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The Cat Fighters - Volume 1 (Lit) (Modern) (FINISHED)

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The Cat Fighters - Volume 1 (Lit) (Modern) (FINISHED)

Post by RabidFox » Sat Jul 19, 2014 4:18 pm


The Cat Fighters - Volume 1
By RabidFox

NOTE: This story is a study in Japanese. All characters are cats. The setting is a world native only to cats. This story is set in the modern period and has elements from the Dragon Ball series.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10



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Re: The Cat Fighters (Lit) (Modern)

Post by RabidFox » Sat Jul 19, 2014 4:21 pm

The Cat Fighters
by RabidFox

Chapter 1

Oliver was cornered. He couldn't get away. He was surrounded by a 団 [katamari] (group) of powerful martial artists. While Oliver was also a martial artist, he was not nearly as 強 [tsuyoi] (strong) as these three guys.

"We can't allow you to attack these people anymore." Said a big, burly gray cat. My, was he huge!

"It's time to get the hell out of here." Said an orange tabby. "If you leave on your own, we'll leave you alone."

"What in the hell are you people talking about?!" Exclaimed Oliver. "I don't even know you people!"

"There's no use making up stories." Scolded a black cat, with white on his 口 [kuchi] (mouth) and paws.

"I'm not!" Insisted Oliver.

"Look, just get out of here." Warned the tabby. "It doesn't matter whether you understand why or not."

"Fine, just leave me alone!" Ordered Oliver, backing up.

"I'm afraid we can't do that." Said the gray cat, in a very serious tone. "We'll escort you out of here."

He stepped up to Oliver and grabbed his arm.

"Hey, watch it!" Cautioned Oliver, getting angry.

"Sorry, kid." Said the gray cat. "But you just don't belong here!"

The gray cat started to hover in mid air, something that Oliver did not know how to do yet.

"God dammit!" Cursed Oliver, dangling in the 空 [sora] (sky). "Let me go! Damn... Hey! I... don't like heights. Let go!" Oliver began to panic.

"It'll be over in just a minute." Reassured the gray cat. "Come on!" He ordered the other two to follow in suit.

The group, now including Oliver, flew very quickly to the edge of the city. The gray cat threw Oliver to the ground while still in mid air. Luckily, the distance wasn't too much, and Oliver was injured only a little. The trio hovered above the poor Oliver, faces as hard as stone. For some strange reason, they didn't seem to give a damn about Oliver at all.

"Now stay out and never come back!" Warned the gray one. He seemed to be the leader of the 団 [katamari] (group).

The trio flew off, abandoning Oliver at the edge of the city. Oliver didn't know what to do. He just couldn't wrap his mind around it. Oliver might not have lived in the city, but he had never been kicked out of anywhere before. Why he couldn't visit there, he had no idea. Everything had just... suddenly happened.

"What's going on?!" Exclaimed Oliver, to himself. "I just can't... What did I do wrong?!"

Oliver stared at the boundaries of the city for just a few more moments, and then turned to leave. Obviously, he wasn't 強 [tsuyoi] (strong) enough to get away from that trio of cats. He strongly suspected that if he entered the city again, they would sense his 力[chikara] (power) level and come right after him. Except, if that happened, they probably wouldn't be "nice" about it anymore.

Oliver sighed, continuing to 歩 [aruku] (walk) away. His fur was pure 白 [shiro] (white) like the 雪 [yuki] (snow) and he had beautiful gray blue 目 [me] (eyes). His face was 強 [tsuyoi] (strong) and sleek like a Siamese Cat, yet he had no patches or any other color on his fur at all. His tail was long and thin like a whip.

Oliver was from the country. He wore a 緑 [midori] (green) tunic with a 白 [shiro] (white) belt, and 黄 [ki] (yellow) trousers in the same popular fashion as many other martial artists. However, he wasn't very powerful. The young man was only 25 years old and still had a long way to go before he could call himself 強 [tsuyoi] (strong). His pride had certainly been wounded.

He eventually reached the 森 [mori] (forest) and disappeared into the 木 [ki] (trees).


Oliver was sitting on the ground in front of a tree. He looked at his hands, wondering how he was ever going to learn how to fight properly. Those guys from earlier... they had just totally overpowered him. They were quick, he was slow. They were 強 [tsuyoi] (strong), he was weak. He had froze, they had acted. Oliver... he was just... not good enough.

He stood up, looking in the direction of the city, which was now miles away. For whatever reason, he could no longer go there. Those people would sense his 力 [chikara] (power) level and remove him immediately. The best answer that Oliver had was that he must look a lot like a local outlaw. Otherwise, why in the 界 [kai] (world) would they kick him out of the city? He had done nothing. He had just gotten there a few hours prior and all of a sudden, these people appeared and... He thought perhaps they were some kind of local security or bounty hunters or... something.

He wondered if they would eventually 押 [osu] (push) him out of the surrounding forests. He didn't even begin to 知 [shiru] (know) what his look-a-like had done.

Oliver had come a long way from a small, little 村 [mura] (village) in the eastern part of the 界 [kai] (world). He had been traveling for a very long 時 [toki] (time) now. He did not 知 [shiru] (know) how to fly yet, so he had, had to travel on foot, by boat, by plane, by car, by motorcycle, by... everything that took forever. He had left his home to seek out his purpose in life. Oliver had been a 単 [hitoe] (simple), everyday villager was definitely not true, and a 単 [hitoe] (simple), everyday 村 [mura] (village) was not what it was either. However, that was something that Oliver didn't want to think about right now. It was too complex and deep of a topic. It was better left... unsaid for now.

Oliver felt stuck. The other only known establishment on the island was the very port 町 [machi] (town) he had come from. This city also had a port, but the unfortunate thing was that the other place did not sail far west enough. The city that he had been thrown out of, however, did. Somehow, he was going to have to get in the city just long enough to buy a ticket and head out. Yet, the terrible thing was, was that Oliver had to build up his inventory before leaving. Which meant he needed food and supplies. Hunting was difficult on the island and he did not have any special capsules, except for a house and a motorcycle.

Now what?

"The other 町 [machi] (town) didn't have everything I needed. They don't sell capsule friendly equipment at all. This city, however... I was reassured that it had all the necessary things I need for my trip." Thought Oliver to himself, out loud. "I've got to cloak my 力 [chikara] (power) level or something, but I don't 知 [shiru] (know) how. I'm not that advanced yet. How am I going to sneak in the city?"

Oliver was faced with a major dilemma.

He was concentrating, seeing if he could sense the 力 [chikara] (power) level of the 団 [katamari] (group) from earlier. It was very 静 [shizu] (quiet) and still for a moment, then, "I don't think I can sense them." Concluded Oliver. "They must be able to hide their 力 [chikara] (power) levels. Damn."

So much for waiting for them to go out of 町 [machi] (town). Oliver didn't 知 [shiru] (know) what to do.

Hey! Maybe he could ask them to do his shopping for him! They should be understanding enough to realize that he was stuck and needed help... well, leaving. They certainly did seem to like that idea enough. The leaving part, that was.

Oliver didn't have any choice. He decided to reenter the city and try to do his errands for himself. If they showed up again, he would just explain his situation and see if they wouldn't help him.


Oliver decided to take some time to train first before heading out. That was what he was going to do anyway. He was just going to get some food and supplies, maybe explore and stuff, until he was ready to leave. However, it was critical that he leave sooner than he had planned. The cat didn't want to 冒 [okasu] (risk) getting stuck on the 島 [shima] (island) permanently. Who knew when those guys would start bullying him 再 [futatabi] (again) if he went to the other 町 [machi] (town) as well.

"Ha!" Oliver made sounds as he threw his fists in timed punches. "Ha! Ha! Ha!"

"Ruh!" The cat swung his leg out, and then 再 [futatabi] (again) and 再 [futatabi] (again) and 再 [futatabi] (again) and, "Uh! Ruh! Uh!"

He froze himself in a defensive stance, then quickly rotated himself in a circle, throwing his leg out strategically. Since he was surrounded by 木 [ki] (trees) in a small opening in the 森 [mori] (forest), he refrained from using any energy attacks. He didn't want to destroy the beautiful 森 [mori] (forest). He started throwing his fists faster and faster and faster. And then, all of sudden, with no warning...

"Hey, what are you still doing here?!" Oliver panicked, his head turning to the 空 [sora] (sky) above him, seeking out the owner of the 声 [koe] (voice).

It was...! That gray cat from earlier!

"I told you to beat it." Warned the gray cat.

"I thought you just meant the city grounds." Replied Oliver, feeling shaky from the powerful rush of adrenaline.

"No." The gray cat's eyes narrowed in suspicion. "I meant the entire 島 [shima] (island)."

"I can't fly!" Oliver had, had those words on the tip of his tongue just in case he encountered any of them 再 [futatabi] (again). "I really can't! Honestly...! I was going to take a..."

"Don't play games with me." The gray cat crossed his arms over his chest and floated down to the ground, landing perfectly on his feet. "I saw you flying earlier. Now get out of here now! You don't want to have to fight me, I guarantee you."

"If you fly me to a different 島 [shima] (island) or a continent, then I would be more than happy to leave." Smiled Oliver, nervously. "I really think you're confusing me for someone else, though, because I don't know how to fly."

The gray cat raised a brow. He was obviously not taking to Oliver's story.

"Kid, I don't want to have to do anything to you." Warned the gray cat. "Please... really... just leave."

"I will, I will, I promise!" Insisted Oliver, worried. "I really can't fly! You saw someone else that just looks like me!"

"I'm not stupid." Responded the gray cat. "Your energy signature is identical to the person that was just attacking our city. Now, you might have some kind of severe psychological problems, but that doesn't mean I'm going to allow you to stay here any longer."

"Psychological problems?!" Exclaimed Oliver, stunned. "I do not...! You're just confusing me for someone else!"

The gray cat was 静 [shizu] (quiet) for a minute. "You know what? I'll go ahead and play your stupid game. I'll fly you out of here. Just don't even think about coming back."

"Yes, that's fine!" Oliver was relieved. "I really don't want to get into a fight with anybody! I'm a martial artist by hobby, not career!"

The gray cat gave him a funny look, then proceeded to approach him. He lightly grabbed his arm, then squeezed it very tightly.

"Ah!" Cried Oliver. "What are you doing?! I told you I'd leave...! Please leave me alone!"

"Look." Warned the gray cat. "You either stay out of here or I will have to take you down. Get it?"

"Yes, yes, I understand!" Cried Oliver, cringing from the rock solid grip.

"Fine." Finished the gray cat.

All of a sudden, Oliver's feet were no longer touching the ground. He was raised higher and higher and then way above the clouds.

"Eek!" Squeaked Oliver, unable to handle such heights. "Oh my god! Oh my god! I hate heights! I hate heights!"

Oliver closed his eyes, trying not to pay attention to being so high off the ground. He started praying in his head. The gray cat quickly flew Oliver away from the 島 [shima] (island), crossing the vast waters of the ocean until the nearest continent was in sight. Man, was that guy fast! In just a little over fifteen minutes, they were already there! The gray cat landed on the beach, Oliver in tow. 再 [futatabi] (again), he threw Oliver to the ground, except from a somewhat higher position in the air. Oliver cried out in 痛 [itai] (pain), as his 体 [karada] (body) collided with the ground. The gray cat just hovered there.

"Now don't come back, psycho." Warned the gray cat, glaring at Oliver. "I mean it! Stay away! And don't you do anything to anyone else or I'll come after you 再 [futatabi] (again)!"

The gray cat remained for a 少 [sukunai] (few) moments more, then he took off for the 島 [shima] (island). Oliver cringed at the shock given to his 体 [karada] (body), his 顔 [kao] (face) gnarled up and his arms and 足 [ashi] (legs) stiff. He managed to turn onto his side and flipped himself on his back. Every moment was 難 [katai] (difficult) on him.

What in the hell was the gray cat talking about? Why did he keep insisting that Oliver was some kind of deranged psychopath? Who was the real person responsible for the attack on the city? These 問 [tou] (questions) and more still had to be answered.


Oliver was devastated. He sat under a 木 [ki] (tree), feeling overwhelmed and conquered. The cat was worried just how many others place that the look-a-like may have attacked. Just how many more 町 [machi] (towns) would Oliver be banished from? And who got hurt and where? Was it something that the mysterious 団 [katamari] (group) had seen on TV?

"We can't allow you to attack these people anymore."

What people? The people of the city? Or did he mean people in general?

Oliver just didn't know. He was so... dumbfounded. Well, there was only one way to make sure. Oliver decided to start hunting for another 町 [machi] (town). Perhaps he could get his questions answered if he investigated the problem more deeply.

Standing up, Oliver was ready to begin his inquest. He started to explore the area around the beach, looking for any sign of another port 町 [machi] (town). The cat thought that if he walked along the shore, he would eventually find civilization. So he began to do just that. It was still somewhat light outside, but evening was fast approaching. Soon, it would be 昧 [kurai] (dark) and once it was 昧 [kurai] (dark), Oliver would have to give up and try 再 [futatabi] (again) tomorrow.

'Where could it be?' The cat wondered to himself. 'It's got to be around here somewhere. That island is too close for there not to be a joint port somewhere.'

The 空 [sora] (sky) began to fade away, the moon becoming visible above. Darkness stretched across the 空 [sora] (sky), the 雲 [kumo] (clouds) disappearing to make room for the 星 [hoshi] (stars). Oliver needed to quit for the day. Getting out his capsule case, he took a 家 [ie] (house) capsule and threw it into an 空 [sora] (empty) area near the beach. There was a 大 [ō] (large) albeit harmless explosion of gray smoke and then in its place was a little, round 家 [ie] (house). On the side of the 家 [ie] (house) was the inscription of "Capsule Corp".


Oliver was sitting in the 小 [chīsai] (little), 丸 [maru] (round) 家 [ie] (house) that had been miniaturized in a capsule. He was leaning in an armchair, staring at the ceiling. It had been a 少 [sukunai] (few) hours since he had gone in the 家 [ie] (house) and he was feeling tired. The 日 [hi] (day) had taken it out of him.

"I am... so... bored." Moaned the cat, unable to relax. "I just don't feel... right at all. Normally, I can do whatever I want, but I keep thinking that more people are going to come. What's the point of going to sleep if some loser is just going to stomp in here and kick me out?"

More 時 [toki] (time) passed, Oliver sitting around and eating and drinking and sitting around and not sleeping. Eventually, he passed out in the 床 [toko] (bed), not able to stay awake any longer.

'Oliver...' A woman's voice echoed in his mind as he dreamed. 'Oliver... where are you? Why did you leave...? When are you coming back, Oliver?' The other worldly 声 [koe] (voice) sounded faint and eerie.

"Huh?!" Oliver suddenly woke up, shocked awake by the 夢 [yume] (dream) he had been having.

His eyes were barely open, his mind barely there. After a 少 [sukunai] (few) moments, he managed to look from side to side. He didn't see anyone. The house was empty save for himself. He shifted in 床 [toko] (bed). The cat noticed that he had fallen asleep on the blanket rather than under it. He rolled off the 床 [toko] (bed), getting up to put his clothes on. But then he realized, he had still been wearing them before he went to 眠 [nemuru] (sleep).

"Well, I guess I need to take a shower." He groaned, not wanting to really wake up yet. "I better get some towels and a bar of soap."

Oliver took a hot shower and then changed his clothes. Each garment was the same color as the ones before: A 緑 [midori] (green) tunic with a 白 [shiro] (white) belt and a pair of 黄 [ki] (yellow) trousers. He also wore plain, 白 [shiro] (white) socks and 二 [ni] (two) 単 [hitoe] (simple), 黒 [kuro] (black) shoes. The cat was dressed in typical attire for a martial artist.

"My goal is to travel around the 界 [kai] (world) before returning home." Thought Oliver to himself, out loud. "Once I get to the other end, I'll be ready to go home and no sooner. It's been half a year now. I was 24 when I started off. Now I'm 25 and I even spent my birthday on my own." Oliver took on a serious look. "I don't want to come home until I have something to brag about. No more coming in last place in everything I do. I'm going to come home a seasoned warrior."

Oliver's resolve was admirable, but, admittedly, he had not been getting much stronger than when he had left. More experienced definitely. More wise definitely. A better martial artist? Not really.

But Oliver wouldn't let that get in his way. Somewhere in this 界 [kai] (world), there was a 試 [kokoromiru] (test) for Oliver to pass, a test of his dormant, untapped strength that would unleash the true warrior inside of himself. And he would find it if it was the last thing he did!

"Alright, let's get started with a new day ahead!" Announced Oliver to himself, before heading out.


Oliver took his hand and slammed the side of it into a 大 [ō] (large) 木 [ki] (tree). The force of his might caused the 木 [ki] (tree) to break in half, slicing it unevenly. The 木 [ki] (tree) began to fall, but before it could touch the ground, Oliver grabbed the 重 [e] (heavy) 木 [ki] (tree) with both of his hands and then flung it to the ground. Oliver then proceeded to cut up the 木 [ki] (tree) with his bare hands, creating a 大 [ō] (large) pile of firewood. The task was done quickly for Oliver was a very 強 [tsuyoi] (strong) and agile man. He might not have been 強 [tsuyoi] (strong) enough to take on those cats from earlier, but he was definitely 強 [tsuyoi] (strong) enough to easily slice and dice a 木 [ki] (tree).

Oliver stored the wood into a capsule and then headed for a 河 [kawa] (river). He knew there had to be one nearby, something that was emptying out into the 洋 [] (ocean). The cat didn't want to drink salt 水 [mizu] (water). That wasn't good for 民 [tami] (people). After a long, tiring walk, Oliver finally came upon a 河 [kawa] (river). He took his canteen and filled it up, then he took out several 大 [ō] (large) 水 [mizu] (water) tanks from a capsule and filled them up to the T. After he was done, he put the tanks back inside the capsule.

The cat decided to head home before it got 昧 [kurai] (dark). It was another 日 [hi] (day) and another job done. He had spent the entire 日 [hi] (day) gathering provisions to restock his portable home with. Hunting in the 森 [mori] (forest) had brought him some game, he had been able to gather firewood to keep warm, and he had replenished his 水 [mizu] (water) supply. Now it was time to train for a while before going to bed.

The young feline threw a punch, then another and another and another. He kept practicing swirling kicks, which often resulted in him falling to the ground in an awkward manner. Over and over again, he practiced his hits and kicks. He studied his evasion abilities and he tried to increase his speed. He was always so fast that it was hard to see him fight. Just a little anyway. That was a sign of a serious martial artist, someone that could easily crush a typical 男 [otoko] (man) with typical strength. Yet Oliver still did not know how to 飛 [tobu] (fly). It was one of his goals to not return home until he had mastered the flying technique.

Suddenly, there was the sound of a 声 [koe] (voice) from the 木 [ki] (trees). Oliver was near his 丸 [maru] (round), 小 [chīsai] (little) home that he had set up in a clearing in the 森 [mori] (forest). The 声 [koe] (voice) definitely sounded familiar. It was the orange tabby from the other 日 [hi] (day)!

"So... this is where you ran to." Said the tabby, mysteriously. "I was expecting something... less ordinary."

"What do you want?" Oliver went on his guard. What was wrong with these 民 [tami] (people)?! "Tell me what your motives are!"

"My motives..." The tabby made a "tsk" sound. "That should be obvious... The others may be willing to let what you did slide, but I'm not going to. Now I'm not here to kill you," Reassured the tabby. "but I am here to teach you a lesson that you'll never forget. At some point, you'll have to go to a town or city for food and supplies. Or... to visit your parents or whatever. However, that doesn't mean I'm going to let you become berserk like before. I'm gonna make sure that mean bastards like you get the point."

"I have no idea what you're talking about." Oliver flinched, worried that the cat was going to attack him at any minute. "Leave me alone!"

"Still playing stupid, huh?" But the tabby would have none of it. He simply didn't believe him at all. "I'll have to get you for that!"

The cat suddenly disappeared, his strength was so fast. Oliver couldn't tell where he had gone and then, suddenly, "Ah!" Oliver cried out, receiving a powerful strike in his back. He fell to the ground, temporarily experiencing a 黒 [kuro] (black) out. After several moments, the young feline began to moan.

"Hey!" Oliver exclaimed, from his pitiful place on the ground. He struggled to 立 [tatsu] (stand up). "I said... leave me alone!"

Oliver quickly turned around and flung an energy disc at the tabby. However, it was easily dodged, the tabby obviously having a great deal of fighting wisdom. The tabby prepared to attack him again, yet, by some stroke of luck, the 白 [shiro] (white) cat was able to just barely evade the assault. Oliver didn't waste any time. He flung himself into the tabby with all of his strength, his punch colliding with his 顔 [kao] (face). The tabby cried out and clumsily fell to the ground.

"So that's how you wanna be, huh?" Groaned the tabby, getting up from the ground. "Then so be it!" He exclaimed, taking on a defensive stance.

The tabby began to yell, powering himself up. The ground around him cracked and shattered, dirt being lifted into the air, as a powerful, 黄 [ki] (yellow) aura surrounded the tabby. It took him only a minute to increase his 力 [chikara] (power) level, and he then flew at Oliver. The 白 [shiro] (white) cat was jarred, being hit directly in the chest. Oliver's 体 [karada] (body) flew backwards into a 木 [ki] (tree).

"Ugh...!" Cried Oliver. Then he slipped down the 木 [ki] (tree) and fell on his 顔 [kao] (face). "You... you... bastard!"

The tabby calmly walked over to the beaten Oliver, raised a hand and then slammed it down, pointing at Oliver's back. A energy 球 [tama] (ball) came from the tabby's hand and rocketed into Oliver. There was a small explosion, as dirt flew into the air. Once the debris had settled, the unconscious form of Oliver reappeared on the ground. The tabby was going to strike him again, but then realized that he was not even awake anymore. Feeling satisfied with what he had done, the tabby gave Oliver one last, angry look and then stomped off, flying away.

Oliver had not been able to adjust to what had, had happened. For some reason, the whole city seemed against him. At least the 島 [shima] (island) was far away and only a few that could 飛 [tobu] (fly) could get anywhere near him. Otherwise, once Oliver came to, he would be really upset.

What could ever be going on?

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Re: The Cat Fighters (Lit) (Modern)

Post by RabidFox » Sun Jul 20, 2014 8:43 pm

The Cat Fighters
by RabidFox

Chapter 2

Oliver finally came to. There was the 音 [oto] (sound) of birds chirping from above. "What?" He moaned, trying to get up. "Where am I?"

The events of yesterday began to come back to him. It was early in the morning and everything was still dark. Only birds were awake at this hour, making 音 [oto] (sounds) in the 木 [ki] (trees) as all the other animals slept. Oliver got to his feet and looked around, feeling hazy.

"What happened?" Oliver remembered working in the forest all day and then taking a break to train. The cat moaned at the stiffness in his limbs.

The tabby... the one from the island. He had been here. He had challenged Oliver or... something. The cat thought long and hard about what happened, then recalled that the tabby had been angry with him from the other day. What in the hell was wrong with these 民 [tami] (people)?!

Oliver started to check out his camp site, making sure everything was in the right place. Then he went inside to ensure that the tabby hadn't stolen anything while he was here. There didn't seem to be anything missing. Huh. Weird. What did those 民 [tami] (people) want anyway? What in the world were they talking about? There just had to be some look-a-like or something. Oliver did not remember anything 奇 [kushiki] (strange) happening that day at all.

"Maybe it's in their heads." Wondered Oliver to himself, out loud. "Must be some other guy in a... wanted posted or something."

Oliver went inside the 小 [chīsai] (little), 丸 [maru] (round) 家 [ie] (house) and started to put together breakfast. He had hunted some rabbit yesterday and there were still left overs. The cat put it on the stove and heated it up. He started to hum a 調 [shiraberu] (tune) to himself and tried to forget what had happened. It was just a really bad case of bad luck or something. Once the rabbit was finished, he sat down at the small table and began to eat. It was pretty 良 [yoi] (good).

"So..." Oliver was trying to decide what to do next. "I guess I'll need to head to 町 [machi] (town) and replenish my inventory. I haven't got a chance to do that yet."

The cat was just about to head out the 戸 [to] (door) when he heard 奇 [kushiki] (strange) 音 [oto] (sounds) from 外 [soto] (outside).

"I wonder what that could be?" Oliver headed for the 戸 [to] (door) and opened it to peer outside. "Huh?!"

There was a camera crew filming his 家 [ie] (house)? Oliver was dumbfounded.

"There he is!" Cried the news reporter.

"What in the world...?" Oliver was shocked. "Why are you 民 [tami] (people) bothering me?! Go away already!"

And then, suddenly, "Hey, I don't think that's him!" Exclaimed the camera 男 [otoko] (man).

The news reporter and his crew took another, long look at him.

"Oh my!" Said the news reporter, in shock. "That 男 [otoko] (man) must have been mistaken! That's not Clyde!"

"Clyde...?" Mumbled Oliver, miserable. "My name is Oliver!"

"Oh dear..." Moaned the news reporter. "I am so sorry... Don't hurt us, okay?"

The crew rushed to leave the scene, gathering up all of their equipment and taking off.

"Hey, wait a minute!" Oliver tried to stop them to get more information. "Where are you going?!"

Apparently, they had not been prepared for the chance that their culprit might appear. Just as suddenly as they had appeared, they were gone.

"Oh no you don't!" Oliver hurried to grab at least one of them. He bounded into the 木 [ki] (trees) and managed to grab the news reporter easily. "Who are you?!" Demanded the white cat.

"I'm so sorry...!" Squeaked the news reporter. "We just thought... that you were someone else!" The 男 [otoko] (man) tried his best to smile innocently.

"Even if I was whoever this is, you should be careful." Scolded Oliver. "If I were really actually some powerful adversary, you'd get blown away acting like this!"

"Yes, yes, sorry. Very sorry. Really." The news reporter was shaking, nervously. "We just thought... you know... take a few shots for the folks back home and... that's all!"

"You didn't actually start to film yet, did you?" Asked Oliver, the news reporter grabbed by the neck tie.

"Maybe just... a little." Admitted the news reporter.

"It wasn't live, was it?" Oliver was pissed off.

"No, no, of course not!" Reassured the news reporter.

Oliver didn't want to suddenly appear on TV and become notorious everywhere he went as the 男 [otoko] (man) of mistaken identity. He let go of the reporter and went after the camera 男 [otoko] (man). The guy had disappeared, but it was easy to sense his 弱 [yowai] (weak) 力 [chikara] (power) level and catch up to him. Oliver took out the camera and it fell to the ground in pieces. Luckily, it was digital, so Oliver could be rest assured they hadn't traded tapes. The camera 男 [otoko] (man) screamed and took off.

"Clyde, huh." Said Oliver to himself, suspicious. "I wonder who that is?"


Oliver had found civilization at last. There was a 大 [ō] (large) port city on the edge of the 河 [kawa] (river) and Oliver was ready to get more food and supplies. He was walking down the street, headed for the nearest 店 [mise] (store). The cat stopped someone and asked where he could find somewhere to shop. The 女 [onna] (woman) pointed down the street and told him how many times to 番 [tsugai] (turn) and which 方 [kata] (directions). Oliver thanked her and continued on.

No one seemed to be bothered by him at all, but there were a lot of 民 [tami] (people) running around in a panic. That Clyde guy... he must be bothering everyone. There was some screaming in the streets and 民 [tami] (people) were getting together in 大 [ō] (large) groups. Oliver wondered what all the fuss was about. Was Clyde trying to kill 民 [tami] (people) or what?

"Excuse me." Asked Oliver to one of the 民 [tami] (people) in a crowd. "What's going on?"

"Oh man!" Exclaimed the 男 [otoko] (man). "There's this... mean, evil son of a bitch. He keeps going around and causing trouble."

"Is he killing 民 [tami] (people)?" Wondered Oliver.

"Oh no, nothing like that." The 男 [otoko] (man) replied. "But he is taking down 全 [mattaku] (whole) neighborhoods. No one knows why. He's just... mindlessly attacking 民 [tami] (people) for some reason. Beats me."

Oh, so that was what was going on.

"What does he look like?" Asked Oliver.

"He's 高 [takai] (tall) and covered in 白 [shiro] (white) fur." Answered the 男 [otoko] (man). "He's got 緑 [midori] (green) 目 [me] (eyes) and he's a martial artist."

"Really?" Oliver felt relieved. It was a look-a-like afterall!

"Yeah, in fact..." The 男 [otoko] (man) squinted at Oliver. "He looks a lot like you. Except you got 青 [ao] (blue) 目 [me] (eyes) and that 男 [otoko] (man) is definitely taller than you. Also, he has a splotch of 黒 [kuro] (black) fur in his face."

"I see." Oliver crossed his arms, trying to listen into the conversation that someone in the crowd was having. They were standing in the 央 [ō] (center), demanding everyone's attention.

The conversation wasn't really going anywhere. It sounded like nothing but precaution and warnings. After a few minutes, Oliver decided to try to find a 所 [tokoro] (place) to shop again.

"Hey." He asked the same 男 [otoko] (man). "Where is a 所 [tokoro] (place) I get some food and supplies?"

"Oh, uh..." The 男 [otoko] (man) had to 思 [omou] (think) for a moment. "There should be a row of 店 [mise] (stores) over there." The 男 [otoko] (man) pointed in a 方 [kata] (direction). It was the same instructions as the 女 [onna] (woman) from earlier.

"Thanks." And then Oliver took off.

However, once he got to the 店 [mise] (store), he noticed that it was closed due to the hype.

"Ah, damn it!" Oliver cursed.

What bad luck.


Oliver couldn't get inside anywhere. Everything was closed, closed, closed. What in the 界 [kai] (world) was going on? Who was this mysterious 男 [otoko] (man) named Clyde and what had he done? Oliver walked up to a TV 店 [mise] (store) where the news was playing on the screen in the 窓 [mado] (window). There was already a huge 団 [katamari] (group) piled at the 店 [mise] (store) 窓 [mado] (window). Oliver felt entitled to seeing this 奇 [kushiki] (strange) 男 [otoko] (man), since he had been getting his ass kicked over him. He pushed through the 民 [tami] (people), more than a 少 [sukunai] (few) of them getting really 怒 [ikaru] (angry), and had to throw a 少 [sukunai] (few) defiant folks out of his way.

"Watch out!" He exclaimed, as he grabbed another 男 [otoko] (man) by the back of his shirt and flung him out of the way.

Oliver stood in his new clearing, impatiently watching the news as the reporter stumbled through his 報 [mukuiru] (reports).

"We have not been able to access the hospital in Lebron for quite some time 今 [ima] (now)." Announced the 男 [otoko] (man) on the screen. "The last we heard, the hospital had been attacked by the assailant. Unfortunately, we do not know the 格 [kaku] (status) of the patients there. Hopefully, only security officials were involved in the recent attack, but we cannot be sure given the ruthless nature of the assailant."

"Hey!" Yelled a 男 [otoko] (man). "Is that... the guy?!"

Oliver turned to the 男 [otoko] (man) who was making the commotion. "I'm not that guy, dammit! My name is Oliver." He moved his 顔 [kao] (face) closer to the 男 [otoko] (man). "見 [miru] (see)? 青 [ao] (blue) 目 [me] (eyes), not 緑 [midori] (green). And no 黒 [kuro] (black) splotch on my 顔 [kao] (face)."

"Oh my!" Hollered the 男 [otoko] (man). He turned and ran off. A 少 [sukunai] (few) women screamed and ran with him.

"Fuck!" Cursed Oliver.

"That's not him!" Said a 男 [otoko] (man) from the crowd. "He's too 短 [mijikai] (short)!"

"He doesn't have 緑 [midori] (green) 目 [me] (eyes)!"

"There's no black on his 顔 [kao] (face)!"

"Why would he be here? He was last spotted in Lebron!"

Oliver huffed, impatiently, and shoved himself out of the crowd. A 少 [sukunai] (few) more 民 [tami] (people) took off and Oliver just tried his best to ignore them. Why did they 思 [omou] (think) he was the mysterious 男 [otoko] (man)? Did he really look that much like him? Oliver had not yet seen his 顔 [kao] (face). He had no idea what he really looked like.

"There must be some 店 [mise] (store) here that's 開 [hiraku] (open)." Oliver kept asking around, however, nobody seemed interested in such things at the moment. "Damn."

Finally, Oliver managed to find an 開 [hiraku] (open) 店 [mise] (store) that had what he needed. "Alright, let's see." He took out a list and started to walk up and down the aisles.


"I 思 [omou] (think) that about covers it." Oliver took his things up to the counter. The cashier worked quickly and handed him the bags with his things in them. "Thanks."

Oliver threw a capsule at the ground. It opened up into a 大 [ō] (large) container. He placed his things into the container and then pressed the button on the side. The container was surrounded by a puff of smoke and disappeared inside the small, 小 [chīsai] (little) capsule. He put the capsule away in his capsule container, and left the 店 [mise] (store).

"I should get out of here before someone starts to 思 [omou] (think) something about me." Said Oliver to himself. "I don't want to actually get killed this time... Everything will settle down once the crisis is over. Then no one will 思 [omou] (think) that I'm some murderer or whatever is going on."

The cat walked and walked and walked until he finally arrived at the edge of the city. He did not recognize the city, so he knew that he had never been here before. Oliver then passed over the city boundaries and made his way back into the 森 [mori] (forest). He seriously needed to learn how to 飛 [tobu] (fly). Walking was so... inconvenient. Oliver sighed, exhausted from all the panic.

"I am just going to stay out here in the wilderness until all of this blows over." Decided Oliver. "Hey, I even got a TV! I can make sure I don't walk into a problem again. I just... usually don't watch it at all. Not a big fan of TV."

The cat had turned his portable home back into a capsule, so once he found a nice clearing close to the city, he threw the capsule on the ground. A 雲 [kumo] (cloud) of smoke appeared and the 小 [chīsai] (little), 丸 [maru] (round) house had been set back up. He walked inside, then started putting away his food and supplies. What a full day he had been having.


Oliver was staring at himself in the 鏡 [kagami] (mirror). He was trying to find the resemblance between him and the 奇 [kushiki] (strange) 新 [atarashī] (new) threat. Why would anyone confuse him for that 男 [otoko] (man)? Oliver had very unique features that were uncommon amongst the 民 [tami] (people) of the world. He was from a land far away, a beautiful, highly ritualized 国 [kuni] (country) with very special facial features. Everyone at home had 強 [tsuyoi] (strong), sleek faces and all of them had soft, gray 青 [ao] (blue) eyes. Each person also had a pure 白 [shiro] (white) coat.

This 男 [otoko] (man) had 緑 [midori] (green) 目 [me] (eyes) and a 黒 [kuro] (black) splotch on his 顔 [kao] (face). Who could he possibly be? Was he a hybrid of Oliver's 民 [tami] (people)? Where Oliver came from, it was greatly despised even the thought of an interracial couple. He just couldn't imagine such a thing. But, you know, that didn't mean that it hadn't somehow happened. A traveler perhaps?

Oliver walked over to his TV. He had the news on. They had been talking about the 奇 [kushiki] (strange) 男 [otoko] (man) all 朝 [asa] (morning). He was on every station. Apparently, he was just outright tearing everything to pieces. And, most unfortunately, he had started killing 民 [tami] (people). There were already over 350 民 [tami] (people) dead.

He was worried about going 外 [soto] (outside), about going anywhere at all. Luckily, the news recognized that the 男 [otoko] (man) had unusual features and may be easily misidentified for other 民 [tami] (people) with similar faces. The news seemed to know that there was a 小 [chīsai] (little) 国 [kuni] (country) around somewhere that had 民 [tami] (people) of Oliver's nationality. They had even gone into questioning the officials of Oliver's homeland.

Yet there should also be another 国 [kuni] (country) with similar features. But Oliver had never heard of the splotch. That could very likely be due to a half breed. Oliver didn't know what to do, but he couldn't just stay in his 家 [ie] (house) all 日 [hi] (day)... and the next and the next and the next. He'd be fine as long as he didn't travel to a city.

And that also meant he'd probably have to pack up and leave, right? No way. There were 民 [tami] (people) that could sense his 力 [chikara] (power) level and he'd never get away anyway. So, yeah, he was definitely staying put.

Oliver went into the clearing right 外 [soto] (outside) his 小 [chīsai] (little) 家 [ie] (house) and began to train. He had, had enough of the news. It was not helping him at all and was just upsetting him. Hours passed before Oliver returned 内 [uchi] (inside). The first thing he did was turn the news back on. Apparently, the 男 [otoko] (man) had vanished without a trace. Most 民 [tami] (people) thought he had been killed by 者 [mono] (someone).

While Oliver didn't cheer on the man's demise, he did feel relieved for his own well being. Well, at least now no one would try to kill him.

He turned off the TV.


Oliver was walking through the 森 [mori] (forest), in 捜 [sagasu] (search) of a 山 [yama] (mountain) range. He liked to stay in the 山 [yama] (mountains) and train there. It was nice and secluded, and 少 [sukunai] (few) animals would bother him. There wasn't a lot of game in such a region, except for goats and lions. He could easily stay safe in such a location. But the 森 [mori] (forest) seemed endless and Oliver couldn't find any 山 [yama] (mountains).

"Damn." Cursed Oliver. "If only I knew how to 飛 [tobu] (fly)! Hm... Maybe I... damn it! No, I don't want to!" His thoughts were not going in the way that he'd like.

"Should I...?" Wondered Oliver, stopping to stare at the 昧 [kurai] (dark), night 空 [sora] (sky) above. It was late, but he wanted to get a move on anyway. "Perhaps... it wouldn't be so bad

"I could find 者 [mono] (someone) or some 刹 [sechi] (temple) or something. Train there for a while. Just long enough to 習 [narau] (learn) how to 飛 [tobu] (fly). There's got to be somewhere that's open to temporary students."

But that didn't mean that the arrogant and seclusive Oliver really wanted to do such a thing. Training under a master... or even worse... a 刹 [sechi] (temple)... That would be awful.

"I just can't figure it out on my own." Growled Oliver. He quickly spun around and released an energy disc from his paw. It collided with a 木 [ki] (tree) and toppled it to the ground. "I didn't really want to do that." Oliver was disappointed that he had lost control of his anger to the point of losing a 木 [ki] (tree). "Damn. Just damn it!"

Oliver was not a very social person. He had never cared much for casual conversation and he wasn't easy to get along with. He was also not 易 [yasashī] (easy) to stand anyway, 口 [kuchi] (mouth) going or not. Everything about Oliver tended to irk 民 [tami] (people). And everything about 民 [tami] (people) tended to irk Oliver. That was part of the reason that he had left his 国 [kuni] (country) in the East. As much as he could relate to them was as much as he couldn't relate to them. It had just not been an 易 [yasashī] (easy) 生 [ikiru] (life) for Oliver. He had always felt left out and different, no matter where in the 界 [kai] (world) he was. What was even the point of going back? His 兄 [ani] (big brothers) had all grown up and got 妻 [tsuma] (wives) and children of their own. Oliver was still the only one that hadn't married or had kids. That and his 母 [haha] (mother) and 父 [chichi](father) always pestered him to get a 妻 [tsuma] (wife).

"Get a 妻 [tsuma] (wife), get some kids. You'll like it!" His 父 [chichi](father) always used to say.

"Don't you want to settle down and have a family, Oliver?" His 母 [haha] (mother) too.

"No! I don't!" Exclaimed Oliver, tightening up his fists. He had to 習 [narau] (learn) to 飛 [tobu] (fly)! He couldn't be a true martial artist unless he could 習 [narau] (learn) how to travel quickly. "I'm not coming back until my 全 [mattaku] (whole) 村 [mura] (village) understands just who I am! I am not... a weakling! I am not... a peasant! I am... I am..." Oliver growled, feeling a little silly. "Damn it! Whatever!"

The cat had never been able to adjust to the 単 [hitoe] (simple) 生 [ikiru] (life). His 父 [chichi](father) was a lowly farmer, as was the rest of his family. They weren't clever scholars, they weren't seasoned warriors, they weren't anything but ordinary. How was he ever going to amount to anything if he couldn't even 習 [narau] (learn) how to travel properly! He needed to map the 全 [mattaku] (whole) 界 [kai] (world) before he could go home. Part of his 案 [tsukue] (plan) was to find a way to make lots of money. He wanted to send as much money as possible to his family, so that they could have a better 生 [ikiru] (life) in 町 [machi] (town) instead of a little, old farming 村 [mura] (village). His goal was to keep joining tournaments until he made a name for himself and could accumulate enough cash to sustain his family for the rest of their lives.

In only half a year, Oliver had joined 32 tournaments. Out of 32 tournaments, he had won only 四 [shi] (four) and all of those were small and not well attended. Most of the tournaments had decent turn outs, including fighters and audience members. But the really 大 [ō] (large) tournaments had far more fighters enroll and far more audience members as well. He had planned to avoid such tournaments until 六 [roku] (six) 月 [tsuki] (months) had passed. That would give him the opportunity to be more likely to win fights. He knew that he couldn't possibly claim the title, but 大 [ō] (large) sums of money was given to anyone that could pass the preliminaries. That was the way it was for most kinds of tournaments.

However, he needed to go to the Island of Alton. That was where the next big tournament was taking place. It would be all over TV unlike the other ones that were only viewable in person. Oliver had never been on TV before, but he definitely would be, because even the preliminaries was aired on 界 [kai] (world) wide television. And it was all live. Even his family would be able to see him with their cruddy, old TV set. He hoped that he wouldn't make a fool out of himself. His 全 [mattaku] (whole) family would be watching. He had made sure to tell them before he left that he would be attending that year's official tournament on Alton Island. They assured him that they would watch it, but then they always did.

His family wasn't very into martial arts. They were a calm bunch that preferred peaceful entertainment. But to support their son's interests, they always watched martial arts anyway. You could tell that they weren't really into it, yet they would smile and 笑 [warau] (laugh) and comment anyway. The only exception was Oliver's grandfather. He had, had an intense interest in martial arts when he was young, though, he had grown out of it with age. Unlike the rest of his family, his grandfather would never support his 夢 [yume] (dreams) to become a great martial artist. He had always told Oliver that it would just make his 生 [ikiru] (life) unhappy.

But Oliver just had to! He knew that his family was really against him leaving, yet he just couldn't go back and face them without having accomplished his goals. That was the kind of person he was: Fierce. Oliver would stop at nothing to become the best that he could be. And that was his 夢 [yume] (dream), his hope, his reality. To become the best martial artist in the 界 [kai] (world)!

Oliver believed in himself like no one had ever believed in a person. He knew he could do it! He just knew it! Nothing would stand in his way that he couldn't figure out how to defeat.

And now he had to 習 [narau] (learn) to 飛 [tobu] (fly)!

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Re: The Cat Fighters (Lit) (Modern)

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The Cat Fighters
by RabidFox

Chapter 3

Oliver had reached Alton 島 [shima] (island). He was just in 時 [toki] (time) for the annual martial arts tournament there. The cat had already registered and was currently taking in the sights. The city was very 大 [ō] (large) and quite flashy. There were 店 [mise] (stores) lining the 丁 [hinoto] (streets) with brightly colored banners and flags and neon signs. There were so many different 店 [mise] (stores) that it boggled the mind. Where would one ever shop first? Then, of course, there were also the general convenient 店 [mise] (stores) that were popular to the area. Oliver felt extremely crowded and uncomfortable. So many 民 [tami] (people), so little room to move. Even the sidewalks were full of 民 [tami] (people).

Occasionally, you would hear someone blare their horn, as cars raced up and down the 丁 [hinoto] (streets). Everyone seemed to be set on getting somewhere, be it work, school, home, the 店 [mise] (store), or where ever. Everything was bustling with activity. Luckily for Oliver, no one had even once mistaken him for that 奇 [kushiki] (strange) 男 [otoko] (man) who had been attacking 民 [tami] (people). He guessed that it had only happened because of the panic. 民 [tami] (people) had been reacting swiftly without really, truly thinking.

Oliver still had 時 [toki] (time) to look around before the preliminaries began. He was careful not to wander too far and not to get too involved. There were lots of neat things to see, but, in the end, Oliver still preferred the 静 [shizu] (quiet), tranquil nature of the country side. Or the wilderness or whatever you wanted to call it.

He had no idea who he would be facing up against. While fighters were allowed to hang out in the warm up 室 [muro] (room), Oliver hadn't seen a point in "warming up". If he was going to lose, he was going to lose. Might as well stretch his 足 [ashi] (legs) by walking around and taking in the sights rather than waste 時 [toki] (time) by doing physical stretches and practice punches.

As the 時 [toki] (time) to begin grew 近 [chikai] (near), Oliver decided to 番 [tsugai] (turn) back and head towards the tournament. It took him a 小 [chīsai] (little) while, but he finally managed to get there. Oliver entered the warm up 室 [muro] (room) to wait for the start of the preliminaries. After some 時 [toki] (time) had passed, several tournament officials came in to round up everyone.

The preliminaries would be taking place in the same area as the rest of the tournament. Same stage, same audience. The entire tournament would take place over the next 五 [go] (five) hours, two of which were solely for the preliminaries.

The tournament officials announced who would be fighting in the first match. By no surprise, it wasn't Oliver. There were so many 民 [tami] (people) here that it could be anyone really. The two 男 [otoko] (men) exited the 室 [muro] (room), venturing directly outside where the audience was waiting. Oliver hoped that he wouldn't do anything embarrassing. His family was going to be watching him afterall.

Another pair fought and then another and another until finally Oliver was wondering when his turn would be next. The preliminaries would be facing everyone against everyone until there was only eight fighters left. Oliver had never experienced such a glory before and he honestly didn't think he would, but there was just no chance of him making it through the entire preliminaries. At least, he didn't think so. Oliver had not been that lucky so far, as he was still a very 弱 [yowai] (weak) martial artist. Despite that he had been training since he was 七 [shichi] (seven), and therefore had been training for 18 years, there were so many naturals out there that they had left him in the dust.

"I don't 思 [omou] (think) happy thoughts are going to win this." Said Oliver to himself.


Oliver had been called up 次 [tsugu] (next). Now was his time to shine. He moved to the 央 [ō] (center) of the stage and crouched into a defensive position. His opponent was a cat with smooth, 黄 [ki] (yellow) fur and a long, fluffy 尾 [o] (tail). There was a serious look on his 顔 [kao] (face), the look of a trained professional. Oliver only hoped that he wouldn't be knocked out of the tournament too quickly. And, yes... he was... on TV. His... 全 [mattaku] (whole) 村 [mura] (village). All watching him. His opponent slid into his own stance, but it looked like a better one than what Oliver had managed to 思 [omou] (think) of. The simplest thing, all the way down to a starting stance, could mean the difference between winning and losing.

"This 次 [tsugu] (next) match is Oliver versus Glen...! Begin the match!" Cried the referee.

Glen quickly vanished, his speed incredible. Oliver's eyes went wide. 'Where the hell is he?!' Thought Oliver to himself, in a panic.

The 黄 [ki] (yellow) cat appeared right behind Oliver and tried to kick him in the back, but Oliver managed to predict the move and quickly threw himself out of the way. Oliver clumsily rolled on the ground, feeling extremely stupid. 'What a dumb move!' Thought Oliver, feeling ashamed.

Glen appeared to be taken off guard by the 奇 [kushiki] (strange) tactic. He looked from 右 [migi] (right) to 左 [hidari] (left), trying to find where Oliver had gone, and then he realized that he was merely on the ground. Glen thought that was odd, but managed to recover his composure. Oliver rushed to get to his feet and then did three back flips, ensuring that Glen's 次 [tsugu] (next) attack would not harm him. The 黄 [ki] (yellow) cat tired to punch Oliver as soon as he had gotten up, however, he ended up missing because of Oliver's speedy strategy to get out of the way. Glen hurried to catch up with Oliver, yet Oliver was able to move sideways, avoiding Glen's attempts to attack him.

Glen started throwing punches at him while Oliver kept moving out of his reach. The 白 [shiro] (white) cat's body would sharply turn back and forth, back and forth. There was no way that Glen was going to get him this way. The 黄 [ki] (yellow) cat stopped to take a moment to rest, but Oliver was faster than Glen thought he was. The 白 [shiro] (white) cat threw a quick jab towards Glen and ended up striking him in the chest. Glen cried out and lost his balance, though, he managed to stay on his feet. The 黄 [ki] (yellow) cat growled, ferociously and jumped at Oliver with his knee. Glen managed to shove his knee into Oliver's abdomen, doing an incredible amount of damage.

Oliver stumbled backwards, trying to recover from the well placed blow. Glen took the opportunity to punch Oliver three times and then kicked him to the ground. Oliver rolled across the ground and then sprang to his feet. Glen was already charging at him. Oliver dodged the 次 [tsugu] (next) punch by leaning over and then went to the ground to use a sweeping kick to Glen's ankles. Glen's whole body was flung backwards in the air and he landed on his back. Oliver reached down to grab his legs and started to swing him around in 円 [marui] (circles). The 黄 [ki] (yellow) cat started to scream from all the spinning around. Oliver let go at the best moment and Glen flew out of the stage and landed on the ground.

"Glen has touched the ground 外 [soto] (outside) the stage!" Announced the referee, in excitement. "Oliver is the winner of this match!"

The crowd cheered. Oliver blushed and hurried off stage, feeling immensely shy.


The preliminaries were going by quickly. There wasn't a lot of competition. Most 民 [tami] (people) couldn't fight that well and were easily beaten by 他 [hoka] (other), 弱 [yowai] (weak) fighters. However, there was a handful of martial artists that were really great. They flew through the preliminaries and didn't exert much effort either. Oliver had trouble maintaining his confidence, but that didn't mean he wasn't still going to give it his all. He would make his parents proud of him yet!

"This 次 [tsugu] (next) match is Oliver versus Ross...! Begin the match!" Cried the referee.

Ross was a big motherfucker. He was 大 [ō] (large), he was 強 [tsuyoi] (strong), he was far bigger than Oliver! He was covered in 厚 [atsui] (thick), 赤 [aka] (red) 毛 [ke] (fur), his 目 [me] (eyes) an eerie shade of 金 [kane] (gold). Ross had a 長 [nagai] (long), 厚 [atsui] (thick) tail that looked like it could easily whack Oliver out of the arena.

Oliver slid into stance, but it looked like Ross was already to pounce anyway. The 白 [shiro] (white) cat charged forward, looking as if he would try to connect with his 手 [te] (hand). However, as soon as Oliver got closed, he disappeared! Ross made a 音 [oto] (sound) of surprise and looked around. He couldn't see him! Then Oliver appeared from above, aiming his foot at Ross' shoulders. Oliver was about ready to land into Ross, yet Ross was able to evade at the last moment. Oliver landed on the stage, missing him by just a 小 [chīsai] (little).

Ross pulled back his 手 [te] (hands), concentrating with all of his focus. And then, suddenly, a 大 [ō] (large) 青 [ao] (blue) energy 球 [tama] (ball) flew from his palms. It was an energy attack! Oliver stumbled, the 球 [tama] (ball) flying past him. For a moment, the 白 [shiro] (white) cat thought he was safe, and then he realized that it was headed for his back. Oliver tripped on his feet, falling to the ground and hitting his chin. Damn! That had taken the fight out of him! Luckily for Oliver, the 球 [tama] (ball) went flying over top of him.

Ross moved out of the way as the 球 [tama] (ball) flew past him, colliding with a wall. There was an explosion, and debris came raining down out of the 空 [sora] (sky). The 赤 [aka] (red) cat spread his 足 [ashi] (legs) and held his fists shut, powering up. He growled as his 力 [chikara] (power) level shot through the 屋 [ya] (roof). Oliver struggled to get to his feet.

"Ha!" Ross hollered, as he threw a giant beam at Oliver.

The 白 [shiro] (white) cat's 目 [me] (eyes) widened as big as saucers. Oh no! Damn it! Oliver did the only thing he could and leapt into the 空 [sora] (sky), hoping that the beam wouldn't follow him like the last one. The beam came rocketing towards him, narrowing missing his 足 [ashi] (legs). The beam hit the 他 [hoka] (other) wall and it began to crumble.

Oliver flung his 手 [te] (hand) at Ross in 宙 [chū] (mid-air), a yellow, energy disc flying towards the 赤 [aka] (red) cat. Ross braced himself for the attack, protecting himself with his arms by crossing them over his chest. The disc pressured against Ross, pushing him back just a 小 [chīsai] (little), and then Ross flung both arms out to his sides, throwing the energy disc away from him. It flipped away like a harmless frisbee.

Ross charged Oliver as the 白 [shiro] (white) cat met the ground. The 赤 [aka] (red) cat threw a 強 [tsuyoi] (strong), heavy punch into Oliver's chest, throwing the 白 [shiro] (white) cat backwards. Oliver skidded across the arena, eventually landing on his abdomen. The 白 [shiro] (white) cat cringed at the stiffness in his 体 [karada] (body), feeling so strained that he did not know how he would go on. Ross took his 時 [toki] (time) in approaching him, the 他 [hoka] (other) fighter feeling sure that he had all but won. Almost standing over top of him, Ross was about to kick him out of the stage when...

Oliver quickly flipped to the side, Ross' kick hitting nothing but air. The 白 [shiro] (white) cat hurried as fast as he could to return to a battle stance, and managed to take advantage of Ross' shock. Oliver let loose a powerful kick to his opponent's side. Ross' face filled with surprise as Oliver connected with the 他 [hoka] (other) warrior. Ross growled helplessly, his 目 [me] (eyes) squinting shut.

The 白 [shiro] (white) cat struggled to land another blow before Ross recovered, but Ross managed to grab the cat's foot in 宙 [chū] (mid-air). Using his massive strength, Ross used his might to throw Oliver straight up into the air, spinning around like a useless 球 [tama] (ball). Oliver screamed, flying upwards at an extremely uncomfortable speed. Ross smirked, sure that he was about to win, and leapt into the air with his fists ready to collide with Oliver. The 赤 [aka] (red) cat managed to connect with Oliver's 体 [karada] (body), the 白 [shiro] (white) cat overwhelmed by the 宙 [chū] (mid-air) assault. Oliver began to fall and fall quickly. His 体 [karada] (body) collided with the ground and it seemed like all was lost for poor Oliver.

Ross gracefully fell to the ground, landing on both feet. He crossed his chest, the smirk still there, sure that Oliver was down for the count. The referee began the count down.

"1... 2... 3... 4... 5...!"

But then, suddenly, Oliver managed to 立 [tatsu] (stand up), every part of him struggling to maintain balance. The 白 [shiro] (white) cat was pretty beat up and damn was he tired. However, he refused to give up! Oliver outstretched one arm towards Ross, expanding his fingers.

"Ahhh!" Yelled Oliver, as a ferocious, purple energy beam flew at his opponent.

Ross was shocked, his arms instinctively raising to block the shot. It was over in a moment. There was a 大 [ō] (large) explosion and finally, once the smoke cleared, it was revealed that Ross had passed out on the stage. Oliver was the winner!"

"1... 2... 3... 4... 5... 6... 7... 8... 9... 10!" Cried the referee. "Ross is down for the count! 勝 [katsu] (victory) goes to Oliver!"

The audience was roaring with delight.


"Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you... our finalists!" Exclaimed the tournament host.


The crowd cheered. Levi was a 高 [takai] (tall) and slender feline with 白 [shiro] (white), dark spotted fur. He was standing in a calm and stoic manner.


再 [futatabi] (again), the crowd cheered. Elmer was 短 [mijikai] (short), but obviously very 強 [tsuyoi] (strong). His attitude was wise and stern. He had gray 毛 [ke] (fur) with slight 黒 [kuro] (black) stripes covering his 全 [mattaku] (whole) 体 [karada] (body).


Every 時 [toki] (time) the tournament host announced another fighter, the audience would go into hysterics. Nolan was about average height and had a light 黄 [ki] (yellow) coat. At first glance, he seemed like a plain old ordinary person.


Boris was 白 [shiro] (white) as 雪 [yuki] (snow), with a beautiful, fluffy coat. He seemed unnaturally 静 [shizu] (quiet).


Emerson was very 高 [takai] (tall), taller than Levi, and more slender than Levi too. He had light brown 毛 [ke] (fur) and basically looked like a stick. His expression was bright and optimistic and he appeared to have a lot of confidence in himself.


Tobias was quite 高 [takai] (tall) with a very bulky appearance. His 毛 [ke] (fur) was solid 黒 [kuro] (black). He was unreadable.


Jethro was a little on the 高 [takai] (tall) side. He had 厚 [atsui] (thick), 強 [tsuyoi] (strong) arms and equally 厚 [atsui] (thick), 強 [tsuyoi] (strong) legs. He looked like some kind of professional soldier.

"And, last but not least... Oliver!"

Oliver felt overshadowed by the cheering from the audience. He was standing calmly in place, his expression 静 [shizu] (quiet) and blank. While he was very surprised that he had come this far, he was not prepared to 失 [ushinau] (lose). Not after such a dramatic display of his 真 [ma] (true) 力 [chikara] (power). Apparently, Oliver had not understood just how 強 [tsuyoi] (strong) he was, that or the turn out to the tournament wasn't very good this 年 [toshi] (year). He still had trouble understanding just who was 強 [tsuyoi] (strong) and who really wasn't. Regardless, the 白 [shiro] (white) cat kept reassuring himself that this was definitely a very popular, major tournament, and he had definitely come a 長 [nagai] (long) way to be apart of the 8 finalists.

"Now that the preliminaries are over, we can finally move onto the 8 finalists!" Exclaimed the tournament host. "We are about to experience 七 [shichi] (seven) exciting matches! Everyone... get ready for... the finals!"

The audience roared with pleasure. Everyone was riled up for the last 七 [shichi] (seven) fights of the tournament. It had taken hours for all of the preliminary fighting to 済 [sumu] (finish) up, and now people would get the chance to watch the real battles unfold. Oliver was nervous. He was still having trouble believing that he had gotten this far. All the matches that he had done to get here. Each one was like his 心 [kokoro] (heart) was about to beat out of his chest. The sheer adrenaline was impossible to bear.

"First up is... Levi versus Elmer!" Announced the host.

All of the fighters left the stage, except for Levi and Elmer. They both went into their beginning stances and eagerly awaited the 呼 [yobu] (call) to begin. Oliver was going to watch with the rest of the fighters on the edge of the stage. A wall blocked them from the fighting area.

"Begin the match!" Cried the referee.

Levi rushed at Elmer, but Elmer was able to grab Levi's arms before he could do anything. Levi threw himself backwards, landing perfectly on his feet. Doing so managed to free his arms from Elmer's grip. Elmer then charged at Levi with a roar. He stopped in front of Levi and then leapt up, using a high kick to slam Levi in the face. Levi groaned, falling backwards and stumbling onto his back. Elmer took the opportunity to recover his stance.

Levi supported himself with his elbows and then took a 手 [te] (hand) to his 顔 [kao] (face), wiping at his 口 [kuchi] (mouth).

"Old bastard." Levi groaned from the ground.

He slowly got back onto his feet, not expecting Elmer to take advantage of the moment. And he didn't either. Levi got back into stance, preparing for his 次 [tsugu] (next) attack. He held his 手 [te] (hands) back, resorting to an energy blast. Fingers spread open, palms outstretched, Levi fired an intensely powerful energy attack at Elmer. Elmer was taken aback and could not get out of the way in 時 [toki] (time). The blast collided with Elmer, exploding in a 大 [ō] (large) 雲 [kumo] (cloud) of debris. As the debris cleared, one could notice a 大 [ō] (large) crater underneath of Elmer's feet. And even more surprising, that Elmer was still standing and appeared to be relatively untouched.

Levi gasped, shocked. He stepped backwards, overwhelmed by the sheer 力 [chikara] (power) of his opponent.

"Damn!" Exclaimed Levi, confused. "How did you manage to take that on?! How are you still standing after that?!"

But Elmer would not reply, focusing his mind instead on the fight. Elmer raced up to Levi and then disappeared. Levi looked around, but could not see his opponent. Then Elmer began to encircle him, surrounding Levi with several ghost images of himself. The gray cat was moving so fast that it looked like Elmer was standing all around Levi, when he was actually racing in 円 [marui] (circles) around the spotted cat.

Levi tried to punch Elmer, but ended up just attacking 空 [sora] (empty) space. Levi raced to attack each image, yet could not find the real Elmer. Levi took a 強 [tsuyoi] (strong), defensive stance, preparing himself for Elmer to attack him. Suddenly, the 真 [ma] (true) Elmer reappeared and rocketed into Levi. Elmer's foot collided with the side of Levi's 頭 [atama] (head) and sent the spotted cat flying to the ground. Levi appeared to be unconscious and the host began the count down.

"一 [ichi] (one)... 二 [ni] (two)... 三 [san] (three)... 四 [shi] (four)... 五 [go] (five)... 六 [roku] (six)... 七 [shichi] (seven)... 八 [hachi] (eight)... 九 [kyū] (nine)... 十 [] (ten)!" Cried the referee. "Levi is down for the count! 勝 [katsu] (victory) goes to Elmer!"

Everyone in the audience roared.


"Next up is... Nolan versus Boris!" Announced the host.

Nolan and Boris were already on the stage. They had curled into battle stances and were ready to go. The audience was roaring with impatience. Even the host seemed to bounce off the walls in anticipation.

"Begin the match!" Exclaimed the host.

For a 少 [sukunai] (few) moments, neither fighter moved. Then, all of a sudden, Boris came rushing at Nolan. They collided and started sharing kicks and punches. They had not yet managed to 当 [ataru] (hit) their opponent, as they constantly blocked each other, but Nolan was being pushed back by Boris. The fluffy, 白 [shiro] (white) cat was coming at Nolan like a speeding train and it was all Nolan could do to defend himself. Boris was clearly a very powerful fighter.

Nolan pushed back 一 [ichi] (one) last 時 [toki] (time), and then resorted to leaping into the air. However, Boris quickly followed after him, jumping even higher than Nolan. Turning his 体 [karada] (body) upside down, Boris shot off an energy blast behind him to cause him to rocket into Nolan. The 白 [shiro] (white) cat's 体 [karada] (body) slammed into the 他 [hoka] (other) cat, and Nolan cried out. Falling like a rock, Nolan ended up crashing into the stage.

Boris was relentless. After flipping over to land on his feet, Boris quickly ran up to Nolan's still form on the ground. The 白 [shiro] (white) cat launched himself into the 再 [futatabi] (again) and then came down with his 足 [ashi] (legs) bent into a sharp kick. The kick jabbed Nolan in the abdomen and another cry emitted from his 口 [kuchi] (mouth). Boris stepped off of Nolan's prone form and while it seemed like he was done, he wasn't.

Boris leaned down and grabbed Nolan's arm. Lifting him clear off the ground, Boris used his impressive strength to toss Nolan across the stage. Nolan groaned as his 体 [karada] (body) collided with the hard floor. The 白 [shiro] (white) cat approached the other fighter and kicked him up off the ground, sending him rolling towards the edge of the stage.

The 黄 [ki] (yellow) cat could not 動 [ugoku] (move) at all. He was too stunned. Boris calmly walked up to his opponent and went for the finishing 動 [ugoku] (move). Nolan would surely 失 [ushinau] (lose). However, at the last moment, Nolan rolled out of the way and Boris' foot touched only air. Nolan struggled to get up to his feet, as Boris glared at his form, not that far away from him or the edge of the stage.

Boris raced over to Nolan and slammed into him with his foot, flinging Nolan up in the air and towards out of bounds. Boris had definitely won, then... Nolan revealed that he could 飛 [tobu] (fly), as he managed to catch himself in mid-air, floating above the 草 [kusa] (grass) surrounding the stage. Technically, Nolan had to touch down outside of the stage to be disqualified, so that the 黄 [ki] (yellow) cat was still in the fight!

Boris began to growl, clearly unhappy with the turn of events. But then... Boris could 飛 [tobu] (fly) as well! Lifting himself into the air, Boris focused all of his attention on Nolan. The 黄 [ki] (yellow) cat was shocked to see that Boris could also 飛 [tobu] (fly), especially since flying was a rarity among martial artists. Nolan's 目 [me] (eyes) narrowed in anger, and he lunged after Boris, infuriated.

Nolan put all of his strength into his punch and he successfully managed to slug Boris across the face. Boris cried out, losing his balance, yet still succeeding in staying afloat. Nolan was burning with rage. Crying out as he prepared to savagely attack Boris, the 黄 [ki] (yellow) cat began to punch and kick with all his might and speed. Boris was 当 [ataru] (hit) 三 [san] (three) times before he was able to block Nolan's assault. 当 [ataru] (hit) after 当 [ataru] (hit). Kick after kick. Neither fighter was landing anything on the other. It had become a stalemate of blocking!

Finally, Boris managed to slug Nolan in the forehead, the 黄 [ki] (yellow) cat's head swinging backwards. Nolan was crying out, grabbing his forehead with both of his 手 [te] (hands), trying to get a grip on himself. Boris took advantage of the opportunity to 飛 [tobu] (fly) backwards and launch 三 [san] (three) energy discs from his paws. The discs hurled straight at Nolan, approaching so fast that one could only hope that Nolan would be able to dodge them. But he was not able to and there was a great explosion!

As the dust cleared, it was obvious that Nolan was done, his 体 [karada] (body) laying prostrate on the ground. Boris smirked, feeling satisfied. 勝 [katsu] (victory) was his!

The tournament host began the count down.

"一 [ichi] (one)... 二 [ni] (two)... 三 [san] (three)... 四 [shi] (four)... 五 [go] (five)... 六 [roku] (six)... 七 [shichi] (seven)... 八 [hachi] (eight)... 九 [kyū] (nine)... 十 [] (ten)!" Cried the referee. "Nolan is down for the count! 勝 [katsu] (victory) goes to Boris!"

There was loud hollering and yelling and screaming, as the audience was overcome with 感 [kan] (emotion). People were happy, angry, confused. All those 声 [koe] (voices) gathering together at once. And Boris ignored them all, focusing only on his achievement.

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Re: The Cat Fighters (Lit) (Modern)

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The Cat Fighters
by RabidFox

Chapter 4

"次 [tsugu] (next) up is... Emerson versus Tobias!" Announced the host.

Emerson turned around to the audience, his arms raised in the air in an arrogant manner. Tobias did nothing but prepare himself for battle.

"Begin the match!" Cried the tournament host.

Tobias remained still, while Emerson quickly regained his composure. The 黒 [kuro] (black) cat didn't seem to being planning the first 動 [ugoku] (move), so that Emerson tried to take advantage of the 様 [sama] (situation) instead. The brown cat threw himself at Tobias, intending to create a rapid assault. However, before Emerson could make contact with his opponent, Tobias reached out a single 手 [te] (hand) and grabbed his wrist.

"Hey! Watch it!" Exclaimed Emerson, trying to pull himself free.

The grip was too strong, and Emerson began to get upset.

"Damn it!" Cursed Emerson.

Tobias lifted a 手 [te] (hand) in the air, creating a small energy ball inside of his 手 [te] (hand). Emerson's eyes went wide.

"Holy shit!" Cried Emerson.

Tobias threw the ball directly into Emerson's chest and let go. Emerson flew backwards, colliding hard with the floor. His head 当 [ataru] (hit) the ground hard and he temporarily went unconscious.

"It appears that Emerson has been knocked out!" Announced the host. "We will have to begin the count down!

"1... 2... 3... 4..."

Suddenly, Emerson began to 動 [ugoku] (move), his 手 [te] (hand) scratching against the floor of the stage.

"5... 6... 7..."

Emerson struggled to get up and finally made it to his feet. However, he was extremely exhausted, and was holding his arm protectively. He had obviously hurt it pretty bad. It was now nothing more than a useless limp.

"It looks like Emerson has managed to get on his feet!" Cried the referee.

"Oh shut up!" Hollered Emerson at the host.

The space around Tobias began to glow a strong yellow. Wisps of energy crackled around him, static shooting out in winding vines. Tobias was powering up for his next attack. Emerson didn't seem too happy about it.

"Ah god! Another energy 動 [ugoku] (move)!" Moaned the brown cat.

Tobias suddenly charged forward, the powerful aura still surrounding him. He jumped forward and clashed into Emerson's abdomen, knocking him backwards as the pair soared across the stage. Emerson crashed into the ground while Tobias regained control over his 体 [karada] (body), sliding into stance. However, Tobias didn't even know if it was still necessary for him to continue fighting. Emerson appeared to be out for the count.

"1... 2... 3... 4... 5... 6... 7..." The host began the count down.

Tobias silently hoped that the battle was over and then... Emerson managed to get up again! Tobias gasped, surprised at the resilience of the younger, spunkier cat. The 黒 [kuro] (black) cat rarely saw fighters like this.

"I'm not done yet!" Exclaimed Emerson, with a cocky smile.

Emerson charged at his opponent, but he was too late. Tobias could read his 動 [ugoku] (moves) before he made them. The 黒 [kuro] (black) cat grabbed Emerson by the shoulder and swung his 足 [ashi] (leg) around to kick the other fighter off his feet. Emerson screamed in shock before landing hard on his back. Gritting his 歯 [yowai] (teeth), the brown cat tried to bear the injury. Yet Tobias was not about to let him recover. The 黒 [kuro] (black) cat reached down, picked up Emerson's entire 体 [karada] (body), and flung him hard outside of the ring. Emerson 当 [ataru] (hit) the 草 [kusa] (grass) and was disqualified.

"The winner is Tobias!" Cried the host. "Emerson has lost the match!"

Tobias took a 長 [nagai] (long), hard look at Emerson and then turned his back on him, walking off the stage.


"次 [tsugu] (next) up is... Jethro versus Oliver!" Announced the host.

Oliver and Jethro slid into stance, preparing for the 次 [tsugu] (next) fight. Oliver was nervous and he was trying to hide his shaky 足 [ashi] (legs). Honestly, Oliver felt like this was the 終 [owaru] (end) of him. He had not paid attention to any of Jethro's preliminary matches, but he felt that if Jethro had gotten this far, he was probably a pretty tough opponent. Jethro was a calm, cool looking panther with powerful claws and a ferocious bite. He was 大 [ō] (large) and intimidating. The 白 [shiro] (white) cat could barely face him without feeling like his will would crack in 二 [ni] (two) at any moment.

"Begin the match!" Cried the tournament host.

Jethro disappeared immediately. He was as fast as lightning and Oliver had not been able to 見 [miru] (see) him move. The 白 [shiro] (white) cat looked 左 [hidari] (left) and 右 [migi] (right), 左 [hidari] (left) and 右 [migi] (right) until finally the panther appeared behind him, fists balled up and clasped 相 [ai] (together) over Oliver's head. Jethro brought his 手 [te] (hands) down to Oliver's 裏 [ura] (back) and struck him with all of his might. Oliver gasped, falling to the ground. He was out 寒 [samui] (cold).

"It is 時 [toki] (time) to begin the count down!" Exclaimed the referee. "1... 2... 3... 4... 5... 6... 7..."

But Oliver managed to wake 裏 [ura] (back) up! He struggled to his feet as quickly as he could, however, Jethro was already prepared for him. The panther had moved 前 [mae] (in front) of him and slugged Oliver with a big, heavy punch in his abdomen. Oliver cried out, falling to the ground 再 [futatabi] (again). The host was about to begin the count 再 [futatabi] (again) and then... Oliver sprang up and rolled backwards, jumping to his feet. The 白 [shiro] (white) cat threw himself all in and his 体 [karada] (body) was flying towards the panther when Jethro managed to quickly dodge the attack. Oliver burned with dissatisfaction, screaming into space as he launched himself to the ground and managed to roll 再 [futatabi] (again) away from the panther.

Jethro was not content himself, appearing as if he had been looking for a 短 [mijikai] (short), 易 [yasashī] (easy) fight. He growled, throwing his 手 [te] (hands) out and firing off a colorful burst at his opponent. The beam was about to 当 [ataru] (hit) Oliver, and then the 白 [shiro] (white) cat leapt into the 空 [sora] (sky), the beam racing underneath him and flying into one of the tournament walls, destroying it. Yet now Oliver was 広 [hiroi] (wide) 開 [hiraku] (open)! He could not 飛 [tobu] (fly), so there was no way for him to recover his balance in the air.

Predictably, Jethro took advantage of the 非 [arazu] (mistake) to soar into Oliver, crashing against his torso and his arm. Oliver yelled, his 目 [me] (eyes) squinting shut. The panther then proceeded to flip his 体 [karada] (body) backwards into a full circle, his strong feet colliding into Oliver's head and sending the 白 [shiro] (white) cat hurling towards the ground. Oliver made a pathetic noise when his 体 [karada] (body) slammed against the stage, his arms and 足 [ashi] (legs) twitching helplessly. The panther was just about to 済 [sumu] (finish) him off by falling onto his 裏 [ura] (back) when Oliver miraculously managed to roll out of harm's way. Jethro growled as his feet 当 [ataru] (hit) nothing but the stage.

He had to win, he had to win! Oliver thought of his parents watching him at home with his 兄 [ani] (big brothers), his entire 里 [sato] (village) tuning in to 見 [miru] (see) if he would succeed. He just had to do it! He just had to do it! The 白 [shiro] (white) cat was suddenly overcome with a great, untapped 力 [chikara] (power) that rose through him and invigorated him. He would win!

Oliver snapped up like a dragon and then swung his 足 [ashi] (leg) to the side, knocking into Jethro and throwing him off balance. Jethro cried out as the kick sent him stumbling to the ground. But the panther wasn't down for 長 [nagai] (long). He quickly got 裏 [ura] (back) up to his feet, ready to take on the young, 白 [shiro] (white) cat that defied him so. Jethro straightened his arm into the air, yelling as he gathered the energy needed to create an attack. A rainbow colored disc appeared above his 手 [te] (hand), seething with 力 [chikara] (power), and then Jethro threw it at Oliver, making sure to handle the energy with precise aim.

Oliver's 目 [me] (eyes) widened as the dangerous energy attack approached him with impressive speed. Throwing his arm out as fast as he could, the 白 [shiro] (white) cat managed to deflect the disc into another direction. The disc hurled past the audience, inciting screams from the defenseless people in the crowd.

The panther was clearly upset, yet he said nothing. Others may have cursed or made a comment, but Jethro was obviously not a talkative opponent.

Jethro decided to go all out melee, charging Oliver and starting to trade rapid, fiery punches. 当 [ataru] (hit), 当 [ataru] (hit), 当 [ataru] (hit). Block, block, block. Neither warrior could successfully attack the other. And then Oliver finally managed to get a punch in, throwing his fist into the panther's jaw, hitting him straight up into the air. The panther fell to the ground, silent. His 体 [karada] (body) did not 動 [ugoku] (move).

"1... 2... 3... 4..." The tournament host began the count down.

The crowd gasped as Jethro lightly struggled to get 裏 [ura] (back) up. Oliver tried to hide his disappointment. Jethro roared, stomping over to the 白 [shiro] (white) cat. Oliver had to 思 [omou] (think) quick. He had never been the best fighter in the 界 [kai] (world), but now was his 時 [toki] (time) to get his first 勝 [katsu] (victory) on his way there!

Oliver ran in a 円 [marui] (circle), building up momentum, and then he let out his own roar. The 白 [shiro] (white) cat rushed towards the panther, punching him across the 顔 [kao] (face). Jethro managed to recover without much delay and kicked Oliver in the 足 [ashi] (leg). Oliver cried out, his 足 [ashi] (leg) bending at an uncomfortable angle. Jethro took the opportunity to swing another kick into Oliver's abdomen, sending the young cat soaring across the stage. Oliver's 体 [karada] (body) slammed against the arena, rolling over a 少 [sukunai] (few) 時 [toki] (times) and becoming dangerously close to the out of bounds area. Jethro began to approach Oliver's prone form on the ground.

Oliver opened his 目 [me] (eyes), his 手 [te] (hand) gripping at the stage. He tried to stand up, but he was too injured. The 白 [shiro] (white) cat let out a scream, then managed to flip himself over onto his abdomen. He could barely 動 [ugoku] (move), his 手 [te] (hand) shaking as he tried to steady himself. The panther leaned over him, looking down at Oliver's prostrate 体 [karada] (body). The panther went to kick him out of the arena, Oliver's 体 [karada] (body) flipping around in the air and then crashing right 次 [tsugu] (next) to the 終 [owaru] (end) of the stage.

Was it all lost for Oliver?! Could he beat Jethro or was this the 終 [owaru] (end) of Oliver's 短 [mijikai] (short)-lived glory?!


Oliver was done for. Jethro approached him, ready to kick him 再 [futatabi] (again). This 時 [toki] (time) it would be for good. Yet, at the last moment... Oliver somehow managed to roll out of the way! The panther's foot 当 [ataru] (hit) nothing but air. The 白 [shiro] (white) cat tried as hard as he could to get to his feet, recovering some lost stamina as his 血 [chi] (blood) boiled. Jethro had been taken off guard, and then turned to look at Oliver right as the 白 [shiro] (white) cat slugged him across the 顔 [kao] (face). The panther stumbled backwards, losing his balance. Oliver drew 裏 [ura] (back) his fist 再 [futatabi] (again) and then punched him in the chest.

The panther fell backwards, landing on the ground. Oliver waited for his opponent to get 裏 [ura] (back) on his feet, not wanting to strike a man while he was down. He saw no glory in that. But Jethro was a different type of man and he had no honor that way. The panther began to growl in anger, struggling to get 裏 [ura] (back) to his feet. Jethro took his hand and wiped at his mouth. The panther was determined to win!

Oliver ran to the center of the stage, so that his opponent couldn't knock him off. Jethro sped after him, going in for a 当 [ataru] (hit) to his 裏 [ura] (back). The 白 [shiro] (white) cat managed to move quickly enough to dodge the attack, and then he flung around, firing his own energy beam at the panther. Jethro hollered in surprise, the purple beam coming straight for him. There was a small explosion and smoke started rolling out. As the air cleared, Oliver could tell that he had severely injured his opponent.

Jethro was still standing, but he was holding his arm, unable to use it anymore. How could he win without the ability to use one of his arms? 勝 [katsu] (victory) looked bleak for Jethro at this point. Oliver felt for sure that he would win. Rushing at Jethro, the 白 [shiro] (white) cat kicked him as hard as he could in his abdomen. Jethro fell to the ground, appearing to be out for the count.

"1... 2... 3... 4... 5... 6..." The host began the count down.

However, Jethro still had some fight in him. Struggling to his feet, the panther managed to 立 [tatsu] (stand up). Yet that was not enough... and Jethro crashed into the floor, passing out. He had exerted all the energy that he had and now it was too late for him to do anymore.

"1... 2... 3... 4... 5... 6... 7... 8... 9... 10!" Exclaimed the host. "Jethro could not get 裏 [ura] (back) up, so that Oliver is the winner!"

All the 民 [tami] (people) watching were screaming and hollering in excitement.Oliver was done for. Jethro approached him, ready to kick him 再 [futatabi] (again). This 時 [toki] (time) it would be for good. Yet, at the last moment... Oliver somehow managed to roll out of the way! The panther's foot 当 [ataru] (hit) nothing but air. The 白 [shiro] (white) cat tried as hard as he could to get to his feet, recovering some lost stamina as his 血 [chi] (blood) boiled. Jethro had been taken off guard, and then turned to look at Oliver right as the 白 [shiro] (white) cat slugged him across the 顔 [kao] (face). The panther stumbled backwards, losing his balance. Oliver drew 裏 [ura] (back) his fist 再 [futatabi] (again) and then punched him in the chest.

The panther fell backwards, landing on the ground. Oliver waited for his opponent to get 裏 [ura] (back) on his feet, not wanting to strike a man while he was down. He saw no glory in that. But Jethro was a different type of man and he had no honor that way. The panther began to growl in anger, struggling to get 裏 [ura] (back) to his feet. Jethro took his hand and wiped at his mouth. The panther was determined to win!

Oliver ran to the center of the stage, so that his opponent couldn't knock him off. Jethro sped after him, going in for a 当 [ataru] (hit) to his 裏 [ura] (back). The 白 [shiro] (white) cat managed to move quickly enough to dodge the attack, and then he flung around, firing his own energy beam at the panther. Jethro hollered in surprise, the purple beam coming straight for him. There was a small explosion and smoke started rolling out. As the air cleared, Oliver could tell that he had severely injured his opponent.

Jethro was still standing, but he was holding his arm, unable to use it anymore. How could he win without the ability to use one of his arms? 勝 [katsu] (victory) looked bleak for Jethro at this point. Oliver felt for sure that he would win. Rushing at Jethro, the 白 [shiro] (white) cat kicked him as hard as he could in his abdomen. Jethro fell to the ground, appearing to be out for the count.

"1... 2... 3... 4... 5... 6..." The host began the count down.

However, Jethro still had some fight in him. Struggling to his feet, the panther managed to 立 [tatsu] (stand up). Yet that was not enough... and Jethro crashed into the floor, passing out. He had exerted all the energy that he had and now it was too late for him to do anymore.

"1... 2... 3... 4... 5... 6... 7... 8... 9... 10!" Exclaimed the host. "Jethro could not get 裏 [ura] (back) up, so that Oliver is the winner!"

All the 民 [tami] (people) watching were screaming and hollering in excitement.


"We will be having a one hour break before the semi-finals!" Announced the tournament host. "All audience members, please hold onto your tournament tickets! Without them, you cannot reenter the stands...! All fighters entering the semi-finals, please take this 時 [toki] (time) to rest for your 次 [tsugu] (next) match. You are advised to avoid warming up and to focus on simply recovering!"

Oliver left the tournament grounds, taking complete advantage of the break. He simply walked around for a while, taking it easy. The 白 [shiro] (white) cat made sure not to wander too far, so he was kinda going in 円 [marui] (circles). Hunger took him and he decided that he definitely needed to 円 [marui] (circle). Oliver had enough money for dinner. Just joining the preliminaries alone had given him $50. He would be earning $100 more for entering the after preliminary matches, and another $200 for winning that fight against Jethro. If he could beat Tobias, he would be awarded yet another $500. The grand prize was $2,500.

Oliver really wanted that prize money. He was only going to hold onto enough of it to get him through another 週 [shū] (week) on his own. The rest, he was going to wire to his parents at home. The 白 [shiro] (white) cat had been taking care of his family by sending them his extra earnings. The only money that he had ever kept was solely for what he needed to survive. That was why Oliver only entered tournaments with prizes just for entering. That made it easy for Oliver to keep both himself afloat and his family prospering.

The 白 [shiro] (white) cat went to the closet diner he could find. There, he ordered himself chili cheese dogs and nachos. After eating his dinner, he walked around a bit more and then headed back to the tournament grounds. They would be resuming the fighting soon. Oliver showed the man his tournament slip and so the man let him back into the area. Oliver was really excited about his next match. He could barely believe that he had actually managed to defeat Jethro. He had most certainly been a very tough challenge for the 白 [shiro] (white) cat. It made Oliver feel so accomplished, so wonderful all over. He was definitely much stronger than he had thought he was. The last few tournaments must have been just warming up for Oliver. Now he was finally starting to release his 真 [ma] (true) 他 [hoka] (other).

He headed for the host, who was sitting down with some 友 [tomo] (friends) talking.

"Hello." He said to the referee.

"Oh, hi, Oliver!" The host chirped. "How may I help you?"

"Is everyone back yet? The fighters I mean." Asked Oliver, just curious.

"I saw Elmer and Tobias, but I haven't seen Boris yet." Answered the host. "He'll be here shortly. It's almost time to get the semi-finals started."

"Okay. Thanks." Said Oliver, and then he walked away.

"Sure thing!" Smiled the host.

Oliver walked over to a bench and sat down. He was surging with energy and he was overpowered by nervousness. He kept reassuring himself that it didn't matter if he won this particular fight. He had already won a bunch of money to send home. Oliver was a simple minded cat, who loved to travel and see 新 [atarashī] (new) things. He didn't really care about money. He just cared about the well-being of himself and his family. Oliver felt so proud of himself to be able to help his family so much. 一 [ichi] (one) 日 [hi] (day), he would return, but that was still not for a 長 [nagai] (long) 時 [toki] (time). The 白 [shiro] (white) cat had a lot of growing up to do and it had been only 六 [roku] (six) months. He still had a 半 [nakaba] (half) of a 年 [toshi] (year) before he would make his way back home.

"Alright, Oliver." Said the host, right 前 [mae] (in front) of him.

Oliver jumped. "Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know you were there!"

"It's okay." Smiled the 他 [hoka] (other) man. "I just came over to tell you that the tournament will be resuming in less than 十 [] (ten) minutes. Make sure you're ready."

The 白 [shiro] (white) cat felt like the 全 [mattaku] (whole) 界 [kai] (world) was on his shoulders. Less than 十 [] (ten) minutes, huh? How... nerve wracking! Would he be able to 立 [tatsu] (stand up) to his 次 [tsugu] (next) opponent? Would he win this upcoming fight quicker than the last? Or would this finally be Oliver's last match?


"Let the match begin!" Shouted the tournament host.

Elmer and Boris were on the stage, already in stance. The crowd around them looked on as the battle was about to begin. It was the semi-finals and it was one step closer to the title match.

Elmer took the first move, leaping into the air and firing a quick, short blast at Boris. The 赤 [aka] (red) 色 [iro] (colors) swirled around as they flew towards the 白 [shiro] (white), fluffy cat. But Boris merely sidestepped the attack, it was like his feet were dancing on air. Boris then returned to a defensive stance, not being quick to go on the offensive. Elmer hovered in the air rather than fall back to the ground. He outstretched his arms, palms facing up, and roared as he fired another energy attack. The 赤 [aka] (red) beam, crimson like blood, hurled itself in Boris' 方 [kata] (direction). The 白 [shiro] (white), fluffy cat merely rolled across the floor, heading in Elmer's 方 [kata] (direction). The beam 当 [ataru] (hit) the ground, shattering part of the tournament stage. A 大 [ō] (large) hole was left.

The gray cat was shocked. 'What a powerful young 男 [otoko] (man)...!' Thought Elmer to himself.

Boris snapped out of the roll, flying upwards towards Elmer. The 白 [shiro] (white), fluffy cat threw his 足 [ashi] (leg) out in an attempt to strike Elmer, but the gray cat quickly moved out of the way. Both fighters had the ability to 飛 [tobu] (fly), so that there was little chance of throwing one or the other out of bounds. Elmer threw his 体 [karada] (body) at Boris, finally managing to 当 [ataru] (hit) him. The gray cat's 体 [karada] (body) collided with Boris' torso and sent Boris flying to the ground. The ground underneath the 白 [shiro] (white), fluffy cat cracked.

Boris made a low growl, rolling over back onto his feet. Charging himself up, Boris launched a powerful and swift energy beam at Elmer. The energy was 赤 [aka] (red) as well, but the 色 [iro] (color) was deeper and more disturbing. Elmer was not fast enough to get out of the way, and hollered as he was consumed by the blast. There was a loud explosion and the area was filled with smoke. As it cleared, everyone could see that the gray cat was still intact, if not very worn out and definitely scuffed up.

Boris raised a 手 [te] (hand), emitting a small, arrogant laugh, and began to concentrate his energy into a 球 [tama] (ball). The 球 [tama] (ball) slowly got bigger and bigger, as Elmer tried to regain his composure. But it was too late for Elmer. Boris was too skilled and too fast. The 白 [shiro] (white), fluffy cat threw his arm forward, releasing the 球 [tama] (ball) and sending it hurling towards the gray cat. Elmer's 目 [me] (eyes) went wide. How would he be able to dodge that?!

The older cat leapt into the air, however, the 球 [tama] (ball) bent upwards with a turn of Boris' 手 [te] (hand) and collided into Elmer. He had never stood a chance. The gray cat fell out of the 空 [sora] (sky), landing on his side. He appeared to be unconscious.

"1... 2... 3... 4... 5..." The tournament host began the count down.

Elmer's 手 [te] (hand) twitched, trying to push himself up onto his 足 [ashi] (legs). Then the gray cat's entire 体 [karada] (body) started to shake, too 弱 [yowai] (weak) to move. Elmer let out an exhausted moan, and then fell back to the ground, definitely losing consciousness this time.

"6... 7... 8... 9... 10!" Exclaimed the host. "The winner is... Boris!"

The 白 [shiro] (white), fluffy cat made a slow, mysterious smile.

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Re: The Cat Fighters (Lit) (Modern)

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The Cat Fighters
by RabidFox

Chapter 5

"The 次 [tsugu] (next) match before the finals is... Tobias versus Oliver!" Announced the tournament host. There was tons of cheering from the audience. "The tournament is reaching a conclusion! In the finals, Boris will head up against the winner of this match! Who will it be? The 大 [ō] (large) and impressive Tobias or the slender and speedy Oliver?! Keep your 目 [me] (eyes) on the match and, for those listening at home, stay tuned! This is certain to be an exciting, action packed match!"

Oliver and Tobias were already in fighting stance. Oliver felt he was going to be 病 [yamu] (ill). The nervousness that he was experiencing was unparalleled. He had never felt so worked up in his 生 [ikiru] (life), spare earlier when people were mistaking him for the mysterious Clyde. Would he let his family and his 全 [mattaku] (whole) 村 [mura] (village) down? Or would he succeed and become the 次 [tsugu] (next) champion of a 大 [ō] (large), popular tournament that was broadcasted all around the 界 [kai] (world)? Only 時 [toki] (time) could tell!

"Begin the match!" Hollered the host.

Oliver was quick to get started. He planned on using his speed to his advantage. The 白 [shiro] (white) cat wasn't sure why, but he felt absolutely certain that he was more agile than his opponent. Even if 物 [mono] (things) appeared to play out the opposite, Oliver still wouldn't believe it. There was a sudden flash and Oliver had already disappeared. Tobias didn't even bother walking around. He stepped forward and threw his fist into what appeared to be 空 [sora] (empty) air. Instead, he ended up punching Oliver square in the chest and sent the shocked young 男 [otoko] (man) to his back. The 白 [shiro] (white) cat violently rolled over the ground. Oliver appeared to be out cold.

"Oh my, my, my!" Commented the host. "It appears as if Tobias had already won the match with a one 当 [ataru] (hit) wonder! Will Oliver be able to get up after such an impressive 動 [ugoku] (move)? What stunning speed from Tobias!"

Oliver was dizzy, unable to 動 [ugoku] (move). His 全 [mattaku] (whole) 体 [karada] (body) felt crushed under the 力 [chikara] (power) of that tremendous blow. Tobias slowly approached him, not saying a 独 [hitori] (single) 物 [mono] (thing). He was a creepy guy, barely showing any 感 [kan] (emotion) at all. Everything about him seemed hidden from the entire 界 [kai] (world). Oliver was worried, sensing his energy coming near him despite that he couldn't 見 [miru] (see) him with his 目 [me] (eyes). Would this be the 終 [owaru] (end) of him?

Oliver forcibly rolled onto his feet and sprang into the air. Holding his 手 [te] (hands) back, he spread out his 指 [yubi] (fingers), preparing an energy attack.

"Ha!" Exclaimed Oliver, an immense amount of purple energy flying towards Tobias. It was a great, huge mass of sheer 力 [chikara] (power) launching itself as a beam straight at his opponent.

Tobias let out a huge groan, throwing his 手 [te] (hands) out to block the attack. The energy collided with Tobias' powerful defensive stance, slowly pushing the 黒 [kuro] (black) cat backwards, the ground beneath him cracking and tearing apart. He made another loud groan, managing to throw the dangerous beam into the air, the energy attack disappearing in the distance before reappearing as a huge explosion. Oliver's 目 [me] (eyes) narrowed in anger. He was losing control of his rage due to the pressure of taking place in a semi-final match. He had to win! Damn it, he would win!

Oliver fell to his feet before speeding at Tobias. A quick charge and Oliver and Tobias became locked in 手 [te] (hand) to 手 [te] (hand) combat. Each fighter kept trying to punch the other, all the while blocking almost every 当 [ataru] (hit). Both were becoming scuffed up pretty bad and very fast. Neither opponent could overwhelm the other into submission. And then Oliver managed to slug Tobias across the 顔 [kao] (face), the 動 [ugoku] (move) so strong that Tobias gasped and fell backwards onto the ground. Oliver waited for his opponent to return to his feet, feeling as if anything less was shameful.

Tobias groaned, twitching on the floor. He then tried to get to his feet, but he fell backwards again. Screaming in defiance, the 黒 [kuro] (black) cat forced himself onto his feet, his 体 [karada] (body) shaking violently. Hollering out at his opponent, Tobias threw his head back, ready to make his 次 [tsugu] (next) attack. He flung himself at Oliver and then vanished, reappearing at Oliver's side.

"Take this!" Shouted the 黒 [kuro] (black) cat before launching a powerful attack.

Tons and tons and tons of dangerous yellow discs began flying in Oliver's direction. The 白 [shiro] (white) cat immediately went to blocking the offensive. A few of the discs managed to make contact with him and exploded. Oliver deftly dodged the rest. As the smoke cleared, Tobias could 見 [miru] (see) that Oliver suffered only minor injuries. The 黒 [kuro] (black) cat became enraged.

Tobias began to scream, powering up. An ominously strong yellow aura surrounded the 黒 [kuro] (black) cat, and then it started to spin around and around, and get bigger and bigger. The energy transformed itself from a mere aura into an intimidating attack just waiting to be unleashed. With 一 [ichi] (one) final battle cry, the energy exploded around Tobias, extending into Oliver's space. The 白 [shiro] (white) cat attempted to dodge the energy, leaping into the 空 [sora] (sky), but it was too late. Oliver was thrown through the air, flying towards the tournament 館 [yakata] (building). His 体 [karada] (body) collided with the 館 [yakata] (building), which also endured damage, and then the 白 [shiro] (white) cat went plummeting to the ground. If he made contact with the floor, he would lose the match! It was 外 [soto] (outside) of the stage!

Oliver screamed, trying to find some hidden 力 [chikara] (power) within himself that would help him. He felt at a total loss, certain that he would lose. The ground came faster and faster, almost ready to welcome him, and then...

"Ahhh!" Screamed the 白 [shiro] (white) cat, energy of his own bursting onto the scene.

He... he... had managed not to fall out of bounds! The 白 [shiro] (white) cat had... had finally... learned to fly! Hovering in mid-air, Oliver had managed to take advantage of his rage and turn it into raw 力 [chikara] (power). Tobias gasped, along with the rest of the audience. How could it be?! But Tobias had been so close! Victory had almost been his!

Oliver smirked, a powerfully arrogant look overtaking his entire 顔 [kao] (face). His expression seemed to glow with sheer 力 [chikara] (power)!

What could have possibly happened 次 [tsugu] (next)?!


Oliver was ecstatic! With his 新 [atarashī] (new) found 力 [chikara] (power), the 白 [shiro] (white) cat was definitely sure that he could beat Tobias! It was a 夢 [yume] (dream) come 真 [ma] (true), a realization of abilities that he didn't even knew he had. Now he could make his family proud. Even if he didn't win the match, the move that he had just pulled off was legendary. Oliver's energy and 気 [iki] (spirit) had been completely renewed. 信 [shin] (faith) was now turning into fact.

Back at home, Oliver had always been the odd 一 [ichi] (one) out. Always been the 一 [ichi] (one) who didn't quite fit in. No 一 [ichi] (one) had ever had a problem with him. Everyone thought he was 一 [ichi] (one) of the kindest and nicest 民 [tami] (people) on the planet. Despite his richly arrogant and very intense attitude, the 村 [mura] (village) 民 [tami] (people) had always been able to see past that. They could see a 男 [otoko] (man) that was genuine and honest. They could see a person that just needed someone to believe in them. He may have left half a 年 [toshi] (year) ago, but once he returned when the 年 [toshi] (year) was up, he would be a hero!

Oliver began to 力 [chikara] (power) up, energy surrounding him like devilish flames. Purple energy flared everywhere, and the 白 [shiro] (white) cat was on the verge of his next attack. Tobias prepared on the ground, 目 [me] (eye) narrowed. The 黒 [kuro] (black) cat appeared to be suspicious, anxiously wondering what 新 [atarashī] (new) trick that Oliver would have up his sleeve. Oliver began to charge a blast, a wild, purple 球 [tama] (ball) of energy swirling around in his 手 [te] (hands). With a ferocious yell, Oliver flung the 球 [tama] (ball) at Tobias.

The 黒 [kuro] (black) cat tried to sidestep the attack, but the 球 [tama] (ball) followed after him anyway. Tobias' 目 [me] (eyes) went 広 [hiroi] (wide) with defeat. Oliver was controlling the 方 [kata] (direction) of the 球 [tama] (ball) and slam! Right into Tobias! Tobias cried out, falling to his knees and grasping his arm. There was a small crater in the stage under his 体 [karada] (body). The 黒 [kuro] (black) cat could do 小 [chīsai] (little) but stay there like a sitting duck. Would he manage to recover and counter attack?

Tobias used his other arm to throw a quick energy 球 [tama] (ball). It was small, but deadly. Using such a powerful attack on the 点 [tsukeru] spot would be sure to drain Oliver's opponent of much needed stamina. The 白 [shiro] (white) cat wasn't sure if the 球 [tama] (ball) could follow him or not, like his attack, so that he doubled, then tripled his speed to evade it. And, there you go, the 球 [tama] (ball) was being trained on him by Tobias. The 黒 [kuro] (black) cat, smirked, seeming to 思 [omou] (think) that he could win fairly easy. Oliver flew in circles above the stage, trying his best to control his 新 [atarashī] (new) found flying abilities. He was definitely wobbly and that was definitely the only 物 [mono] (thing) that saved him. Clumsily swinging around in the 空 [sora] (sky), the 球 [tama] (ball) ended up colliding into the stage floor and creating a small crater in its 所 [tokoro] (place). Damn, was the arena definitely taking some damage.

The 黒 [kuro] (black) cat started stretching his 体 [karada] (body), trying to regain some of his lost stamina. He groaned, trying to move his limbs despite that it was very 難 [katai] (difficult). For some reason, Tobias had thought that he could still easily win. Now he didn't 思 [omou] (think) so hot. The thought was probably from being so overwhelmed. But that didn't mean that the 黒 [kuro] (black) cat wouldn't go down with a fight. Tobias grit his teeth, determined to give it his all.

Oliver briefly thought of his 父 [chichi] (father). When he was just seven 年 [toshi] (years) old, his dad had given him his first set of martial arts clothes. It was the same color as the ones that he wore now: Green tunic and yellow trousers with a 白 [shiro] (white) belt and simple, 小 [chīsai] (little) 黒 [kuro] (black) shoes. A lot of time had passed since then and it was definitely ageless eternities ago. He was so happy... to make it to the semi-finals of a major tournament had always been Oliver's 夢 [yume] (dreams). It felt like martial arts was the best 物 [mono] (thing) that had ever happened to him and he was so overwhelmed by the joy of becoming stronger and more powerful. Surely, he would 一 [ichi] (one) 日 [hi] (day) become the world's greatest fighter!

However, the voice of his grandfather haunted him. His old, crispy words... desperately trying to get him to change his mind.

'But, Oliver, it will make your 生 [ikiru] (life) so unhappy.' His grandfather had told him. 'You will wish that the only 物 [mono] (thing) you could ever do was fight. You will become the 男 [otoko] (man) that I used to be. You will lose sight of what's really important. For these reasons, I cannot support your 夢 [yume] (dreams), but only destroy them. I 知 [shiru] (know) that, as a young 子 [ko] (child), you do not yet understand the perils of the 界 [kai] (world) and what it can do to a 男 [otoko] (man). But 一 [ichi] (one) 日 [hi] (day) that 子 [ko] (child) is going to grow up and he will be... very 空 [sora] (empty). The only 物 [mono] (thing) that will be left for him to do is to pick up the pieces of his 生 [ikiru] (life) where he had laid them. And then... to let the 女 [onna] (woman) of his 夢 [yume] (dreams) put those pieces back in the right 所 [tokoro] (places).

'Even if you manage to come to your senses on your own, only the 愛 [itoshī] (love) of a family can put you back together again.' His grandfather had warned him. 'What if by that time, your family no longer has the strength to help you? What if the wife you choose ends up finding it too much for her? What if you have 子 [ko] (children) and then suddenly feel like they are just in the way? Such a 夢 [yume] (dream) will make you 寒 [samui] (cold) to others, will make you selfish and vain. It will corrupt your senses and you will return to your 村 [mura] (village) a changed 男 [otoko] (man). Even after only a 年 [toshi] (year), you will wish that you had never left your home.

'Please... trust me, Oliver. Don't do this to yourself. Let us be your support. Not some silly 夢 [yume] (dream) of fighting.'

Oliver just hadn't been able to do it. He had to fight. He had to train. He had to make himself better and better. His 兄 [ani] (big brothers) would find awe in him, his 母 [haha] (mother) would find joy, his 父 [chichi] (father) would encourage him no matter what. And... 一 [ichi] (one) 日 [hi] (day)... his grandfather would do all those 物 [mono] (things) too. He would prove him wrong. He would become not only the world's greatest martial artist... but also the happiest person that ever lived. His 界 [kai] (world) would shine 明 [akari] (bright) with success and fulfillment.

Tobias launched a series of sharp, pin like needles. They flew towards Oliver, threatening to slice him up and to slice him up 悪 [warui] (bad). Oliver smirked, his vanity beginning to get the best of him, and swiftly dodged 各 [onōno] (each) needle. It was 難 [katai] (difficult), the tiny, 小 [chīsai] (little) knives flying past him here and there, here and there, but he managed to do it anyway. He had only suffered a 少 [sukunai] (few), minor scratches. The 黒 [kuro] (black) cat was none too happy about it. You could easily tell.

Tobias outstretched his arms, growling loudly. A bunch of small, yellow 球 [tama] (balls) started to grow around him. They glowed with 力 [chikara] (power), starting out as tiny 球 [tama] (balls) and then becoming bigger and bigger. Once large enough, the 黒 [kuro] (black) cat launched every 独 [hitori] (single) 球 [tama] (ball) at Oliver. A large, inescapable mass of pure energy was rocketing towards the 白 [shiro] (white) cat. Oliver gasped, his mind freezing up. And then there was... a giant explosion!

As the smoke cleared, Oliver's prone form became visible on the ground. He appeared to be unconscious. Damn! He had let a 小 [chīsai] (little) vanity get in his way and now look what had happened! Could the 白 [shiro] (white) cat recover from the intense blows? His 手 [te] (hand) twitched, grasping at the stage floor or at least what was left of it anyway. Oliver had been... completely overwhelmed!

Tobias smirked, looking proud of himself. Now it was time for the finishing move! The big, 黒 [kuro] (black) cat started to charge up a 新 [atarashī] (new) attack. Lifting himself into the 空 [sora] (sky), Tobias hovered over Oliver's prostrate 体 [karada] (body) on the ground.

"Yah!" Cried Tobias, launching a full out offense on his opponent.

Tons and tons of yellow 球 [tama] (balls) began soaring down towards Oliver. It did not look like the 白 [shiro] (white) cat could evade them! And then... at the very last moment... Tobias gasped as Oliver's form quickly disappeared. The 球 [tama] (balls) hit down on the stage, destroying more and more of the arena floor. But there was no trace of Oliver what-so-ever in sight! There were explosions and explosions and... Tobias screamed in rage.

The 黒 [kuro] (black) cat began to lose control of his temper, mercilessly attacking every part of the stage with energy 球 [tama] (balls). 各 [onōno] (each) and every corner, 各 [onōno] (each) and every last bit of it. He was determined to bombard Oliver no matter what. But once the dust settled, Oliver was still nowhere in sight!

"What the hell?" Cursed Tobias, very confused.

"Yah!" It was Oliver's voice! Behind him!

Tobias quickly looked above him where he could see Oliver hovering in the 空 [sora] (sky). A huge energy beam had been launched towards Tobias and it was about to consume every bit of him. The 黒 [kuro] (black) cat screamed in shock as his form was completely engulfed in energy. The audience howled, overwhelmed by the action. The host couldn't help but scream too.

Once the smoke subsided, the first 物 [mono] (thing) that 民 [tami] (people) realized was that the stage was pretty much gone. It would definitely have to be repaired before the next fight... and that was the final match of the tournament. On the ground was the prone form of Tobias, but in the air... was a triumph Oliver, smiling from ear to ear.

There was loud cheering, 民 [tami] (people) screaming in the crowd with excitement. Sounds of Oliver's name being chanted over and over again. And, best of all, Oliver knew that his entire family and his whole 村 [mura] (village) had been proudly watching 各 [onōno] (each) and every 小 [chīsai] (little) step towards 勝 [katsu] (victory).

"The winner is... Oliver!" Cried the tournament host.


It was the break before the finals. Oliver was feeling overwhelmed. While joy was great, something else had taken him too. Something... unexpected. He had gotten so excited when he won, but there had been a great change in him too. He had felt, for the first time in his life, as if he was a real, true martial artist and not just a young man full of hopes. 33 tournaments. He had won only 4. But this one had not yet procured a result. Would his number of victories possibly raise to 5? The white cat felt as if he had never honestly evaluated his potential at all. In fact, he felt certain of it. Oliver had always been too hard on himself and these last matches had taught him something good. He could succeed too.

And, boy, would he try even harder.

5 years ago...

Oliver was only 20 and he was helping his father load the hay wagon. They were bringing back food for the livestock. Oliver jumped up onto the wagon, making himself comfortable in the hay while his father lead the mule back to the barn. It was a nice day out, at least to Oliver anyway. The sky was filled with dark, gray clouds, the air was warm and wet. Soon, there would be a great downpour and everything would get even cooler. This part of the world was often plagued by rain, depending on how you looked at it. From the young, white cat's point of view, it was blessed by rain.

"Well, son, we're almost back home." His father chirped, being the lively, kindhearted man he was. "Your brothers will be waiting for us at the dinner table. Your mother started cooking some time back, so food should be ready by the time we get there."

"Alright, father." Replied Oliver, always having been on the shy, quiet side. "I hope she made something with cheese and milk."

"Your grandfather should be back too." Said his father. His name was Olaf. "He'll have caught some fish for us to eat later."

"Why is grandfather so against my training?" Asked Oliver, disappointed in his grandfather's discouragement of martial arts. "He got to go around the world and everything, and he hated it? I just don't get it. Wouldn't it have been fun? Why does he insist that one day it will ruin my life?"

"Honey..." Olaf began, gloomily. "He thinks that of you already. Fighting to him is... superstitious. He's strange and odd that way. Like you. He's always been very strange." His father looked off in the distance, thinking. "My father... was so deeply saddened by the world. No one has ever told you this, but he found love out there and family too."

"Grandfather had another son?!" Exclaimed Oliver, shocked.

"Not another son, but a daughter." Explained Olaf, in a solemn tone. "She was only two when she came down with illness and passed away in the night. It was a worldly disease that does not exist here."

"I can't believe it...!" Oliver was overcome with immense emotion. "How come he has never...!"

"He cannot bear to talk about it." Olaf replied, sadly. "He misses her so much, he cannot stand it. She was his first child and, in many ways, his last. While he had me and my sister, he has always looked at us as being empty somewhere, somehow, because we couldn't take any joy in our older sister. Because we never got to know her.

"His first wife died as well. From the same illness..." Olaf was overwhelmed by sorrow. "But that was not the reason that he told you not to venture into the world, strangely enough. I would, personally, think that, but... your grandfather doesn't for some reason. That or he doesn't want to admit it... He seems to think it takes away from the cold, harsh reality of living out in the world, so he doesn't like to use his first family as an example."

"What a horrible... secret!" Exclaimed Oliver, captivated by his father's story. He could barely believe his ears!

"Yes... what a horrible... secret." His father's voice trailed away, his mind trailing with it.

The present...

"Grandfather..." Oliver began, standing in the middle of a busy sidewalk, looking up at the sky. "Don't worry. I won't repeat your mistakes... whatever they were."


It was the break before the finals. Oliver was feeling overwhelmed. While joy was great, something else had taken him too. Something... unexpected. He had gotten so excited when he won, but there had been a great 化 [bakeru] (change) in him too. He had felt, for the first time in his 生 [ikiru] (life), as if he was a real, 真 [ma] (true) martial artist and not just a 若 [wakai] (young) 男 [otoko] (man) full of hopes. 33 tournaments. He had won only 四 [shi] (four). But this 一 [ichi] (one) had not yet procured a result. Would his number of 勝 [katsu] (victories) possibly raise to 五 [go] (five)? The 白 [shiro] (white) cat felt as if he had never honestly evaluated his potential at all. In fact, he felt certain of it. Oliver had always been too hard on himself and these last matches had taught him something good. He could succeed too.

And, boy, would he try even harder.

5 years ago...

Oliver was only 20 and he was helping his 父 [chichi] (father) load the hay wagon. They were bringing back food for the livestock. Oliver jumped up onto the wagon, making himself comfortable in the hay while his 父 [chichi] (father) lead the mule back to the barn. It was a nice 日 [hi] (day) out, at least to Oliver anyway. The sky was filled with dark, gray clouds, the air was 温 [atataka] (warm) and wet. Soon, there would be a great downpour and everything would get even cooler. This part of the world was often plagued by 雨 [ame] (rain), depending on how you looked at it. From the 若 [wakai] (young), 白 [shiro] (white) cat's point of view, it was blessed by 雨 [ame] (rain).

"Well, son, we're almost back home." His 父 [chichi] (father) chirped, being the 活 [ikiru] (lively), kindhearted 男 [otoko] (man) he was. "Your 兄 [ani] (big brothers) will be waiting for us at the dinner table. Your 母 [haha] (mother) started cooking some 時 [toki] (time) back, so food should be ready by the 時 [toki] (time) we get there."

"Alright, 父 [chichi] (father)." Replied Oliver, always having been on the shy, 静 [shizu] (quiet) side. "I hope she made something with cheese and 乳 [chichi] (milk)."

"Your grandfather should be back too." Said his 父 [chichi] (father). His name was Olaf. "He'll have caught some 魚 [uo] (fish) for us to eat later."

"Why is grandfather so against my training?" Asked Oliver, disappointed in his grandfather's discouragement of martial arts. "He got to go around the 界 [kai] (world) and everything, and he hated it? I just don't get it. Wouldn't it have been fun? Why does he insist that 一 [ichi] (one) 日 [hi] (day) it will ruin my 生 [ikiru] (life)?"

"Honey..." Olaf began, gloomily. "He 思 [omou] (thinks) that of you already. Fighting to him is... superstitious. He's strange and odd that way. Like you. He's always been very strange." His 父 [chichi] (father) looked off in the distance, thinking. "My 父 [chichi] (father)... was so deeply saddened by the 界 [kai] (world). No 一 [ichi] (one) has ever told you this, but he found 愛 [itoshī] (love) out there and family too."

"Grandfather had another son?!" Exclaimed Oliver, shocked.

"Not another son, but a daughter." Explained Olaf, in a solemn tone. "She was only 二 [ni] (two) when she came down with illness and passed away in the night. It was a worldly disease that does not exist here."

"I can't believe it...!" Oliver was overcome with immense 感 [kan] (emotion). "How come he has never...!"

"He cannot bear to talk about it." Olaf replied, sadly. "He misses her so much, he cannot stand it. She was his first 子 [ko] (child) and, in many ways, his last. While he had me and my 姉 [ane] (big sister), he has always looked at us as being 空 [sora] (empty) somewhere, somehow, because we couldn't take any joy in our 姉 [ane] (big sister). Because we never got to 知 [shiru] (know) her.

"His first 妻 [tsuma] (wife) died as well. From the same illness..." Olaf was overwhelmed by sorrow. "But that was not the reason that he told you not to venture into the 界 [kai] (world), strangely enough. I would, personally, 思 [omou] (think) that, but... your grandfather doesn't for some reason. That or he doesn't want to admit it... He seems to 思 [omou] (think) it takes away from the 寒 [samui] (cold), harsh 実 [mi] (reality) of living out in the 界 [kai] (world), so he doesn't like to use his first family as an example."

"What a horrible... 秘 [himeru] (secret)!" Exclaimed Oliver, captivated by his father's story. He could barely believe his 耳 [mimi] (ears)!

"Yes... what a horrible... 秘 [himeru] (secret)." His father's voice trailed away, his mind trailing with it.

The present...

"Grandfather..." Oliver began, standing in the middle of a busy sidewalk, looking up at the 空 [sora] (sky). "Don't worry. I won't repeat your 非 [arazu] (mistakes)... whatever they were."

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Re: The Cat Fighters (Lit) (Modern)

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The Cat Fighters
by RabidFox

Chapter 6

5 years ago...

"Son..." Oliver's 母 [haha] (mother) was washing her family's clothes in a tall, large bucket. "Come here for a moment, dear."

Oliver walked over to his 母 [haha] (mother), patiently. "Yes, 母 [haha] (mother)? Do you need 助 [tasukeru] (help)?"

"No, honey." She replied, distracted. "I called you in here because I want to 助 [tasukeru] (help) you." She took out a handful of clothes and began to hang them up to dry.

"助 [tasukeru] (help) me?" Oliver wasn't sure what she meant.

"Yes." His 母 [haha] (mother) was straightening the clothes on the rack.

There was silence for a 少 [sukunai] (few) moments, then, "You're planning on going on this 旅 [tabi] (trip) once you turn 25. I want to talk to you about it."

'Oh.' Thought Oliver to himself. That, of course.

"Why in the 界 [kai] (world) do you want to leave home so 悪 [warui] (bad)?" Her tone of 声 [koe] (voice) was very skeptical, though, she was trying to be nice about it. "Why do you want to leave everything you 知 [shiru] (know) and 愛 [itoshī] (love) behind you? Why do you want to leave your own family?"

"It's not like that, 母 [haha] (mother)." Answered Oliver, shyly looking at his feet. "I will miss you all, I will. I just need... to do this for myself."

"Yes, I understand that, but what are you doing for yourself?" It was only natural for her to be curious and, of course, frustrated.

"I don't feel like I belong here." Admitted Oliver, in a solemn tone. "I feel like... my destiny lies elsewhere."

"You keep saying that, but..." Started his 母 [haha] (mother), partially focused on doing the laundry. "you can't seem to give me any good reason. What does your 'destiny' have to do with anything?"

"I feel... a great obligation to myself to become the best." Explained Oliver, trying not to waiver under her disapproving 目 [me] (eye).

"To become the best?" She said, 声 [koe] (voice) full of skepticism. "To become the best person? How does becoming a great martial artist make you a better person?"

"You just don't understand." Oliver pouted, frustrated with her. "I need to explore my opportunities and 省 [kaerimiru] (focus) on what I want rather than what the community wants for me."

"You 知 [shiru] (know), your grandfather said the 同 [onaji] (same) 物 [mono] (thing) when he left the village." Told his 母 [haha] (mother). "And then he came back 五 [go] (five) 年 [toshi] (years) later devastated. He said it was the worst 物 [mono] (thing) that he had ever done." 母 [haha] (mother) was ringing a shirt with her 手 [te] (hands). "Let me tell you a story, boy. Let 母 [haha] (mother) 助 [tasukeru] (help) you the best way she can.

"A 久 [hisashī] (long time) ago, 20 years ago, there was a baby boy born." She started, working simultaneously. "And he was one of the most beautiful 子 [ko] (children) in the 界 [kai] (world). Do you want to 知 [shiru] (know) why...?" She looked at Oliver for a moment. "Because he was my boy... and for some reason, that has never been enough for him." She started to 泣 [naku] (cry), wiping at her 目 [me] (eyes) with her 手 [te] (hands). "He has always been so... over judgmental of himself. He has always thought that he can't amount to anything unless he torments himself. He's a loving, sweet 男 [otoko] (man) that can never find his 真 [ma] (true) purpose in 生 [ikiru] (life) because it stares him straight in the 目 [me] (eye) and he 思 [omou] (thinks) that he doesn't want what he 見 [miru] (sees).

"You have always been... so different. I remember you as a 子 [ko] (child) vividly in my imagination. You were always so... happy and carefree.

"I remember, you'd read a book and that was the end of the day for you. The most you wanted to do was explore the 界 [kai] (world) around you, but then always come back home in the end. You wanted to 見 [miru] (see) 物 [mono] (things), be 物 [mono] (things), feel 物 [mono] (things), 思 [omou] (think) 物 [mono] (things), smell 物 [mono] (things)... Take in everything. But you always wanted to come back home when you were done. But then you turned 七 [shichi] (seven) and suddenly everything was different. No, you had to go out there and kill yourself to become a great 男 [otoko] (man). Just typical of your grandfather it really is.

"And I 知 [shiru] (know) that you don't really believe that. But, I tell you, I knew your grandfather in his earlier years and he was definitely just like you are now. Ignorant, mean, selfish, and stupid."

Oliver didn't quite like that description. "Why so stupid and mean?" His face looked betrayed.

"I don't mean it that way, honey, I really don't." Apologized his 母 [haha] (mother), still working on the laundry. "What I mean is... your grandfather did the 同 [onaji] (same) 物 [mono] (thing) and he came back a worse 男 [otoko] (man) for it. He never really did recover until me and your father got married and had our first son. And, trust me, he's adored all of his grandchildren, but when you came along, he felt so 空 [sora] (empty) inside. He told me, right off the back, you were going to be the most unhappy 男 [otoko] (man) in the 界 [kai] (world). Of course, I thought he was full of it, but then, there you went, you grew up to be just like him. And he hated you for it, he did.

"Don't take it the wrong way, Oliver. I don't really mean words like hatred. I'm just trying to get you to 見 [miru] (see) the 全 [mattaku] (whole) 絵 [kai] (picture) faster.

"He just couldn't believe it. It was a 小 [chīsai] (little) him. He told me, he never thought we'd have an Anson Jr." Her 目 [me] (eyes) had drifted, focusing on something blurred and unrecognizable. "And then we did. He assured us both that you would be the craziest 男 [otoko] (man) there ever was. Oh, he's gonna be just like me, your grandfather would say. Damn that Anson. Damn him. He gave me a wanderer.

"I didn't want to be an unhappy 女 [onna] (woman). I didn't want to be an unhappy 母 [haha] (mother). I just wanted a normal family and I didn't want to worry about my sons leaving me before my 時 [toki] (time). I just wanted... a normal family and a normal 生 [ikiru] (life). Now I don't emphasize this stuff around you, because I've never wanted to hurt your feelings and I have always been worried that you will take it the wrong way. I don't want you thinking that I don't want you for some silly reason. It's not like that at all.

"I just want you to be happy and, honey, this isn't the way to do it." Well, at least she was being honest. "Becoming a stronger 男 [otoko] (man) isn't what you're trying to do, Oliver. It's 走 [hashiru] (run) away. You hear me? You are trying to 走 [hashiru] (run) away from your 生 [ikiru] (life). And that is it. You don't want this for yourself, Oliver. If you need adventure, study and go to college. We'll pay for it. We'll all get the money for you somehow. Go to an academic institution, succeed, live, expand your 界 [kai] (world). Don't confine yourself to a silly, 空 [sora] (empty) 夢 [yume] (dream)."

"What's wrong with having big, beautiful 夢 [yume] (dreams)?" Oliver wasn't really happy with the conversation.

"What's wrong with it?" His 母 [haha] (mother) looked at him for a minute, giving him a strange expression. "Well, of course, there is everything wrong with it. God, I feel like I'm talking to young Anson. Impossible to reason with! Dear, come on. We're talking about 一 [ichi] (one) boy traveling the 界 [kai] (world), kicking and punching, kicking and punching, and you really 思 [omou] (think) I'm going to encourage that and call it a fulfilling 生 [ikiru] (life)? We might support what you do, spare your grandfather, but we support it locally and meaninglessly."

"But it's what I want to do." Insisted Oliver. "Can't you 見 [miru] (see) that?"

"Oh, honey, I can. Believe me, I can." Replied his 母 [haha] (mother), honestly. "But that's the 全 [mattaku] (whole) point. I can 見 [miru] (see) what you're getting yourself into, and, I'll tell you what, it's not a good 物 [mono] (thing). It's not a good 物 [mono] (thing) at all. What are you going to do? Live on the 丁 [hinoto] (streets)? Hunt rabbits in allies full of trash? Get hit by a 車 [kuruma] (car)? End up in an overseas hospital without insurance? You're not looking at this realistically at all. 20 years old and you still act like a 小 [chīsai] (little) 子 [ko] (child)! I ought to have your father turn you over his knee and whip you like a 子 [ko] (child)...! What makes you 思 [omou] (think) these stupid 物 [mono] (things)?!"

"I'm sorry, 母 [haha] (mother)." Oliver hung his head. "I just... I just want it so 悪 [warui] (bad). Why can't you..."

"I 見 [miru] (see) it, Oliver. I can 見 [miru] (see) it." His 母 [haha] (mother) interrupted. "I can feel it. It comes off you in waves... Honey, I 愛 [itoshī] (love) you, I really do. We all do. Don't feel for the slightest moment that you are not loved. It is because we 愛 [itoshī] (love) you, honey. It is because we care about you. It is because we need you to be safe. You're talking crazy, Oliver. You don't want to live like your grandfather did." She growled to herself, unhappy. "Oh, we should have never told you stories of Anson's childhood! I feel like it's all our fault that you've went and landed yourself a delusional understanding of the 界 [kai] (world).

"Honey, it doesn't make sense! It's a big 界 [kai] (world)! You are a small 時 [toki] (time) villager. What are you going to do?" His 母 [haha] (mother) was persistent, but she really did just care about him was all. "You don't understand money, you're not good with numbers, you only 知 [shiru] (know) how to farm. Where are you going to get the money to support this lifestyle? Where are you going to sleep at night? What shelter will you have when it rains? What, are you going to sleep in the 森 [mori] (forest), in the bushes? Don't you understand that living like a wild 男 [otoko] (man) will turn you into one? You don't want to drive yourself insane, honey. Your grandfather went nuts when he lived out in the middle of nowhere, traveling all around the 界 [kai] (world) for no reason. He was just downright out of his mind."

"But I can do better than that!" Oliver just wouldn't let go. "I won't go insane! I'll get money somehow. And I can take capsules with me! I've been saving up for an expensive set of survival capsules that will work great when I'm out there. I'll have 湯 [yu] (hot water) for showers, I'll have a comfortable 床 [toko] (bed), I'll even have a TV for keeping myself up to date with the 界 [kai] (world)! Everything will be fine! I've already been practicing using capsules and they work great. I'll have everything I need, and I can hunt! I mean, I am a farmer's son, aren't I? I 知 [shiru] (know) how to hunt!"

"That's not enough, Oliver!" His 母 [haha] (mother) screamed at him, losing her patience. Oliver sank inside of himself, feeling embarrassed by being scolded. "You can't just 走 [hashiru] (run) into the 界 [kai] (world) with no idea how to live in it!"

Oliver shifted his feet, looking down at his shoes.

"Oliver!" She insisted. "Oliver...! Oliver, wake up...! Come on now. Let's get out of that fantasy 界 [kai] (world) of yours! This is not... it's just not a realistic 夢 [yume] (dream). Now I'm not saying you're crazy, but you will be if you turn yourself into some kind of 界 [kai] (world) traveling hobo."

"I don't want to be confined to a farming 村 [mura] (village)!" Yelled Oliver, feeling like he had to 立 [tatsu] (stand up) for himself. "I want to be like grandfather! I want to 見 [miru] (see) the 界 [kai] (world)! And I will...! I will if it's the last 物 [mono] (thing) I do!"

"You are making a 非 [arazu] (mistake), Son." Warned his 母 [haha] (mother). "Now you take those fool 夢 [yume] (dreams) to your grandfather and let him crush them for you. I have said enough for now. I don't want to overwhelm you with my anger."

"Yes, 母 [haha] (mother)." Oliver responded, meekly.


The present...

Oliver and Boris were ready for their match. Both were in their starting positions, both of them standing in the middle of the arena... both of them surrounded by crazed, eager fans. The audience was roaring, the tournament host was busy over describing every 小 [chīsai] (little) 物 [mono] (thing). Boris and Oliver, on the other 手 [te] (hand), were eerily 静 [shizu] (quiet). Each fighter was prepared for what could occur 次 [tsugu] (next), but only one looked confident and that sure as hell wasn't Oliver. Boris' sharp, 黄 [ki] (yellow) 目 [me] (eye) were trained on his opponent. Oliver was nervous.

"Let the match... begin!" Announced the host.

Boris didn't waste anytime. He leapt into the air and launched a quick, 弱 [yowai] (weak) blast at Oliver. The 青 [ao] (blue)-eyed cat rolled out of the way without much effort and got back on his feet. But then Boris came at him again with another 弱 [yowai] (weak) blast. Oliver evaded the attack, moving to the other side. Then the 黄 [ki] (yellow)-eyed cat sent another attack his way, except this 時 [toki] (time) followed by another and another and another. They were all small, 弱 [yowai] (weak) energy attacks. Oliver was wasting his energy dodging such meaningless attacks, but he couldn't just let them hit him and count up on him. Oliver wasn't sure what to do.

The 白 [shiro] (white), fluffy cat encircled Oliver with energy attacks, and then launched one, huge beam straight for him. Oliver, the younger cat, didn't have anywhere to go. Every escape route was blocked by energy balls. Oliver had to 思 [omou] (think) fast! He jumped up as high as he could, and managed to dodge the beam, as well as all of the smaller attacks as well. On seeing his plan foiled, Boris huffed in anger.

The older cat decided to regain control of the situation by racing around Oliver and confusing him. Oliver didn't know what to do. He didn't want to get hit, but he wasn't sure which way to run. The 青 [ao] (blue)-eyed cat tried to escape by just taking off rather than analyzing the problem, but Boris was ready for him. The 白 [shiro] (white), fluffy cat paused for a moment and took advantage of the confusion, hurling another energy attack at Oliver, except this 時 [toki] (time) at an unpredicted angle. The younger cat was taken off guard and was therefore hit by the blast. Oliver's 体 [karada] (body) bounced and rolled over the stage, finally landing on his back. His head had rolled to the side. It appeared as if Oliver might be unconscious.

"It looks like Oliver may be down for the count!" Shouted the tournament host "1... 2... 3... 4... 5..."

Oliver's 手 [te] (hand) twitched.

"6... 7... 8..."

The younger cat sprang to his feet, dizzy and perplexed.

"Oliver has been able to resume the fight!" Cried the announcer. "This boy sure has a lot of spunk in him, I'll give him that!"

Boris' 目 [me] (eyes) narrowed in pure rage. He was obviously not a good loser.

Suddenly, Boris sped over to Oliver, ready to take him out and then...! Oliver twisted around, dodging the attack. Then the younger cat managed to hit him by swinging his foot out at the last moment. Boris' 目 [me] (eyes) went wide with surprise and then his 体 [karada] (body) fell backwards onto the ground. Oliver made three back flips away from Boris, trying to put distance between them. He didn't want Boris taking advantage of the fact that he had been standing right 次 [tsugu] (next) to him. Oliver prepared for Boris' 次 [tsugu] (next) 動 [ugoku] (move), his 体 [karada] (body) in stance, his 感 [kan] (emotions) ready to take over.

The fluffy cat slowly got to his feet, taking his 時 [toki] (time) for some reason. He must have felt pretty 強 [tsuyoi] (strong) to 動 [ugoku] (move) so gradually. His 黄 [ki] (yellow) 目 [me] (eyes) stared down Oliver, anger flowing through every fiber of his being. Boris brought his 手 [te] (hands) back and started to charge an energy attack. Oliver responded quickly, dashing at Boris before he could summon enough energy to harm him. The younger cat stopped once he was 前 [mae] (in front) of Boris, then leapt up, giving the fluffy cat a hard kick to the bottom of his jaw. Boris' 頭 [atama] (head) flew back, losing his balance, and he fell to his back.

Oliver wasn't sure what to do. Boris' speed and tactics were overwhelming him. He wasn't used to going against such a powerful warrior. Honestly, he didn't 思 [omou] (think) that he could win. The older cat was more experienced, more agile, more clever, more knowledgeable. He was just too much for the 若 [wakai] (young) Oliver. The younger cat stepped back, as he noticed Boris getting back to his feet. At any moment now, Boris would be back in action, ready to take him down. Oliver strained his mind, trying to 思 [omou] (think) of anything that could stop Boris. He wasn't having much luck. 古 [furui] (old) strategies would have to do until the younger cat could find a 弱 [yowai] (weak) point.

Boris readied himself for another attack. He didn't 動 [ugoku] (move), seemingly totally confident of his ability to overwhelm his opponent. Obviously, he didn't 思 [omou] (think) too much of Oliver. The 白 [shiro] (white), fluffy cat took off, speeding towards the other fighter. Oliver froze. Boris' kick connected with the younger cat's 顔 [kao] (face), and Oliver fell to the ground, out cold. Boris landed in an energy conserving manner, and then turned around to 顔 [kao] (face) his unconscious opponent. The older cat smirked, feeling as if 勝 [katsu] (victory) was surely his.

"These two are giving each other a run for their money!" Announced the host. "Now it is 時 [toki] (time) to start the count down! 1... 2... 3... 4... 5... 6... 7...!"

Oliver groaned, rolling himself over onto his back. He struggled to get up, his limbs shaking from the sheer effort. He would not lose so easily! Maybe he would fail, but he would go out in style! The younger cat leapt up, managing to get back onto his feet. The crowd gasped. And Boris... glared.

"Oliver has managed yet again to surprise us!" Said the tournament host. "But can he stay up this 時 [toki] (time)?!"

"Annoying 小 [chīsai] (little) brat!" Spat Boris, enraged. Apparently, he could talk afterall.

Oliver wondered if maybe it was infuriating Boris to be taken on by someone so 若 [wakai] (young) and inexperienced. He was clearly at least a decade older than him, which would make him about 35 years old. If Oliver was that 古 [furui] (old), would he be so insulted? The 青 [ao] (blue)-eyed cat wasn't sure how to look at the situation. Was it really okay for Boris to be thinking 物 [mono] (things) like that? Perhaps a much younger person, but why such an 古 [furui] (old) and seasoned fighter letting a kid get the best of him? Shouldn't he be more concerned for his pride than to say something that silly?

And then it felt like that answer was given to him... as Boris slammed into his gut with his fist. Oliver's mind went racing, totally thrown off course. He stumbled backwards, the fluffy feline in his view. 物 [mono] (things) seemed so confusing and strange and odd and... Oliver fell to the ground again, passing out. 勝 [katsu] (victory) seemed impossible at this point.

Boris looked satisfied, calmly walking away as the announcer started the count down again.

"1... 2... 3... 4... 5... 6... 7...!"

Oliver's mind felt like a slushie. He just couldn't will himself to 動 [ugoku] (move).

"8... 9... 10! Oliver is down for the count! The winner is... Boris!"

He could hear the audience cheering and carrying on and....


6 months ago...

Oliver was way up, high in the 山 [yama] (mountains). He was staring at the 大 [ō] (large), beautiful 界 [kai] (world) around him, thinking and thinking and thinking. Since he had left his 村 [mura] (village) a 週 [shū] (week) ago, he had been very alone. It had been all just him, just him, just him. There was no one else. He was... all alone... all by himself. The 空 [sora] (sky) was brilliant, orange and pink and 赤 [aka] (red) and purple. All these different 色 [iro] (colors) blending together like a splendid painting. It was a sight he had never had of the 界 [kai] (world) before. Despite that all this lustrous beauty had always been there, the inability to see it in such a mindset... it just took all of one's mind to comprehend it.

"I feel like I never want to go home." Said Oliver to himself. "I feel as if... leaving all of this behind... would be a sin somehow... Oh, I just never want to go home."

He had spent his entire 生 [ikiru] (life) growing up in a small, 小 [chīsai] (little) farm 村 [mura] (village). He had always been sheltered by his 父 [chichi] (father), his 母 [haha] (mother), and his three 兄 [ani] (big brothers). The 村 [mura] (village) people had sheltered him as well, as they did with all of their 子 [ko] (children) and all of everyone else's 子 [ko] (children). He had come from a humble paradise in the country, from a place devoid of all excitement and unpredictability. Oliver's 界 [kai] (world) had been totally confined.

But as he had journeyed over the past 週 [shū] (week), already the walls of a normal 生 [ikiru] (life) were coming down around him. He had been exposed to a land impossible to leave. He had seen rain fall down from the 空 [sora] (sky) when he had no one to hold his hand. He had heard the storms rage, he had seen the winds blow everything over. All the mystery in the 界 [kai] (world) seemed to disappear and he finally felt as if he had found the last wonder in his 生 [ikiru] (life). He didn't like wonder. He preferred to know his opponents and that was something he had always seen as one. A feeling that he had battle with his entire 生 [ikiru] (life). An emotion that he had never wanted. This was, at last, his final resting place. The 界 [kai] (world) on his shoulders. Such a glorious feeling to behold.

"母 [haha] (mother)... 父 [chichi] (father)..." The words slipped from his lips like honey. "Why...? Why choose to ignore all of this?" Surely, after all of those years, grandfather's stories had sunk in? "It's so silly... it's so stupid. Why? Why does everyone just merrily stay in one place and never move? Don't people want to live?"

He came down the hilly terrain until he reached a flat place. He already had a capsule house set up there. The white cat entered the round, 小 [chīsai] (little) building and headed for the kitchen. Taking out a can of orange juice, he suddenly felt really ridiculous. A silly smile spread on his face, and he wondered to himself what a hypocrite he was. The white cat laughed, taking joy in his feelings, and sat down at the table. It took him the longest time to drink. His mind was lost in an abyss of wonder, wonder that was at last finally ending.

"I wonder what my 兄 [ani] (big brothers) would think of me... way out here by myself." He slid his laptop down the table and propped it up in front of him. His eyes focused on the lid, and he felt like he didn't really want to talk to them. "Well, I can't just not say anything to them." But it ruined the mood so!

He turned on his computer and opened up his Wild Fox instant messenger program. He checked the buddy list to see if anyone he knew was logged on. Fortunately, two of his 兄 [ani] (big brothers) were indeed on. He didn't see his 母 [haha] (mother) and 父 [chichi] (father), though.

Super Cat: Hey, brother.


Super Cat: Ooo, watch the caps!

Sky was Grady's username.


Super Cat: Hold on, hold on. I'm just fine! We've already been over this, remember?


Super Cat: Look, I'm just fine!


Super Cat: Will you stop using the caps!

Sky: Damn it, Oliver! Get home right now! You tell us where you are, so we can come and get you right now!

Super Cat: I'm 25, Grady. I can do what I want.

Sky: Like hell you can do what you want! You're talking about living in the wilderness and eating nothing but hunted game! You're out of your damn mind!

Super Cat: I am not out of my mind. I just want to explore the 界 [kai] (world) while I have a chance. You know, it's been wonderful so far.

Sky: We can't find you, Oliver. You have to tell us where you are.

Super Cat: If all you want to do is scream at me, I'm not going to keep talking to you. And if you keep and keep and keep doing it, then I'm not going to talk to you at all.

Sky: Look, I won't scream. How are you?

Super Cat: I'm just fine, I'm just fine, I'm just fine. There is nothing wrong with me. I am not hurt, I am not lost, and I am feeling great! Look, grandfather did this when he was young. He was fine. Nothing happened to him.

Sky: That is not true. He was torn to pieces out there. That's why he came home. It was too hard to live out there on his own.

Super Cat: He was out here for 5 whole years. Now, for the last time, I am going to be fine!

Sky: You're not grandfather. That was a different time, a different way of doing things. This is the modern age, Oliver!

Super Cat: Now are you going to talk to me or am I just going to have to hang up? I don't mind just sending you all e-mails and never replying, you know!

Sky: Fine. How are you? What have you been doing?

Super Cat: Well, I just got back from hiking in the 山 [yama] (mountains). It's been a lot of fun. You should see the 空 [sora] (sky) from this altitude. It's amazing! And there's these goats on the 山 [yama] (mountains). You see them sometimes. They're actually pretty friendly. I don't think they are used to predators. You can go right up to them and they don't run away. As long as you don't approach a big buck anyway. Or whatever a big goat is called. They get angry and run you off.

Sky: Did you get hurt?

Super Cat: No. I stumbled once or twice, and I fell over when a goat charged at me once, but I'm fine.

Sky: How did you get away?

Super Cat: Just backed off. It wasn't that hard. The goats just want you out of their immediate territory.

Sky: When is the next time you'll be going to town?

Super Cat: Oh, soon, I guess.

The brothers had a short conversation and then Oliver logged off. He did not talk to his other 兄 [ani] (big brother), though. He didn't feel like it.

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Re: The Cat Fighters (Lit) (Modern)

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The Cat Fighters
by RabidFox

Chapter 7

Dear Oliver,

We have missed you a lot since you left a 半 [nakaba] (half) a 年 [toshi] (year) ago. 物 [mono] (things) haven't been the 同 [onaji] (same) without you. We have all been worried about you since the moment you left. That feeling hasn't changed. Your family still wants you to come back home and everyone in the 村 [mura] (village) does too. All of us hope that some 日 [hi] (day) soon you will come back to your senses and return to your real home. Until then, the best we can do is support you.

Yesterday, everyone tuned into the tournament on Alton 島 [shima] (island). We watched in awe as you managed to get past the preliminaries so easily. I did not know that you had become that great of a fighter, yet at the 同 [onaji] (same) 時 [toki] (time) it disgusts me. I cannot believe that you have thrown your 全 [mattaku] (whole) 生 [ikiru] (life) away just to become successful. I can 見 [miru] (see) it. I can 見 [miru] (see) the work that you've done. I can 見 [miru] (see) the toil that living out in the wilderness has had on you. You are too powerful and you are too 強 [tsuyoi] (strong). You need to come home, Oliver. This is enough.

Your grandfather watched you as you flew through each challenge, how you dominated each trial. He told me and he said it in an uneasy 声 [koe] (voice), "He is far stronger than I ever was when I left home". Don't you think it is 時 [toki] (time) to let all of this go and just come home already? Oliver, please. Just please come home.

Now I'll stop bothering you with all of my worrying. I'll just give you what you want to hear and that is an act that I am at all comfortable with this new lifestyle of yours.

Amazing! Completely astonishing! We were all taken aback the moment you got on the stage. You were so great! It was really something to 見 [miru] (see) you go up against such 強 [tsuyoi] (strong) warriors. You have truly come a 長 [nagai] (long) way! We had no idea that you would be 強 [tsuyoi] (strong) enough to make it to the last part of the tournament. And then you continued on right up to the very last match! The finals! That has always been your 夢 [yume] (dream). I am so glad that you have been able to achieve it.

I know you want to send money back home, but we 念 [nen] (wish) that you would keep it for yourself. However, if that's really what you want to do, then we will invest it towards a "新 [atarashī] (new) 生 [ikiru] (life)". Whatever that may be. We'll 見 [miru] (see) when we get there. But we've mostly just been saving the money so far. We did spend it a 小 [chīsai] (little), but it was only on 物 [mono] (things) that you would want it to be spent on. My, you have been winning a lot of money since you left! Don't you ever get tired of training so hard?

Everything has been normal as usual. 母 [haha] (mother) tends the 家 [ie] (house) and me and your brothers work in the fields. Grandfather and grandmother oversee the family, and the 村 [mura] (village) continues to thrive. Everyone has been thinking about you and we remember you every 日 [hi] (day).

I would write more, but I am speechless right now. Oh my, how 強 [tsuyoi] (strong) my boy has become!

父 [chichi] (father)


Dear Oliver,

This is your 母 [haha] (mother), Oliver. And I am so worried about you, my darling 小 [chīsai] (little) baby boy! How can you live out there in that horrible, terrible wilderness? All those wild animals; those long, winding 森 [mori] (forests); those endless plains and rolling hills! Don't you understand what is happening to you? You've become 寒 [samui] (cold) and distant and, oh my god, how in the 天 [amatsu] (heavens) did you win that tournament?! That is one of the world's most famous annually held tournaments! Are you out of your mind?!

You get back here right now! You must be in rags! That 力 [chikara] (power)... that raw skill! It should be impossible to get that good in only six months! Honey, these are 民 [tami] (people) that spend their lives training in temples and schools. They waste every moment of every 日 [hi] (day) to get that 強 [tsuyoi] (strong). Why do you 思 [omou] (think) we've never wanted you to be a martial artist? Honey, let's get this clear right now. I support you in anything you do, but that doesn't mean that I'm going to allow you to run all around the world trying to become a trained fighter. You want to study martial arts? Come home! Do it the right way! There is no reason for you to be out there all by yourself. Don't you understand at all?

Honey, 民 [tami] (people) just don't get that 強 [tsuyoi] (strong) for no reason! You could have easily defeated Boris. I could see it in his eyes, the sheer rage that you were causing him. You are so 若 [wakai] (young) compared to most accomplished martial artists. These 民 [tami] (people) are going to rip you to pieces because you are defying everything that they know about strength. You are a 若 [wakai] (young) 男 [otoko] (man) that instantly becomes a world celebrity overnight. That is how hard you are working yourself. Don't you see it? Don't you get it, my son? Look around you. Look at who all you beat. That strength is coming from unrealistic amounts of isolation and psychological starvation. Your strength is unnatural because it is unnatural for 民 [tami] (people) to work that hard.

Aren't you satisfied yet? You won the damn tournament! And all this money... Why? Why, son?! Why so much money? Why do you need to make us rich? What is wrong with you, sweetie?! We don't need all this money. We're happy the way that we are. What are you trying to turn your family into? What are you trying to turn the 村 [mura] (village) into? You're not our provider. You're our child! Everyone here loves you. Everyone here 思 [omou] (think) of you as their son. Please Oliver! Stop!

It's been a half a year and I still haven't seen you. The only face I get to look at is one over a webcam. Come on, Oliver! Don't you need to be with us in person? Honey, you're going nuts! You're losing your mind! You can't keep living like this!

When you were small, it was so easy to keep you out of trouble. But the moment you turned seven, my god. Why, Oliver? Why? Can't you be happy to just be our son? Why do you have to turn yourself into this 力 [chikara] (power) hungry solider? You need a break. You need someone to feed you. You need 民 [tami] (people) to talk to. You can't just wither away out there all on your own.

Can you understand anything I have been trying to tell you at all? Oliver, this is ridiculous. Where is the 小 [chīsai] (little) boy who never had to go farther than my garden? Where is the 小 [chīsai] (little) kid who was proud to just be himself? Remember, Oliver. Remember all the 時 [toki] (times) when you were fulfilled and happy and satisfied. Let's return to that.

You keep writing me these obsessive letters about how beautiful the world is. You go on and on about the loving strokes of the sky, the majesty of the mountains, the brilliant, sparkling waters. You tell me 日 [hi] (day) after 日 [hi] (day) how wonderful it is to take in 生 [ikiru] (life) as if it were nothing but a simplistic painting. You describe to me again and again the sheer feeling of 力 [chikara] (power) that you get from being one with nature.

What about 民 [tami] (people), Oliver? What about the warm, loving arms of your 母 [haha] (mother)? What about the calm, gentle 性 [saga] (nature) of your 父 [chichi] (father)? What about the 強 [tsuyoi] (strong), protective presence of your 兄 [ani] (big brothers)? The stories and the poems and the laughing and the joy of our 村 [mura] (village). Why is that not enough for you? We'll do anything, Oliver. We'll rebuild the entire world just for you. Everyone in the 村 [mura] (village) misses you dearly. We're all thinking about you all the 時 [toki] (time), praying for you every moment.

Then 思 [omou] (think) about all those murderers! That 男 [otoko] (man), Clyde... You said they mistook you for him! My god! My 心 [kokoro] (heart) flew out of my chest when you told me that you had even been beaten up because of the 男 [otoko] (man)! You don't want to get mistaken for some crazy guy and get yourself killed! You need to come home where everyone has the same faces and no one 思 [omou] (thinks) you're some psychopathic murderer out to kill 民 [tami] (people). Come home, Oliver! Come home!

God, listen to me, son! What do I have to 言 [iu] (say) to get through to you?

You don't have to marry yet. I know you're not very into women that way. I know that you're still too 若 [wakai] (young) to understand. Well, usually 民 [tami] (people) know by now, but, hey, it doesn't matter. We can just 言 [iu] (say) you're too 若 [wakai] (young). We can just 言 [iu] (say) that, that is normal for you. You don't need to have any kids. You don't need to build your own 家 [ie] (house). You can just live with 母 [haha] (mother) and 父 [chichi] (father), and if you never want to get married, then you can just live with us forever and ever. There is no pressure on you to live like everyone else. You can do what you want with your 生 [ikiru] (life). We just don't want you to risk your 生 [ikiru] (life).

Please reply to me. Please talk to me. Please discuss this with me.

I love you Oliver. We all love you. Your family, your 村 [mura] (village), the animals... Come back to us, Oliver. Please come back to us.

母 [haha] (mother)


Dear 母 [haha] (mother) and 父 [chichi] (father),

I 知 [shiru] (know) that everyone has been having trouble with my departure, but I wouldn't 貿 [] (trade) it for the 界 [kai] (world). Last night, there was a beautiful 空 [sora] (sky) full of stars. I sat down on the ground and looked up at 各 [onōno] (each) 小 [chīsai] (little) twinkling light. It felt so 良 [yoi] (good) to take in the brilliance of the night 空 [sora] (sky). It was an 感 [kan] (emotion) I would never let go of.

Over the past 月 [tsuki] (months), I have seen 多 [ōi] (many) 物 [mono] (things) and I have met 多 [ōi] (many) people. Some 所 [tokoro] (places) are nice and welcoming, others are seclusive and suspicious of strangers. There have been 民 [tami] (people) happy to 助 [tasukeru] (help) me and 民 [tami] (people) that just wanted me to go away. No matter how nice you are, I have learned that others don't necessarily care. 民 [tami] (people) can be so possessive of their way of 生 [ikiru] (life) that they refuse to let anyone in their hearts at all, except those that they trust the most. I feel this way somehow. I can connect with these selfish cultures. It's the way that I feel about my 生 [ikiru] (life) 今 [ima] (now). I don't want to give it up and I keep thinking and thinking... maybe I will never give it up. Maybe I will never go back home. I hate to say this, but I have always been very unhappy at the 村 [mura] (village). I love all of you, but I cannot 助 [tasukeru] (help) it. I don't feel like I belong there anymore. I feel like... I may have never belonged there.

Being by myself is like a drug, just without the 悪 [warui] (bad) side effects. It's a way of 生 [ikiru] (life) that I have never known. I can be myself out here, I can 思 [omou] (think) what I want. The 界 [kai] (world) is my playground and I always feel like a lost, 小 [chīsai] (little) 子 [ko] (child) in the woods. The 木 [ki] (trees) glow with power and the grass shimmers with grace. The 空 [sora] (sky) embraces everything and the 山 [yama] (mountains) restrain the land. Balance is what I feel. Everything is so balanced. So perfectly balanced. It's a wonderful 夢 [yume] (dream) out here in the wilderness. The 河 [kawa] (rivers) stretch over the continents, blending in and out of the 緑 [midori] (green), flowing into 洋 [] (oceans) and 湖 [mizūmi] (lakes) and thinning out into 川 [kawa] (streams). Waterfalls keep raging over the 年 [toshi] (years) and 年 [toshi] (years) and 年 [toshi] (years). Everything is so natural and pretty here.

I live in this 小 [chīsai] (little), 丸 [maru] (round) 家 [ie] (house) that quickly turns into capsule whenever I 要 [iru] (need) to leave. Despite its size not being too big, it feels like a palace anyway. My palace, my home, my sanctuary. The wild animals 鳴 [naku] (chirp) and sing and dance. The 民 [tami] (people) gather in 村 [mura] (villages) and 町 [machi] (towns) and cities. Even when I'm in 町 [machi] (town), it still feels so natural. This is my break with the 界 [kai] (world). This is my break from civilization. This is the impossible 実 [mi] (reality) that others don't even 夢 [yume] (dream) of. I go into 各 [onōno] (each) 所 [tokoro] (place) and I disappear. It doesn't matter if my background is 木 [ki] (trees) or buildings. It doesn't matter if I'm surrounded by 鳥 [tori] (birds) or 車 [kuruma] (cars). I am so happy where I am in my 生 [ikiru] (life) right 今 [ima] (now), I could only hope that it continues to get better. I see the mist of ignorance leaving my mind 毎 [goto] (every) day, the mind that had been sheltered by family and friends. The mind that had been sheltered by spending 毎 [goto] (every) moment of the day in a 村 [mura] (village) in a snow globe.

When I was at home, my brothers would protect me from everything. 父 [chichi] (father), you would grab my hand at any moment to make sure I didn't go astray. 母 [haha] (mother), you would block me in with the sheer power of your love. I stood alone in the fields despite that I always had 民 [tami] (people) at my side. I'm not saying that I won't ever come back, but what I am saying is that I may never stay ever again. I just don't want to live like that anymore. I don't want to live with 民 [tami] (people) all around me controlling my 毎 [goto] (every) thought all the time. It's free out here. It's simple and wonderful and clean. It's the most amazing experience I have ever had. I feel so 強 [tsuyoi] (strong), martial arts or otherwise, and I don't want to let go of this feeling of completeness.

I go out hunting sometimes, but for the most part I can make enough money to support myself. Martial arts tournaments are widespread and give out large sums of money just to enter the preliminaries. Just to enter! I am so wealthy, it's almost strange that I live out in the middle of nowhere. I don't 要 [iru] (need) most of this money, so I have been sending it to you. I am content to have adequate accommodations. It is a lot of fun this way. But, don't worry, if I ever 要 [iru] (need) the money, I won't send it to you. I'll use it on myself. There may be a day when I really 要 [iru] (need) it and this 家 [ie] (house) is definitely overstocked.

I like going outside at night and walking around in the 森 [mori] (forest). I bring a light with me because it is hard to see. There's this 小 [chīsai] (little), red lantern that I've always had since I was a 子 [ko] (child), you 知 [shiru] (know) the one, and it lights up my path when it is dark. It's become the best 物 [mono] (thing) in my 生 [ikiru] (life). Just this 小 [chīsai] (little), red lantern. It's amazing how the smallest 物 [mono] (things) can bring a person so much joy. The 鳥 [tori] (birds) go to sleep and the only sound is the hooting of an owl or the howl of a wolf. And, I 知 [shiru] (know), you're both like, oh my god, a wolf! But it's not like that. I'm more than 強 [tsuyoi] (strong) enough to ward off a simple wolf. They don't even try. They would rather go after smaller game.

The moon shines in the 空 [sora] (sky), full and beautiful. It glows over 毎 [goto] (every) person's 頭 [atama] (head). It gives me hope and love and laughter and wholeness. It's like this brilliant beacon of encouragement. I 知 [shiru] (know), you're both probably like, you hate the moon 今 [ima] (now). It's okay. I'm fine, really! That's part of the reason I write you such long letters. I want to show you that I really am doing great. Nothing 悪 [warui] (bad) ever happens to me and when it does, I'm always prepared for it, and when I'm not, I always manage to work 物 [mono] (things) out anyway. I am protected by 生 [ikiru] (life) itself. By my own free will.

You 知 [shiru] (know), I do miss all of you. I 知 [shiru] (know) that I said I don't really want to come back, but then... I just... I don't 知 [shiru] (know). One day, in the distant future, I will feel like I am finished and I will come back to all of you, a seasoned warrior, and I will be content and I will start a family. I never wanted so much to be a 父 [chichi] (father). To be a husband. But the time right 今 [ima] (now) is not yet. I am still far too young, I am still far too inexperienced. I will come to my wife and my 子 [ko] (children) with open arms just once I have fulfilled my 毎 [goto] (every) 夢 [yume] (dream) and found some antidote for my children's lust for adventure. Let their 父 [chichi] (father) be the great one and them be merely my 小 [chīsai] (little) 子 [ko] (children). My beautiful 小 [chīsai] (little) 子 [ko] (children).

That is what I want for them, once the time has come. I want them to be happy. That is part of the reason that I am sending you all so much money. Make the 村 [mura] (village) better! Find a way to make everyone's lives easier! Bring us into the modern age without changing our ways at all! My family, once I have it, will have nothing but the best. But I don't 知 [shiru] (know) how to do those 物 [mono] (things). I can only send you money. My mind is not smart that way. But I do have skill and I do 知 [shiru] (know) that you all 知 [shiru] (know) how to use money. I can make all the money in the 界 [kai] (world) and you all can find out how to use it to make our 村 [mura] (village) as perfect as possible!

Who do you 思 [omou] (think) I should marry? I don't 知 [shiru] (know) yet. I really don't want to marry one of the 村 [mura] (village) girls. I'd like to find my love out here somewhere. But not a moment too soon. I don't want to travel with her in the wilderness. I just want to give her the most splendid 生 [ikiru] (life) she can have. This is something that only a man could do and still be truly happy. A woman couldn't enjoy this and especially not 子 [ko] (children). What if she wants them too soon? I must be completely prepared before I start a family. I wonder how 多 [ōi] (many) 年 [toshi] (years) that will take.

Yes, I said 年 [toshi] (years). I have finally decided, after managing to prove my true strength in this latest tournament, that I am going to continue to travel past a year's time. I am thinking that five or six or maybe even more would be better. I definitely want to stay out here as long as grandfather did. I don't want to miss anything that he was able to see. I want to be able to talk to him, to listen to him, and understand his 毎 [goto] (every) word. It's what he's always wanted: Someone to relate to. I will be that someone. I will settle his old, troubled heart. I will see everything, experience everything, feel everything... and bring that back to him. I have always felt so 悪 [warui] (bad) for him that way. What would it be like, to live a thousand 年 [toshi] (years), and no one can ever catch up to you? No matter how 多 [ōi] (many) decades past, 民 [tami] (people) just simply can't imagine it.

My brothers... I 知 [shiru] (know) they are unhappy. They always lived their lives around me and they have always taken such joy in raising me and seeing me grow up. I really will miss them, but I just can't. I just can't come back. I have finally found my purpose in 生 [ikiru] (life) and I just can't let it go. This is where I belong. I belong out here, by myself. Oh, the splendid feeling of being all alone. I don't feel sad at all. But being out here, experiencing all of this, I realize why a person could be so sad. What if a person like me didn't have the love and support of his family? Didn't always have a 所 [tokoro] (place) to come back to? They would be so miserable. They would come out here and find nothing but anguish. The long days would pass them by and they would fall apart, piece by piece, and seemingly never be capable of being fixed again. Out here, I have the love of 民 [tami] (people) who care about me. I can stay rational and always 知 [shiru] (know) that I have a home to come back to. But, oh yes, what poor, poor 民 [tami] (people). I am fortunate to have a reason to continue.

I feel it. I feel the call of the land. I feel compelled to chase my 毎 [goto] (every) 夢 [yume] (dream). I will return the happiest man in the 界 [kai] (world). Grandfather found nothing but misery, however, I will prove him wrong! I will prove that his original 夢 [yume] (dream) was and still is real. He found a lover out here and a daughter, both of who died very young. I will not make his same mistakes. I will show him that romance never dies and that love conquers everything. Whatever that means. Haha. I don't even 知 [shiru] (know) yet what he was talking about! I can't possibly return until I do. It makes a smile come to my face. It's just so great that I can get out here and always 知 [shiru] (know) that I am reliving my grandfather's nightmare, except as a 夢 [yume] (dream). I am helping him. I am showing him that it can be done. I am demonstrating that even the greatest, most craziest 物 [mono] (things) can be rationalized and done right.

As I sit here, 温 [atataka] (warm) and comfortable in my 小 [chīsai] (little) home, it is raining outside. It is dark and wet and a storm is raging. I can hear the thunder, crackling over my 頭 [atama] (head). Earlier, I walked outside and the 雨 [ame] (rain) poured down all over me. It was a nice feeling, being soaked in the 雨 [ame] (rain) like that. It was uplifting and dreamy. I felt like I could stand there forever. It made me 思 [omou] (think) of taking a swim this 朝 [asa] (morning). I usually swim as much as possible, but I have been feeling a bit sore after all that fighting, and sometimes tournaments can make me avoid 水 [mizu] (water). Yet I am feeling like swimming anyway.

There is this powerful 感 [kan] (emotion) deep inside of me that has been rising to the top. It is 強 [tsuyoi] (strong) and mighty and invincible. It is the craziest 物 [mono] (thing) I've ever experienced. It's like my 気 [iki] (spirit) is flying through the 空 [sora] (sky).

Speaking of the 空 [sora] (sky), I recently learned how to 飛 [tobu] (fly)! I don't even 知 [shiru] (know) how I did it. But afterwards, I couldn't figure out how to continue to use the new ability. I am very frustrated by this and intend to go to a martial artist school or temple to seek 助 [tasukeru] (help) for this problem. There must be some way to get it to work again. Hopefully, it will light up in my 頭 [atama] (head) before I have to actually visit a 所 [tokoro] (place). I really don't want to go anywhere like that.

It was amazing. I was in the 空 [sora] (sky)... floating! I was just hanging there somehow in mid-air. It must have been some kind of survival instinct flaring on inside of me. As you 知 [shiru] (know), it is very, very rare for a martial artist to learn how to 飛 [tobu] (fly). This precious new gem is just... wow! I was in mid-air, 母 [haha] (mother), 父 [chichi] (father)! I could 飛 [tobu] (fly)! Are you as excited as me? What if you could 飛 [tobu] (fly)? Would you want to 今 [ima] (now) after seeing me do it? It's so much more wonderful than I could have ever imagined!

I eagerly await the ability to scale 山 [yama] (mountain) and 森 [mori] (forests) and plains and 河 [kawa] (rivers) and even 洋 [] (oceans)! I will soon be able to travel anywhere and do anything. It's what I have always dreamed of! I am finally becoming the talented, powerful warrior that I have always striven to become. Even grandfather never figured out how to 飛 [tobu] (fly)! He isn't jealous, is he? I really don't want him to be. Tell him it's okay! I'll 教 [oshieru] (teach) him how when I finally come home. It'll be great!

I wonder what it would be like to 飛 [tobu] (fly) in the 空 [sora] (sky) right 今 [ima] (now). The thunder and the 雨 [ame] (rain) and the clouds and the dark, night 空 [sora] (sky). I bet it would be miraculous! I can still vividly remember the feeling of being in the air. It was such an unbelievable sensation. It was like being god! I could hover in 所 [tokoro] (place), I could move! It was wonderful, it was indescribable, it was so great! There are no words to communicate it! It is just something you have to feel to understand. It's something that you have to just see in person.

Well, 母 [haha] (mother), 父 [chichi] (father)... I cannot 思 [omou] (think) of anything else that I 要 [iru] (need) to say at this point or, believe me, I would. It's not that the letter is getting long, it's just that I am overwhelmed and at a loss for more words. I just don't 知 [shiru] (know) how to talk about everything I am feeling right 今 [ima] (now). Trust me, I could have said so much more. I just don't 知 [shiru] (know) how. Please find it in you to support me and not just tell me that I should stop and come home. Please try to see 物 [mono] (things) from my point of view.


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Re: The Cat Fighters (Lit) (Modern)

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The Cat Fighters
by RabidFox

Chapter 8

Oliver was walking through the 森 [mori] (forest), looking for a 所 [tokoro] (place) to set up camp. He was planning on visiting a 少 [sukunai] (few) more 所 [tokoro] (places) on Alton 島 [shima] (island), and then he was going to take a boat back to the continent. The 若 [wakai] (young), 白 [shiro] (white) cat had all of his capsules put away, including his 家 [ie] (house) capsule. He had not been having any problems and mostly he had just been hiking along through the woods without interruption.

Then, all of a sudden, there was a great flash of brilliant 白 [shiro] (white) light. Oliver shielded his 目 [me] (eyes), trying to 保 [tamotsu] (protect) them from the huge flash. He was taken aback, shock running through him like a live wire. The whiteness stilled, then shifted, then started to fade away. There was a great 音 [oto] (sound) like rustling 風 [kaze] (winds) and then Oliver's vision was restored.

"What in the 界 [kai] (world)...?!" Exclaimed Oliver, trying to adjust to what had just happened.

Apparently, he had been transported to a totally different area! Everything 前 [mae] (in front) of him was completely different!

"Where am I?!" Wondered Oliver, overwhelmed by 感 [kan] (emotion).

There was nothing familiar about the 新 [atarashī] (new) location. Except for the fact that it was in the middle of a 森 [mori] (forest). But the 木 [ki] (trees) here were different. They were dark and 青 [ao] (blue) and had similarly colored leaves. The leaves were even a different 形 [kata] (shape), like 長 [nagai] (long) wisps. They hung down very low on thin vines and must have been some kind of willow.

Oliver looked around, flabbergasted.

"I... I..." The 白 [shiro] (white) cat was at a loss for 語 [kataru] (words).

He was still for a 長 [nagai] (long) 時 [toki] (time), and then his 感 [kan] (emotions) pushed him on. The land was dark and wicked, the 木 [ki] (trees) were equally ominous. He felt like he was walking in some kind of horror novel. Everything around him was so... gothic. He walked and walked and walked, and yet there seemed to be no 終 [owaru] (end) to the 森 [mori] (forest). He couldn't seem to get anywhere. It was creepy and eerie and just overwhelming. Oliver felt like the foreboding 情 [nasake] (feeling) would never go away. The 白 [shiro] (white) cat just couldn't find the slightest source of light, whether that be physical or emotional. The woods seemed to consume his very soul.

Contrary to the bizarre 性 [saga] (nature) of the 森 [mori] (forest), it was actually quite pretty. There was a 深 [fukai] (deep) 情 [nasake] (feeling) to the 所 [tokoro] (place), like an 古 [furui] (old), ancient fairy 話 [hanasu] (tale). The 静 [shizu] (quiet) 性 [saga] (nature) of it took you in and relaxed you. Yet at the 同 [onaji] (same) 時 [toki] (time), the whole essence of it put you on edge, like something could happen at any moment. And that something seemed like it would be 悪 [warui] (bad) rather than 良 [yoi] (good). Oliver had never seen such an enchanting 所 [tokoro] (place) and his senses were completely enthralled with raw, natural 力 [chikara] (power) of the woods.

時 [toki] (time) passed at a crawl, the 深 [fukai] (deep) 青 [ao] (blues) and sparkling 緑 [midori] (greens) never giving way to even so much as a clearing. He could find no 水 [mizu] (water), no 川 [kawa] (stream), no 河 [kawa] (river). He could find no conclusion to the calm, sweeping 森 [mori] (forest). However, as 時 [toki] (time) went on, he eventually managed to lose himself in something 新 [atarashī] (new). And that was a 厚 [atsui] (thick) mist. Its 白 [shiro] (white) tendrils wrapped around every 木 [ki] (tree), bush, and blade of grass. Wrapped itself around him, around his very thoughts. He was lost, that was for sure. He had somehow been sent to what he felt, no matter how pretty, was definitely the center of hell.

The 若 [wakai] (young), 白 [shiro] (white) cat kept thinking about the flash of light. He knew that he was most certainly not on the 島 [shima] (island) anymore. It was too strange, too weird, too creepy. It couldn't possibly be the 同 [onaji] (same) bright, cheery 島 [shima] (island) that he had sailed to. No matter what, he would have to keep his wits about him. Otherwise, this mystical intrusion may be the last thing he ever saw before he died. The lethal 性 [saga] (nature) of the woods was not something he was going to ignore. Therefore, he was prepared to fight if he had to.

"My god..." Gasped Oliver, bending down and holding his knees. "Where does this maze end? Is someone trying to kill me? What in the hell is going on?"

The odd feline from before had been lingering on his mind. Did that 緑 [midori] (green)-eyed look-a-like have something to do with this? He found it way too coincidental that he had just recently been running for his 生 [ikiru] (life). 民 [tami] (people) had been hunting him down trying to find that other person and thinking that it was him. How would he ever get the bastard off his mind? He had killed 民 [tami] (people), for sure. Was he the one doing this? But why? Why any interest in a simple scapegoat?

There was suddenly an eerie 音 [oto] (sound) in the woods. He wasn't sure where it was coming from, which 方 [kata] (direction) that it had floated out of. It was the 音 [oto] (sound)... of a harp. His ears perked, listening to 毎 [goto] (every) note. It was a creepy 音 [oto] (sound), a beyond creepy 音 [oto] (sound). It made a chill go through his entire body. What could be happening?! Who was that?! The 楽 [tanoshī] (music) filled the 静 [shizu] (quiet), overwhelming his senses with its bestial intensity.

"Who is that?!" Called out Oliver, more than just suspicious. "Where are you?! What are you doing...?! What do you want?!"

But no one replied. The 楽 [tanoshī] (music) just continued to float through the air. Then, suddenly, the fog intensified and Oliver felt even more lost. He struggled to maintain as much vision as possible, but even his keen, feline 目 [me] (eyes) could not keep up with the mist. It rolled over everything, climbing higher and higher into the 木 [ki] (trees), blocking out 毎 [goto] (every) source of light there was. The 白 [shiro] (white) cat felt completely consumed in some kind of dark, wicked power.

Oliver's mind was spinning. He thought for a moment that he may never return home to his family. And he felt lonely then. The loneliest he had ever felt. Nothing had ever destroyed his confidence more and now he was starting to feel like he really, truly did want to go home afterall.

"Mother! Father! Brothers!" He cried, in helplessness.

The 楽 [tanoshī] (music) did not stop playing.

He screamed if only to be heard by himself.

The harp's notes hit 毎 [goto] (every) nerve he had, fulfilled 毎 [goto] (every) sense that was in him. Each stroke of the strings sent his mind racing into insanity. There had to be some way to silence that crazy harp. There had to be some way to find its crazy player. Spinning and spinning and spinning, all the 楽 [tanoshī] (music) going around him in circles. Spinning and spinning and spinning and spinning... There seemed to be no end to the lunacy! Oh god, where was civilization when you needed it? Where were all the 民 [tami] (people) that walked down the 丁 [hinoto] (streets)? Where were all the greedy merchants and the tough guys and the yammering 女 [onna] (women) and the screaming 子 [ko] (children)? Hell, he would give anything to 聞 [kiku] (hear) the most annoying person's most annoying 声 [koe] (voice) rather than be here, all alone, trapped. Anything was better than this madness!

And then... the 楽 [tanoshī] (music) stopped. And the fog... rolled away.

In its 所 [tokoro] (place), Oliver saw the silhouette of a 城 [shiro] (castle)... a 城 [shiro] (castle) way up in the sky, sitting atop a steep cliff.

"Wow..." Oliver said to himself, in amazement. "That's such... a pretty 城 [shiro] (castle)... I wonder who... That's probably why... I'm here."

The 白 [shiro] (white) cat curiously began towards the 城 [shiro] (castle). It was a 長 [nagai] (long) way off and the only reason he could see it at all was simply because it was such a large, intimidating structure. The 木 [ki] (trees) finally began to thin out and a 路 [ji] (path) took the 所 [tokoro] (place) of the earth. It was a rock laid 路 [ji] (path), with stones deeply embedded in the ground and carefully shaped to perfection. The grass was still very tall, though. It went way up Oliver's legs. The moon was not visible from where he was, but Oliver bet it looked beautiful when it was right behind the 城 [shiro] (castle).

Oliver was stunned. He had never seen a 城 [shiro] (castle) before. Where he came from, the greatest structure there was, was a pagoda or the palace. Neither building looked anything like this one. Oliver's homeland had been like snaking, red dragons, covering 毎 [goto] (every) inch of the humble 小 [chīsai] (little) 界 [kai] (world) that he had lived in. A 城 [shiro] (castle)... now that was something very culturally different. The 白 [shiro] (white) cat had come from a land of samurais and ninjas. 城 [shiro] (castles) brought with them kings and queens.

In his homeland, 男 [otoko] (men) commonly wore a haori with a hakama for the legs and zori for the feet. The 女 [onna] (women) wore a kimono, with a obi on the waist, using a obiage, a obijime, and a obidome. In this 新 [atarashī] (new) 界 [kai] (world) he had discovered, 民 [tami] (people) didn't wear all that. Each country had its own style of clothing and each country had its own way of wearing clothing. This land, this 所 [tokoro] (place) with a 城 [shiro] (castle)... the 女 [onna] (women) wore these majestic dresses and the 男 [otoko] (men) wore these boring suits and ties. But inside the 城 [shiro] (castle), he had always thought the clothing was quite beautiful. 長 [nagai] (long), flowing dresses decorated with everything you could imagine, and 長 [nagai] (long), flowing coats with lots of beautiful stitchings and symbols.

His feet continued to walk the stone 路 [ji] (path), his 目 [me] (eyes) affixed to the 城 [shiro] (castle) in the distance. It was such a mighty structure. So powerful, so mindlessly gorgeous. He was taken aback by its sheer beauty. 毎 [goto] (every) piece of it was perfect. 毎 [goto] (every) angle was like god himself. 毎 [goto] (every) feature... astounding. The 若 [wakai] (young), 白 [shiro] (white) cat could not stop looking at it in awe. He got closer and closer, and yet still felt so far away. It was like he could touch the image of it before he could even reach it. His soul was still and peaceful and 静 [shizu] (quiet).

What was it doing here? Why was he here? Who had summoned him? He didn't know. He just kept thinking... it must have something to do with that strange 男 [otoko] (man) who went on that killing spree. There was no such thing as coincidences that strong.

One thing he had learned about 城 [shiro] (castles) since he had left his 村 [mura] (village), was that nobles could have 城 [shiro] (castles) too, not just royalty. He felt for sure that this was not a 城 [shiro] (castle) that belonged to a king, but to one of the king's noblemen. It just didn't look like a king's 城 [shiro] (castle). It was far too dreary and that made him think of a noble. Also, he wouldn't understand why some king would want his presence. Obviously the owner of this 所 [tokoro] (place) had called him here. The incidence in the 森 [mori] (forest) did not go unnoticed, of course.

"Why do they want me here?" Oliver wondered, out loud. "What's so special about me? They don't think I'm... Clyde, do they...? And how does anyone know that's actually that man's 名 [na] (name) anyway? What did they do, stop and ask while he was mass murdering everyone?"

And what was with that ghostly harp? The owner of this 城 [shiro] (castle) must have one of the most beautiful hearts in the 界 [kai] (world). It had been so... lovely. Why did he stop?

"Hello...?" Oliver's 声 [koe] (voice) trailed into the night, the 音 [oto] (sound) seeming to live on.

He finally reached the 城 [shiro] (castle) gates. They were 開 [hiraku] (open). He wasn't surprised. Obviously, this person wanted to meet him, so therefore Oliver had no problem walking onto the 城 [shiro] (castle) grounds. Immediately, he was surrounded by 花 [hana] (flowers). Tons and tons of pretty 花 [hana] (flowers). All kinds of different colors and 形 [kata] (shapes) and sizes. They were everywhere, all over the 所 [tokoro] (place). All over the 所 [tokoro] (place), except for the trail that continued on and on until finally it broke into many different 方 [kata] (directions). But Oliver didn't have to change 方 [kata] (directions). The 城 [shiro] (castle) was straight ahead and so he continued on the 同 [onaji] (same) 路 [ji] (path). Farther and farther, closer and closer. Soon, he would be there.

Latticework lined the 路 [ji] (paths), vines climbing up the crossings and blooming into 花 [hana] (flowers) here and there. There were benches now and again, and statues and fountains and carefully trimmed hedges. There were gazebos and tables and chairs. There were small 川 [kawa] (streams) winding all around and short waterfalls flowing over rocks and pebbles. The endless sights were breathtaking.

"What a beautiful 所 [tokoro] (place)." Oliver couldn't contain himself.

But he kept asking, inside his mind... Why am I here?


Oliver had reached the 城 [shiro] (castle) 戸 [to] (doors). They were 大 [ō] (large) and intimidating. He could barely 立 [tatsu] (stand up) against them. They made him feel like he was the smallest 物 [mono] (thing) in the 界 [kai] (world). In fact, they were so huge, Oliver didn't even begin to 知 [shiru] (know) how to 開 [hiraku] (open) them. And then, suddenly, they opened, slowly moving within the walls. The 白 [shiro] (white) cat gasped, taken aback by the majestic sight. Someone must be waiting for him.

But then he had already figured that out.

Oliver slowly crept inside of the 城 [shiro] (castle). The first 物 [mono] (thing) he saw was a giant 室 [muro] (room) with a central staircase. The stairs wrapped around the walls and went up to a platform above the main floor. In the middle, it opened up into a grand hallway, disappearing out of sight. The 白 [shiro] (white) cat walked to the center of the 室 [muro] (room), staring around him in awe. He couldn't understand how some 所 [tokoro] (place) could be so huge and enthralling. It was like walking into heaven.

"Hello...?" Oliver ventured into the emptiness. "Is anyone here?"

There was no reply. Oliver was greeted by nothing but silence. However, the torches were lit and glowing furiously. That meant that there must be someone nearby.

"Hello...?" Oliver tried 再 [futatabi] (again) in vain. "Hello?"

The 白 [shiro] (white) cat didn't 知 [shiru] (know) what to do. He was lost without a way out. He was stuck, he was trapped, he had somehow been manipulated by magic and... he just couldn't figure out how to escape this 奇 [kushiki] (strange), bewildering predicament. Was there some kind of nobility that lived here? What was this 城 [shiro] (castle) for? Who watched over this 所 [tokoro] (place)? Who was calling out to him?

Oliver began to simply 歩 [aruku] (walk) around and explore. He knew that whoever had summoned here must known that he was here. Through some kind of mystical 力 [chikara] (power) or some enchanted object like a magic 球 [tama] (ball)... somehow, he knew that they knew. Or at least, they would 知 [shiru] (know) soon. But the 問 [tou] (question) was still... what did they want with him?

"You 人 [hito] (people) are fucked up!" Shouted the cat, frustrated. "Is this some kind of joke?! I didn't do anything! I'm not Clyde! Is that what this is about?!"


"Hello...?!" He yelled, 怒 [ikaru] (angry). "Does this have something to do with the tournament?! What is going on?!"

And still no reply.

Oliver decided to start down one of the hallways. As he began to transcend the distance and was within the halls, he could not help but notice just how beautiful and lustrous this 館 [yakata] (building) was. There were amazingly painted portraits of 人 [hito] (people) on the walls, an unbelievably perfectly woven carpet 氾 [hirogaru] (spread out) down the floors, gorgeous professional wallpapering, and brilliant, consuming decorations all over the 所 [tokoro] (place). It was like walking through light itself.

As he walked down the halls, he kept passing huge doorways, 各 [onōno] (each) 戸 [to] (door) like a stained glass 窓 [mado] (window). They were colorful, they were carefully blended between light and darkness. Everything was so balanced and expertly crafted. Every 独 [hitori] (single) feature of the 城 [shiro] (castle) was just breathtaking. What it must be like to grow up in a 所 [tokoro] (place) like this. Oliver had never even seen anything like this before, not even in a 本 [hon] (book). Hell, his family may have been a bunch of backwards farmers, but even they had the internet and the search engine hadn't been able to bring up a 絵 [kai] (picture) like this ever.

Then, suddenly without warning, a 白 [shiro] (white), ghostly fog violently rolled down the hall and blasted into Oliver. He let out a scream in surprise. The fog wrapped around his 体 [karada] (body) and climbed up the walls, filling up 毎 [goto] (every) last inch surrounding him.

"What's going on?!" He shouted, helplessly, as he tried to block his 目 [me] (eyes) from the mind blowing sight.

After several moments had passed, Oliver opened his 目 [me] (eyes). But, alas, he could not 見 [miru] (see)! There was nothing but fog now, but an impenetrable mist.

"Hey, knock this shit off!" Oliver yelled, in anger and frustration. "What are you fucking 人 [hito] (people) doing?! What kind of sick 回 [mawaru] (game) is this?!"

And then, like had happened not too 長 [nagai] (long) before, the eerie 音 [oto] (sound) of a harp began to play. He could recognize 毎 [goto] (every) note of it, feel 毎 [goto] (every) piece of it. There was no 疑 [utagau] (doubt) in his mind that it was the same musician as before. He was angry at first, and then somehow strangely comforted. It felt like he was about to be murdered and yet... he was happy.

Oliver pushed past the fog. If he ran into a wall, he'd just keep on going! He'd feel around it, he'd 貿 [] (trade) vision for instincts.

The 楽 [tanoshī] (music) continued to 奏 [kanaderu] (play music). And he continued to 歩 [aruku] (walk).

"Who are you..?" Rolled off his 唇 [kuchibiru] (lips). For some reason, it didn't seem to 事 [koto] (matter) anymore. Was it a trick of the musician?

He couldn't 見 [miru] (see) but that didn't 止 [tomaru] (stop) him. His mind had been pushed up against a wall, yet he could still 思 [omou] (think). His 心 [kokoro] (heart) felt like it was sinking to some invisible depth in his 気 [iki] (spirit). The notes wrapped around his 毎 [goto] (every) thought and controlled 各 [onōno] (each) and 毎 [goto] (every) single last one. His mind felt like it was imploding and his very essence seemed to be slowly vanishing into nothingness. He couldn't control his legs. They just kept on walking.

The fog began to disappear. It gave him immediate relief. Yes, he was regaining vision! It didn't make sense and it didn't register at all... but he didn't care. Where was he? What was this 所 [tokoro] (place)? Who was this 人 [hito] (person)? Or... who was these 人 [hito] (people)? He didn't even 知 [shiru] (know) how many 人 [hito] (people) were involved in this 奇 [kushiki] (strange) kidnapping. He was kidnapped? 理 [kotowari] (logic) was deteriorating.

"Hello?!" He called out into the deafening 楽 [tanoshī] (music). "Hello?!"

He thought to himself, doesn't this make this 人 [hito] (person) feel the slightest bit stupid? It would make him feel stupid. Trapping someone inside of their home just to play them some silly little 調 [shiraberu] (tune)? Why? How did any of this make even the smallest sense?

The mist had totally evaporated. Oliver could now 見 [miru] (see) 再 [futatabi] (again), but he was no longer in the hall. He was now in a 室 [muro] (room). He didn't 見 [miru] (see) anyone.

Oliver looked around himself, and began running around the 室 [muro] (room), trying to find the source of the 楽 [tanoshī] (music). The 白 [shiro] (white) cat stumbled and tripped, falling right on his 顔 [kao] (face). He was still for a moment, as he recovered, and then he got back up on his feet. The 楽 [tanoshī] (music) was confusing him. It was leading his mind into madness. He started to race around 再 [futatabi] (again), desperately looking for some 末 [sue] (end) to this craziness. But he could find no one and nothing of interest.

"Damn it!" He cursed.

All he could do was mindlessly explore the 室 [muro] (room). It was his only option. And, oh my, was the 室 [muro] (room) gigantic. There was no 末 [sue] (end) to the size of it. It was like exploring the 界 [kai] (world) itself. He felt like he was surrounded by continents and oceans of tables and chairs and cabinets and counters and... there was just no 末 [sue] (end) to it!

"Where are you?!" He cried.

And then, just as suddenly as it had began, the 楽 [tanoshī] (music) stopped.

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Re: The Cat Fighters (Lit) (Modern)

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The Cat Fighters
by RabidFox

Chapter 9

Suddenly, he felt his 体 [karada] (body) freeze. He tried to break free, but he was helpless. His arms were like boards and his 足 [ashi] (legs) like 鉄 [kurogane] (iron). His 全 [mattaku] (whole) 体 [karada] (body) felt consumed by an uncontrollable stiffness that had taken hold of his very being. He tried to make a 音 [oto] (sound), yet nothing would come from his 口 [kuchi] (mouth). He was totally trapped!

Then his vision was taken away from him, as his 目 [me] (eyes) were forced shut. He struggled and struggled and struggled, but to no avail. The 若 [wakai] (young), 白 [shiro] (white) cat was 今 [ima] (now) completely in the control of another 人 [hito] (person). A 奇 [kushiki] (strange), mysterious 人 [hito] (person) whose identity was a 秘 [himeru] (secret). A 秘 [himeru] (secret) that Oliver had been trying to uncover for the longest 時 [toki] (time) 今 [ima] (now).

The 若 [wakai] (young) 男 [otoko] (man) couldn't 助 [tasukeru] (help) but to try to kick his 足 [ashi] (legs). They wouldn't 動 [ugoku] (move). He tried to claw at whoever might be 前 [mae] (in front) of him, though, his arms would not 順 [jun] (obey). He even tried to summon energy to attack the assailant. But, of course, any attempt to break free was useless. He was all alone, in the grasp of some psychopath. He was... completely alone.

Just as suddenly as he had been captured, his 目 [me] (eyes) were reopened by whoever had closed them. Oliver gasped! Before him was a shocking sight! It was the most unbelievable 物 [mono] (thing) that he had ever seen. It was... the culprit?!

Standing 前 [mae] (in front) of him, mere feet away, was a 白 [shiro] (white) cat. 毎 [goto] (every) last bit of fur, completely and totally a solid color, except for one, amazing difference. There was a 黒 [kuro] (black) splotch of fur over the feline's 目 [me] (eyes). And they were 緑 [midori] (green).

"Clyde?!" Exclaimed Oliver, in total surprise. He could speak again!

"No..." Answered the sleek and beautiful 男 [otoko] (man). "I am not Clyde."

"But... but... then who are you?!" Oliver couldn't get over himself. "What are you doing here?! Why have you kidnapped me?! What in the hell is going on?!"

The 男 [otoko] (man) was dressed in fine clothes. They were obviously made by the best tailor in the 界 [kai] (world). They were dark 青 [ao] (blue), all matching: 長 [nagai] (long) coat and all. He had 黒 [kuro] (black) boots up to his knees and 黒 [kuro] (black) gloves covering his 全 [mattaku] (whole) 手 [te] (hands).

The 男 [otoko] (man) flicked his 尾 [o] (tail), not showing the slightest bit of impatience. He was eerily calm, the weirdest 人 [hito] (person) that Oliver had ever seen. His demeanor was like a gem 石 [ishi] (stone), hard yet irresistibly perfect. Was this a noble? Was this one of the 男 [otoko] (men) that Oliver had heard about in legend?

"I am Clyde's big brother." Explained the mysterious cat. "I have been looking for him, but his magic has been evading mine... You... what is your 名 [na] (name)?"

That would have been a great question if Oliver could have just grasped it. He was in too much shock.

"Your 弟 [otōto] (little brother)?!" Exclaimed Oliver. "He... is your 弟 [otōto] (little brother)? Well, damn it... it ain't me! I am not Clyde!"

"I 知 [shiru] (know) that, of course." Replied the nobleman or at least that's what Oliver thought he was. "Your 目 [me] (eyes) are 青 [ao] (blue) and his are 緑 [midori] (green) like mine. And you don't have a splotch of color on your face either."

"He's also taller than me!" Interjected Oliver. "Don't forget that part!"

The nobleman laughed. It didn't 音 [oto] (sound) like a mean 笑 [warau] (laugh), but it was still the creepiest 音 [oto] (sound) that Oliver had ever heard.

"All I want to 知 [shiru] (know) right this moment is your 名 [na] (name)." Prodded the 奇 [kushiki] (strange) 男 [otoko] (man). "That's all. You are not in any danger. No one is going to 害 [gai] (harm) you at all."

The 若 [wakai] (young) martial artist was stunned. He could barely form 語 [kataru] (words) and yet somehow he managed to...

"My 名 [na] (name) is Oliver." He answered.

"Oliver, eh?" Wondered the mysterious feline out loud. "I just wanted to make sure that you entered the tournament with your real 名 [na] (name) and not some joke title... Ah, let me explain. I'm sure you're just flabbergasted to the maximum. 今 [ima] (now), 今 [ima] (now), where should we begin...?"

Oliver was completely enthralled.

"My 名 [na] (name) is Clinton, Duke of Obsidian." Started the nobleman. "I am the owner of this 城 [shiro] (castle). My 弟 [otōto] (little brother) is the 男 [otoko] (man) who you call Clyde. He has been missing recently. Causing trouble and all, I'm sure you heard about it on the news... He's not been quite acting himself lately. Honestly, he's gone more than a bit mad..." The 男 [otoko] (man) laughed, uncomfortably.

"See, Clyde is the Duke of Jade. He comes from a 長 [nagai] (long) line of nobility in the 国 [kuni] (country) of Vaughn from Trenton County."

"But everyone in Vaughn is 黒 [kuro] (black)." Noted Oliver, at a loss. "They have the splotch like you, they just... they're the 他 [hoka] (other) way around. They're 黒 [kuro] (black) with a 白 [shiro] (white) splotch and you and Clyde are 白 [shiro] (white) with a 黒 [kuro] (black) splotch. How can you both be dukes if you're illegitimate children?"

Clinton may not have liked that comment, but Oliver wasn't sure. He did tighten his expression a bit, though.

"Yes... it is all too obvious." Replied Clinton, in a tense voice. "Our 母 [haha] (mother) was not from Vaughn. She was from your 国 [kuni] (country), Emiliano. She was not nobility either. She was just a commoner that lived in a small farming 村 [mura] (village)..."

Clinton turned away, seeming to become lost in his thoughts. On the 他 [hoka] (other) 手 [te] (hand), Oliver was getting very uncomfortable being an immovable 石 [ishi] (stone).

"Can you please... release me?" Complained Oliver. It was such a miserable position. "I can't 動 [ugoku] (move)!"

"Oh yes, certainly." Answered Clinton, his back still turned. "But I won't let you get away, so don't even try."

"Look, I'll do whatever you want." Assured Oliver. "I 知 [shiru] (know) you're stronger than me and have some kind of 力 [chikara] (power) that I can't match. I'll entertain you for 今 [ima] (now). But just promise to let me go when you're done."

"I'm not sure that I can make that promise." Said Clinton, mysteriously. "I won't 害 [gai] (harm) you. No one will. But let's... just let the actual release 物 [mono] (thing) slide for 今 [ima] (now). You will be treated like the most important guest, though, so don't think that I'm going to do anything to you. I'm not."

Oliver didn't want to be anyone's damn "guest". That didn't mean he wanted to leave, though. Interest and intrigue was burning within him like the strongest 火 [hi] (fire) that he had ever felt. He was completely overwhelmed by the 要 [iru] (need) to 知 [shiru] (know) more. What in the 界 [kai] (world) was going on? Why did this 奇 [kushiki] (strange) nobleman demand his presence? Who was Clyde and what was his relationship to this 男 [otoko] (man)? Why was an insane nobleman on a killing spree?

"今 [ima] (now) I will do just one more 物 [mono] (thing)." Said Clinton, finally turning around to meet his 目 [me] (eyes). They were as 緑 [midori] (green) as Clyde's title of Duke of Jade. "I will not let you interrupt me with 語 [kataru] (words). So, while you can 動 [ugoku] (move), you will not be able to interject."

Oliver was not happy about that, but then he could do nothing about it either.

"今 [ima] (now)..." Resumed Clinton. "It is 時 [toki] (time) for you to 知 [shiru] (know) the truth. I will beat around the bush for as 長 [nagai] (long) as possible, however.

"Me and my brother are both the sons of the same 女 [onna] (woman). I cannot tell you her 名 [na] (name) yet, but it will 音 [oto] (sound) familiar to you... See, my 父 [chichi] (father), the Duke of Rubies, was a romantic 男 [otoko] (man) that was deeply in 愛 [itoshī] (love) with a 甘 [amai] (sweet), kindhearted 女 [onna] (woman) from Emiliano. She had sleek, beautiful features like the cats from his own 国 [kuni] (country), Vaughn. But there was a major difference.

"Vaughn had 長 [nagai] (long) since let go of the 根 [ne] (roots) that it had shared with Emiliano. I'm sure you 知 [shiru] (know) that by your age. The tie we used to have to one another. Our 男 [otoko] (men) once proudly wore the haori and hakama and our women the kimono just like the 民 [tami] (people) in Emiliano. But when our 国 [kuni] (country) was invaded by the Western nations, they changed everything that had our nation had once ferociously protected. Our 価 [atai] (values), our morals, our lore, even our own writing 制 [sei] (system). Everything was changed.

"My 父 [chichi] (father) had always hated the way that Vaughn had changed. He had never been lucky enough to witness the 古 [furui] (old) Vaughn. Even as a boy, he was still too 若 [wakai] (young) to have ever seen the great empire that Vaughn had once been. But he had always heard the stories and seen the pictures on the wall. Even the 古 [furui] (old) 宮 [miya] (palace) had been destroyed and replaced with a 城 [shiro] (castle) like those in the Western countries.

"Our very way of 生 [ikiru] (life), completely shattered by the Westerners... Like my 父 [chichi] (father), I have always been 怒 [ikaru] (angry) about it, but, unlike him, I still prefer the new Vaughn. I feel this way in 恥 [hajiru] (shame), always an embarrassment to my own 父 [chichi] (father). Especially since my 母 [haha] (mother) was from Emiliano. He always told me that, if she were still alive, she'd hate me. I... must 知 [shiru] (know). I must 知 [shiru] (know) if she would hate me.

"My brother... Clyde... has lost his mind. Unlike me, he shares my father's 夢 [yume] (dream). He wishes to restore Vaughn back to its 根 [ne] (roots). It's been hundreds of 年 [toshi] (years) since we shared a culture with Emiliano, but... Clyde is determined... Oh my, all those 年 [toshi] (years)... of being overshadowed by my own 弟 [otōto] (little brother). My 父 [chichi] (father) has always preferred him over me. I feel... like my only hope for salvation... is to 知 [shiru] (know)... if she really would have hated me or not."

Clinton's 目 [me] (eyes) had fallen to the floor in 恥 [hajiru] (shame) and embarrassment. He rose them 今 [ima] (now) to meet with Oliver's own 目 [me] (eyes).

"My mother's 名 [na] (name)... was Delphine. She was your father's 姉 [ane] (big sister)."


Oliver was trapped in his mind. What?!


Father's 姉 [ane] (big sister)?!

But the 若 [wakai] (young), 白 [shiro] (white) cat could not talk. He could not answer. He could say nothing!

"Delphine... I never knew her. I've never seen her. I've never had anything to do with her at all." Said Clinton, in a wistful, solemn tone. "She was my 母 [haha] (mother), but the moment I was born, my 父 [chichi] (father), Duke of Rubies, took me away from her.

"He told me that his 妻 [tsuma] (wife) , the 女 [onna] (woman) who has always been as if my 真 [ma] (true) 母 [haha] (mother), could not have 子 [ko] (children). And because of this, he had purposefully sought out a romantic relationship with another 女 [onna] (woman). He told me that... he couldn't bare to have a 子 [ko] (child) with a 女 [onna] (woman) that he did not 愛 [itoshī] (love). Perhaps he couldn't take her back with him, oh... "母 [haha] (mother)" would have never approved of that. But... he just wanted to have 子 [ko] (children) with a 女 [onna] (woman) that he actually loved. It took him a 長 [nagai] (long) 時 [toki] (time), but he settled on finding his 愛 [itoshī] (love) among the great amount of farming 村 [mura] (villages) in Emiliano. To him, it was like a toast to his own 国 [kuni] (country), the way that it was before. It was like creating a 子 [ko] (child) out of his 愛 [itoshī] (love) for the 古 [furui] (old) ways.

"But I was a disappointment to him. He told me... that while he always loved me as much as my 弟 [otōto] (little brother), part of him always felt cold to me, because of my total allegiance to a nation that he, in a way, despised. He told me that while my 真 [ma] (true) 母 [haha] (mother) would hate me, she would still 愛 [itoshī] (love) me as much as her other son... I just... can't stand it! Why does all of this matter?! Why can't my 父 [chichi] (father) 愛 [itoshī] (love) me just as purely as Clyde?! Am I jealous?! Yes, I am!"

Normally, Oliver would wonder why a 男 [otoko] (man) that he had never met before would be so open with his 情 [nasake] (feelings) on the very first meeting, but... then he had said... that Oliver was actually his cousin! His blood cousin, no less! Oliver's mind was spinning and spinning and spinning. He could even begin to hold on to what was happening. It was all too bizarre! Too impossible! What in the hell was happening?!

"I 知 [shiru] (know) this must all be so strange to you..." Resumed Clinton, in a desperate voice. "but when a servant told me that he had seen you on television, I just... I had to 知 [shiru] (know). He said that you looked just like Clyde. I have been trying to find my 真 [ma] (true) mother's 村 [mura] (village)... for many years now. You...! You are my... only hope! I must 知 [shiru] (know)... who are you? Where do you come from? What really happened to my 母 [haha] (mother)? Did she really die?

"But don't answer that question yet. We still have more to discuss. Clyde... seeks to destroy the mightiest of the Western countries, so that Vaughn can reign once more and be restored to its former glory. He wishes to return our culture to its natural state, and nothing will stop him. He has... lost his mind. He should just... let it go. But he's taking this offense against our 国 [kuni] (country) too seriously. Why should so many 人 [hito] (people) that never had anything to do with it suffer for what was done hundreds of years ago? Why? It doesn't make any sense. He should stick to the courts like 父 [chichi] (father).

"But he won't. Someone must stop him... but he must not die in the process. You... you are blood to me and my 弟 [otōto] (little brother). Please... stop him. Just don't kill him. He is a wonderful 男 [otoko] (man), he really is. He doesn't mean what he does. Poor Clyde... he's just been driven insane by hundreds of years of hell. Please don't kill him. Please just somehow... return him to me and let me deal with him.

"I am no martial artist. But you are apparently a splendid one! It must have something to do with my mother's lineage. There must have been some brilliant spark in her eyes when 父 [chichi] (father) first found her amongst the simple farmers. She must have been the most beautiful 女 [onna] (woman) in the 界 [kai] (world), even prettier than my jealous 母 [haha] (mother).

"You are proof of her spark. You are proof of her beauty. You are proof of her relationship to me, the great Duke of Obsidian... 助 [tasukeru] (help) me and I can bring your family out of poverty. I can bring the entire 村 [mura] (village) out of poverty. I can give you all the 界 [kai] (world). You are... from Vaughn. You are from Vaughn because I and Clyde are from Vaughn. You are my blood.

"Please..." He begged. "助 [tasukeru] (help) your 長 [nagai] (long) lost kin. 助 [tasukeru] (help) me find my 弟 [otōto] (little brother) and put an end to this."

Clinton was obviously overwhelmed with 感 [kan] (emotion). He couldn't stand it. He just couldn't stand it. It was too much to bear. His life, the 界 [kai] (world), this 若 [wakai] (young) 男 [otoko] (man)... his own little 弟 [otōto] (little brother). He was completely overcome with grief.

"When my servant told me about you, he said... you wouldn't believe it, but... there's this 男 [otoko] (man) that looks just like Clyde! I swear, he's the spitting image of him! He looks just like him! I felt hope in my lonely soul. I felt an end to my questions.

"All these years of searching... finally done. I went to a witch with a magical crystal ball and she told me that the 男 [otoko] (man) that I had seen was really, truly my 長 [nagai] (long) lost cousin from Emiliano. He was the 真 [ma] (true) blood relative I have always desperately looked for. I just had to meet you!

"And you are so strong too. I watched the reruns of your matches on TV. You... were so perfect! You really did look just like my 弟 [otōto] (little brother). I knew it must be you and she reassured me that it was! See, she doesn't 知 [shiru] (know) how to find 人 [hito] (people) unless you have seen them yourself. I 知 [shiru] (know) that it seems like a television wouldn't be enough, but it was. You... you are Oliver!

"You are my cousin! Please... 助 [tasukeru] (help) me find your cousin, Clyde. I will not let him harm anymore 人 [hito] (people). But he must be brought back home to safety.

"And, of course, please... please tell me about my 母 [haha] (mother). Please settle these 古 [furui] (old) 情 [nasake] (feelings) I have always carried. Please end my deep need to 知 [shiru] (know)."

Suddenly, Oliver found that he could talk again.

"I..." Oliver started, completely bewildered. "am so confused. I just can't... wrap my head around all this. So... your 父 [chichi] (father)... he came to our 村 [mura] (village) and had a relationship with my aunt. Really? This is all... so totally crazy. What... the hell?!" Oliver could barely make sense of what he had just been told. "I... I..."

"I 知 [shiru] (know) it is overwhelming." Said the nobleman. "But I can't 助 [tasukeru] (help) it... I'm so impatient!"

"But..." Oliver began again. "I... wait a minute, what?! What the hell?! What the hell is going on?!"

"I understand that you need 時 [toki] (time)." Said Clinton. "I will just try to be still and 静 [shizu] (quiet) anyway."

"My father's 姉 [ane] (big sister)..." Said Oliver. "her 名 [na] (name) really was Delphine... Are you sure you're not mistaken?"

"No, I am not mistaken..." Clinton then sounded crushed. "Was...? Does that mean... she really did die?"

Oliver was silent for a moment, his 手 [te] (hands) on his hips. His mind was flying everywhere. "Yes. Yes, she did... When she had her first baby, I was told that the boy had died right after he was born. Then I was told that she had, had another baby. That baby died after he was born too. I was told that she was so devastated to lose both of her 子 [ko] (children) that she became ill and died shortly after having the second 子 [ko] (child).

"No one ever told me that the 父 [chichi] (father) was from Vaughn. All I knew was that the 父 [chichi] (father) had supposedly left after Delphine died. They said that he was devastated and would no longer remain in the 村 [mura] (village). They said he was so crushed, his soul just collapsed and he moved somewhere far, far away. No one even knew if he was still alive. And no one ever saw him since... All this supposedly happened before I was born. I never knew any of these 人 [hito] (people). I never knew my aunt either."

"I am 29." Commented Clinton, his expression seemingly calm. "My 弟 [otōto] (little brother) is 27. You are...?"

Oliver took a moment before answering. "I am 25. My 兄 [ani] (big brothers)... 一 [ichi] (one) is 27, 一 [ichi] (one) is 29, and 一 [ichi] (one) is almost 31... So I guess they must 知 [shiru] (know) about all this then... They never told me. No one did. Obviously, no one in the 村 [mura] (village) ever told me any of this at all. I have no 意 [i] (idea) why." Oliver was 怒 [ikaru] (angry) that he had been left out of the loop... Whatever that was. His mind was still racing.

"I see." Said Clinton, mysteriously. "They cannot fight?"

"I am the only one in my family other than my grandfather that is a martial artist." Explained Oliver.

"Clyde is obsessed with martial arts." Said Clinton. All the 感 [kan] (emotion) had appeared to have died down. "He... is very... stupid, I 思 [omou] (think). Why do you 学 [manabu] (study) martial arts?"

Oliver smirked, scoffing. "I guess because I'm stupid too... Or at least that's what all the villagers tell me."

"You do not have their support?" Asked Clinton.

"No." Replied Oliver. "I mean, they don't mind if I practice it at home. They just don't want me... traveling around the 界 [kai] (world). That's what... I have been doing."

"How 長 [nagai] (long) has it been since you were home?" Wondered Clinton. He had this look in his eye like he did not approve of Oliver's lifestyle.

"Half a year." Responded Oliver.

"Half a year?!" Exclaimed Clinton, flabbergasted. "Don't you miss your family?! God...! You sound... almost as crazy as Clyde!"

"Well... thank you." Said Oliver, sarcastically.

Clinton put his face in his 手 [te] (hands), having a moment of overwhelming 感 [kan] (emotion). For a 少 [sukunai] (few) moments, he said nothing, and then, "Would my 母 [haha] (mother) hate me? Would you... even 知 [shiru] (know)?"

"Of course not!" Oliver felt like he was rushing to protect the very 男 [otoko] (man) who had kidnapped him. "She would have loved you. She never had anything against anyone... that's what my 父 [chichi] (father) always told me. 父 [chichi] (father) loved her to pieces. She was such a kind, gentle 女 [onna] (woman). She would never 思 [omou] (think) such things about you."

"Then why did... why did my 父 [chichi] (father) tell me that?" Clinton felt betrayed by his 父 [chichi] (father).

"I don't 知 [shiru] (know)..." Answered Oliver. "Maybe... he just wanted you to 思 [omou] (think) that. Maybe he's trying to force you to 思 [omou] (think) like him because he 愛 [itoshī] (loves) you. Maybe he's trying to guilt you into his way of thinking, so that he can protect you from something he sees as a great danger to his family. Vaughn... the new Vaughn. Maybe he's trying to protect you from Vaughn's brain washing."

Clinton couldn't 助 [tasukeru] (help) but smile. "Thank you... my cousin."

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Re: The Cat Fighters (Lit) (Modern)

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The Cat Fighters
by RabidFox

Chapter 10

Oliver was still confused. "Alright, alright, so... I get it." He started, tripping over himself. "You want me... to tell you about your 母 [haha] (mother). Sure, I understand. I really do. What I don't get is that... you want me to find your 弟 [otōto] (little brother)? Right? Is that what you're saying?"

Clinton was silent for a moment. He appeared to be dreading something. "I am no martial artist, and the 人 [hito] (people) we have looking for him 今 [ima] (now), he 知 [shiru] (knows) all too well how to trick and manipulate them. He is very smart and he is too used to our typical security measures. He 知 [shiru] (knows) too much about the tactics and the 人 [hito] (people) that we would track him down with."

Oliver didn't say anything, then, "But why me? I'm just... your family, right?" Oliver's eyes closed, and he took his 手 [te] (hand) and placed it on his 顔 [kao] (face). He was definitely overwhelmed. "Your family... your cousin. Nobility? Me? Wouldn't that somehow make me nobility?"

"Perhaps." Answered Clinton, mysteriously.

"Why do you think I can 助 [tasukeru] (help) you? I mean... find your 弟 [otōto] (little brother), that is." Oliver just didn't get it.

"Your grandfather..." Clinton began, choked up. "He used to be a fine warrior. That was how... my 父 [chichi] (father) met your aunt."

"What?!" Oliver didn't understand.

"Your grandfather left your 村 [mura] (village) for 五 [go] (five) 年 [toshi] (years). But during those 五 [go] (five) 年 [toshi] (years), he did 多 [ōi] (many) amazing 物 [mono] (things). My 父 [chichi] (father) heard about the great deeds of this 男 [otoko] (man) and he learned that he had a daughter. It had been 多 [ōi] (many) 年 [toshi] (years) since your grandfather had returned home. My 父 [chichi] (father) was enamored with her before he even met her. And he was a young 男 [otoko] (man) when he first learned of her. A very young 男 [otoko] (man). For 多 [ōi] (many) 年 [toshi] (years), he yearned to meet her, and then he finally grew up. Once he was an adult, there was nothing standing between him and Delphine. He had already married and he already knew about his wife's inability to have 子 [ko] (children). He sought out Delphine and had a romantic relationship with her that resulted in 二 [ni] (two) sons.

"My 父 [chichi] (father) was heartless at that point. He took her first 子 [ko] (child) and she never saw him 再 [futatabi] (again). And then he took her second. She couldn't bear it anymore. She became ill and died. It was of a broken 心 [kokoro] (heart). Her body weakened quickly and she passed away. My 父 [chichi] (father) grieved for her, he did, but he could not 助 [tasukeru] (help) it. He told me, he just had to have heirs. 人 [hito] (people) were told that our fur coloring was because of some strange inheritance. It was really actually from interracial breeding, but no one was ever told that. I've always known that most 人 [hito] (people) can easily figure that out, however.

"See, your grandfather was a great hero. Didn't anyone ever tell you that?" Clinton seemed to be mildly surprised.

"No... they actually didn't." Oliver felt betrayed. "They only told me... that he had left for 五 [go] (five) 年 [toshi] (years) to become a great martial artist. I knew that he had a 妻 [tsuma] (wife) and a daughter, but they died. He came back to the 村 [mura] (village) and married his childhood sweetheart, and with her he had 父 [chichi] (father) and aunt Delphine... I've never heard any stories about him being a great warrior."

"That's why my 父 [chichi] (father) was initially attracted to Delphine." Explained Clinton. "Her 父 [chichi] (father) was a great hero of Emiliano who conquered 多 [ōi] (many) enemies and brought peace to 多 [ōi] (many) 所 [tokoro] (places)... I'm a 小 [chīsai] (little) shocked that you don't 知 [shiru] (know) that."

Oliver was angry, but not at Clinton. "I guess... they waited until my 兄 [ani] (big brothers) were older to tell them... And they never told me because they were worried that it would go to my 頭 [atama] (head). Oh yes, I 知 [shiru] (know)... Trust me, I understand."

Clinton gave Oliver a strange yet concerned look. "I see. You... shouldn't disobey your family so much. But... I must ask... are you a great warrior like your grandfather or was your 勝 [katsu] (victory) at that tournament merely a fluke?"

"I am a great warrior like my grandfather!" Exclaimed Oliver, upset. "I may not have quite made a 名 [na] (name) for myself, but everyone will 知 [shiru] (know) who I am soon enough. That is my goal. To become the greatest martial artist who ever lived."

Clinton was 静 [shizu] (quiet) for a moment. "You 音 [oto] (sound) obsessed... Nevertheless, if you think that you can do it, you would be helping me very much if you tracked down my 弟 [otōto] (little brother) and brought him home to me."

"I don't 知 [shiru] (know) about all that." Answered Oliver. "I have my own reasons for being away from my 村 [mura] (village). If I take you up on this request... it would likely alter my course. I'm just a 単 [hitoe] (simple) 男 [otoko] (man)... I'm not... I'm not... I don't even 知 [shiru] (know) what to say!"

"My cousin, it is not 毎 [goto] (every) 日 [hi] (day) that a 男 [otoko] (man) suddenly disappears from where he was at and then just as suddenly reappears in a completely different 場 [ba] (location)." Started Clinton, trying to be helpful. "You have been taken away from everything you knew. You have been cast aside into the shadows of lies. You have come to realize your 真 [ma] (true) identity, and the 真 [ma] (true) identity of your aunt and her... her sons. Her family. Her lover... This is all too much for you to take in right 今 [ima] (now). I 知 [shiru] (know) this, I 知 [shiru] (know) this, I really do. I 知 [shiru] (know) that it is easier on me because I have had so 多 [ōi] (many) 年 [toshi] (years) to prepare for this moment... I... I... I really always wanted to 知 [shiru] (know) you. To 知 [shiru] (know) my cousins, my uncle, my aunt... to 知 [shiru] (know) my grandfather.

"I've always wanted to 知 [shiru] (know) my grandfather. The great hero from Emiliano. The 父 [chichi] (father) of my 母 [haha] (mother). The grandfather of you... my cousin. Of your 兄 [ani] (big brothers)... I've always wanted to 知 [shiru] (know) the beautiful 小 [chīsai] (little) farming 村 [mura] (village) that he called home.

"Please... when this is all over... bring your 村 [mura] (village) to my castle and we can all live happily together forever. Please... I 知 [shiru] (know) that you are attached to your roots, but... I just wish... Oh, I 知 [shiru] (know) it won't happen! The best 物 [mono] (thing) I could do... is 動 [ugoku] (move) in with you. But... my 父 [chichi] (father) would never allow it. My 国 [kuni] (country) would never allow it. I am bound to being... a nobleman!" Clinton began to cry, sob even. The worst, most terrible 音 [oto] (sound) that Oliver had ever heard... came from the mouth of the lonely, sad 男 [otoko] (man) who had brought him here. The 男 [otoko] (man) who just wanted... to feel whole for once in his life.

"I will." Oliver felt possessed. He could not bear the sorrow of... his cousin. "I believe you. I really do. I don't 知 [shiru] (know) if any of the villagers would believe you, but they will. I'll find your 弟 [otōto] (little brother) for you! And... you may not 知 [shiru] (know) this... but... I already wanted to 動 [ugoku] (move) in with you. I already wanted my entire 村 [mura] (village) to live in a castle. I mean... I never knew you, of course! I never knew anything about you, but...

"I've always been unhappy in my 村 [mura] (village). Unlike my grandfather, I've always wanted to live as a rich 男 [otoko] (man). Really, I have always dreamed of that. And I'm sure the villagers are sick of hearing my dreams, but... this is, coincidentally, the dream I already had. I've been sending money to my family and my 村 [mura] (village) for half a 年 [toshi] (year) 今 [ima] (now). I have been trying to build a better life for them."

Clinton was at a loss for 語 [kataru] (words). "Oh my!" He exclaimed. "Really?! You really actually already wanted that?! You are most definitely... the grandson of Glyndwr! What an ambitious goal you have!" And then, Oliver was sure of it, Clinton's 顔 [kao] (face) broke into the biggest smile that had ever graced that solemn 顔 [kao] (face).

But Oliver's mind was still reeling of course. He had just learned all of this! It was oh so much!

"My mother's 名 [na] (name) is Heidi. My father's 名 [na] (name) is Gunner. My 兄 [ani] (big brothers) are Robin, Dakota, and Grady." Began Oliver, in a determined voice. "You... your 名 [na] (name) is Clinton. Your brother's 名 [na] (name) is Clyde... I must 知 [shiru] (know)... what is the 名 [na] (name) of your 父 [chichi] (father), the Duke of Rubies?"

Clinton was silent for a moment, stunned. "His 名 [na] (name)... is... Devon."

"I see..." Oliver's 語 [kataru] (words) trailed off into silence. "I... will 助 [tasukeru] (help) you."


"Isn't Clyde dead?" Oliver's 声 [koe] (voice) stung.

"No, he's not dead." Answered Clinton, in a concerned 声 [koe] (voice). "But that may not last forever. He's not invincible, you 知 [shiru] (know)." Clinton looked away. "He is definitely very powerful, though. Otherwise, he wouldn't 平 [taira] (even) begin to believe that he can do what he is wanting to do."

"What exactly is that anyway?" Oliver wondered, stumped.

"He is basically killing 人 [hito] (people)." Replied Clinton, in a 奇 [kushiki] (strange) tone. "He's wanting 人 [hito] (people) to submit to the rule of Vaughn, and he is wanting to restore Vaughn's culture. After all the 年 [toshi] (years) of hearing him talk about it, I never took him seriously. I never thought that he would actually go through with anything that he said. That and he had a thousand 意 [i] (ideas). So... I'm not really sue what he's doing at all. I don't 平 [taira] (even) begin to 知 [shiru] (know) what plan he decided was best. I just... see mindless bloodshed and that is it."

"How do you 知 [shiru] (know) he's not dead? Is that witch again?" Asked Oliver, very curious.

"Well, yes and no. I've already seen my 弟 [otōto] (little brother), so she did tell me he was still alive. That and... I would never understand why he would be killed so easily. His reign of bloodshed has just begun. He's not going to... die so easily." Clinton made a weird 顔 [kao] (face), feeling that such a 物 [mono] (thing) was absolutely ridiculous.

"Why is that?" Oliver didn't get it.

"He's nobility of course." Said Clinton. That was obvious to him. "The nobility of Vaughn are all extremely powerful fighters. Except me and a handful of others, however. I never did like fighting too much. My 父 [chichi] (father) doesn't have a problem with that, though. It actually made him happy. He didn't want me to ever be used in a 戦 [ikusa] (war)... He was definitely miserable when Clyde became a nationally known warrior. He really didn't want any of his children to ever be considered fighters in a 戦 [ikusa] (war)."

"He 音 [oto] (sounds) like he cares about you." Commented Oliver.

"Oh, he does." Responded Clinton, with assurance. "He cares for me like I care for him and my 弟 [otōto] (little brother). And my 母 [haha] (mother) certainly. It's just... he's ashamed of me is all."

"Just how powerful is Clyde?" Asked Oliver.

"界 [kai] (worlds) more powerful than you are 今 [ima] (now)." Clinton almost laughed. "I'm sorry for saying that so... so nasty like, but it is 真 [ma] (true). You'll have to become a lot stronger before you can 平 [taira] (even) last a 温 [atataka] (warm) up with him."

"Then why are you asking me to find him?" Wondered Oliver, mystified.

"Because your grandfather was far stronger than Clyde in his day." Answered Clinton, sure of himself. "You are his kin and he wasn't 平 [taira] (even) a noble. Certainly, you have the 同 [onaji] (same) potential as your grandfather. Perhaps... 平 [taira] (even) more."

"平 [taira] (even) more?" That made Oliver think.

"Yes, I believe that you are 平 [taira] (even) more ambitious than your grandfather was." Said Clinton, in a confident 声 [koe] (voice). "You do certainly make me think of him, yet he was not nearly so... straightforward as you appear to be. I 知 [shiru] (know) that I have just met you, but you give me this vibe that you would 止 [tomaru] (stop) at nothing to reach your goals. You're certainly not a run of the mill martial artist. There is something 特 [toku] (special) about you. You 平 [taira] (even) 知 [shiru] (know) how to 飛 [tobu] (fly)! It took your grandfather a lot more than just 半 [nakaba] (half) a 年 [toshi] (year) to master that task. But then he was 23 when he left. So I suppose, in a way, you have a lot to catch up with. You're 二 [ni] (two) 年 [toshi] (years) older than he was when he left."

"Well, it doesn't really matter." Said Oliver, feeling angry about what he had said. "I have always done far more intensive training than he ever did. My 全 [mattaku] (whole) life, since I was just 7. He didn't start training in martial arts until he was 11. I have far more 時 [toki] (time) on my hands than he did... I'm not trying to disrespect him or anything, but he was not nearly as 強 [tsuyoi] (strong) as I was when I first left. He couldn't 平 [taira] (even) begin to compare. But then... I had no 意 [i] (idea) he was some kind of great hero."

"Oh really?" Clinton seemed interested. "Stronger than him? That's amazing! I can see what you're talking about 今 [ima] (now)... How do you compare to him at his strongest? I mean, right 今 [ima] (now) of course."

"I don't really 知 [shiru] (know)." Answered Oliver. "He never did tell me that. He did tell me I was certainly stronger than he was when he left, though."

"That is wonderful!" Clinton was more than just happy. He was just downright excited! "I am so glad then... However, you must remember what I said, and that is that you are still no match for Clyde. See, my 弟 [otōto] (little brother), he's definitely stronger than your grandfather ever was. 平 [taira] (even) at Glyndwr's peak."

"Really?" That puzzled Oliver. "How do you 知 [shiru] (know) that?"

"I can sense 力 [chikara] (power) levels." Explained Clinton. "I cannot fight. At all. But I can definitely feel out one's energy and their potential to use it. You are definitely very 強 [tsuyoi] (strong). It takes me a 小 [chīsai] (little) while to figure it out, though, and I have to actually sense the energy when the 人 [hito] (person) is present. There are 人 [hito] (people) that can sense a person's energy immediately, but, alas, I have to take some 時 [toki] (time) to understand it. I'd have to be a warrior at that point to 知 [shiru] (know) any sooner. Or any better. Because I can be wrong to some great extent actually."

"I see." Oliver was impressed. "I only 知 [shiru] (know) how to do that a 小 [chīsai] (little)."

"My, my, then you'll need some more training then." Said Clinton, but he didn't 音 [oto] (sound) surprised. "I can let you train with some 他 [hoka] (other) nobles. They should be able to 教 [oshieru] (teach) you how to do something that 単 [hitoe] (simple). And since you're a warrior already, it should go by easily for you. You would soon surpass my own ability to do such a 物 [mono] (thing). You... want a mentor, don't you? You'll never be a truly great warrior unless you can... handle a tutor."

That made Oliver's blood boil. "I can learn without a tutor...! But... you do have a point. It would definitely speed 物 [mono] (things) up. Sure... I'll do that." The 若 [wakai] (young), 白 [shiro] (white) cat was too angry to think straight. "I'll do that just fine. I will. I'll do that."

Clinton smiled. "You're so... testy. Very 強 [tsuyoi] (strong) headed 若 [wakai] (young) man, aren't you? You are so... very blunt." He chuckled a 小 [chīsai] (little).

Oliver wasn't sure if he liked that or not. "I can do it. I can definitely do it. I'll do it."

"Yes, I hear you." Clinton was amused, but in a friendly way. "But, you 知 [shiru] (know), we've been standing here talking for a 長 [nagai] (long) 時 [toki] (time) 今 [ima] (now). Maybe we should... 動 [ugoku] (move)? That fog trick I used earlier and the harp 楽 [tanoshī] (music)... both of these 物 [mono] (things) are still fresh in the air and I think we should wind down before really going at anything... You have definitely made me very happy, though."

"Come." Ordered Clinton. "Let's go."


Oliver had been exploring the 城 [shiro] (castle). It was the hugest 館 [yakata] (building) he had ever seen or been in. It was... definitely very intimidating. Oliver had never felt so 小 [chīsai] (little). A servant of Clinton's had been taking him up and down the halls, up and down the halls. Here's a 室 [muro] (room), there's a 室 [muro] (room). Here is where we eat, here is where we read, here is where we entertain guests. Blah, blah, blah, blah. It was interesting, though. It was just, well, Oliver was so overwhelmed. It was like the very walls were closing in on him, despite that everywhere was so wide and open. The 室 [muro] (rooms) were gigantic.

It just seemed to Oliver like he could never get away. The walls seemed to chase him around, the 室 [muro] (rooms) seemed to swallow him up. 平 [taira] (even) the furniture looked like it could devour him. One 男 [otoko] (man) in such a 所 [tokoro] (place), one common farmer surrounded by such wealth. How exhausting.

Was he making the right decision? He kept thinking about it. Well, it wasn't like Clinton owned him or anything. He wasn't some servant and he wasn't more closely related either. It sure sounded to him like Clyde, once he had been returned to his family, would probably never leave the 城 [shiro] (castle) 再 [futatabi] (again). They appeared like they thought he was pretty crazy or something. But Oliver was very confused anyway. If you listened closely enough, it was as if they were also saying that he had never been mad before. Oliver was just so confused.

Clyde... Oliver thought about that for a moment. Who was this mysterious 男 [otoko] (man)? Where did he come from? Who was his 父 [chichi] (father)? And why had no one ever told Oliver the truth? Did his family really feel that they could not share everything with him? Was it by default or was there deeper thought involved in their decision?

They didn't 思 [omou] (think) that Oliver would go insane, did they? Ah, of course not. He may have been living in the wilderness, but he knew his 親 [oya] (parents) did not view him as some psychopath. Otherwise, they would certainly tell him that. They were always very honest with what they thought about him. There didn't seem to be any reason for keeping something like that a 秘 [himeru] (secret).

They just... well, they really didn't like it. They wanted him home, they wanted him safe. However, it just made too much sense to them that Oliver would leave and try to live successfully on his own. He came from a 村 [mura] (village) where everyone helped raise everyone. A 子 [ko] (child), no 事 [koto] (matter) their 親 [oya] (parents), was always the 子 [ko] (child) of the entire 井 [i] (community). They had a 特 [toku] (special), meaningful relationship with everyone instead of only their 父 [chichi] (father) and 母 [haha] (mother) and so on. And they 皆 [mina] (all) understood Oliver's ambitions. They really did. But they also wanted him with them, with his family, with his 村 [mura] (village). They couldn't stand the 意 [i] (idea) of losing anyone to the 界 [kai] (world) outside of their 単 [hitoe] (simple) farming 生 [ikiru] (life). Back when Glyndwr left that had been 悪 [warui] (bad) enough. 今 [ima] (now) Oliver, they saw him as a total wild 子 [ko] (child). It definitely made them find it 平 [taira] (even) more wrong.

"They just don't understand." Said Oliver to himself, staring up at a portrait on the wall. It was of a 女 [onna] (woman). She looked so... manipulative. "What 奇 [kushiki] (strange) 人 [hito] (people)." He commented.

Oliver couldn't 平 [taira] (even) begin to 思 [omou] (think). He was totally overwhelmed. Nothing he did made him feel better. His 全 [mattaku] (whole) 界 [kai] (world) had been thrown off balance. What in the hell was he going to do? He felt so crushed and controlled and lonely and over crowded and... 皆 [mina] (all) of his 感 [kan] (emotions) were rumbling in him at once.

"Damn it." He cursed out loud, rubbing his 顔 [kao] (face). "I just... I just can't handle 皆 [mina] (all) of this."

His mind was on 火 [hi] (fire) with 問 [tou] (questions). Why this, why that, why here, why 今 [ima] (now)? Why?!



To be continued in The Cat Fighters: Volume 2...


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