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The Retelling of the Planet of the Apes (Fan Fiction) (FINISHED)

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Re: The Retelling of the Planet of the Apes (Fan Fiction) (IN PROGRESS)

Post by RabidFox » Thu Mar 09, 2017 11:51 am

An Unexpected Visitor

Milo was at Zira's work again. He was staring intently at the animals in their cages. Zira was somewhere else, unaware of her son's presence. Milo's last patient that day had not come in and so he had come to the laboratory to study the humans, knowing that his mother may learn of him at any moment. Hopefully, if she did, she wouldn't care. However, Milo had known Zira to get irritated if she did find him there. She just didn't like it. Why, Milo had never really understood.

As he watched the humans move around and make noises and look at him, the young psychologist could think of nothing other than his failure to make his mother happy. He wanted to be someone that she could be proud of. Not just love, but respect. Cornelius had already disappointed her time and time again. Milo didn't want to be like his father that way. He wanted to throw everything away so that he and his mother could share a stronger bond with each other.

Then, without warning, there was a familiar voice behind Milo.

"And what may I ask are you doing here?" Milo turned around, surprised.

It was Dr. Zaius, the most powerful orangutan in the local area. He was clothed in a long yellow and brown robe.

"I was just here to look at the animals." Answered Milo, unsure of what to say and feeling nervous.

"Well, I figured that." Replied Zaius, sarcastically.

"I want... I want to understand my mother's work better." Explained the young psychologist.

"You always were a smart one." Milo didn't know if that was a compliment or a reprimand. "Your father has always told people how inquisitive you are. But why aren't you at work? No more trouble, I hope?"

"Oh no, of course not." Hurried Milo. He didn't want Zaius of all people to start lecturing him. "My last patient didn't show up. So I left early."

"I see." Zaius said, in a mysterious voice. "And why did he not show up?"

"He called in sick." Answered Milo.

"Sounds like he's wasting your time." Said Zaius, in his ever stern manner. "He better be dead to not show up to an appointment."

Milo smiled, finding that funny. But he said nothing in return.

"Why are you suddenly interested in humans?" Asked Zaius, curiously.

"Mother is so fascinated by them." Explained Milo, tentatively. "I want to share in her passion, but I've never... thought much of them. So I decided to come here and try to see what she sees."

"It would take a lifetime for you to understand it." Replied the orangutan, carefully choosing his words. "Animal psychologists are just born that way. You, however, I know are not. You haven't ran around in here since you were a child. And that was just because you were bored." Zaius shook his cane. "Don't feel sorry for your mother. She's fine. She's damn good at what she does. Just a little too involved with her specimens. But I know that I could never persuade her to stop. She's too stubborn."

Zaius gave him a suspicious look. "Does this have anything to do with Zira's co-workers? I find the timing a bit too close. Is she all right? Are you trying to comfort her?"

"I'm not sure really." Admitted Milo, cautiously. "I just... I just don't want her to feel like I don't care about her feelings. She's so passionate about her work, and I... I just want to... I just want to make sure that she knows that I care."

"Like I said," Started Zaius. "don't worry about your mother. She's got a strong, fighting spirit... I think you chose the right profession. Almost. You could have been a far better MD than a psychologist. But you did well in your decision.

"Your father, however..." Zaius' voice took on a dark tone. "I worry about him more and more. His interest in archaeology disturbs me. Recently, he found a new dig site that I feel he has no business fooling with. But he won't listen. Absolutely intent on finding whatever it is that he thinks he can find. You should have a talk with him. Tell him that he's getting dangerously close to the edge."

"Yes, sir." Assured Milo, respectfully.

"But you..." Continued the orangutan. "you're perfectly fine. I have no problem with you. I know that foolishness is not apart of your fabric. You'll make a fine psychologist one day. You did so well in school and you got yourself a nice degree. But once you're done experimenting with work, you need to go back to school and get the degree you really want. I know that you dream of being a doctor of psychology. Well, there's still plenty of time for you to learn.

"Do you understand me, Milo?"

"Yes, sir." Confirmed the chimpanzee.

"Good..." Said Dr. Zaius. "Well, I'll stop bothering you." Announced the orangutan. "Just don't let your mother catch you in here. She doesn't like it."

"Yes. Yes, sir." Promised the young psychologist.

Zaius walked out of the room, his cane in one hand and his other at his side.

Well, that was a close one, thought Milo. He had thought that Zaius might get angry and order him to leave. He had done it before, especially in Milo's youth. Was the orangutan developing some kind of new respect for him because he was an adult now and had finished school? He wasn't sure. Sometimes, Zaius was just either in a good mood or a bad mood. His mother could swear to that.

Not wanting to bump into his mother as well, Milo quickly left the laboratory.


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Re: The Retelling of the Planet of the Apes (Fan Fiction) (IN PROGRESS)

Post by RabidFox » Mon Mar 13, 2017 6:27 pm

Hidden Thoughts

"What happened?" Zira asked, dreading the answer. "Why are you so upset?"

Cornelius wasn't talking. He was sitting in his arm chair with his eyes closed. He kept closing and opening his hand, closing and opening his hand. Milo was across from him on the couch.

"Father?" He asked, tentatively.

"I was in the middle of a very important discovery when I was suddenly cut off by Dr. Zaius." Started Cornelius, trying to keep as much anger out of his voice as possible. "He wasn't happy about my recent research. I had found something that was an extremely exciting addition to, not just my work, but to the entire field of archaeology.

"I was banned from the dig site." Cornelius opened his eyes then and looked at his wife, who was standing next to him. "Can you believe it? Banned from a dig site because it was proving to be too fruitful!"

"Oh, you know those orangutans..." Zira was angry—You could tell. "Always corrupting science with their absolute refusal to accept anything that defies the scriptures."

"Yes, I know." Cornelius turned to face Milo. "Are you okay?" He asked, considerately. He understood his son's deep devotion to God.

"I'm fine." But Milo insisted that he was all right, like he usually did.

"If it bothered you, you would never tell me." Replied Cornelius, in a serious manner.

"I can't lie to you, Milo." Said Zira, warmly. "I don't just want to come out of hiding. I also want others to accept my ideas as truth."

"I know, Mother." Responded Milo, quietly. "There's nothing wrong with that. I don't think that God condemns anyone for anything."

"Ape never kills ape." Zira looked at her son, carefully.

"Yes..." Milo trailed off, lost in thought.

"But humans kill humans." Said Cornelius, suddenly. "Why can't apes kill apes? I've seen it before. It's not true. I've seen apes kill other apes. Why do we live with this lie?"

"It's just the orangutans using the gorillas to cover up everything." Replied Zira, trying to keep herself calm.

"What did you find, Father?" Asked Milo, curiously.

Cornelius was silent for a moment. Then, "An interesting object that was made of pewter." He did not continue.

Milo decided to interrupt his father's thoughts and persisted to pry. "Apes rarely use pewter to craft anything." He commented.

"It was in the shape of a cross." Started Cornelius. "I've never seen anything like it. And, even more strangely, it had a human nailed on it. Of course, he was dressed in rags, but he wore a crown."

"A crown?" Said Zira, greatly surprised.

"Yes, a crown made of thorns." Answered Cornelius, staring off into space. "Why would an ape ever put a crown on a human and then make that symbol with pewter?"

"Your theory!" Zira became excited. "That ape evolved from a lower primate, possibly human."

Cornelius gave his wife a severe look. "Don't ever mention that outside of this household."

"Oh dear, I know! I know!" But Zira just shrugged him off. "Why did he ban the dig site? Did you show him the cross?"

"Actually, no." Answered Cornelius. "Someone else from my team must have said something. Otherwise, it's far too coincidental."

Zira held her hands together. "Of course." She said, sadly. "Friends that we can't trust. All around us."

Cornelius looked down, feeling tired. "Let's talk about this in more detail later. I need to rest." He got up from the chair, walking towards the master bedroom.

Zira turned to look at her son. "What do you think, Milo?" She asked, carefully.

Milo was silent, then, "I think that Dr. Zaius needs to lift that ban."

But then Zira shook her head. "No, Milo. No, you don't think that at all. You know you don't."

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Re: The Retelling of the Planet of the Apes (Fan Fiction) (IN PROGRESS)

Post by RabidFox » Sat Mar 18, 2017 2:22 pm


"Emmy." Said Granger, suddenly. His voice was grim.

"Yes, father?" Asked Emmy, who was sitting quietly at the table, eating dinner. No one had really said anything yet.

"That man you've been seeing..." He began, expression stern. "Milo, is it?"

"Yes, his name is Milo." Answered his daughter, smiling. "His parents are Cornelius and Zira."

"I know." Granger sounded rather forceful. "That's what my problem is with him."

Emmy's mother, Kalea, put down her fork. "Oh?" She said. "And what's wrong with them, now?"

Emmy was silent, dreading what her father was about to say.

"I don't know much about Milo other than he quit his job and then was rehired soon afterwards." Started Granger, in a very serious mood. "But what I've heard about Cornelius and Zira worries me."

Emmy prepared herself for the worse.

"Really?" Said Kalea, hard to read. "And what have they done? I haven't heard anything bad about them."

"Zira's co-workers were recently fired." Explained Granger. "Some of them anyway. The younger ones... Supposedly, they were kicking up a fuss over humans. There's been a lot of protesting recently. The gorillas plan to use more humans for target practice and less and less of them for scientific research. I hear they're trying to cut down the population because it is too out of control."

"What does that have to do with Zira?" Asked Kalea, curiously. You couldn't tell what she was feeling inside.

"According to reliable sources," Began Granger, disapprovingly. "Zira is very attached to humans and does a lot of advocacy for them. There is even talk of her trying to push humans as household pets."

Kalea laughed, smiling.

Emmy looked down at her plate, playing with her food using her fork. She was so distressed.

"Cornelius now..." Continued Granger. "is infamous for his strange ideas about archaeology. I'm not sure what all he thinks. I just know that he's been in trouble before. And now he's in trouble again. I heard that he was recently removed from a dig site for very controversial reasons."

"I met them at Milo's house." Struggled Emmy, feeling unheard. "They were oh so very nice. I didn't get any vibes from them that they were bad people."

Granger gave his daughter a sharp look. "Anyone can be nice around a dinner table. We're talking about something very serious here, Emmy. We're talking about... people who are against the government. You don't want that, do you, Emmy? To be associated with people with such horrible reputations?"

"I don't think they have horrible reputations." Emmy felt overwhelmed by her father's judgement.

"Well, maybe not yet." Agreed Granger, cautiously. "But they are definitely headed down the wrong path. Now this Milo. What is he really like? I've heard that he's very smart and that even Dr. Zaius likes him. But then I've also heard that Dr. Zaius has a special interest in his father, so I don't really know what to think of that. Even his mother occasionally meets with him."

"Milo is very quiet." Said Emmy, feeling defeated already. "He's very kind and loves his work."

"Then why did he quit?" Interrupted her father.

"I don't really know." Answered Emmy. "I haven't asked him yet."

"Don't you think that's a bad quality?" Asked Granger. "What is he, an airhead?"

"Oh no." Emmy was quick to push away that assumption. "He's very knowledgeable."

"I know that." Emphasized Granger. "But even the most talented people can be mindless daydreamers."

"He's not like that at all." Insisted Emmy.

Then her mother spoke. "Do you like him?" She asked, and Emmy still didn't know what her mother thought about the current conversation.

"Well, yes..." Began Emmy. "I do like him. But then I've only just met him."

"Of course." Agreed her mother. "But it's always good to know about one's breeding." Then she started to eat, as if she couldn't wait any longer.

"Father, you must give him a chance." Emmy didn't want to lose Milo before she even got to know him.

"I don't know." Said her father, ominously. "We'll see what happens."

"I can't say that I think much of his parents after listening to your father, but we could be making presumptions." Added Kalea. "Usually, any ape that has too much fondness for humans is not a good ape. And we've all heard the stories about archaeologists who get big ideas."

"Yes, mother." Emmy put her head down.

But she had a special fondness for humans too. They knew that. So why was Zira any different? Emmy wasn't sure what Cornelius thought or Milo, but she felt like it shouldn't matter.

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Re: The Retelling of the Planet of the Apes (Fan Fiction) (IN PROGRESS)

Post by RabidFox » Sun Mar 19, 2017 6:05 pm

Hard Questions

Joel was sitting across from Milo at his desk. Joel was looking down, as Milo wondered why he had called him to his office. Then, suddenly, Joel spoke. His voice was critical and suspicious.

"Hello, Milo." He said, levelling his eyes with the young psychologist's. "I'm sorry to have to request your presence for this, but I must be careful with who I employ."

"I don't understand." Milo was instantly worried.

"Your father and mother..." Began Joel. Milo's heart sank. "Well, there's this rumour going around that... Well, you see... There's this rumour going around that your parents may be... heretics.

"This greatly disturbs me." He admitted, with full force honesty. "Now don't try to defend them. I've made up my mind about them. But you... you I'm not so sure of."

Milo was silent. He had no idea how to respond to that.

"Do you believe in God?" Asked Joel, getting straight to the point. "Do you believe in the Lawgiver?"

"Yes." Answered Milo, quickly. He was so nervous. "I do believe in God."

"How can I be certain of that?" Joel was being very harsh.

Milo was quiet for a moment. "Because I always have. I have no way of convincing you other than my word and the fact that I go to church every Sunday."

"Many apes go to church every Sunday, and many of those same apes have been found guilty of heresy." Explained Joel, his hands locked together over his desk.

"Well, if it will pacify you, I do have a prayer book that I use every morning and every night." Milo was angry, finding himself becoming defensive, even if it meant pissing off his boss.

Joel raised a brow. "That's good, that's good." He said, Milo having no idea what he was really thinking. "But do you believe what you read? Do you mean what you say in your prayers?"

"In my experience..." Started Milo. "heretics don't read prayer books and don't attend church functions and protest in the middle of the street over humans."

Joel smiled, liking his answer instantly. "I can appreciate that... but what happens when an ape is raised by parents with no respect for religion?"

"Let me make this very clear for you, Joel..." Milo glared at his boss with great intensity. "I love my parents no matter what they believe. I'm not saying that they're heretics. I'm not even saying that they're religious. What I mean to convey is that my personal beliefs do not stand in the way of caring for my father and mother."

"And I would never think any less." Replied his boss. "That's why I am concerned. We all love our parents, regardless of what they think. But there are consequences for certain beliefs and, no matter how much we may love someone, that doesn't change the fact that a heretic is a heretic and all heretics are dealt with in the same manner."

"Are you threatening me?" Demanded Milo.

"No..." Stated Joel, calmly. "and I'm not threatening your parents either. I'm just saying... I can't have someone work for me that is an atheist."

"Well, I'm definitely not an atheist." Insisted Milo, trying to control himself as much as possible.

Joel looked at him carefully, saying nothing, then, "Are your parents heretics?"

"No... they are not." Milo knew he was lying, but he couldn't reveal the truth about Cornelius and Zira.

"You know, Milo..." Joel gave him a hard look. "if my parents were heretics... I would say the same thing." He leaned back in his chair, resting his head on his hands. "How do I know that you're telling me the truth?"

"I guess you can't." Admitted Milo, carefully choosing his words. "But I will tell you something about me... I do believe in the Lawgiver. It doesn't matter what my parents believe. I do believe.

"But even more importantly... my parents are fine people. They are very educated and well respected by the community. They have helped people more than even the most religious church goers. My father and mother... are good people."

Joel looked to the side, breaking eye contact. Then he returned his gaze to Milo.

"Why did you quit?" He asked, surprising Milo. "I don't mean the reason that you let me know. I mean the reason that you didn't let me know."

"I became... distracted." Answered Milo, concisely.

"By what?" Joel returned to sitting normally in his chair. "What is so interesting to you?"

"I just..." Struggled Milo, not wanting to tell him—To tell anyone. "my life has always been very confusing for me. I never know what I really want out of life. I'm trying to... to... I want to figure myself out."

"Is that why you chose to be a psychologist?" Replied Joel. "Because if that's the only reason, you won't make it in this field very long."

"No." Asserted Milo, aggressively. "I chose this field because that's the way I think. Because I always think like that. Because I always want to figure everything out, whether it be about me or someone else. I live for psychology. I live for my work. I may have graduated only recently, but this is what keeps me going. This is what gives my life purpose. This is my passion."

"I like your answer." Joel smiled, genuinely. "I can hear it in your voice. That's a good thing..." And then he paused for a moment. "I think that you'll make a great researcher one day. When I checked out your resume, your teachers had only good things to say about you... In fact, I'm sorry that I even asked you that. That was not polite of me. I don't really doubt your dedication.

"I'm just... I'm just frustrated, I suppose. I don't want to see something bad happen to you because of your parents. I feel like they are holding you back, because I really do believe that something is off with them. Perhaps they are not heretics, but they are definitely not conventional thinkers either, and I don't want that to interrupt your progress as a psychologist. I don't want that coming between you and your job. It would be a damn shame if you didn't succeed because your parents got in the way... However, I'm sure you'll disagree with me on that point. You clearly support your parents in everything. Not a bad thing, but maybe a bit naive."

"Is there any more that you need answered, or may I leave now?" Milo was not happy, but at least Joel wasn't looking at him so harshly any more."

"You may leave..." Said Joel, then, before Milo could get out of his chair. "Just keep this in mind... Don't let anything get between you and what you really want. No matter what anyone says."

Milo gave him one last, long look, and then left.

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Re: The Retelling of the Planet of the Apes (Fan Fiction) (IN PROGRESS)

Post by RabidFox » Mon Mar 20, 2017 1:08 pm

A Lot to Think About

Milo was sitting on his bed at his parents' house. His eyes lingered on the window, the rain hitting against the glass and making it hard to see outside. He sighed, closing his eyes for a moment. So much was happening so fast. Already, Joel was suspecting him of heresy, Emmy's parents weren't thinking of him favourably, Zira's co-workers had been fired, and Cornelius had been removed from a dig site. Oh yes, and Milo had recently quit his job only to be rehired again. He was tired.

All his life, he had hidden the truth about his parents. They were indeed heretics. In fact, they didn't believe in the Lawgiver at all. And he had kept this to himself, all throughout the long years at grade school. All throughout his days at the university. A terrible, horrible secret that would destroy his entire family if revealed. He wondered how many people had always suspected his parents. He wondered how many people suspected him. How would the drama ever end? How would these realities of religion culminate?

Emmy was a very nice girl. Already, they had met more than several times. It was even becoming a habit. A nice habit, but what would come of it? Would he break Emmy's heart? Admittedly, Milo didn't know that much about women, and he was infamous for giving girls the wrong idea about his intentions. He was really only looking for friendship, but his mother had always warned him that he was too friendly. But how does one stop from being too friendly? He didn't understand. He knew that his father did, but Milo... he was so... simple minded. Intelligent, yes, but also very simple minded. There was so much that flew over his head. There were so many mysteries in life that he didn't get.

She was definitely pretty. She seemed smart. She appeared to have a well-rounded personality. Emmy had very good traits that he normally wouldn't notice so quickly. It was her interest in his parents' work that struck him. You really had to have a special mind to enjoy Zira's psychological adventures and Cornelius' love for dirt. Especially his mother's work. So many apes looked down on Zira for her personal interest in humans. It wasn't her job so much. It was her love of interacting with animals. Such a thing was not a good thing to most apes. And Zaius had always warned her of getting too close to beasts. But Zira was stubborn and she did what she wanted.

Milo didn't know much about Emmy's parents. Just that Granger was a scientist and that Kalea was a middle school teacher. Milo wondered what it was like to have a teacher as a mother. Zira seemed like one anyway, how she was always ordering him around and telling him what to think. He couldn't imagine what a real teacher would be like. If only Zira were actually a school teacher! Then Milo would never get any rest.

But Emmy was a hallway away. Everyday, Milo would go to work, and everyday he would pass Emmy in the halls. As was the tradition in psychology, Milo only worked with men and Emmy only worked with women. He privately imagined what it was like for Emmy. What it was like to work with all those housewives and what problems they might have with the world. It seemed to Milo as if he always got the crazy ones for some reason.

It was a small little place that Joel operated. It was not one of the bigger psychology offices where there were tons of doctors and therapists and patients. Milo liked that about it. He enjoyed the tiny space and the tiny waiting room and his tiny office. It was more homely there. The larger offices felt so... medical to him. Like they had lost their purpose somewhere down the road.

But Emmy... he did not yet know her very well. To him, she was like any other girl he had ever met. Except for the fact that she was indeed unique and that was a trait that Milo had realized quickly. He didn't know how much longer he would take her out for coffee and how many times she might visit his house. Girls didn't want to be friends with him. They wanted to date. Milo just wanted to breathe.

The rain pounded against his window, the sound of thunder in the distance.

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Re: The Retelling of the Planet of the Apes (Fan Fiction) (IN PROGRESS)

Post by RabidFox » Sun May 28, 2017 2:55 pm

The Big Shock

Suddenly, there was knocking on Milo's bedroom door. It was a weekend and Milo didn't have to work. Neither did Zira or Cornelius.

"Milo? Honey?" Zira's voice came from the other side. "Are you all right? I'm worried about you. You haven't eaten anything today."

"I'm fine, Mother." Milo called back. "You can open the door. It's okay."

And then Zira turned the handle and walked into his room. She had a worried look all over her face.

"Are you sick?" She wondered, approaching Milo who was sitting at his desk.

"No... I'm just not hungry." Answered the young psychologist, his eyes on his mother.

"What are you doing in here all by yourself?" Asked Zira.

There was a book on the desktop. It was open.

"Well, I had been reading, but..." He paused, feeling lost. "I just can't focus on it right now. It's about a mental condition that I think one of my patients has. He's a really weird kind of guy and I've been having trouble nailing just what is wrong with him. His records don't help."

Zira sat down on his bed, smiling, and Milo turned his seat around so that he could see her.

"You seem to have really taken to your work." She said. "I'm proud of you... You've come so far. There were times that I worried you wouldn't be able to finish school, but now... here you are... an actual doctor... busy working to help one of his patients."

"I'm not a doctor." Milo made a weird face. "I will be one day... but not yet." Then he smiled as well.

"Yes, but mothers can see the future, and I know you'll be a great doctor." Insisted Zira, adamantly.

He looked down, then back up at his mother's face. "I really want to be..." Milo trailed off into silence. "I really hope that I will make it through school again."

"Of course, you will." Zira never gave up on her son.

"Thanks." Milo was happy to have such caring parents. They were both so supportive of him.

"I know that you've been really worried about me and your father." Started Zira, her voice turning serious. "I... I have started hearing of... of rumours about us. About you too. People are concerned that I am going to force humans on apes and..." She couldn't continue, breaking down and crying into her hands.

"Mother?" Milo was instantly worried. He quickly got up from his seat and walked over to her, placing a hand on her shoulder. "What's wrong? What did you hear?"

"They think..." She was obviously crushed. "They think... They think we're heretics, Milo!" She wrapped her arms around her son, unable to hold back her sobbing.

"It's going to be okay." It was the first thing out of his mouth. "You're going to be okay. Father is going to be okay. I am going to be okay. We're all going to be okay. You'll see. Those rumours will stop. People are just angry right now, they—"

"It's not what you think." Zira managed to force words past the crying. "It's so much more horrible than I ever imagined... Dr. Zaius was talking to me... He was talking to me and... He told me that there's some really important people doing a review of me and your father. They're talking about possibly taking us both to court to be tried as heretics!"

"When did this happen?" Milo was shocked. Zira had not even gone to work today. She was off. They were all off.

"Someone came to the door earlier this morning and I went with them to Dr. Zaius' office." She admitted, devastated. "Ever since I came back, I've been trying to keep it all in, because I just... I don't want to go through it. And then I started to worry about you and Cornelius, and you haven't eaten all day, and Cornelius is still in bed, and... and..."

"Do you want me to go talk to Dr. Zaius?" Interrupted Milo, in a panic.

"Oh no, don't!" Exclaimed his mother. "It's pointless right now. It's so pointless...! You'll just be wasting your time."

"Protecting my mother is not wasting my time." As Zira's son, Milo felt that he must stand between her and any threat. "Don't you worry. I will get everything sorted out. Let me get ready and I'll go down there and—"

"I said no, Milo!" But his mother would have none of it. "You are going to stay right here! Do you understand?!"

Milo lowered his head, gritting his teeth. He was silent, and then, "Yes, Mother." He submitted, quickly understanding that it was not his mother's wishes for him to intervene. "I won't go. I won't..." Then he looked her in the eyes, full of love. "But if you change your mind... I will go. I will do my best."

"Thank you." She said, full of gratitude. "I know you want to just... to just barge in there and defend me... but you can't. There's nothing we can do right now."

"Everything is going to be okay, Mother." Milo completely believed what he said. "Nothing bad is going to happen to any of us. You'll see."

Suddenly, the young chimpanzee felt like his life had become a nightmare. Here was his most dreaded fears finally becoming a reality. In truth, he had never thought that such a thing would happen. He had always felt like his parents successfully hid their true beliefs. But something had occurred... something dark had taken place. Had someone figured it out and went straight to Zaius? Was it a co-worker of Zira's? Was it a co-worker of Cornelius'?

Was Joel behind it?

Milo didn't suspect Emmy's parents. He had never even met them.

So who could it be? Or was it just fate?

Milo hugged his mother even more tightly, determined to get through the ordeal together. He couldn't let anything happen to his mother. He couldn't watch his father go through anything either. But he felt strangely calm just then, in that ever confident way of his. He was so certain that the threat would go away that he could actually think. And one of his first thoughts was how would his father react when he heard the news?

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Re: The Retelling of the Planet of the Apes (Fan Fiction) (IN PROGRESS)

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The Falling Sky

"I can't believe it." Cornelius sounded dead. He was sitting in the armchair in the living room, his head hanging. "I don't understand."

"There's nothing to understand, dear." Zira said, solemnly. "They're coming after us. That's all there is to it. We're going to end up in court and everything—"

"Don't talk like that!" Cornelius roared, furiously. "There is no reason what-so-ever for us to go to court!"

"Well, you can't possibly think that this is just going to blow over?" Challenged Zira, becoming even more upset.

Milo watched on in silence, still as prey trying to keep hidden from a predator.

"What did you say?!" Cornelius demanded, violently rising from his chair. "Why do you have to always be so vocal and outspoken?!"

Zira said nothing, hurt by her husband's words. But she had to stay in touch with reality. She had to stay focused. He was just exploding. It was just too much for him. He did not really blame her at all. She knew Cornelius all too well to even begin to suspect that. Still... it hurt.

"I have never said anything to make them think that." She said, finally.

"Oh really?!" Cornelius laughed, sardonically. "That is ridiculous! The entire city knows that you're passionately in love with humans!"

Zira made an unpleasant expression. "That doesn't mean that we're all heretics."

"What do you think a heretic looks like, Zira?!" Exclaimed Cornelius, completely and totally frustrated. "It's the weird ones that no one expects. You're a professional animal psychologist who has gained the respect of every orangutan in this city and the next! You're overly educated, you're honest to a fault, and you never know when to stop pushing for more and more exotic experiments. Could you be any more obvious?!"

"Cornelius—" Zira started, but she was interrupted again.

"I can not even begin to stress how important it is to be invisible!" Proclaimed her husband. And then he just broke down into repetitive, angry sentences that were so broken up, it was difficult to know exactly what he was saying.

Zira could only sigh and walk over to the couch, letting herself fall onto the cushions. She looked absolutely miserable. Both of Milo's parents were a sharp contrast to their son's strangely calm nature, even in the face of something so terrible. He cared. Of course, he cared. But he didn't know how to react. The fear of his family being exposed was so troubling that he couldn't move. Or talk. Or shake his head. Or anything. All that he was able to do was just stand there.

How would this ever get better? It was not a question that particularly concerned Milo. He really did believe that this would all just blow over. He had seen it time and time again. Apes accused of heresy that were soon afterwards released of the charges, with no sign of repercussion. He was utterly convinced that everything really would be okay.

But, in the meantime, his parents were distressed and devastated. He had no idea how to comfort them or what he could do to prevent this from going to court. If it did, he did not know how he could stand up for his mother and father. It was not that he wouldn't try to make this all go away. That instinctual feeling of protection was embedded deeply in his soul. However, he was not a lawyer and he knew that he would have to sit on the sidelines, forced to watch the humiliating event unfold... if it actually went to court. For now, there was only one thing that he could do and he felt like it wasn't much. And that was to defend his parents' reputations as great professionals in their respective fields.

In other words, nothing.

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Re: The Retelling of the Planet of the Apes (Fan Fiction) (IN PROGRESS)

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To Feel Weak

Milo was sitting in his office, a client in front of him on the couch, going on and on about his personal problems. Which was fine, that was what Milo was there for, but there was a sudden knocking on the door that cut it short. Then the door opened and Joel stuck his head inside.

"Very sorry, very sorry." Apologized Milo's boss. "But there is someone here to see you, Milo. You're going to have to cancel this appointment." He turned towards the client. "Like I said, I'm very sorry, very sorry. But this is extremely important."

The client wasn't happy about it, but he didn't voice any complaints either. With some last, final words between Milo and his client, the client left the room. Then Joel stepped fully inside, approaching Milo in the chair, on which Milo stood up. The young, inexperienced psychologist waited for his boss to say something.

"Granger is here to see you." Announced Joel, his face impossible to read. "He has something of great weight to discuss with you."

That instantly made Milo severely comfortable. "I don't understand." He said, clueless. "Why would he come here to talk to me?" There wasn't the slightest idea in his head.

"Well, I wasn't going to tell you this until you had been around longer, but..." Started Joel, looking a little nervous. "Granger is my brother. Emmy is my niece. That's why she works here. She could have—"

"What?" Milo was stunned. It was the last thing that he ever expected to hear.

Joel took a moment, and then resumed. "She could have... had a different place to work... But she wanted to work with me and she said that she would never pass up the chance to spend her career with family. She's a good girl, she is. However... that's kinda the point. Granger is her father, and he's not certain if he wants you around her."

Milo felt a hot rage quickly build up inside of him. His face darkened, greatly upset. Joel noticed, but said nothing about it, merely widening his eyes at the sight of Milo so enraged.

Then he started talking again. "Granger won't allow me to keep you here if he decides that you're no good. While I might own this place, I can't disagree with my brother. And I want to keep Emmy just as safe as he does."

Joel pointed with his thumb several times outside of the room.

"Don't worry, though, Milo." Joel assured him. "I put in a very good word for you. Us religious folk need to stick together, watch each other's backs. I know that sounds horrible, but it's true. I can't let you lose your job over something that is beyond your control. Like I told you before... I'm not going to let your parents get in the way of you having a good career."

At that point, Milo must have looked like the most frightening man in the world. Joel knew that he was going to be protective of his parents, so he was not surprised. However, Joel did feel a little intimidated, yet he knew that Granger would not be similarly affected, being the sort of very in control man that he was.

"I'm sorry." It was all that the older man could think to say.

And then Milo said something that took his boss off guard. "Aren't you a little young to be Granger's brother?"

The other chimpanzee was simply quiet for a moment, having trouble understanding what Milo just said. Joel's mind was totally elsewhere, and it took a minute for him to recover.

"Our parents had Granger when they were very young." Explained Joel, almost automatically. "They didn't plan on having any more children, but then... Well, Mother always told me that I was her miracle child." He grinned, lost in his words for a moment, and then he remembered. This was a very serious matter that needed to be attended to.

Joel was silent for a moment. "Granger is downstairs. I left the door open so that you can easily find the room."

"Downstairs? Why downstairs?" Milo was confused.

"Granger prefers the basement." Answered Joel, quickly. "Well, I'm going to... return back to my duties..." Then he gave Milo a sympathetic look. "It's going to be okay, Milo. You won't lose your job. Granger has always wanted Emmy to marry a doctor." He smiled then. "What parent wouldn't want that?"

"I'm not a doctor yet..." Milo hung his head, feeling like the whole world had fallen on his shoulders.

"You will be." Joel assured him, that smile still on his face. "I've heard a lot of good things about you. You're a genius! You'll go far."

And then he left.

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Re: The Retelling of the Planet of the Apes (Fan Fiction) (IN PROGRESS)

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A Bad Situation

The young psychologist stepped into the room.

"Hello?" He said, as he walked in. Granger was in clear view and made eye contact. "We haven't met." Announced Milo. "My name is Milo..." He hesitated to say his parents' names, which was the usual custom when meeting someone for the first time. But he could not be stopped! Milo was proud of his parents. "My father is Cornelius and my mother is Zira."

Then Granger looked away, his thoughts heavy. He was sitting in an arm chair. They were in the activity room and it was larger than the offices. Emmy's father... right in front of him... Milo felt like he couldn't move. Granger was a large man and, in that chair, he was eerily calm and in control.

Milo struggled to walk, forcing himself to sit down in another chair, this one just a cheap, uncomfortable little thing. "Um..." He had suddenly forgot how to talk. "Joel said that you wanted to see me."

"Yes..." Began Granger, not even looking at Milo. "My daughter seems to like you a lot... And I'm not sure that I'm okay with that." He paused, finally locking eyes with the young psychologist. "I'm going to cut straight to the point. I'm not a man to play around or pretend I don't know why I'm really here. Your parents... I don't approve of them. I don't want Emmy to have anything to do with heretics."

"They haven't been tried for heresy." Reminded Milo, trying to hide his anger.

"Oh, I know that all too well, and you can lie to me all you want." Granger had a disturbingly emotionless edge to his voice. "I don't trust you to tell me the truth about Cornelius and Zira. But I do want to ensure that there isn't anything about you that I should know." More silence, then, "I'm not going to take your word for it, Milo. I'm not going to believe anything that you say. Heretics don't come forth and say that they are heretics. Because if they do, they get in a lot of trouble. You see... I'm going to ask someone else to tell me the truth about you. And I want you to tell me of an ape that knows you believe in the Lord and has a reputation that I can be certain of. Who would possibly persuade me, Milo?"

Milo said nothing for a while, simply staring into those hard eyes.

"Dr. Zaius." It was Milo's ace.

Granger laughed a little at that. "Really?" He was obviously amused. "You know Zaius?" He didn't sound entirely convinced.

"Yes. I know Dr. Zaius." Assured the young psychologist, in a flat tone. "He works with both my mother and my father. I have known him ever since I was a little kid... Well, ever since I was born technically. My father's father also worked with Dr. Zaius." Milo's grandfather had retired a long time ago and lived with Cornelius' brother and sister-in-law. His grandmother had died years ago from old age.

Granger was surprised, but tried not to show it. "I see..." He didn't say anything, and then, "Well, I will have to talk to someone who knows Dr. Zaius then. Personally, I haven't had much contact with him. But I do know people that do." He got up from his chair. "There's no reason to continue this conversation. I have what I came for."

Emmy's father walked straight past Milo without even so much as a goodbye. Then he turned around and gave Milo a mysterious look. "I really don't want to test you, Milo. I just want to make sure that my daughter is safe." Done talking, he resumed his exit and left Milo by himself.

The young chimpanzee just stood there. He barely knew Emmy and already her father was questioning him as if he were a bad apple. Word carried fast, apparently. If your parents were suddenly accused of being heretics, the logical thing for people to do next was to start looking at you. Milo walked towards the doorway, then he found himself leaning on the door frame. His head was hanging and his eyes were on the ground, unfocused, just staring. He lifted a hand to his eyes and started to cry.

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Re: The Retelling of the Planet of the Apes (Fan Fiction) (IN PROGRESS)

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A Confusing World

Granger walked into the doorway of his daughter's room. She was sitting on her bed, reading a book of some kind. She did not see him there. For almost a minute, Granger just looked at her, remembering when she was a little girl and all the things she would do that made him smile and all the things she would say that made him proud of her. All of this... his daughter... her world... her success... her happiness... It was not something that he was willing to gamble.

"Emmy..." His words surprised her, and she quickly turned around to face him.

"Father?" She said, her eyes wide. "You're back."

"Yes..." Was all he could manage.

"You said you were going to meet with Dr. Zaius about Milo." Emmy suddenly felt like all the light had been taken out of her world.

She was more afraid of what he was about to say than anything that had ever happened in her life. The emotion had stunned her and it still did. Emmy could not understand why she was so attached to Milo after only just meeting him. But she did feel like she must find out.

"I met with him." He told her, a mysterious look in his eyes. There was silence.

"What did he say?" She held her hand over her heart. It was about to burst.

"Dr. Zaius was more than happy to talk to me about Milo." Started Granger, emotion beginning to fill his face. "In fact, he was thrilled."

Emmy did not understand. "Why was he so excited?" She didn't get it.

"Well, you see..." Granger wasn't sure how to begin. "He's known Milo ever since he was born. And Dr. Zaius is very fond of his parents. However..." Emmy didn't like that word, "However". "Dr. Zaius also told me that Milo's parents are indeed very controversial figures already."

Emmy's mind started racing, and she closed her eyes for a moment. She just wanted it to all be over. She just wanted him to come out and say it. She just wanted to hear... "You can never see him again" and it be done with. The waiting was making her miserable.

"He also told me that Milo's parents are good people." Granger continued, his face unreadable. "They have good breeding, their skills are exceptional, and he could never imagine firing them. He assured me that the talk of them being heretics is nothing more than foolish gossip brought on by the recent protests."

"In fact, he had nothing but praise for them."

Emmy was not sure how to react. What was her father really saying? She knew that he was very hard to reason with, even by someone like Dr. Zaius. She was terrified.

"Now I don't want you to get the wrong idea, Emmy." And there it was! That hard headed father of hers! "I still feel like Milo's parents are not the kind of people that I want brainwashing you. They are controversial afterall... But I have different opinions about their son."

A smile crept onto his face. "I know that will dishearten you, sweetie. But don't let it cloud your judgement about Milo. He actually is a very, very good man."

What?! Her heart leapt in her chest!

"You see, Dr. Zaius told me that Milo is definitely not a heretic, regardless of his parents' beliefs." She didn't understand why his demeanour was so positive. "And I have even better news for you..." Why was her father so happy?! "Milo is a top achiever. As soon as he gets some work experience, he's going to go back to school and get his doctorate." And that was when the last of Granger's mask broke. "He's a genius! The boy doesn't just have a love for psychology, he's absolutely determined to rise to the top of his field. And Dr. Zaius says that he definitely will.

"He's going to be an actual doctor, Emmy!" Exclaimed Granger, holding out his hands with his palms up. "I think it's great that you're working with him."

Emmy was shocked. But not because Milo was going to be a doctor. But because her father was so happy about it.

"I know that you two have been meeting together for only a short time..." Began Granger, approaching his daughter. "but I would actually encourage you to... well... meet with him a little more."

Emmy was speechless, then, "Father!" She exclaimed, angrily.

"I understand." He said, unfazed. "But you know that I've always wanted you to have a good life, and I think that someone like Milo might actually be a good man to... Like, I said... get to know."

It took some time for Granger's words to sink in. Part of Emmy was thrilled. But the other part... the other part wasn't sure what to think. She knew that her father had this almost religious belief that she should marry a very successful man. However, this just wasn't the time for such a discussion! She didn't understand how her father could be so insensitive!

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Re: The Retelling of the Planet of the Apes (Fan Fiction) (IN PROGRESS)

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Shutting Down

"You know, the world is full of special little gems." Said Cedric, the strangest of all Milo's patients. They were sitting across from one another, Cedric on the couch and Milo in his chair. "Special, precious, little gems... The kind of thing that people never know is there." He was quiet for a moment, judging something about Milo as he often did. "You're a weird person." He said, nodding. "And I barely even know you... You're in fact the weirdest person I've ever met."

"Well, thank you." Milo wasn't sure how to take that.

Cedric broke into a smile and laughed. "Most therapists won't give me the time of day... The things you told me about yourself... Well, you make me feel like I don't have any problems."

"Perhaps..." The young psychologist felt a bit cornered. "but it's not like I'm insane... or irrational... or particularly noticeable in a crowd."

Cedric gave him an amused look. "And I am irrational, am I?"

"Sorry." Apologized Milo, somewhat nervous. "I didn't mean it like that."

"Of course you did." But Cedric didn't seem bothered at all. "You know that... You do... You're just a really nice guy... You know... most therapists won't admit that I'm crazy. At least, not to my face. So, trust me when I say this... I've never heard someone say that once in my entire life, even my own family. You don't have much tact, but that doesn't make me angry... It's the way you say things... You're pathetic... In a good way." And he just kept on smiling.

Milo raised a brow. Cedric thought that was funny and laughed again.

"You're very perceptive." Replied the younger chimpanzee. "Most people aren't so honest... or even notice those things about me... I think that makes you interesting."

Cedric appeared to go into deep thought, looking away for a while. There was a prolonged silence, Milo not wishing to interrupt whatever analysis that Cedric was up to. Then Cedric returned his gaze to Milo, seeming almost disturbed about something.

"You told me that you were fired..." Said the unkempt chimpanzee, his voice betraying some indescribable level of nervousness. "That's rare... You're a good guy."

"I don't like being dishonest." Revealed the psychologist, in an edgy tone. "Either people like me or they don't. Either people trust me or they leave. If I get fired for it, then I'll have to find another profession... because I don't care enough."

Cedric couldn't hold back a laugh, almost choking on it. "What a jerk you are." Milo had this thing for amusing him.

"I am a jerk. Sometimes." Admitted Milo, seamlessly.

Cedric's smile got bigger. "I bet your mother smacks you a lot."

"You know... she actually does." And Milo almost smirked.

"Let me introduce you to something." Cedric was suddenly peppy. "I want you to just sit back and think on a particular scenario I have for you."

Milo remained still and quiet.

Cedric began to talk, full of patience. "There's this room deep in the world, deep, deep in the centre of the world. And this room is magical, it's full of light, there's no darkness, there's no shadows. It's just this perfect little place lost in the middle of everything. And no one has ever even seen it before, except for a chosen few.

"And it burns your mind. It burns your eyes. It destroys every last bit of sense in your mind and throws you up in the air just for you to come crashing down into the earth. Dead. Dead. Dead. You're just dead. And you can't fathom living again, you can't understand how you're ever gone make it in the world after everything in your life has so violently changed. This is the end... It's the end, you just don't know it. And, damn, do you wish you had chosen different paths in life. You want to run, but you can't, you can't. You gotta stay there and tough it out. It's your only option.

"Think of being fired. Think of being deemed worthless and insignificant. School taught you nothing, your parents couldn't raise you right, and your place in the world becomes unclear. You thought you knew who you were and then you grow up, never stopping to get a higher education and ending up lost." He stopped. He looked at Milo even harder. "Is that what you felt? Lost?"

"No..." Answered Milo, calmly. "I felt like I was about to find something."

Cedric thought that was strange. "Find something?" He couldn't wrap his head around it.

"Yes, find something." Said the psychologist. "I'm not like most people. I don't get lost. I get stuck... I see something worth thinking about and then I can never stop trying to figure out how it makes sense. And I... I just keep getting stuck."

"That kinda sounds like getting lost." Said Cedric, confused.

Milo attempted to clarify. "It's not... Trust me... I know most people don't think very much about these kinds of things, but I do."

"I'm not sure what you're saying." The older chimpanzee was not putting together Milo's logic.

"I'm different." Milo admitted. "I'm different... I'm not you, but I'm different." He was still as a stone.

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Re: The Retelling of the Planet of the Apes (Fan Fiction) (IN PROGRESS)

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The Big Crash

Milo was busy with a patient. But that didn't stop Joel from opening the door.

"Milo!" He exclaimed, interrupting the pair. "Phone! Now!" He looked at the man sitting across from the young psychologist. "I'm very sorry, sir. Milo has a family emergency."

Just hearing those words made Milo's heart sink. "What...?!" He was shocked for a moment, then he jumped out of his chair.

"You can use the phone in the break room." Explained Joel, clearly worried. "I'll transfer the call to you." Then Joel disappeared, headed towards the stairs. His office was on the ground floor. The person must have called him directly, because the secretary would have simply come up to Milo's office on her own.

Milo was panicking. He told his patient that he would have to see him another day, and hurried out of the room. The patient, who was somewhat confused, left the office and made his way to the stairs. Milo was headed towards the break room, of course, which was on the same floor. He quickly entered the room and darted for the phone. Joel's anxious energy had deeply bothered him. Joel was not a jumpy person and was usually actually quite laid back, even in the face of an emergency. But Milo felt like he knew what had happened. He felt like he just knew.

He picked up the phone, waiting to be transferred. After a short while, he heard a familiar voice. It was Zaius himself!

"What's wrong?" For Zaius to call him, it could only mean the worst.

"Milo?" Asked the old voice. "Is that you?"

"Yes, sir, it's Milo." Replied the chimpanzee, nervously.

"Ah, I see." Said Zaius, the emotion in his voice undetectable. "I have some... upsetting news for you."

Milo couldn't talk. He was in shock.

"Your parents..." Started the orangutan, struggling to find words. "Cornelius and Zira are being tried for heresy."

Milo almost fainted, stumbling before grabbing the counter top. The stone surface slipped underneath of his hand, but he managed to stop himself from falling.

"Now don't panic." It was already too late for that. "Don't worry, Milo. Nothing is going to happen. I assure you."

"How do you know that?" It was the most direct he had ever been with the old man.

"Because I have it on good authority that... they should be fine." Zaius' voice seemed far away to him.

"Who? What good authority?" The chimpanzee was completely baffled.

"Just calm down." Urged the orangutan, firmly. "There's no way they can prove it. I assure you."

"But then why are they—" Milo's mind started racing, his heart about to break. "Where are they? Where are my parents?"

"They are already right outside of the tribunal." Explained Zaius, still unreadable. "Their case hasn't begun yet."

"So quickly?" Milo didn't understand. "Shouldn't there have been a summons?"

"I escorted them myself." Revealed the minister. "There was no need for a summons."

Everything was moving too fast. "I need to come there." Milo's voice was shaky and so were his hands.

"No, no, there is no reason for that." But Zaius insisted otherwise. "It would only make you feel worse. You go home... get something to eat and just... just sit down. You hear me? You just sit down and let this fly over your head. Trust me. Trust me, Milo. I can take care of this... I know that Cornelius and Zira are no heretics. Everything will be fine."

Just hearing Zaius urge him to sit down made him feel like he had to have a chair. And so he went to the closest chair and sat down, his movements slow and careful. He felt like he had been hit with a sledgehammer. While Zaius' words were comforting, Milo did not feel relieved. And he knew... he knew... that Zaius did not actually believe that. It had always been obvious to Milo. No one else had ever seemed to notice, not even his parents. But Milo had. Milo could always tell that Zaius was aware that neither Cornelius or Zira really believed in the Lawgiver at all.

"Now go home, do you understand...?" Zaius' voice sounded almost gone to Milo. It was like the orangtuan wasn't talking to him at all. "Milo...? Do you understand?"

"Yes." It was all that the young man could manage to say.

"Good..." Zaius was quiet for a moment. "I'm going to check on Cornelius and Zira. You... go home. Like I said."

"Yes." And then shortly afterwards, Zaius hung up the phone.

Milo stared... and stared... The phone dropped out of his hand and hit the ground. His eyes were glazed over as if he had faded away.

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Re: The Retelling of the Planet of the Apes (Fan Fiction) (IN PROGRESS)

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A Future in Crisis

"Milo!" Cried Emmy, walking swiftly towards him. He was still sitting there, frozen in one place, the phone on the ground. "Are you all right?!"

Milo said nothing, mesmerized by the elaborate wallpaper. It was an off white background with lots of complex vines curled up in oval shape patterns with orange in the centres, and yellow roses. It was as if it were the only image in the world.

"Milo!" She put a hand on his shoulder, shaking it. "What happened?!"

Joel briefly leaned on the door frame, then, realizing it was better if the two were alone, he walked out, intent on returning to his office. It was not his place to intervene at the moment. His niece was softer and gentler than him, and he felt like she would get the situation under control. Joel felt like all he would do was make Milo angry. Afterall, he did disapprove of his parents and the news wasn't shocking at all to him. However, Joel had yet to tell Emmy what was really going on.

And she told him so.

"I don't understand." She began, worry written all over her face. "Joel said you had a family emergency and that it is very bad...! Was the call from the hospital? Who's hurt?"

For the longest time, Milo said nothing, and Emmy waited patiently for the man to come to. Finally, Milo spoke, but it was in a broken voice, his very soul cracking with agony.

"They think they're heretics..." He could not bring himself to look at her. "They think my parents are heretics."

Emmy gasped, surprised.

"My father and mother are going to be on trial for heresy." Explained Milo. "Zaius is the one who called. Zaius himself... Chief Defender of the Faith." He almost spat the last words. "He's been a dear family friend for so long... He told me that he's going to take care of it, but I don't believe him. I don't understand... how anything can undo what has happened."

"Who accused them of such nonsense?" Emmy didn't know the truth, of course.

"I don't know." And he really didn't. "I just know that Mother's co-workers were fired and that Father's ideas were getting him in trouble."

At last, he turned to face her. "Do you think that they will be found... be found... be found guilty?" He couldn't contain himself, and he turned away again, starting to cry.

"There, there." Said Emmy, comfortingly. She patted his back, and then got down on her knees, taking his hand in hers. "It's going to be all right, Milo. Everything is going to be okay. If Dr. Zaius says so, then it must be!"

"I've known Dr. Zaius for a long time." Milo struggled to be coherent. "And he's always made good on his promises. But now... Now, I am not so sure."

"Zaius controls everything!" Reminded Emmy, her eyes full of pain for the young man. "You've grown up around him. Surely, he knows your parents better than some self-important orangutans with nothing better to do other than gossip evil things!"

Milo made a small laugh, feeling like he had filled her head with lies. Such a pretty girl to be under the spell of deceit. Such a kind, pretty girl. He felt awful... horrible even. But he could not tell her the truth. It would destroy his family forever. If there was any hope of saving his parents, it was in being silent and letting Dr. Zaius do all the talking.

"Milo!" Emmy was so upset. He had never seen her like this before. However, he did hardly know the girl. "Please... listen to me!"

"I am..." He said, in a low voice. "I believe you. I want to believe you."

"Believe me." She pleaded. "Please believe me. I know this! I can feel it in my heart! Everything will be fine. There's been a lot of talk of heresy recently. The riots...! Think of the riots...! The government is going after anyone in order to make an example. Anyone who disagrees with their methods, anyone who stands up for what they believe in! It's just a scare tactic. They just want to scare people. They can't really have any evidence of what they are saying about Cornelius and Zira."

"What if they do?" But Milo would not be so easily persuaded from his grief. "My father just recently got removed from a dig site! Zira always agrees with everything he says...! Pretty much everything..." He smiled, turning away, remembering how much his parents would fight and argue sometimes. And then the smile was gone just as fast as it had appeared. "They're in danger, Emmy."

"I know..." She struggled for words, sighing in frustration. "But we must have hope! The Lawgiver will surely purify the minds of the judges! It's just not true."

Milo turned to look at her again. If only she understood... If only she could fathom the reality about his parents... Would she ever see him the same way again? Would she be so kind then? People were so cold and cruel towards anyone accused of heresy, including their children. Would she shun him the way that he had seen heretics shunned in the past? What would become of that smile on her face?

"Thank you, Emmy." He said, and a smile turned his lips upwards.

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Re: The Retelling of the Planet of the Apes (Fan Fiction) (IN PROGRESS)

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The Judgement

Milo was not allowed to attend the court session. So he stubbornly waited outside the tribunal, with Emmy by his side. She had insisted on coming. Milo could not convince her otherwise. She already considered herself a friend to his parents... and a friend to him. He turned to look at her, her eyes anxiously looking upwards, then down, then straight forward, then away. She was having trouble sitting there. He knew that she wanted to know what was going to happen right now. He did too.

Milo turned his head, helplessly gazing down the hallway. And then... suddenly... he felt her hand take his in hers. The young man slowly turned around and they met each other's eyes. He could see her... He could see her clearly. Straight through to her soul. She was a kind, loving person, and he couldn't bear to think of what she would do if only she knew the truth.

But he did believe in the Lawgiver! Oh, it wasn't fair! It had never been fair!

He remembered himself as a child, looking at his reflection in the lake. Hard eyes had stared back, his mouth a grim line on his face. He had been thinking... about his family... about what it was like to be alone... He didn't like being alone.

The young man squeezed her hand in return, feeling grateful for a fleeting moment that she was so tender and sweet. But he felt bad. He felt very bad. He moved his hand out of hers, thinking that was it... that was the end. Thinking that she would never forgive him for refusing her comfort. And then his eyes finally broke contact. However, what happened next tested his belief in the world.

She moved her hand back over his, squeezed it hard, and brought it closer to her. At first, he was puzzled, and he tried not to meet her eyes again. Yet he couldn't help it. He met her gaze. Everything about her was full of warmth.

"Thank you." He said. Hadn't he just told her that? Back at the office? He hadn't dared to breathe the words again, remembering his mother's voice in his head that he shouldn't deceive women. Was this deceit?

"You don't have to thank me." Emmy smiled, and he couldn't understand why she was smiling. "I want to be here."

Milo had no idea what to say. He had no clue what he should do. His father's face filled his mind, looking at him, never breaking away. His words on what a man should do when a woman bares her heart. Was she baring her heart? Why?

"I want you to be here too." The words just came out of him. He had lost control.

Was that such a bad thing? Part of him didn't care if it was. The other part was horrified.

Her smile became even bigger. Oh, now look at what he had done! But...!

Suddenly, Zaius came out of the room. Both of the chimpanzees turned to face him, their hearts stopping in union. The old orangutan gave them a long, concentrated look. "They're fine... They were found innocent." At first, the words did not sink in!

"Mother...! Father...!" Milo was overwhelmed, about to say a million things and then...

"Now don't get too excited yet!" Warned Zaius, mysteriously. "Milo...! Come here! Miss, if you will excuse us?" And then the minister lead the foreboding young man down the hall where Emmy couldn't hear them. But her eyes did follow their backs.

"Is something wrong?" Milo did not know what to think. Wasn't "innocent" a good thing?

"There's nothing wrong, not really." Dr. Zaius began, unreadable. "However, I do have a stern warning for you."

"Did I do something wrong?" He started to panic.

"No, no, of course not!" Reassured the old man. "There's no need to get upset! Calm down!"

And Milo instantly felt total relief. He almost fainted.

"Milo!" Exclaimed Zaius, worried that he was going to fall. "I would tell you to sit down, but that woman is over there and I don't want her hearing this." His voice hushed into a whisper. "I didn't mean to make you panic. I'm just exhausted from a long, tiring river of formalities."

"I'm sorry, I just—" Milo's head was spinning.

"You don't need to explain, boy!" Zaius' voice raised again and then returned to being very quiet. "I did everything in my power to help, but your parents didn't really need it. It was mostly just an attack on Cornelius for his activity in archaeology. I really think they just wanted to stun him into submission. They don't seem to really think there was ever any real case of heresy... Of course, I saw that as a complete waste of my time and admonished them for it."

He gave the younger man a long, hard look. "Now you see here, Milo...! I don't want you... I don't want you to let this get the best of you. I don't want you to keep on worrying... Don't let this interfere with your work or your schooling. No one has ever suspected you of anything, and you can not always be worried about your mother and father and this happening again. It's not your fault. If they make another mistake, they're going to have to answer for it next time. I can't just keep defending them if others start to really doubt them...

"Do you understand?"

Milo could hardly contain his joy. "Yes!" He said, in a loud voice that anyone nearby could have heard. "I understand! I understand! I won't disappoint you!"

"Not so loud, Milo!" Urged Dr. Zaius. "And who is that woman with you anyway?!"

The young psychologist didn't know what to say. He was too happy to think of words, nevermind form them. And then, suddenly, he got his voice back. "She's Granger's and Kalea's daughter." He said, a huge smile on his face. "Her father is a scientist, and her mother is a school teacher... She works at the same place I do."

"Oh, really now?" Dr. Zaius glanced at the girl, then turned back towards Milo. "You are such an idiot!" And he lightly whacked him in the leg with his cane. "Always have some girl following you around!" He huffed in friendly derision. "Well... I must be off. I'm too tired to go into more detail..." He was finding it difficult to talk about the subject any more. "Milo... you go home too... But drop that girl off at your workplace...! And one more thing... Your parents will not be going home yet. They have lots of paperwork to go over. I'll explain it to you later. Just know that they won't be home tonight or tomorrow morning." And then Zaius began to walk away.

Once Zaius was out of sight, Emmy quickly got up and walked towards Milo. She was full of tension. "What did he say...? About your parents?"

Milo turned to Emmy, still smiling. "They're fine... They're going to be just fine."

And then, suddenly... she hugged him.

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Re: The Retelling of the Planet of the Apes (Fan Fiction) (IN PROGRESS)

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A Better World

It was dark. It was night. Emmy was home with her parents, and Milo was alone at his house. Like Zaius said, Cornelius and Zira had not returned yet, and their son knew that they would not be back until all the final hurdles were out of the way. It was just... paperwork now... No tribunals, no judges, no scepticism. He had really thought that society had finally found out his atheist parents! He was nothing but relieved. In fact, he could not feel any other emotion. It had been that way for hours.

Young Milo sat in his father's chair and just stayed there. He didn't want to move. It comforted him to have some kind of closeness to his father in these critical moments after the trial. All he wanted to do was distance himself from the terrible tightness that had plagued his entire being. This feeling like he was being squeezed by life itself.

And he thought of the beautiful young woman who had sat with him, who had held his hand, who had forced him to feel better. He thought of what a wonderful person she was, and how he was lucky to have her as a friend. Overwhelmed with joy, he thought of her face, of her eyes, of her mouth. Now why was he thinking of her mouth? He didn't know. She was occupying his imagination a lot, and for some reason, he just wanted to stare at her.

Everything would return to normal once he saw her again in the halls.

There was a rapping on the door. Someone was using the door knocker. He got up and walked over. He opened up and saw Zaius standing there.

"Dr. Zaius." Was all he could manage to say. He had been living in his own mind for a while.

"Milo." Said the old man. The young psychologist moved out of the way, and Zaius entered. "How have you been?" He wanted to know, genuinely.

"Oh, fine. Just fine." Replied the chimpanzee.

But the old man blew off his answer. "No one is just fine after an ordeal like that." He walked over to the couch. "Sit down." He ordered. Milo obeyed.

There was silence. It lasted a long time.

"Do you remember when you were a little boy, and I used to give you candy that my wife made for our grandchildren?" Started Dr. Zaius, in that undetectable way of his. "It was very special candy. It took her a long time to put those little treats together."

"Yes." Answered Milo, still stuck in happy mode.

"You know..." Resumed the orangutan. "I didn't have to give you those... I wasn't in the habit of giving away my wife's cooking... She slaved over that stove to make our little grandchildren smile. She always slaved over that stove. For our own children, for their kids... for you..." Dr. Zaius looked at him long and hard.

"I was good friends with your grandfather. It didn't matter to me that he wasn't an aristocrat... and when your father was little, my wife used to watch him. He played with my children... You played with my grandchildren..."

Milo couldn't move. His whole body was tense, stiffened by the emotional conversation.

"To make matters short..." The minister continued, and his voice cracked... just a little. "I had a very strong friendship with your family and I still do. Your grandmother isn't around any more, God bless her soul. And now your grandfather is starting to lose his mind... I wonder sometimes... when I am going to be so old and broken that I have to give up my career... give up everything... and just sit around while my children wait on me hand and foot...?

"It's a frightening question for an old man." He was quiet, then, "Milo... I want you to know... that I was being merciful."

Milo's entire being instantly flared up as if he was on fire.

The old man stared at him intently. "Ever since you were small, we've shared... this little secret... Never openly telling the other that we understood...

Milo couldn't think, he couldn't wonder, he...

"I've known for a long time that your father is an atheist." And there it was! Finally out in the open!

Milo almost fell over, but managed to keep himself sitting straight. He felt as if he had no choice but to sit there like a stone, like a rock... unmoving but attentive.

"And I know it about your mother..." Zaius' eyes bore into his own, but not with anger or shame or any type of distrust... In fact, he had never looked kinder. "And I know that you are actually faithful... You're just like your grandfather. You've never realized that, but you are... See, I knew him before he got old and had grandchildren. I knew the old Ephraim...

"You feel all alone in your feelings sometimes... but if only you knew what Ephraim has tried so hard to make you understand all these years... Milo... you are just like Ephraim... and I care very deeply for my good, dear friend... And I care very deeply about his sons and his grandchildren... And I care very deeply about you...

"But, of course, you know all that." Zaius straightened up. "What I really want to tell you, Milo, is... that I know... and I was being merciful... and if the Lawgiver doesn't like it and I have to stand before him and be honest about what I did... Well, it would be the only time that I ever did something for myself, instead of my religion.

"Do you understand, Milo?" Then he changed his tune suddenly. "Oh no, this is not a good question for you right now. I shouldn't push." He stared at him for a long time. "You're not okay, Milo. You're just like your grandfather. You're not okay and you don't want to tell anybody, but everyone already knows. It's all over your face that you're suffering and Ephraim was the same. He was troubled like you are now... lost, unsure what to do. But he's always been my dear friend, and I know that you will make a very... fine doctor one day."

Then Dr. Zaius got up and moved to the kitchen, which was in ear shot of Milo. "I'm not the kind of man to just walk out of here and leave you to your worrying... I'm going to stay here and we're going to talk about this, because I don't want you falling to pieces... and I would never have a excuse for leaving you in this kind of condition...

"Why don't we have some tea? I'll make some."


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