people. When she was sixteen her parents pulled a favor with Darla, a goose who ran the Verdant Vixen in the nearby town, Lilliann went to work for her at the bar. Living in one of the small rooms upstairs.


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Re: Lilliann (Medieval)

Post by Maxwell » Sun Jan 15, 2017 12:45 am

Hello. Don't be discouraged by the lack of responses. It was around the holiday times and everyone probably had family matters to attend to. I'd be happy to welcome you!
I really enjoy realistic sword fighting.

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