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Kumiko Caldin (Medieval -> 1990s')

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Kumiko Caldin (Medieval -> 1990s')

Post by Miko » Fri May 12, 2017 12:00 pm

Name : Kumiko Caldin
Nicknames or Aliases : Plum
Gender: Female
Species : Red fox
Age : 19
Sexuality : Bi

Place of Birth : Lourdes, Kingdom of Domus (Medieval Feila)
Family, living and deceased : Are alive both her parents, Pierre and Hinako, as well as her 6 years older brother Miko. The parents are High Priests of Céleste's Church, the brother is a tomb raider.
Other close relations, if any : None
Current Occupation : Entitled High Priestess of Céleste’s Chruch

Physical Description : Kumiko is a 19 years-old red vixen. She is 5 feet and 10 inches tall, and weights 57 kilograms. Her body his slender due to her lack of physical training and days of indoor study. However, her fur is so soft she looks like a plushy, bright orange and ivory white. The tip of her ears and limbs are not black as are Miko’s, as she stayed away from Dark Magic. She still inherited the amethyst pupils, her family’s trademark. Her voice is what she is proud of, a little high pitched when she casually speaks but a treat for everyfur’s ears when she sings.
(A sample of her voice)
Physical abilities : Kumiko is not physically strong, and she could not bear her own weight more than a few seconds. Even a little clumsy, she has a short breath and does not how to fight with her claws. But she is a graceful dancer, a talent that came with her ritual trainings.
Magical abilities : She is highly proficient with Light Magic naturally, and learnt all the elemental magics. She can also use a few lesser magics, those that are useful ritual-wise. Hopefully, she retained those skills when she got time and space-warped.

Personal History : Second born of the last generation of the Caldin family, one of Céleste's High-Priesthood families, unlike her brother she became the entitled High-Priestess of the Chruch. At the age of five, his parents started her magical and religious education too, teaching him, besides religious and magical history, the arts of diplomacy, ruling, and a first glance at every other kingdoms' culture. She followed those teachings beside her brother, whom she was in admiration of.

As a special teaching for her, and to keep her learning Dark Magic, her parents filled her time with teachings of all great magics, in which she was naturally skilful. But that also kept her from making friends with furs her age.
At the age of 19, she undertook the Ritual of Enlightenment and became the High Priestess of the Chruch. She received her staff as a legacy, crafted for her only, that bolsters her magical abilities thanks to an imbued amethyst gem mounted on the tip. The staff mimics the sun, as she is supposed to enlighten the world.
A few days later, Miko came to visit her and brought a hand-crafted ring with an amethyst mounted on it. “When you feel alone, just think about us, and you will feel warmth flowing again”, he said to her. She could not ask him further about it when some Papal Knights caught them, and engaged a fight against him. She does not know what idea crossed her mind then, but to protect him from a spell from the knights, she got between them and got hit by the knights’ light spell and her brother’s dark spell at the same time. Reacting with her staff, the spells warped her right to the 1980s’ Edwin, in the toilets of a mall. The staff lost a good part of its power, but she could still use her magic. She now has to learn about this Feila, lost in time.

Role-plays they've been in : Miko’s

Likes and Dislikes : She loves to sing, to dance and to party as she could not do it while at Church. She also likes to discover new things, to learn from people she meets, and to share what she knows. She hates rude, obnoxious or authoritarian people, becoming imperious and haughty when she is with one.
Any odd habits or quirks : Sometimes she can just stop doing anything to look at something that caught her attention, and become like mesmerized.
Goals : She wants to know where she has been warped and to find a way to reunite with her brother. She also secretly wants to live of her voice and to stay away from the Church.
Fears and Beliefs : She believes in the Foi and is terrified by blood. She also does not like to be in small spaces, like an elevator or a tiny studio.


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