So I'm new.

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So I'm new.

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Hey, I'm brand new on Feila, and nice to meet you! You can call me Xpert, Micaiah or whatever else you like, it's nice to be here. I know how to roleplay, I've done so for the longest time on Warrior Cats Online, and I love writing and reading. Furries are awesome.

So, here are my characters:

Koryn Baxter
Species: Border Collie
Age: 17 years
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual as heck
Appearance: Koryn is a black and white dappled border collie with a fluffy tail and pink pads. She's 5'7' and has one chocolate, one gray eye, and usually wears whatever she can find that fits. Her current clothing is a leather tunic and cloth pants, a satchel, and bare feet. One of her ears is shredded so badly from a fight in the orphanage with a much larger male dog that she can hardly hear out of it sometimes. Gives her a tougher look.
Personality: Koryn is the kind of collie you don't want to mess around with. Her skeptical, harsh personality makes her appear to be sharp-edged and unlikable, even if she's lonely. She's hesitant and often uninterested in other people, at least on the outside - she's observant by nature and usually hangs back watching others in a crowd before stepping into conversation herself. She expects the worst of everyone and often only realizes that they're not a threat once they've decided they're not going to waste their time trying to be friendly with her. Koryn is cautious, angry inside and anxious about many things, even if she puts up her walls and plays the 'tough dog'.
Quirks: Koryn can sleep anywhere, no exceptions. Her paws are always twitching.
Backstory: Raised in an orphanage due to the deaths of both her parents from sickness, Koryn was made fun of by the other orphans, apart from the rottweiler who watched it happen and finally snapped, stepping in to keep it from happening again. She wasn't sure why but felt the constant teasing might be due to her smaller size and different colored eyes. She became shy and withdrew until she finally broke out of the orphanage with Carmen and has been wandering with her ever since.

Carmen Jennes
Species: Rottweiler
Age: 19 years
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight as heck
Appearance: Carmen is a rottweiler with chocolate eyes and black-tipped ears and the usual dark brown and tan coloration. She constantly wears a treble-cleft necklace around her neck that she seldom takes off and dons a grayish clothe top and ripped shorts. She, unlike her best friend Koryn, wears sandals.
Personality: If Koryn shouldn't be messed with, Carmen certainly shouldn't be. She's way more friendly than her distrusting border collie companion but has way more to deliver than Koryn would ever be able to - she carries a slingshot she could use as a weapon and is ready to use it if she has to. Despite her messy past, she remains good-hearted and believes that she has a chance to make some good in the world, even if she still feels the only one who sees her is Koryn. She has an optimistic, joking attitude, occasionally replaced with anger and hurt when something serious happens.
Quirks: Carmen loves music more than anyone knows, even if she doesn't talk much about it.
Backstory: Like Koryn, Carmen was raised in an orphanage. Her parents gave her up when they couldn't care for her anymore. The first friend she found was the shy, nervous border collie who at first behaved angrily toward her - until she realized she had a chance at being friends. When Koryn broke out, Carmen followed and the two have been wandering around for years now.

Species: Cat
Age: 16 years
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Gay as heck
Appearance: Rivier is a semi-longhair gray cat with silver tabby stripes and golden eyes. She wears a fine vest and pants, has large, erect ears and long whiskers. Wears boots and always has arrows and a bow at hand - er, paw.
Personality: Rivier is a friendly, charismatic feline with hardly a filter. She always says what she thinks and isn't afraid not to, and sometimes oversteps boundaries. She rarely feels guilt and when she does pushes it away. She's intellectually smart but doesn't have much wisdom. Is overly proud, when inside she's a little messed up.
Quirks: Rivier may seem friendly and charismatic, but she's actually begging for someone to really love her.
Backstory: Rivier comes from the far west, and no one knows her real backstory. She tells stories of how she got scars but changes the story each time she tells them!

If you want to roleplay with me, shoot me a pm!


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Re: So I'm new.

Post by Asyriel »

Hello, and welcome to Fella. It's always nice to see someone new. If you're looking for someone to roleplay with, let me know. I tend to be able to post at least once a week most of the time.

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