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The Return (Lit) (Medieval/Modern) (FINISHED)

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The Return (Lit) (Medieval/Modern) (FINISHED)

Post by RabidFox » Mon Dec 22, 2014 4:18 pm

The Return
By RabidFox

NOTE: This story is a study in Japanese. All characters are daemons. The setting is a world native only to daemons. This story is set in a medieval/modern period.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5



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Re: The Return (Lit) (Medieval/Modern)

Post by RabidFox » Mon Dec 22, 2014 4:31 pm

The Return
by RabidFox

Chapter 1

Around him, everything was empty. He could not 思 [omou] (think). He had been walking for 日 [hi] (days) without stop. The journey had been hard and very difficult. The 界 [kai] (world) was his playground, but he had grown bored of it.

It was a special 日 [hi] (day) in his 生 [ikiru] (life). It was a 日 [hi] (day) that he had dreaded for hundreds of years. He had lived on his own, always walking his own path, and now everything was finally finished. It was... the end. His childhood days were over. Today was the 日 [hi] (day) of his adulthood. He was over three hundred years old.

This was not a time for joy, however. He was tense and wary. He felt like he could trust no one. It didn't matter that he had spent his 全 [mattaku] (whole) 生 [ikiru] (life) telling everyone that he would be ready. He felt... too ready. He felt like he had never lived any 日 [hi] (day) but this one. His long, pointed ears twitched and his pale, 青 [ao] (blue) 目 [me] (eyes) looked around him at the 生 [ikiru] (life) that circled every path he tried to take. He ran a clawed 手 [te] (hand) through his tall, 黒 [kuro] (black), spiky hair.

Where are we? It was a 問 [tou] (question) that had been on his mind for an annoyingly long amount of time. When does it end? How... irritating. How strangely... aggravating.

We are all growing up now. Really...? Oh my...

Everyone is an adult now? They are? What happened to their childhoods? Were they going to suddenly 思 [omou] (think) that they were better than him simply because they had lived more social and "fulfilling" lives? His tribe... his family... his 界 [kai] (world)... Everyone had really grown up now, really?

Pssst. Whatever.

Kayzen thought about the 雲 [kumo] (clouds) 上 [ue] (above) his 頭 [atama] (head) and peered into the 空 [sora] (sky) 上 [ue] (above) him. It floated up there like an ill omen. What would happen once everything had calmed down? Who would approach him? Who would he side with? The ages had passed slowly like something... well, really slow. All poetry sounded silly at that moment. All talk sounded... irrelevant.

He hated his clothes. He was wearing the traditional 白 [shiro] (white) shirt and 赤 [aka] (red) vest. It made him feel really, quite frankly, stupid. He looked down at his shoes. Even they looked ridiculous right now.

So he ran away.


Kayzen looked up at the 星 [hoshi] (stars). They glowed purple and danced around on blue sheets of amber streaked 空 [sora] (skies). He was alone. Everyone else was somewhere else. He felt pressured and overwhelmed. People seemed to be coming closer to him. It was uncomfortable. He was used to being by himself. He was used to being a loner.

What a distasteful word. It made him extremely unhappy. Not the meaning itself, but the using of it. The using of the word. People were really getting on his nerves to the point his own mind seemed totally unprivate. If only everyone would leave him alone.

He held his 顔 [kao] (face) in his 手 [te] (hands), thinking to himself. Emotions bubbled up inside him and made him feel like there were 目 [me] (eyes) all around him. Space felt confined and time had slammed to a halt. Everything was stopped up and the atomosphere was tight. His senses were raw.

So what's after all of this? He wondered. The thought felt useless. There seemed no point in thinking it. His head felt like it was about to burst. He growled in annoyance. His 目 [me] (eyes) rested on one of his clawed 手 [te] (hands) and he studied the emptiness of his palm. It seemed full despite that there was nothing there. How irritating. There was no way to close anything out.

He looked behind him, his 顔 [kao] (face) stinging with anger. Yes, yes, yes. There was no one there. Of course. And then it didn't matter at all. He might as well have never left. Everyone might as well still be around him. No escape, never any escape. Annoying, annoying, annoying.

He placed his 顔 [kao] (face) in his 手 [te] (hands), feeling hopeless. What was it like to have everything stop? How could one just throw away everything they had ever known? To become older... to let go of one's past... to have everything suddenly stop. He did not want to return to his childhood yet he did not want to continue either. He felt trapped. Kayzen was the worst person you could talk to. He was the most childish and immature of all the people. His entire tribe looked like 神 [kami] (gods) compared to him. He was just... such an awfully inept idiot.

It had taken forever for him to change and now he was being forced. He didn't want to budge!

Kayzen looked back at the 空 [sora] (sky) and could not form words in his mind. There was nothing that he could say or do. This was the end of his youth. He was over three hundred years old now... over three hundred years old...


Kayzen had returned to the 党 [nakama] (party). That's what had been going on. Everyone had been having... a 党 [nakama] (party). They really had wanted him there, but he just had to leave.

On the purple, which indicated that it was a 新 [atarashī] (new) year, that is the appearance of a 特 [toku] (special) purple sky, everyone had started thinking very hard about how they wanted to control their newfound adulthoods. Kayzen, in a way, really hadn't. He had been focusing on everyone else. On their problems. On their failures. On their ineptness. It had been making him feel better, honestly. He had been really tired of everyone pointing out all of his faults. They had only been trying to 助 [tasukeru] (help) him, but it had really been getting on his nerves.

Now, he was finally starting to understand. And he didn't want to either. It made him feel instantly sucked into their world, which was something he had never wanted to be apart of. He felt like he had to remind himself that he was the loner, which was something he had never thought of until now. How did that make any sense? Hadn't he always been the loner?

Kayzen suddenly felt like the most uncomfortable man in the world. He was in the middle of a 党 [nakama] (party) of people whom that hadn't even dawned on yet, thankfully, but he still knew. And he was really, really smart. Perhaps he was the local idiot, in the sense that he made very foolish life choices, but he was definitely book smart. Oh dear. What a 奇 [kushiki] (strange) revelation.

It was like he had never been able to 読 [yomu] (read). Like none of them had been able to 読 [yomu] (read). All the schooling in the world had not prepared him for that moment. Wait a minute.

If I am so uncomfortable, why in the hell do I keep leaving the 党 [nakama] (party)? If I keep doing that, then I will only draw more attention to myself.

Suddenly, he finally understood why everyone had always told him not to stand in the back of crowds and to stand 前 [mae] (in front). If you stand in the back, it's because you don't want people to notice you was how he was thinking of it right now. That was definitely something he had always heard. Sort of. And if you don't want people to notice you, you shouldn't do things that make that obvious, like stand in the back of a crowd on purpose for the intent of avoiding people. That's really quite stupid actually. If you stand 前 [mae] (in front), then people will never 知 [shiru] (know) when you don't want them to notice you, so that they won't notice you. Wow, no wonder people had always been able to control him when he didn't want them to.

He was so... stupid.

His eyes became big and he felt really silly.

He should probably stop doing that, he thought to himself. That was making everyone aware of everything he didn't want them to 知 [shiru] (know), like... plans for example. Plans to do things... that you wouldn't want someone to 知 [shiru] (know).

Why did growing up all of a sudden generalize your mind into common sense? How... 奇 [kushiki] (strange).

But good to 知 [shiru] (know). Damn it!


Kayzen was standing in the middle of a 円 [marui] (circle) of 人 [hito] (people). He was very angry and his arms were outstretched at his 側 [kawa] (sides), balled up into fists.

"I'm not trying to do anything to you." Explained one of the elders. "You are really starting to misunderstand the hell out of me."

Kayzen said nothing. He was extremely uncomfortable.

"What am I supposed to do?" Asked the elder. "Just let you stomp around here until your head explodes...? I suppose I am a horrible father who just lets my sons kill themselves in their rage."

"I'm fine." Insisted Kayzen, who then suddenly wished he had not said anything at all.

"It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter at all." The elder persisted. "I'm just keeping you from running into a wall. I literally mean running into a wall! Seriously, that's all I mean! You're just... walking around, doing whatever you feel like. You're going to keep running into walls! You 知 [shiru] (know), if you keep running into walls, you'll seriously injure yourself!"

Kayzen's eyebrows furrowed even further if that was even possible.

"Alright, alright!" Said one of the other elders. "Give it a moment more and I'll gladly leave you alone! Just give me a moment. I'm trying to 止 [tomaru] (stop) you from just hurting yourself, god!"

"I'm just not paying attention to where I'm walking. That's all." Explained Kayzen.

"Yeah, I 知 [shiru] (know)! That's pretty obvious!" Replied the elder who had just spoken. "My god, what do you think I am? Absolutely and utterly idiotic?"

Kayzen had his arms crossed over his chest.

After a 少 [sukunai] (few) more minutes, the 人 [hito] (people) walked away, passing him up to go bother someone else. Kayzen felt instantly relieved. Turning his 目 [me] (eyes) to his 側 [kawa] (side), he pretended not to care about the 人 [hito] (people) leaving him. He looked on, following their forms as they departed. He was so... angry. Kayzen huffed, stomping away. Hopefully, he would not encounter another wall.


Kayzen's eyes widened in discomfort as he saw the image of his 父 [chichi] (father), King Darnuf, walk into the room. Prince Kayzen was alone in the corner. He had made the mistake of retreating to the obvious 所 [tokoro] (place) 再 [futatabi] (again). But he just couldn't 助 [tasukeru] (help) it. He was too miserable. Kayzen's arms were crossed over his chest and his 耳 [mimi] (ears) lowered in submission as his 父 [chichi] (father), King Darnuf, walked across the 室 [muro] (room).

"Where is my son?!" He demanded, looking around for Kayzen.

Kayzen ducked, trying to avoid his father's gaze. He didn't want to get in his way, especially right now when everyone was so uppity.

"So I see you're barging in 再 [futatabi] (again), are you?" Said one of the elders. "What do you think you'll get out of this one, eh?"

"Get out of what?!" Exclaimed King Darnuf. "Get out of wha-a-a-t?!"

He was clearly not very happy.

"You seem to think that after three hundred years you can just barge in here and keep on yelling and screaming and ordering all of us around! Nobody cares that you're Arkham's brother! Nobody's cares that you're Kilo's brother! Get your tail out of here!"

"I am not Arkham's brother! He is my grandson!" Growled Darnuf, enraged by the joke.

"I think you'd make a good throw rug, Darnuf!" Replied the elder, leaning forward. He was on the attack.

He was on the attack, he was on the attack, he was on the attack. The words repeated in Kayzen's head over and over 再 [futatabi] (again), making him very uncomfortable. His thoughts were becoming so strange and new and weird. He hated his new use of language and the automatic way in which it controlled his mind. Kayzen was about to growl when he remembered that he was trying to go unnoticed. At least by King Darnuf anyway. Everyone else had already seen him unfortunately.

Darnuf growled at the people in the room. "Where is my son?!"

"He's over there." Said one of the people and he casually gestured over to Kayzen.

Kayzen's 目 [me] (eyes) widened again. What an idiot! What gave him the notion that he could do that?!

"Why don't you leave him alone and go play 回 [mawaru] (games) with someone else?" Ordered the man.

"Don't tell me what to do, you little paper pusher!" Retorted Darnuf. The man was really getting on his nerves and he had just started talking to him.

"I can damn well say whatever I want to say!" He responded. "And I think you should leave Kayzen alone. He's been trying his hardest and you're only going to make things harder on his mind!"

"I have had enough of this let's all grow up and 党 [nakama] (party) thing! I don't care if he's suddenly become an adult, I don't care if he's three hundred years old, I don't care if you have been pushing him around all evening!" Darnuf was being very 短 [mijikai] (short) with people. "I want to see him now!" He yelled. "Bring him to me!"

Darnuf obviously did not feel like he could challenge the elders in the 室 [muro] (room). The younger ones were on their side and not his. He couldn't see straight to argue with them.

"No!" Emphasized another. "It is not up to you!"

"王 [ō] (king) or no 王 [ō] (king), you are not in charge of me!" Hollered one of the other elders who had not spoken yet. "We are not your toys and we do not want to become them!"

King Darnuf huffed. "Fine then." And he marched out of the 室 [muro] (room). "I will come back for him later! Have him ready for me!"

Kayzen felt very odd.


Kayzen walked towards the 湖 [mizūmi] (lake), glad to be at least semi-alone at the moment. There were 多 [ōi] (many) people in the area and there were 多 [ōi] (many) people very near him. But none of them had talked to him recently and none of them really knew what was going on. At least, for now.

Kayzen looked out at the 水 [mizu] (water), sparkling in the moonlight. He thought of the purple in the 空 [sora] (sky) at 新 [atarashī] (new) year as he gazed at the spot above his reflection. He did not feel like looking at himself right now. He was ashamed of himself. He was tired of himself. He needed a break.

He knew there was nothing that he should be ashamed of, but he couldn't 助 [tasukeru] (help) it. Kayzen just felt like he was trying to do something that was impossible. He couldn't find the enlightenment that he needed to make everything go away. It was just too much to 思 [omou] (think) about.

Why should he run after his 父 [chichi] (father) when his 父 [chichi] (father) was so angry? Darnuf acted like he should just jump up and follow him. Kayzen didn't want to. He wanted to get away from ruling and all that. What had he done anyway? He didn't remember doing anything wrong. But then Darnuf hadn't said that he had done anything wrong. It just seemed like he was mad at him and he really wanted to know why.

Kayzen was bored. He was bored of all this talking and deciding and planning and making things work out. He was done with constructing a 新 [atarashī] (new) world. He wanted to just go back to the way things used to be. He was just so exhausted with all of it.

He wouldn't have been in this mess if people had just left him alone in the first place. People just kept bothering him and bothering him. He was the prince, he was the king's son, he was the almighty ruler. Blah, blah, blah. What did he care? He just wanted all of this ceremonial stuff to be over with already.


"What do you think he'll be like?" Asked one of the elders, whose 名 [na] (name) Kayzen would rather not think about.

"I think he will be a grand king." Whispered the other elder, waving his 手 [te] (hand) in the air. Kayzen would rather not think about his 名 [na] (name) either.

"I wonder what a loser he will be." Grinned the first elder. "He has always been such a funny 小 [chīsai] (little) boy. It's interesting to 知 [shiru] (know) what kind of failure," He smiled, kindly. "he will grow up to become! He seems to think that after a 生 [ikiru] (life) of poverty he will actually turn into perfection itself!"

And the two men laughed kindly. They merely found Kayzen's childish dreams to be amusing.

"I 知 [shiru] (know)... I just 知 [shiru] (know)!" Asserted the second elder. "That Kayzen will be out here any minute now...! And he will be telling us stories of his great journe-e-ey! Of his perfect 小 [chīsai] (little) trip into perfect land and about how perfect he's become!"

"He hasn't even begun to really think about what he has been doing or saying!" Sneered the first elder. He wasn't trying to be mean, honestly. He just couldn't resist the hilarity of such ridiculous notions. "How could someone truly believe such filth their entire 生 [ikiru] (life)? It bothers me, it really does, to say such things about someone, but I cannot believe it! I cannot even begin to fathom it! After all of these years, he could actually think these things are going to come true? He has no idea how 若 [wakai] (young) he is! He has no idea that he is even a child! He acts like he is his father's spitting image exactly the moment he is born! And that fool's brother, Kilo, what will he say when he sees Kayzen's total failure before his very eyes?! What will he do to become such a laughing stock that he could never put even the smallest sense of logic in that boy's head? Kayzen is supposed take Kilo's place afterall, he's not just going to become Darnuf's heir. He will also take place as the Great Lord of the World! That's Kilo's job! Not silly 小 [chīsai] (little) Darnuf's!" He smirked.

"He will just faint!" Laughed the other man.

"How can someone think that people are going to suddenly completely and totally submit to them for no reason?" Said the first. "Oh, but we played a card game when I was small and you made a bet and told me that if I won, you'd do anything I said! Well, of course! If you could figure out some way to melt the sun and freeze the moon, I'd do anything you said! Hell, I wouldn't even ask! If you told me I was to wear a purple shirt for the rest of the day, I'd look at you funny, but I'd put it on. And I'd just 知 [shiru] (know) it wouldn't work!" He grinned in a big hearted, silly way.

"If you could just write it out, I wouldn't even believe you. I'd think something 特 [toku] (special) had happened." The second elder smiled. "Really? Hell no! I could believe everything but the end! I could believe everything but the end! Really? What 界 [kai] (world) are you living in, 小 [chīsai] (little) boy? I couldn't believe any of it! I couldn't believe any of this! How in the 界 [kai] (world) do you explain that I don't have a mind at all?!" The man was utterly stunned. "Why do you think you can do all of these things and not even so much as flip over? What... you honestly do not 知 [shiru] (know)?!" He was completely floored.

"Like I can't stand you? Of course not!" The first ordered. Ordered? What did that mean?

The two men laughed together, utterly lost in their amusement.

"What a silly 小 [chīsai] (little) boy!" Said the second elder. "I love him dearly, I do! There is no child funnier than he! That silly 小 [chīsai] (little) Kayzen! That son of King Darnuf! That idiotic 小 [chīsai] (little) daemon child! Prince Kayzen! What are you, a complete fool?! He lives in a fantasy land, seriously!"

"He's no mind!" Commanded the first.

"He's no heart!" Ordered the second.

"What?" Wondered Kayzen in his mind.

"He's no spirit!" Yelled the first, astounded. "He's no thoughts or will or anythi-i-ing!"

"So, so smart and yet oh so... empty headed." Thought the second aloud.

"Where are my thoughts, where are my thoughts? Oh da-a-addy!" Called out the first, joking. "Do everything for me!"

The two men were about to fall over from laughter.

Kayzen scowled, angry. He had tried his hardest to sneak up on them in 私 [watakushi] (private). He had been listening forever, but had finally heard something good. Apparently, they found him to be a complete loser. Fools! They knew nothing! He would be every inch the great king that he had promised them.

He had trained his 全 [mattaku] (whole) 生 [ikiru] (life) to mirror his mentor's image. His mentor was, of course, Darnuf's brother, Kilo. Prince Kayzen had never been allowed to see Darnuf as his mentor. King or no king, Darnuf was a cruel man, a ruler of over aggression or so he had been told. He had never truly seen it with his own eyes. He had only heard stories of his legendary sword arm, of his legendary blood shed and blood curdling scream. Kayzen could only dream of what he would learn when he finally took his old father's sword into his own 若 [wakai] (young) 手 [te] (hands). What would he wield? Would he discover that his father was really the fool that everyone claimed him to be? Laughed him to be?

Or would he find a golden play 界 [kai] (world) as the elders demanded?!

Kayzen could only scowl. He could make no sound or he would be caught. The 若 [wakai] (young), but very strong willed daemon fled the scene, taking off for another pair to spy on.

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Re: The Return (Lit) (Medieval/Modern)

Post by RabidFox » Mon Dec 29, 2014 9:02 pm

The Return
by RabidFox

Chapter 2

Kayzen was sitting on the ground, his back against the wall. He had been spying on the elders, listening to the drivel they had to 言 [iu] (say) about him. He had been spying on the 若 [wakai] (young) ones too. His brothers as well. They all had nothing 良 [yoi] (good) to 言 [iu] (say) about him at all.

Right now, people were having the Great Review. They were all discussing the successes and failures of King Darnuf's eldest son, Prince Kayzen. He was being graded. And very harshly at that.

Kayzen looked into the darkness, feeling so... not inept, but... unappreciated definitely.

"So I am a fool, am I?" He spat, hatefully. There was no one around and so no one could hear him. He did not want anyone to hear him. He did not want anyone to 知 [shiru] (know) what he was doing at all. "I am nothing but a silly, childish, arrogant fool! That's just what they think! That is not 真 [ma] (true) at all!"

He was the embodiment of rage.

King Darnuf would be appearing soon. What, would he 言 [iu] (say) horrible things about him too? Hypocrite! Wasn't everyone going to tear Darnuf apart soon? Why did Darnuf think he was so much better than him?! Kayzen was not just his son, he was also going to be the 次 [tsugu] (next) ruler. Why couldn't he look at him as anything more than just a little boy? Kayzen was an adult now! He had earned some respect!

"Apparently, I am to be this grand 王 [ō] (king)!" Scoffed Kayzen. "How... contradictory. Well, I still think he will be a fool! Yes, a great ruler like his 父 [chichi] (father), but definitely not the best we could hope for. He has definitely greatly disappointed us. Nothing like what he had hoped when he was first born. Just born to failure, really. He was instantly a scoundrel...! But, yes, he will definitely be a better ruler than his 父 [chichi] (father), King Darnuf. That man is such a cruel idiot! Kayzen is foolish, but I can't really call him cruel. He's so... worrisomely aggressive yet so genuinely kind... at 心 [kokoro] (heart). Really, he is. One day, he will grow up to be calm and level headed like Kilo, but he will always retain his personality. I wonder... how many hundreds of years will it take before Kayzen perfectly resembles the Great Kilo?"

Kayzen was infuriated.


Kayzen was hardly off by himself. People kept dragging him back to the 党 [nakama] (party). He couldn't get away from it. It was this grand ceremony to celebrate the 新 [atarashī] (new) year and the coming of age of the 若 [wakai] (young) daemons that were rising to 力 [chikara] (power). A celebration that was mostly about him, as the 新 [atarashī] (new) Prince of Stars.

Kayzen didn't want to be the Prince. He had always thought that he wanted to be 王 [ō] (king) and now he really didn't want to even be the Prince anymore. He felt... so disheartened. He was tired of hearing how ridiculous everyone thought he was and he felt like a failure despite that he still stubbornly clung to success. What would his 父 [chichi] (father), King Darnuf, say if he could 読 [yomu] (read) his mind right now?

Probably that he was proud of him.

Kayzen scoffed. He started to walk away and remembered that he was not allowed to. Someone would just bring him back 再 [futatabi] (again). He was the Prince after all. Kayzen crossed his arms, angrily. He wasn't allowed to just do whatever he wanted. He had to live a 生 [ikiru] (life) of... of splendor. A 生 [ikiru] (life) where everyone was obsessed with you.

He looked behind him, eyes locked with the forms around him. Some of them were looking at him. He scowled, turning away. He looked at his hand, studying his claws. Why couldn't he just leave?


"Where is Kayzen?" Asked one of the grand elders.

"I don't 知 [shiru] (know)." Said a 若 [wakai] (young) one. "Somewhere around here, surely. I saw him standing off by himself earlier. It wasn't too 長 [nagai] (long) ago. He wasn't talking to anyone, but, you know, he really should still be nearby."

"He's going to miss the main ceremony. After all this 時 [toki] (time), he still manages to screw everything up."

"Oh no, I wouldn't be too hard on him. He's very nervous about all this." Insisted the youth.

"Child, you just don't understand. He's got the strength of an ox. There's no damn reason he can't be here." Explained the elder, but the boy wouldn't listen.

"I just don't agree with you." He said.

"Well, 思 [omou] (think) what you want!" The elder threw up a hand in exhaustion. "Just go fetch me Kayzen.

The boy wanted to argue with him, but refrained from doing so. The daemon took off to go find the Prince.

"Where is that damn son of Darnuf when you need him." Huffed the elder.


Kayzen had left. He just needed to get away. He was walking towards the 森 [mori] (forest). He just wanted to disappear. The Prince was tired.

He kept thinking about the future while trying to convince himself that he was considering meaningless things from the past. He was trying to focus on the goals of the kingdom. He was trying to concentrate on what he was supposed to do. Kayzen was trying to grow up honestly.

Jarvunis finally managed to 捕 [toraeru] (catch) up with him. He was the youth from earlier who the grand elder was speaking to.

"Kayzen, wait!" Jarvunis called, running up to Kayzen. "You're not supposed to be here." The boy was quiet and did not force his will on him.

"I can do what I damn well want." Insisted Kayzen, walking on anyway.

"But you're not supposed to be here." Repeated Jarvunis. "You have things to do... unfortunately. You know, I really don't agree with them. I think you need a break."

"I don't need a break!" Argued Kayzen, refusing to look at him. He didn't need his sympathy.

"I think they are being too hard on you, Kayzen." Explained Jarvunis. "You might be a king's son, but you're also a very tired 男 [otoko] (man). You need time to think to yourself. You're focusing too much on controlling your kingdom and calming your subjects. What about yourself?"

"Oh, leave me alone!" Huffed Kayzen, irritated. "I am just fine!" He insisted, getting angry. "I don't need to control my kingdom and my subjects are obviously very calm!" He was referring to their constant poking at him and making fun of him.

"You keep doing your best to keep everyone in check. You need to think about yourself, Kayzen. I don't believe you." The boy would not leave him be.

"Look, Jarvunis!" Spat Kayzen, turning to glare at him. "I am thinking about myself. See? I am alone. That's why I came out here. To give myself a break as you say it. And now you're following me here?! How does that make any sense?! How am I supposed to get a break if you won't leave me alone?!"

"I'm just concerned about you, Kayzen." The boy explained, unfazed. He understood that Kayzen was too angry to control his emotions. "When I say a break, I don't mean running away from everyone. I mean... well, it doesn't matter. Just come back. The elders want you. I'm sorry, but there's nothing I can do. They insist that you return."

"I'm not running away from anything!" Spat Kayzen, infuriated. "Don't say I'm running away from something! That's not true!"

"But they keep making fun of you." Jarvunis persisted. "Like that doesn't bother you?"

"Of course it bothers me!" Exclaimed Kayzen, turning away. He began to calm down. At least Jarvunis was being nice to him. "But there's nothing I can do about it. My 父 [chichi] (father) is... an awful, awful 男 [otoko] (man). He's so... cruel. They think I'm going to be like him."

"Oh no, they don't." Interrupted Jarvunis. "They can't stand your 父 [chichi] (father). You'll be a better ruler than him. You may be a wild one, but you don't act like Darnuf."

"Oh, just go away!" Kayzen exploded, walking off.


Kayzen walked up to the fountain. 水 [mizu] (water) was spilling over the sides, gathering in the pool below. The 水 [mizu] (water) was 青 [ao] (blue) and purple and white and 緑 [midori] (green). It sparkled and glowed, it flowed and splashed. Kayzen looked down into the 水 [mizu] (water), seeing a hint of his 顔 [kao] (face). His pale 青 [ao] (blue) 目 [me] (eyes) glimmered innocently.

"Where's this crystal come from?" He asked, reaching his hand down into the 水 [mizu] (water) and grabbing a tiny crystal from the 水 [mizu] (water). He held it up to his face, studying it.

It was a crystal that was usually in his bedroom, stuffed away somewhere. His eyes glazed over it, an emotion seeming to come from it that made him think of honey. Honey? Yellow? The crystal was light 青 [ao] (blue) and bright 白 [shiro] (white). What thought had made that come up?

He placed the crystal on the ground, moving it with the tip of his shoe. His 目 [me] (eyes) were locked on it and his mind was instantly coming up with explanations.

"Oh, they're just trying to make me look stupid, they are." He said to himself. "I know what this means. I know why they put this here. They're awful silly thinking they can control me with this stupid rock."

Kayzen thought about the crystal no more, trying to step away from it. But he couldn't. It just seemed so... small and lonely there on the floor. He turned around, walking back over to the crystal. He scoffed at how ridiculous it was, laying there like that. Obviously planted in the 水 [mizu] (water). He reached over and carefully picked it up, somehow worried that he might drop it. He just didn't want to let it go.

"This is usually mine." He scoffed, turning his 頭 [atama] (head) around as if talking to someone. "I see someone has turned it into a toy!" He was angry. The crystal was normally a very important item of his and people had made it into something that he felt was sheer mockery. Or close to that anyway. "Now we're all gonna act like a bunch of overgrown children and start stealing people's 物 [mono] (things) and leaving them in silly places to make people feel stupid. Ha!" He spat.

He lazily walked away, slouching as he walked. He was tired of the elders' games.


Kayzen had been dragged back to the ceremonial grounds. A 団 [katamari] (group) of 若 [wakai] (young) men were laughing at him, hysterically. They found it absolutely ecstatic that he had been drug through the dirt like a defiant child. He was glaring at them from his position in the stands. The 若 [wakai] (young) prince had been sat with a 団 [katamari] (group) of quiet, thoughtful elders. He felt completely full of himself. Kayzen was just completely exhausted. He couldn't get away from people no matter how hard he tried. No, he just had to be prince right 今 [ima] (now)! He just always had to do what other people wanted whether he liked it or not! Well, damn!

The elders were busy ignoring him. They didn't want to put up with his childish complaining. They were tired of fooling with him. But facts were facts and Kayzen was expected to rule. They didn't care if he didn't want to or not or if he wanted to walk around and cause a stir. He was expected to be there, ordered to be there. It was not his choice. It was his raising. It was what was expected of the son of a 生 [ikiru] (life)! And there would be no getting away from it!

They had never had similar childhoods, they could not empathize and they did not want to. They never wanted to. They simply wanted to worship him. He was their future 生 [ikiru] (life) after all. He was to be their leader. He was to grow up into a full fledged adult and become a 男 [otoko] (man) that they could trust with their lives. He had a destiny. He was to be their survival. Kayzen must grow up whether he liked it or not. His success was the success of his people. His future was the future of the children that would come after him and then the children that would come after those and then the children that would come after those. One day, he would be one thousand years old, and on that day he would be an 古 [furui] (old), tired 男 [otoko] (man). Until that day, Kayzen was not his own. He was owned.

The wisdom of his age forgotten, the elders turned to look at him, except a couple decided to keep staring at the silly King Darnuf, who was preparing to talk. Kayzen supposed that he was going to simply make fun of him like the 休 [yasumu] (rest)
of his race. The elders looked at him kindly, thinking thoughts that Kayzen could not understand. He ignored them. They just wanted to 助 [tasukeru] (help) him, they really did. All the people of the kingdom cared for each other and they really just wanted to 助 [tasukeru] (help) him grow up and take on his new, heavy responsibilities.

"We know that you're not feeling well, Prince Kayzen." One of the elders whispered to him. "Try not to let it get to you. Soon the ceremony will be over and you can retire for a while."

"There's nothing but time and time and time!" Whined Prince Kayzen. He felt like he was losing his mind. "Can't I just go?!"

"No, of course not." The elder seemed angry, but he really was not. "今 [ima] (now) calm down and focus on what your 父 [chichi] (father) has to say. It is important. And you will like it!" He demanded, trying to ease his 気 [iki] (spirits). "This is a 時 [toki] (time) of becoming! This is a 時 [toki] (time) of learning and growing into a wiser god! You must learn from these experiences. Stop running away from them all the 時 [toki] (time)! It is a time for you to submit to your fate. It is your destiny that you must learn to submit to. Stop fighting it! Stop trying to dominate it! You are to be a king, not a whiny, 小 [chīsai] (little) boy forever! You must succeed! And I will not let you fail! I don't care how much you kick and scream. Your 生 [ikiru] (life) is not yours. It belongs to fate."

Kayzen was nothing but pure fury.

"My gods... my fellow men and 小 [chīsai] (little) children..." Darnuf huffed, listening in on some of the elder's conversation with his son. "I am greatly disappointed in my 小 [chīsai] (little) Kayzen." He sneered.

It was 時 [toki] (time) for the Great Review from 生 [ikiru] (life) Darnuf. Kayzen suddenly became lost inside himself, instantly slammed with the realization that this was a kind of end. A very final, great end. To his entire 生 [ikiru] (life).

"Kayzen has made no progress in my 目 [me] (eyes). He is a 小 [chīsai] (little), whiny boy that just stomps and glares at his enemies. He thinks he can control the 界 [kai] (world) with his fine, fine temper!" Darnuf had a horrible scowl marring his features. "I feel like I have raised a complete failure! A fine 生 [ikiru] (life) they say? But why?! He has no cruelty?! Really?! Am I that horrible?!"

The elders seemed to agree quite comically.

"Ah, to hell with you!" Darnuf yelled, enraged.

"Kayzen!" Darnuf commanded, his angry 目 [me] (eyes) flinging towards him. "I can't stand you! Why are you so damn incompetent?! You had to actually be dragged to your father's review?! Why?! Why are you such a horrible disappointment to me?!"

"Oh, get over it!" Complained one of the elders, quite passionately. "He's not such a horrible disappointment!" The 男 [otoko] (man) huffed, feeling like Darnuf was exaggerating beyond belief. "Have some tact, Darnuf."

"He was dragged here!" Darnuf bellowed. "Dragged! My son... my prince... dragged! Dragged to his own father's review of his 技 [waza] (skill) and cunning and possibilities!"

The elder laughed, along with a lot of others. They found Darnuf so... unamusing, which confused Kayzen. Then... why 笑 [warau] (laugh)? That's what Kayzen was thinking. What was it? Spite?

"Kayzen!" Darnuf ordered. "Why were you dragged here?!"

"I..." For all of Kayzen's wild 心 [kokoro] (heart), he was sure at a loss for 語 [kataru] (words) right 今 [ima] (now). His father's overbearingly intimidating presence reminded him that he was indeed someone's son. "I... I was overwhelmed."

"Overwhelmed?!" Yeah right. That's what Darnuf was thinking.

"I... I'm just... I don't want to do this!" Hollered Kayzen, fighting against everything to 持 [motsu] (hold) onto his free will. "Why do I have to lead a 生 [ikiru] (life) I don't want?!"

"Oh, don't waste my 時 [toki] (time)!" Demanded Darnuf.

"But what about what I want?!" Pleaded Kayzen.

"You are just a boy!" Darnuf retorted. "Adult or not, you just got here! This stage in your 生 [ikiru] (life) is too new for me to consider you anything but a child. I don't care about the technicality of your age! There are still too many trials for you to go through yet. You will get no adult's respect from me until you've earned it! Every last bit of it!"

Kayzen lowered his head, feeling utterly defeated. Did no one care about what he wanted?

"What is your damn problem?!" Huffed Darnuf. "Stop whining about everything!"

"Stop being so damn hard on him!" Demanded one of the elders. "It is not your place to be so cruel! Why are you so merciless, even with your own son?! He is still a child, certainly! He may have recently become an adult, but then you are such a hypocrite! He is still too much a boy to treat him like this!"

"They are still learning." An elder stressed. "The children are just 今 [ima] (now) growing up. Let's not overwhelm them even more. They are losing their lives. They are losing their childhoods. They are becoming adults. They are entering our 界 [kai] (world), Darnuf."

"Oh, don't come after me with your bleeding 心 [kokoro] (heart) foolishness!" Retorted the Great Daemon King. "I don't want to hear any of it!"

"I am sick and tired of your whining!" Called out another elder. "Darnuf, shut the hell up!"

"Ah!" Yelled Darnuf. He was a proud 男 [otoko] (man) certainly. "Take back your 語 [kataru] (words)! You damned fool! How dare you attack me!

"I am sick and tired of the weakness in this court!" Darnuf announced. "I am tired of the silliness that is used to raise these boys! These 若 [wakai] (young), stupid men! Why are we letting them control their lives?"

"We are not doing any such thing!" Demanded an elder. "Stop turning this into a game!"

"It is not a game!" Hissed Darnuf. "It is important! This daemon is soft! Soft and weak! He is a fool, he is weak, he is not strong. He was dragged here?! Why in the 界 [kai] (world) were you, my son, grabbed and drug through the very dirt that we walk on?! How long do I have to scream at you before you start listening to me and stop embarrassing me so!"

"I'm sorry, 父 [chichi] (father). I really am." Kayzen tried to submit. He was tired of being yelled at.

"You are to be a 生 [ikiru] (life)." Darnuf began to soften his 語 [kataru] (words), but only a 小 [chīsai] (little). "You are to be my successor. You are to rule. You will obey me whether you like it or not!"

"Yes, 父 [chichi] (father)." Kayzen had no fight in him left.

"Kayzen." An elder began, in a soft, compassionate tone. "Why don't you take a break? You need one. You're tired. Let me deal with your cruel, over aggressive 父 [chichi] (father)." The 男 [otoko] (man) couldn't even bare to look at the 若 [wakai] (young) prince. The pain in his 目 [me] (eyes) was reserved for the selfish, unfeeling King Darnuf. Darnuf was tearing his son to pieces and on the most important day of his 生 [ikiru] (life). It was not fair to such a 若 [wakai] (young) boy to be treated so harshly and on such a momentous occasion.

"Yes, sir." Kayzen obeyed, getting up quickly and leaving quietly.

He tried to keep his emotions to himself as he was completely publicly humiliated, walking off in front of everyone when he had been intended to stay and listen to the 語 [kataru] (words) of his 父 [chichi] (father). It was no use 今 [ima] (now). Darnuf had lost his temper too badly. 今 [ima] (now) everyone would just drill into his 父 [chichi] (father) and ignore Kayzen. King Darnuf had done it 再 [futatabi] (again). He had angered every last 人 [hito] (person) in the ceremony.

Kayzen left the 団 [katamari] (group), disappearing into the darkness.

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Re: The Return (Lit) (Medieval/Modern)

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The Return
by RabidFox

Chapter 3

Kayzen looked into the eyes of fate. He glanced into the realm of destiny. His 父 [chichi] (father) kept screaming at him in his 頭 [atama] (head). Failure! Failure! Failure! He couldn't stand it. He grabbed his 頭 [atama] (head), just wanting it all to stop. The pressure was insurmountable. He just couldn't handle it. His 全 [mattaku] (whole) 生 [ikiru] (life) was changing. The 界 [kai] (world) was changing. Everyone was changing. Nothing was the 同 [onaji] (same) anymore.

He couldn't be his 父 [chichi] (father). He just couldn't! He couldn't ascend to the throne now. It was too hard. It was impossible. How could one 男 [otoko] (man) like him control countless and countless people?! An entire kingdom of people! Of minds! Of hearts! And of souls... It was sheer impossible! He could not fathom such endless stress!

King Darnuf... leader of his tribe, leader of his people. He was so... 怒 [ikaru] (angry) and mean and cruel. He wondered if he was starting to see it. The finality of it all. The end. He was wondering if he was at last learning the limits to his father's temper. He could not control his rage. What kind of 男 [otoko] (man) was this that stood before him? Was he truly as selfish as he had heard? And what with this new sight, this new sight of adulthood, this opening of his mind that was happening on this day... What was he learning? Whatever it was, it was unbearable.

He was surrounded by unfamiliar territory. He was feeling like the weight of the 界 [kai] (world) was on his shoulders. He would soon wear the crown itself for the very first time. He would soon be thrust into a position that was so demanding, so controlling, he worried that he would no longer have a 生 [ikiru] (life). Three hundred years had passed. This was a time like no other he had ever experienced before.

Kayzen had retreated to his 室 [muro] (room). There were 多 [ōi] (many) servants there with him. He was always waited on by servants. He was so tired of people following him around and doing everything for him and then, in a way, not doing anything for him at all. They could bring him a glass of water all they wanted to, that didn't change that they never felt the pressures of ruling. For all their own problems, one thing he knew that a servant could never understand was the 真 [ma] (true) 価 [atai] (value) of keeping your 口 [kuchi] (mouth) shut. They were loyal, sure, but there was always a 界 [kai] (world) between him and those that served him. He felt like they had no 所 [tokoro] (place) in his 室 [muro] (room).

An elder appeared. "Kayzen." He called. "We'd like to see you shortly, once you have rested up a bit. No need to 働 [hataraku] (work)." He shook his hands and his 頭 [atama] (head). "All we want to do is talk to you about a 少 [sukunai] (few) things that need sorting out. Nothing that requires a lot of thinking. Nothing that has to do with ruling at all."

"I understand." Replied the prince, quietly.

"Kayzen." The elder echoed. "Don't take this the wrong way. None of us are 怒 [ikaru] (angry) with you. We are 怒 [ikaru] (angry) with your 父 [chichi] (father). The aggression you sense from the elders is merely a device that they are using to keep your 父 [chichi] (father) at bay. He is merely out of control of his temper is all. He was just 怒 [ikaru] (angry) because he feels like you are not taking any of this seriously. But we know that isn't 真 [ma] (true). He really does too."

Kayzen wasn't sure what to think.


Kayzen felt like he had died. Not in a bad way. But...

He was sitting by himself on his bed, the servants still around him. It had been a long time. The elders had been talking to him. Forever and ever and ever and ever until... Well, Kayzen supposed he no longer had free will. Wow.

The elders had been having a very long and deep conversation with him and Kayzen had been arguing with them incessantly. No, they hadn't wanted to fight. They weren't trying to discipline him. They hadn't had any bad intentions what-so-ever and they really meant it when they had said that they didn't want to stress him out. But what they hadn't told him was that it was the end. The end of his life. The end of his ability to make his own decisions at all.

They had played the greatest chess game he had ever seen. They had blocked him into every corner and tricked him into every mind controlling thought. They would not leave him be. The elders, they really had been trying to help him. They had been trying to help him submit!

And they had won. He was tired. He was done. He would never win and he had realized completely against his will that he didn't even want to. They had found a way to puzzle him into their will. Their intentions had indeed been pure. They had just wanted to calm him down by getting him to finally give in to what had been bothering him. Inevitably.

It was over. It was unfair, wasn't it? Apparently not. Kayzen threw up his arms, exhausted. What choice did he have? He had to admit. They were right.

They were right!

What the hell?!


Kayzen was on the balcony attached to his room. He was looking out at the night sky, eyes trained on the stars. He had never felt so... simple.

King Darnuf was waiting for him. He had regained his composure or so they had said. It was time for him to meet his father again and finally face him eye to eye. He was sick of him, sick of harshness. He had never felt so disillusioned. His father was being so hard on him, as if he was one of his enemies almost. Kayzen had never been treated in such a way. Of course, he was also referring to earlier, to the time before the Great Review. Darnuf had been acting like a jerk for a very long time now.

Kayzen took his hands off the rail and came back inside. The servants had left his room, for the most part, except there was still several of them left. Kayzen eyed them, suspiciously. He didn't know what to think of them. They were all loyal to his father and the elders. He wondered what it would be like, if he had a son that was being constantly pressured into following his father's footsteps all the time. Would he complain? Or would he be like his father and let it all happen?

Once he became king, would they ever leave him alone? Did they even leave Darnuf alone? He knew why the man was so angry was what he had always thought. They never even so much as gave him the time of day. He was always expected to build his own watch. Did they not understand the pressures that they put on their rulers? Was it that difficult to understand? And after three hundred years...! I mean, come on. This was ridiculous... wasn't it?

Kayzen growled, frustrated. Well, it was time to go. He started a steady walk.


"So..." Darnuf began, on seeing his son 入 [iru] (enter) the 室 [muro] (room). "I see you have returned."

"Yes." Said Kayzen, approaching his 父 [chichi] (father). He had decided to do this standing up. "What is it that you want?"

"Aren't you going to sit down?" His 父 [chichi] (father) sneered.

"I am fine standing." Kayzen managed passed his nervousness.

"Why?!" Darnuf bit back. He seemed to find it insulting somehow.

"I don't want to sit. It is too boring. You want to judge me... go ahead." Kayzen's voice was shaky with apprehension.

"I want you to... sit down!" Hollered Darnuf, 怒 [ikaru] (angry) with Kayzen's stubbornness.

"I don't want to." Insisted Kayzen.

"Leave him be." Warned the elder. "The boy is tired. He wants to stand. It is fine."

"I don't like it!" Demanded Darnuf. "It's rude and pompous and arrogant and he seems to 思 [omou] (think) he can control every bit of..."

"Enough!" Asserted one of the more powerful elders. "I have had..."

"Don't you dare argue with me!" Shouted Darnuf, enraged at the interruptions.

"That's enough, Darnuf!" A 若 [wakai] (young) 男 [otoko] (man) pointed out.

"止 [tomaru] (stop)!" Said another.

"Leave it alone and let it be!" Interjected yet another youth. "We're here to talk politics, not argue! You're getting on my nerves, you toying fool! 止 [tomaru] (stop) 'playing with your toys' and get on with it already!"

Darnuf's face contorted with fury. "Fine!" He spit, like a fireball. "Kayzen...!"

"Darnuf." Warned an elder. "This better be the last of it! I mean, I have had enough!"

"I have had more than enough." Agreed another elder. "We're not going to start this ridiculousness again. I am tired of it."

"I have had enough of all of you!" Retorted King Darnuf.

"Well, come on, what do you expect?" Complained a youth. "We are sick and tired of listening to your babbling! 止 [tomaru] (stop) going on and on and on and on! We want to hear Kayzen for crying out loud!"

"Enough!" Ordered an elder, towards the youths. "Enough, enough, enough! One Darnuf is bad enough! Now enough with all of you! Damn youths!"

"I am tired of all this arguing!" Yelled an elder, deeply frustrated.

Kayzen tried to hold back his own anger. Everyone was falling apart, tearing at each other and enraged with Darnuf, as if everything was his fault. It wasn't! Insisted Kayzen to himself. It wasn't all his fault!

But the elders' 語 [kataru] (words) came back to him. He struggled to have his own mind. But, alas, he was too tired. He was finally giving into adulthood. To their version of adulthood. To their mind controlling nature.

Kayzen shook his head, just wanting all the pressure to go away, needing all the trouble to end. Darnuf glared at him.

"So... go on." Said King Darnuf. "Really? No! I am going to go on. You are going to listen now!" He demanded.

Kayzen submitted and nodded his head in compliance. "Alright. I submit. Whatever. Just tell me whatever you need to tell me."

"Whatever I need to tell you?!" Gawked King Darnuf. "I will tell you what I need to tell you! You talk like this is some kind of sporting event! This is your crowning, you fool! You silly, silly, 若 [wakai] (young), little fool!"

"Yes, 父 [chichi] (father)." Kayzen didn't want to fight anymore.

"Yes, 父 [chichi] (father), yes, 父 [chichi] (father)." Mocked Darnuf. "All this show of submission and yet you still grate on my nerves. It seems so fake!" He accused. "But I know it's real! Those damn elders... it's real, isn't it?" He didn't quite believe it, but they had reassured him it was indeed true. "Is he really different now? Have you managed to tame the wildness? The wildness in his heart... I don't believe you! He is too wild, he is...!"

"Enough, King Darnuf!" Ordered an elder and that was at last.

There was a little more bickering and a lot more anger, and then things finally quieted down for the review.


"What are your intentions to do when you 則 [nottoru] (rule)?" Pried King Darnuf. "It is intended to be a very general 問 [tou] (question)."

"I..." Kayzen began, thinking it over. "I will..." He tried to utilize his memory as much as possible. "I will do whatever the elders command. I will... join the Grand Table. I will... submit to the Circle of Fire."

King Darnuf pondered Kayzen's 語 [kataru] (words) for a moment. "The Circle of Fire...? How about this Grand Table? What will you do with it? I do sure hope that you don't intend to usurp me on this table! You will take... my crown... my fairies... my 民 [tami] (people)... my magic... but you will do it with grace. You will obey and worship me still. I will no longer be King, but I will still be called King Darnuf. Once a king, always a king! You will usurp me, surely," He smiled. "but you will not destroy me. You will not... become my equal! You are too young. Remember that..." He trailed off, mysteriously.

"I... will, 父 [chichi] (father)." Submitted Kayzen, reluctantly.

"I will be the new light of a new age! You will be an old light coming into a new world. You will learn the ways of the elders, you will learn my ways and you will follow my commands whether anyone likes it or not!"

"That is not so, Darnuf." Interrupted an elder, calmly. He had expected as much from the king. "The boy will do as the elders say. As I say. And no more."

"Stop trying to control everything." Ordered an appointed youth. "You are not welcome here. You are only here to raise your son. He needs you to teach him the ways of king hood. And that is all. Think of it as if you are banished from here is not what I am saying. That is ridiculous. You know that. But understand that you are not the one that is solely in charge! You have assistants for a reason, King Darnuf!" The 語 [kataru] (words) were biting with sarcasm. "You can't simply tell a daemon what to do! You must prove everything you wish for your kingdom! You cannot simply throw your weight around. You are submissive to a society where decisions are made together. You may be the one in charge, you may have the last 語 [kataru] (word), but we expect you to obey us! Even the youthful ones, the ones as young as I.

"You understand that I am not one for you to merely push around. I am not one for you to mindlessly control. Age or not, I am still my own. You are not my god, you are my god. You are not my king, you are my king. You need to learn these 語 [kataru] (words) carefully. For all of your age, you are still a reckless force that is creative beyond belief in your ability to defy the elders and the elders, most especially, of the Circle of Fire. It is Kayzen's choice, do you hear me not?, it is his choice who he will submit to and learn from. Not entirely yours. Raise him, yes, but control his mind to the point of no return and I will strike you down."

"Damn youth." Muttered Darnuf, insulted by being addressed by such a young, inexperienced man.

"Damn youth, damn straight!" An elder came to the boy's aid. "We are built on the generations of the future! We require that our youths, as ignorant as you keep reminding us, we require that they actually grow up!" The elder was furious. "They must be able to think, they must learn, damn it! Stop weighing down the kingdom with the orders of an old man!"

"The old 則 [nottoru] (rule)!" Ordered Darnuf.

"Of course." Mocked an elder. "I know that! Don't take me for a newborn child! I am no fool!"

"Regardless of how simple this conversation may be, boys," Instructed an elder to the youths. "Keep in mind that you have no idea what they are talking about. What-so-ever. Their motives are mysterious. Do not dwell on it."

The young ones looked bothered. They did not like knowing what the older ones were discussing. But Kayzen... he was... discontent to say the least. He was... infuriated beyond all belief. His free will appeared to have been crushed.

"Now, I will talk to my son now, if you don't mind!" Retorted the Daemon King.

The elder scowled at him.

"Boy." Darnuf ordered, turning to Kayzen. "Now... please do... continue... child!"

Kayzen felt overwhelmed by the power of his 父 [chichi] (father). He was angry. He was deeply frustrated. He did not want to be pushed into all of this! This was wrong! His 父 [chichi] (father) was wrong! They were all wrong!

"You are all wrong!" Growled Kayzen.


"You will not win anything with me, 坊 [botu] (boy)!" Snapped Darnuf. "You will not win this battle of yours!"

"Enough!" Demanded Kayzen. "I am the 王 [ō] (king) now! I am the one in charge! You are old news, old man!"

"Ha!" Darnuf laughed, genuinely amused by his son's newly charged defiance. "Come at me with everything you got, 坊 [botu] (boy)! You will not win anything! You will not get anywhere! You will not...!"

But Darnuf was interrupted. The spirited Kayzen would have none of it!

"Leave me alone!" The child stood up to the 高 [takai] (tall), intimidating stature of his ferocious 父 [chichi] (father), King of the Daemons. He was, indeed, the Daemon King. "You are just forcing me into your will! You are not allowing me at all to make my own decisions! This is wrong! This is all wrong! This is not your decision to make! I am the one... I am the chosen one... I am the prince of...!"

"That is enough!" Ordered one of the youths. "I will be following behind you soon, son of Darnuf. Don't you dare 思 [omou] (think) you can order me around! You may be... You may become 王 [ō] (king)! You are not 王 [ō] (king) yet! You are not 王 [ō] (king) yet!"

"Enough!" Commanded an elder. "This is not your place to interfere, Corydon. You are not to interfere in this! This is not your 回 [mawaru] (game). Allow this 坊 [botu] (boy) to make mistakes! Hear his treachery! 習 [narau] (learn) from it. Don't tell him what to do. Not now. Not yet. Allow him to make a critical error before you use your judgment to beat him into the ground. You are a daemon! Remember that! You are a mighty warrior from a mighty warrior race! Do not let your judgement be tainted by your temper. Control and lead your 王 [ō] (king) so that he will control and lead you. But do not challenge him in the face of such unbridled rage. He takes on his 父 [chichi] (father) for the first time! Have some compassion!"

The youth was shamed and became silent.


"I cannot let you win! I cannot allow it!" Shouted Kayzen, invigorated.

"Cannot allow what?!" Demanded Darnuf, enraged at such an accusation.

"I cannot allow you to destroy our people!" Demanded the prince.

"Destroy our people?!" Stuttered Darnuf.

The elders laughed at such ridiculousness.

"What in the world are you talking about, boy?" An elder demanded, his mind a puzzle.

"Calm down, Kayzen." Reassured another elder.

"They told me that you were a selfish man." Asserted Kayzen. "An extremely selfish and controlling and manipulative man. And I have had a long time to think about it."

"Nonsense!" Retorted Darnuf, not giving the boy's words much thought.

"No!" Demanded Kayzen. "I have had a long time to think about it. Too long. I have had forever to think about it. I have been walking and walking and walking, and listening and listening and listening. And I just had a very enlightening conversation with the elders. That and I have three hundred years of memory. I remember all the days, all the years, all the long years I was warned about you!"

"You're merely upset." Concluded Darnuf, calming down. He did not even begin to take him seriously. No one did.

"No, I am the king!" Ordered Kayzen, enraged at the incompetence of his subjects. "I am the king now!"

"I am the king now." Asserted Darnuf, trying to bring down his son's temper. "You are the prince. You are still the prince, you are still a boy. You just became an adult. This is nothing but an outburst."

"If you could only see the inside of my mind," Kayzen was furious. "you would see the hardcore proof that I have that you are going to ruin us all! I don't mean you!" He emphasized. "I mean the peasants! You are not controlling them enough! You are an aggressive tyrant, are you not?!"

"Boy, your father is no tyrant." Interrupted an elder. "You are merely losing control of your temper. You are exhausted."

"Wow, such sudden accusations." Commented a youth. "Where did this come from?"

"Oh, I don't want to hear it!" Retorted another young one to the youth that had just spoken. "He's been ripped apart by King Darnuf."

"I didn't mean it like that." Explained the other. "I just meant... how sudden. How... unexpected. I just haven't heard any of this at all. What? Has been keeping secrets? Are these some kind of private thoughts? I never heard any of this!"

"Don't jump on him!" Warned an elder. "Don't jump on a person that moment they explode."

"I just meant...!" Asserted the youth, but to no avail.

"Do not interrupt your future king!" Ordered an elder.

"Look, son, see, you're just..." King Darnuf attempted to calm his son's sudden worries.

"No!" Intervened Kayzen. "I have had forever to think about these things. You have always seen me the fool, but when a chess piece suddenly lands itself in front of my face, maybe some initial tension will hold me back, but that is it! I have been raised to be a king my entire life! I have been raised to be quick and efficient! I have been raised to make our kingdom's most important decisions in haste! And I have been raised to be, most of all, secretive! A liar!

"You have always assured me, father, that the very best of rulers is a silent one! One that can lie to keep secrets! One that can hold back his words to save another!" Kayzen was very passionate about what he said. "I will not be stopped by the likes of you! You are holding me back! There is something that I have learned!" He warned everyone. "There is something dire that I have learned! I simply did not believe in the severity of it! I simply did not believe in the possibility of it! But you have been warned! Trust me! Trust in your king! Trust in your future ruler!

"You have been warned!" He asserted. "You have been... warned! I learned something from the peasants earlier, but I just could believe it. But, recently, the elders assured me that it is indeed true! That people really can think that way! One thing that I know, with all of my heart, with all of my soul, is that I have never wanted to believe that my father could be such a selfish and cruel man, and even to this point, I don't want to believe it. But I can! I can believe it! I can believe it in a heat beat! I can believe it instantly!

"I thought I was making it up...!"

"Kayzen!" Interrupted an elder, attempting to calm the boy down.

"Kayzen, no, stop!" Interjected a youth.

"No!" Retorted Kayzen. "I am the new king! I am your new ruler! What I say is god!"

"No, Kayzen, no!" Said an elder. They were just trying to calm him down. They felt like he was getting way ahead of himself. They saw only a temper exploding. They saw only emotions coming to the fore. "You must calm down and think about what you are saying." The elder said calmly.

"I have had time to think about what I am saying!" Warned Kayzen. "I haven't been talking to you all this entire time. How do you know?!"

"Kayzen..." One of the boys began, in a low voice. "your father is getting to you and that is all. Things like that do not happen. Peasants do not suddenly get super powers and take everything over. You are a very immature man and you always have been. You have just reached adulthood. You are letting that fiery temper of yours get to you. You are a very wild man. You always have been. You are a daemon, you are a warrior, you are a prince..."

"Enough!" Asserted Kayzen. "You want even let me talk!"

"There is nothing to talk about." Assured an elder.

"No, you don't understand!" Emphasized Kayzen. "I just haven't been talking about it! I have been being silent, honestly, I have...! I am... think of me as how you know me... a fool! I was silly to think... to think they didn't mean it! If you could only see inside of my mind, you would agree with me! You would! This assertion comes from a recent lesson that was forced on me by the elders! The elders! The ones you trust! Really, our kingdom is in danger, it really is! You must listen! I was simply too foolish to believe what I heard the peasants saying! I did not think them able enough to think such thoughts, but you have managed to convince me that other people really are more able than they seem. If the elders are so capable, then surely I am..."

Kayzen was coming to a sudden realization, one that had been lost in the quick revelation that something was indeed desperately wrong.

"Then surely I have been wrong my entire life, as you all have told me again and again for three hundred years. I am indeed a fool!" He asserted. "I am! I am a fool!" He was so overwhelmed. "To hear such things my entire life, to never think they mean anything! It was as if it was always in front of my face. It was as if I had always known. I have seen such power in myself without accepting the power in others!"

"Kayzen, you are simply overwhelmed." Cautioned an elder. "I do not find you the slightest bit foolish for thinking what you are. Anyone, under as much pressure as you, could think such a thing. Especially if they were a prince, a prince that had been raised to think such things."

"You don't understand!" Warned Kayzen in vain.

"I do understand." Asserted the elder, the warning flying over his head. "You are simply upset. You are learning a disturbing truth about your father. He is not the man you thought him to be... But I assure you. He has never been so reckless as to let such a horrible thing go past his notice. A peasant revolt is not possible. At least not any to be concerned about. You are simply seeing a ferocious king before you, a man of such cruelty and harshness that you are completely realistically seeing, just for a moment in your rage, a person capable of such mistakes that are simply not possible. Especially not to someone as powerful as your father."

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Re: The Return (Lit) (Medieval/Modern)

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The Return
by RabidFox

Chapter 4

"Father!" Kayzen commanded. "There is a group, a huge group... of millions and millions of peasants. There's millions of them, father!"

"Oh dear, that is not true!" Laughed Darnuf. "Surely, I am not so bad a man as to make you suddenly think something so ridiculous."

"No, father!"

"Kayzen..." Interjected an elder. "You must calm down. There is not going to be a revolt!"

"You poor boy!" Cried an elder. "Do not think such things! That is not true! I shiver to think what horrible emotions you are feeling right now! There are not millions and millions of peasants about to descend upon us! Such thing is utter nonsense!"

"It is not true!" Joined a boy.

"It is not true!" Joined many others. They were worried for Kayzen's sake.

"Your father does not even begin to be that cruel." Said an elder. "You are becoming overwhelmed by taking on too much knowledge at once. The elders did not mean to tell you such a thing. They did not mean that. I assure you, people are not as capable as you, your father, and your brothers. You all are royalty. You have been raised your entire lives to privilege."

"People are more capable than you think!" Asserted Kayzen. "Including peasants! That is the point! They are very able to destroy us! You must...!"

"Kayzen!" Ordered an elder. "Such thoughts are laughable. Are people are superior! These peasants you speak of cannot be so clever! They cannot have such power! It is impossible!"

"No! It's not!" Warned Kayzen. "I have always known of their secret abilities! I just never thought they were as powerful as they are! I was always too foolish...!"

"Enough, Kayzen!" Said an elder. Then he stood up. "You must withdraw from this argument for a time. The Great Review is not this important. Your emotions are starting to get to you. It is normal. There is nothing wrong with it. I would shudder too if I realized how ridiculous my father was. This is a sudden revelation for you. A revelation brought on by submission to the old ones. You are a youth. You cannot handle such knowledge. That is all."

"No! That's not true!" Kayzen insisted.

"Kayzen, stand down!" Joined a youth.

"No! You don't understand!" Kayzen knew, he just knew. Oh, they would never listen in time!

"Kayzen, you may continue in just a moment." An elder explained. "But, for right now, you need to calm down. You are jumping to wild conclusions. You are going to give yourself a heart attack! There are not millions and millions of people about to descend on our kingdom and destroy it. We are not angry with you! We simply cannot allow you to believe such ridiculousness! It is feeling your heart with horrible, horrible thoughts!"

"Kayzen, you are indeed a fool." Asserted a worried youth. "But I say this, not in anger, but in concern. I would never believe such a thing, even for a moment. It may not be silly for you, or another like you, a fool like you, but you must be pretty damn foolish to conclude such a thing even for a second. That is ridiculous!"

"You are not a fool!" Explained an elder. "It is the instincts of a king to jump to treason, especially if he has solid proof of it. Do not take this boy's words too seriously. He is young. He does not yet know how to talk to a man consumed by suspicion."

"Enough!" An elder barked at the boy who had spoken. He did not like what he had to say.

There was some more barking. People were simply trying to make sure not to further upset Kayzen. They did not even begin to want someone, anyone, especially not a prince, to think such things. He would feel like a target, being a man of such a high position. They did not want him to suddenly think that millions of people were out for his blood. It was a horrible thought certainly.

"Kayzen, calm down." Another elder stood up, approaching him. "You are fine. No one is going to do anything to you. Those people are not so capable. You have always thought them able to do things that they cannot. And for the reason that you use for your own revelation. You are definitely a fool. You may be a prince and you are definitely about to become king, and you are certainly over three hundred years old, but you are still a child. You are a daemon, a hot blooded warrior daemon. You jump to thoughts of war instantly. Like all of our people.

"But, like you said, you are simply a fool! Most people would not even begin to think such a thing is really not true! We have always expected many youths, if not all of them, to suddenly think that the entire kingdom is in danger once the young understand the weaknesses of the old! Especially the horrible, terrible weaknesses of your father, King Darnuf. The weaknesses of a king! The weaknesses of their own trusted ruler! Such a man controlling their entire lives, it would be a very possible thought to any of them! Do not feel foolish for thinking it! But do feel foolish for thinking it with so much proof!

"You are the only one that can have such foolish thoughts! You think the same thing that many will surely think, but you think it with far too much proof! With invisible evidence! You are simply a bad student. You are simply a poor learner. It will be many years, hundreds even, before you will ever even begin to match the skill of your father!

"You have always been a silly, silly boy, Kayzen. Don't let such fantasies ruin your mind, eh? No! You cannot control yourself now! You are too reassured of something that is impossible! Now calm down, Kayzen! Such things of merely the skeletons of childhood! You have always put far too much cleverness in the peasants. They are not powerful like us! They are not skilled like us! Do not suddenly think that, simply because you have discovered much of your own ignorance, that you suddenly have found yourself corned by millions and millions of people because they... must be more clever than you took them for! Many of those thoughts you speak of, those clever thoughts you suddenly think they have that you never suspected before, many of those thoughts are nothing more than the normal childish fantasies of a young daemon.

"And you must take it to heart!" Warned the elder. "That you are the most childish of them all! You are the crown prince of our kingdom! You are the spoiled, arrogant heir to the throne! Like your father, you are a ridiculous man! You may be a young fool, may be a childish daydreamer, but you will always be a daemon! The warrior blood that flows within your veins, that mighty, destructive blood of the daemon race, it is what pushes you now to believe such things! It is normal for our people when they have suddenly reached the point of adulthood! You have seen it before! It is perfectly normal!

"However you must not allow that normality to taint your thoughts! To cloud your logic! You are still, first and foremost, a prince! And everyone knows that a prince is an airhead, quite frankly!" Smiled the elder, kindly. "You are a fool because we want you to be. You are a fool because it is your irreplaceable personality. Forever, you will be a ridiculous man! You are supposed to be! You are royalty, Kayzen. Royalty is supposed to harbor its own weakness. It's what binds us all together. The foolishness of our kings is what brings them down to reality, is what unites them with the powerlessness inside us all. You are powerful, I am weak, but you are foolish, and I am clever.

"It is a careful balance that must be maintained forever." Cautioned the elder, with great wisdom.

"That is all good and certainly true!" Asserted the passionate Kayzen, who appeared to harbor a great, horrible secret. "But you still do not understand! A fool I may be, but a mind I have! And it warns me now of the powerlessness inside the peasants! What unites us to them?! What binds us to those that we rule?! What is their reason for living?!

"Beware the peasants! For they are endlessly powerful in their own way! They are millions and millions strong! Together they are strong, divided they fall! Beware the power of your kings to guide such people! Beware the hidden knowledge, the latent abilities of your new king!

"King Kayzen!"


"King Kayzen." An elder tried it out on his tongue, liking the sound of it. "I do think you will make a fine king." He said, smiling. "But, alas, what you say is still not true. You are merely panicking.

"It is the inherent superiority of our people that allows us to rush into battle, like yourself." He grinned. "I am proud of you, despite the horrible thing you now think. It is only natural for the prince to rush into the thought of treason." His lips curled in delight. "You have pleased me greatly, Kayzen. That is something I assure you that you do not yet understand. And have never truly understood.

"Your entire life you have thought yourself a weakling somehow. A weakling in a way that no king of our people has ever been. But then that is why we follow you Kayzen. We follow you because our kings cannot be weak in this way.

"Our royal lineage is superior!" He roared, proudly. "You have the blood of kings flowing through your veins. You have the blood of warriors thumping in your heart. You rush to the thought of treason." Battle lust gushed from him. "That makes me very happy. Makes me very proud. I only expect as much from you, however.

"That is something you have never understood! Us, the elders, the old ones, in our infinite wisdom, in our great age... We have been through all of the trials of youth and yet you have always doubted us. Perfectly normal for our blood thirsty daemon youth. Especially for our prince. Our future king.

"We are not surprised! You think now that we are, somehow, but that is not true. You are merely learning the lessons of your people through this sudden thought. This sudden realization. Ha!" Laughed the elder, overcome with joy. "You will make a fine king indeed, blood thirsty Kayzen. You are superior! You are indeed superior! It is a brave thing you say!

"To take us all on, to even so much as think the thought, is the sign of a great ruler! The clear sign of an awesome god, a king of kings! You will make us all most proud, Kayzen." Complimented the elder. "Your ability as a warrior is much envied by your peers. You may have always been the fool, much like your own father in his youth, but then you grow up to be both. To be both clever and strong.

"Now you see why we never listened to you at some point. Your hot blooded nature, proper to a ruler, of course, certainly, always blinded you to fine logic that your subjects had and you had never possessed. This is why our people are united. Truly united. The ferocity of our kings leads us into battle and the calm, level headed nature of the ruled guides the fierce, all mighty power of a king's sword. Of his sons' swords. Even your sisters have powerful hearts beating in them. The daughters of kings, the female rulers of our people. They guide our women like you guide our men.

"I cannot wait to hear what your mother, the Queen, will have to say about you." Grinned the daemon elder. "She will be most pleased. Our Queen, you now see, has more fire in her heart than you ever knew. Learn now, that even your small, tiny, weak mother has the heart of a lion. Learn now that even your sisters will become fine queens. Understand now your foolish nature towards our daemon women. Oh no," He laughed. "Women may not have the strength and power of men, they may not be instruments of war, but they are smart in their own way. Just equally so.

"Learn the reason we mindlessly worship your mother. Think as your mother would tell you. See her superiority among women. See the reason that men mindlessly follow her will. She will be," The man grinned. "Most proud of her son. Of her mighty prince."

"I am astonished that you can lavish him with such compliments when his mind is in such a daze!" Cried out an elder, disgusted. "What makes you think he needs to hear such things?!"

"And learn, Kayzen," Warned an elder. "The ignorance of old men. The foolishness of this man for going on about such inappropriate blood lust! But also, learn now, why we only light scold him for his words. They are not truly so foolish. He speaks about such things now because it is truly necessary. It is necessary to describe such horrible things to you. I just wish he wouldn't have said so much." The elder glared at the other. "I just wish he had managed to restrain himself more.

"You will learn a terrible truth about your father, certainly." Warned the elder. "And you will learn a terrible truth about yourself as well. Your mind will suddenly click together and you will suddenly realize... why we follow you."


"I am not... I am not... I am not wrong!" Asserted Kayzen, infuriated.

How could he prove it in time?! The peasants were already on the march! They did not understand! They had always seen themselves, like they had said themselves, as superior! Surely, it was not ignorant, they were clearly a hot blood warrior race of daemon and not just any daemon, but the most superior variety of them all! But then... Oh, they had all the excuses in the world!

It was over! It was over... unless Kayzen managed to do the impossible! He must succeed! He must prove... that he was worthy of the crown!

"You don't understand, you don't understand!" Kayzen insisted. "They are completely are utterly infuriated. They are angrier than I have ever saw them! They get this way whenever you appoint a new king, but there is something different today! There is something different now!

"I will ascend to the throne!" Claimed Kayzen, his heart sinking immediately. His mind was become clearer and clearer and clearer.

An elder huffed and laughed. Several men chuckled. They clearly found him ridiculous.

"I will save my people! I will save my people! You must listen to me!" But no one would. He sounded emotional to them. He sounded upset to them. He sounded like silly, little Kayzen to them. Nothing but a mere child. Nothing but a small boy. He sounded like nothing to them.

Surely, they cared about him. But they cared about him. They did not fear him.

They feared his father.

He must become the image of terror. Only a daemon was so naturally ruthless that he could perfectly combine terror with compassion. Only a daemon could be simultaneously the kindest and the cruelest. He had to be more forceful! He had to find a way to make gentle absolute brute force! He could not hurt anyone! He could not harm anyone! He had to find a way to be better than his father... and then he learned!

His father... was most certainly... a cruel man.

He was... an unbearable force... of ferocity. Which meant...

He could not listen to him. He could not listen to his father. The elders had certainly controlled every last thought in his mind. They had looked into the eyes of a god and in that god they knew he was capable of destroying everything around him if not controlled. The legends, the stories... Now Kayzen suddenly understood the extent of his father's cruelty!

Kayzen had finally... become an adult.

His eyes filled with the passion of kings before him, with the passion of his father at last! Now Kayzen could be the man that others had always told him he should have been the moment he was born. He had finally learned why he had always been kind to peasants, had always endured the jokes and the taunting from his peers, the disapproval and the disappointment from his superiors... the elders... his father... his mother, the Queen!

The Queen! Surely a woman could understand! The gentler ones, the more reasonable women! Women were calmer, kinder, softer... and daemon women definitely had ferocity. Perhaps his mother had enough ferocity and enough gentleness to help him find a way to stop the peasants. He would have to use as much brute force as possible, while utilizing as much logic as possible. Logic that could make even the sharpest knife incapable of murder. Of course! If you could make a spear gentle, if you could make a sword incapable of killing, you could cut any neck, hold back any murderer, stop even the most out of control child from turning into a cold blooded killer. You could stop anyone from making a mistake too grievous! If brute force could not kill, you could hold anyone in place! You could stop anyone from making a bad decision that could mean the end...!

The end...!

Oh no!

He must consult his mother, right? Could he convince her in time? Would she listen to a wild, aggressive man like him? Could the women trust men that much? Men that wielded swords, spears, knives, weapons of destruction? Men who went to war? A prince who was most likely just panicking in other people's eyes? No! He did not have enough time! His mother could never help him!

He must save his kingdom on his own!

The boy's heart filled with courage. At any other time, he would have stepped down at that moment, tried at another time. Tried to find a more strategic moment. A more strategic moment that did not exist!

But now, with the newly found wisdom that he had discovered in his elders, that he had absorbed into himself, he would save the Daemon Kingdom! He would save everyone, including his father, his mother, the elders...

Now the question was... who needed saving first? And how could he take on such massive groups of people, people with the intention to do things that no one would believe? He would have to rely on the knowledge of the elders in the hands... of the wild, foolish prince Kayzen. In the hands of a child, of a young man with the ability to manipulate people with the gentleness of a game.

He must play the greatest chess game there ever was. He must use his childish interest in games and fun and play... to create tactics so powerful they could make even the sharpest knife... like the softness of his mother's hand gently guiding one in the right direction.

The direction of a king. Of the "newly crowned" King Kayzen.

And he did not yet wear his crown and yet he might as well have had it on the entire time.


"When I was little, I used to play with peasants all the time." Started Kayzen, intent on arguing with them until they believed him. There was no way that one man could take on millions and millions of people... unless he had help. Even if that help did not understand that they were helping.

"That's no excuse, son." Darnuf shook his head, exhausted. Oh, the trifles of youth!

"Kid, that's just not possible. We're not going to get into this." Ordered one of the elders, trying to take on a light, casual mood.

"Oh, come on!" Said one of the youths. "You are starting to sound really ridiculous!"

"Hardly!" Barked an elder. "Hello, young fool! What in the world are you talking about?! He's upset! Remember?!"

"I actually care about what peasants think." Explained Kayzen.

"Perfect logic for a youngster." Announced one of the elders, gladly. "See, boys? You all think like that! Stop chiding him! It is hypocritical!"

"I don't think millions and millions of people are going to attack our kingdom!" One of the boys said, wide eyed.

"Do not lower me to the level of Prince Kayzen!" Scoffed another.

"Silence!" Ordered an elder, without success.

The youths kept demanding to be heard.

"There is no reason that we have to listen to this nonsense!" Said a young one. "I know that he is upset, but let's not encourage it!"

"This is not how to help one of your fellow warriors on a battlefield!" Command an elder, extremely angry. "You do not chide him! You do not scold him! That is not how you support a fellow soldier. If someone thinks there is a threat, they will panic! You must be gentle in your treatment of him. Stop acting like you know everything! It is only aggravating."

"Let us stop yelling so much." Instructed another elder. "It is only upsetting everyone."

"Agreed." Said an elder. "We need to calm down. We are starting to jump to conclusions ourselves. Like Kayzen's perceived ignorance by the young ones. No old man would find that ignorant. His particular words may be more than a bit foolish, but you'd all think the same thing if you would submit to the knowledge of your elders. We have already had a long..." The man's eyes narrowed, mysteriously. "highly informative talk with Kayzen. This is what he speaks of."

"No talk is long enough to convince someone of precisely what he thinks." Argued a youth. "Any of us, surely, could become shocked by the great knowledge of our elders, as we reach adulthood and finally learn your secrets, but we would not panic so badly. We would not think so complexly about the issue. It would be nothing more than a dirt misconception to us."

"Of course, child, but you're missing the point!" Hollered an elder, angry with the youth's defiance.

"Enough. Enough. Enough!" Ordered an elder, who had not been saying much. "No more yelling. No more hollering. And definitely no one better start fighting."

"We all need to get our heads back together." Commanded another, who himself had been talking quite a lot. "Now. Enough. All of you. Especially the young ones."

"Youth is for the young!" Called out an elder, happily. He appeared to be quite proud of Kayzen's new abilities to rationalize. "Now what you don't understand, Prince Kayzen, is that we are actually quite happy that you, not that you have panicked, but that you can think! That you can wonder about it. That you can actually see a threat in the peasants. It is something you have never thought before. You always make them out to be so harmless. Now that you see their intelligence more clearly, you can find them dangerous. Which is a good thing. They are meant to be ruled.

"See, Kayzen, we are the ones in charge. For a reason. You have always been softhearted. You have always made excuses for them is not what I am saying. You have always thrown yourself into the peasants, demanding that you understand them in ways that you don't. You have always played games with them and talked to them as if they were your equals quite frankly.

“It has always been sickening to us, but you were young, so it did not matter. The young will not suspect their companions of treachery. It is natural for the dog to play with the fox. But, one day, the dog will learn that he must hunt the fox and the fox will become his enemy more quickly than the dog will become his. The fox will feel fear. He will know fear. And to feel fear is to change more quickly. That is all that is happening to you right now. You are afraid. It is making you grow too quickly which is affecting your judgment.

"But who is it that you fear? Your father?" Asked the elder, kindly. "I really must know."

"I am not afraid of my father! I am afraid of the peasants!" Asserted Kayzen, still upset. "I am afraid of my father and I am afraid of the elders and I am afraid of all of my people simply because you will not do anything about it!

"I know from experience how you all make decisions. You all will not listen to my warning, I already know! Especially because of my reputation? No, that has little to with it at this point. It is simply because of how unbelievable their power is!"

"Kayzen, calm down. At least try to, okay?" Reassured one of the elders. "No one is going to attack us. It is impossible. Try as they might, they do not have the intellect required to make such a large scale invasion."

"But they do!" Kayzen was getting nowhere. "You do not understand! You must listen to me!"

"Boy, we do not listen to people unless they have evidence." Explained the elder. "That also goes for a king, even a little one like yourself. I do not think you have special powers simply because you are young. Yes, surely, the young do have knowledge that the old do not possess, but soon we will even have that. With all of the logic in the kingdom, you do not see anyone else panicking about a peasant revolt of the size you claim.

"I know what you think. I have heard your ideas over the years. Silly ideas of unbelievably powerful peasants taking on the entire kingdom in a mass of bloodshed not possible by such ill educated, badly equipped people. What are they going to do?" He questioned, with a type of respectful sarcasm. "Charge us with their pitch forks? Such weapons cannot hold out against swords and spears and knives and bows. And trained men that know how to use such weapons. It is ridiculous.

"You have warned us all of your life of things that are simply not possible. How could they do anything? It's normal, it is, for a child to think that his enemies are more powerful than they are. But, being a child, you have always taken delight in your enemies. You have never feared them enough. Especially the younger ones who do not understand, with the passing of time and the acquirement of age, that foxes must fear dogs and dogs must hunt foxes.

“I can say it all that I want, but you are not going to suddenly learn what that means. Not over three hundred years of growing up. Now that you have reached adulthood, we are sharing with you our secret knowledge and it is, to be expected, poisoning your mind. It is quite normal, Kayzen. We do not look at you strangely at all.

"But you must understand that other youths will definitely start questioning you. At least for a short time. They do not have your superior intellect, your superior courage and strength. They have not been raised their entire lives to be kings. They will, in great annoyance, intensely scrutinize everything you say for a time, and then they will submit to you as their new king. But they must learn why they should follow you. They cannot be expected to understand such a great thing so quickly.

"This is not a game, child. You come into the world of adults with the words of a child. You do not understand what you say. You must submit to the power of the elders and accept that you simply do not know what you are talking about. All the compassion in the world for peasants is not going to make you a genius on their people. It is simply going to make you weak. Something that your father and all of us have always tried to teach you.

"Even your peers, despite their youth, deeply understand your problems. You are too lenient on the peasants. You are a king. You should not side with them. Youth makes it impossible for a wild, aggressive, and powerful man like you to understand, but the people that you call your companions are really your natural enemies. Those children, those young men and even the young women... they are all your enemies. What if the man you always called your trusted comrade suddenly attacked you, finally realizing that he was a dog and you were a fox? He would start hunting you. He would be the end of you.

"Peasants are natural hunters. We are the foxes, they are the dogs. They destroy anything that threatens their way of life. Even kings. That is the way of the daemon race. We are all warriors, even the peasants among our race. They are hot blooded just like any other daemon. You cannot trust them. All beings are good at heart, but that does not mean that you can put a bird in the path of a cat. The cat will attack the bird.

"Think of older people as cats and birds, and young people as dogs and foxes. I am a bird. If I walk into the path of a cat, it will be my end. You are a fox. If you mingle with the dogs, they will love you in youth, they will play with you as puppies. But when they grow into adult dogs, they will develop a thirst, a blood thirst for destroying you. As a rich, wealthy man with great, endless power and a highly impressive lineage, the young peasant boys will turn on you. They are reaching adulthood today as well. They are over three hundred years as well. They have studied and planned and plotted as well.

"They are not your comrades. You must learn to abandon these silly thoughts that you have about your fellow daemon who live in the wilderness beyond our comfortable castle walls. We have been raised in civilization. These people have not. They know nothing of the way of the sword. But they can pick one up. And use it against you. What would you do if your trust in the peasants eventually cost you the life of your own son? What if you allowed your son to play with these peasants, and then one day you found him murdered in the grass?

"We may be old, but old people really do have exceptional wisdom. That is something you are still learning, boy. You may technically be an adult now, like your father said earlier, but you are still a vulnerable child until I teach you how to defend yourself. We protect our young. We protect our young with great ferocity. They are our future and they are our present! What good is it to survive if you cannot enjoy your present? You do not yet understand such things, boy. My words, you must admit, constantly puzzle you.

"Even now, after all of your in depth discussion with the elders, you must realize that you are being foolish." And then the elder was finished. For now.

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Re: The Return (Lit) (Medieval/Modern)

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The Return
by RabidFox

Chapter 5

"Now think of me as a 鳥 [tori] (bird) and an old, peasant man as a cat." Instructed the elder. "I am in danger, am I not?" He asked one of the 他 [hoka] (other) elders.

"Oh yes, of course." The man made an odd smile, though, it looked uncomfortable.

"Those are daemon, 坊 [botu] (boy)!" Asserted the elder who talked of the cat and 鳥 [tori] (bird). "They are ferocious warriors! Peasant or no peasant, certainly, they can destroy you! This is all that you suspect. You are simply learning of the 力 [chikara] (power) they have that you did not previously understand. You are seeing them as more powerful, surely, but I have seen them that way for far longer than you. I already knew they were more powerful than what you had suspected. But it is not nearly as much 力 [chikara] (power) as you think.

"You are simply believing that they have all of this 力 [chikara] (power) because you are in shock. It is natural and normal. There is nothing wrong with it." Emphasized the elder, trying to calm the prince. "But that doesn't mean that I'm going to suddenly jump up and attack them for no reason. You are asking too much. You are wanting me to start a war with completely harmless and indeed innocent 人 [hito] (people).

"I cannot just mindlessly start attacking innocent, harmless men, women, 坊 [botu] (boys), and girls. They are 人 [hito] (people) too, like you assert. I am not so cruel and 寒 [samui] (cold) as you have always believed. You have always seen my ‘lack of respect’ for their intellect as a challenge to my compassion for those that are not privileged. That is not 真 [ma] (true). They are simply not as clever as you have always thought. I have learned in my age that these 人 [hito] (people) are indeed very clever, but simply not clever enough to be such an immediate and powerful threat as you claim.

"You do not need to explain anything to me." Reassured the elder. "I know how the 若 [wakai] (young) think and I know how you think, Prince Kayzen. I know what you think you think. There is nothing to your suspicions. It is all nonsense. It is all merely your own, personal outlook on 生 [ikiru] (life). It is something that will, thankfully, be changing soon. Completely and utterly. We will not allow you to think such foolishness anymore. You must grow into a leader and to grow into a leader requires that you be shaped into one. A son does not tell his 父 [chichi] (father) how to raise him and, in like, a 王 [ō] (king) does not tell his subjects how to educate him.

"What? Do you really think that I believe that simply because you are royalty, you can educate yourself?" Mocked the elder, respectfully. "That is impossible. A newborn 子 [ko] (child) can no more educate himself than a rock. And what of you now? Am I supposed to mindlessly listen to you simply because you just became an adult? Three hundred years or no three hundred years, you have never had the mind of a full fledged daemon adult. This mind is important in your development. It is important to your future as 王 [ō] (king), as ruler of our entire kingdom. I must shape that new adult mind. I must turn it into something great.

"You just now start learning our secrets and, like a 子 [ko] (child), you suddenly jump to conclusions about them. It is only to be expected. And it is only to be expected that such foolishness will end. I will teach you that you are wrong. It is ridiculous to think that a 子 [ko] (child) could teach such a 物 [mono] (thing) to himself. But once you learn this lesson, you will start thinking like us and you will start educating children all on your own. You will start teaching them all the same 物 [mono] (things). And, one day, your son will stand up to you like you are standing up to me now, and he will demand that you believe something that is, hopefully, not equally ridiculous." The man smiled, fond of Kayzen's reckless nature. "And you will not believe him either."


"Then when that day comes, there will no longer be any such thing as 恐 [osoreru] (fear)!" Proclaimed Kayzen. "My son, who will be the future king, will never feel 恐 [osoreru] (fear) ever! He will rise to become a great warrior, a great, almighty daemon! He will not be held back by the ignorance of 古 [furui] (old) men, constantly held back by the greatness of their 真 [ma] (true) wisdom!"

One of the elders gave him a thoughtful look. "真 [ma] (true) passion, 若 [wakai] (young) Kayzen. Admirable certainly. Tell me, 子 [ko] (child), why do you think such things anyway? Obviously, you do not believe us that we already know, so I might as well give into the small details that I honestly don't understand."

"What you don't understand is that you just have to listen to me! I don't have time to explain, damn it!" Cried Kayzen, ferociously. "They are already on the move!"

"Kayzen, what you say is ridiculous!" Informed a youth, unmoving.

"Damn it!" Yelled Kayzen, devastated.

"Son, you must provide clear, definite proof before I go into someone's 家 [ie] (house) with a spear and impale them." Warned his father, compassionately.

"I heard them talking about... how much they couldn't stand us... Oh, it all sounds silly! Silly if you just listen to it for five minutes. Everything I heard took 所 [tokoro] (place) over hours and hours and hours, and days and days and days, and weeks upon weeks! Months even! And then over three hundred 年 [toshi] (years) of a life! How am I supposed to translate all of this instantly?"

"Don't you think we would have heard it if they had been saying it for over three hundred 年 [toshi] (years)?" Questioned an elder. "I do know what you actually mean. You're talking about having some kind of exceptional understanding of their culture, of their language that we actually don't have. I find that impossible, of course. You're just a 子 [ko] (child), obviously. Why would you have such special knowledge? And how? You talk of information that people will not know for thousands of 年 [toshi] (years) to come. These things are not possibly known by such a small and ignorant 子 [ko] (child). Nevermind me or any of the 他 [hoka] (other) elders. Any of us."

"You will suffer if you do not do something!" Cried Kayzen, feeling completely helpless.

"Kayzen, I think it is time for you to return to your 室 [muro] (room)." Announced one of the elders. "You are under too much stress and there is simply no talking to you. You are not going to listen and a man who is frightened to death has no business doing business." He turned to a group of youths accompanied by a few elders. "Take him away. Do not allow him to be alone. We do not want him trying to take off and getting himself into horrible trouble. Also," He turned to the group as a whole. "We must make certain that there are no 他 [hoka] (other) blood thirsty 若 [wakai] (young) daemons who cannot handle sudden revelations. Any youth suspected of panic must be secluded immediately. We don't want 若 [wakai] (young) boys suddenly grabbing swords and flying into battle with innocent peasants. Or anyone else for that matter.

"Do not worry, 子 [ko] (child)." The elder comforted. "You are a daemon. War is only natural to you. It is of no concern to your people that you should feel the need to destroy. We all do. Even our women. It is natural to us.

"Now take him away." Commanded the elder.

"No, damn it! You don't understand! No-o-o-o!" Kayzen's warning fell on deaf ears.


"Kayzen." It was the 声 [koe] (voice) of his 兄 [ani] (big brother). The boy who had tried to fetch him earlier when he had left the party. Jarvunis.

"兄 [ani] (big brother)?" Kayzen's 頭 [atama] (head) shot up, taking in the sight of his 兄 [ani] (big brother).

"I 聞 [kiku] (hear) that you think the peasants are going to attack us?" Asked Jarvunis. "No, don't say anything. I understand. You think... they are already attacking us, I know."

"You don't believe me either!" Seethed Kayzen.

"Of course not." Jarvunis shook his 頭 [atama] (head), sadly. "I am sorry to see you consumed by such stress. It finally got to you, huh? All the pressure of becoming a 王 [ō] (king)? I knew it would. I'm not surprised at all. I told them they were being too hard on you."

"That's not true! That's not what it is!" Insisted Kayzen.

"Don't worry, 弟 [otōto] (little brother). There is no need for me to do anything now. Everyone is upset since you started claiming that there was some kind of peasant revolt. No one will bother you anymore." But Jarvunis still shook his 頭 [atama] (head). "However, you will eventually have to return to the Great Review. Even if only out of boredom. 生 [ikiru] (life) must go on. But don't worry. Everyone really understands, they do.

"Father has already spoken to Mother. She also knows. She offers you her condolences and wishes that she could be with you now. However, the women are not allowed around the men until they have fully passed into adulthood. It is ceremonial ritual." Jarvunis sounded as if he despised such a rule.

"She would never believe me." Kayzen lamented.

"Kayzen, there is nothing to believe." Insisted Jarvunis, trying to rationalize with his 弟 [otōto] (little brother).

Kayzen's eyes were full of pain. He looked up at his 兄 [ani] (big brother), his 頭 [atama] (head) tilting up slowly. "You will see... if I do not do something about it, I assure you on my 生 [ikiru] (life)... you will see."

"If such a thing were true," Jarvunis tossed up his hands. "You would have told us earlier. No one can be that foolish."

"I can." Said Kayzen, hanging his 頭 [atama] (head) in shame.

"That's not true, 弟 [otōto] (little brother)." Comforted Jarvunis. "You're not that foolish." He smiled. "No one is." He sat by his 弟 [otōto] (little brother) on his bed, putting a hand on his shoulder. "Everything is going to be alright. You'll see."

Kayzen knew that was not true. But, alas, no one would listen to him. He had already tried to explain, in extensive detail, what he had heard. There simply was not enough time. No one had believed him.

"I can't stand it." Kayzen felt so miserable. The damage that could be done... was endless.

Jarvunis didn't stop smiling, having no idea what horrible truths lay in Kayzen's mind. "It's going to be okay, 弟 [otōto] (little brother). You'll calm down soon. You'll realize that it's simply in your mind."

Kayzen could only wish such a thing were true. But, unfortunately, it was not.


"And you think this will be the 終 [owaru] (end) of us?" Jarvunis asked, after listening to Kayzen's story.

"Of course!" Cried Kayzen, holding his 頭 [atama] (head)
in his 手 [te] (hand).

"Kayzen, that all sounds so silly. It doesn't make sense at all." Jarvunis admitted, honestly.

"But it's true!" Insisted Kayzen.

"But it's so silly!" Asserted Jarvunis, holding his 手 [te] (hands) out to his 弟 [otōto] (little brother). "It doesn't make any sense."

"It does if you know what it means. You just don't understand!" Kayzen would not be comforted.

"Oh, 弟 [otōto] (little brother)." Jarvunis sighed, unable to convince Kayzen of anything. "You just don't understand. You are a very foolish person, yes, yes, yes, indeed. Let's not keep using the word 'fool'. It doesn't illustrate anything if it's the only word you keep saying. You are... shall we 言 [iu] (say)... very spirited. You have a lot of... of heart, Kayzen. You are a wild, aggressive man who battles everything in your path. Anything that moves is your target. You will attack anyone, anything. You will strike anything down.

"You are a clever and powerful warrior, certainly, but you're so passionate about 戦 [ikusa] (war) in a way that others are not. You have this intense love for blood shed that, frankly, even I have never understood. It's just all... so ridiculous, Kayzen. You don't even begin to understand how immature you are. Even compared to me, I mean it's obvious to me, you 言 [iu] (say) the silliest things. You never hear yourself talk.

"Kayzen, you're ridiculous. You are so demanding and arrogant and just downright violent... why would anyone listen to you if you had thought that you heard someone 言 [iu] (say) something so off the wall? It's normal for a person like you to suddenly explode and start believing such nonsense. At a 時 [toki] (time) like this. A 時 [toki] (time) like this when stress is mounting so high for everyone. Me included. Father, the elders, Mother even. Hell, even the women are up in arms. They don't want their boys be treated so harshly. They don't want us to grow up into adults. They just want to mother us. Even the women are saying really ridiculous things.

"Why should we listen to you? Silly, little Kayzen. The Wild Prince of 火 [hi] (fire)." Asked Jarvunis. "It's just not logical."

Kayzen lowered his 頭 [atama] (head), unsure of what to do. 時 [toki] (time) was running out. He had no plan. No one believed him... and no one could help him other than himself.


"Kayzen." Jarvunis began.

"Maybe there is some 他 [hoka] (other) way I can explain." Kayzen attempted.

"There is nothing that you can 言 [iu] (say) that will convince me of that." Insisted Jarvunis.

"You must know." But Kayzen was stubborn. "I was with the peasants earlier. They talked of things that were just so... random. 奇 [kushiki] (strange). Nonsensical. I didn't think they had the intellectual ability to act out such treachery. It didn't bother me, because I have always thought of daemons as people that wish the worst things on their enemies... in a very... constant and total way. And just don't act any of it out because...

"Because they care about people ultimately. I don't know how to 言 [iu] (say) it. It just seems like people's 頭 [atama] (heads) are always filled with violence. Like people are always plotting against each other and they do it because they 見 [miru] (see) it as harmless. They 見 [miru] (see) it as just 語 [kataru] (words). But these people are 怒 [ikaru] (angry) and they don't even entirely understand just how 怒 [ikaru] (angry) they are. They have been talking war, Jarvunis. They do not entirely understand that, even now. That is my point. That is why you all don't understand."

"Kayzen, that doesn't make any sense!" Demanded Jarvunis, simply trying to calm his brother.

"No! It does!" But Kayzen would not relent. "You have to understand just what they said and just what they were thinking! It is obvious to me now that not only do they have the 力 [chikara] (power) to act, but the will to carry out such actions as well! I thought them just blowing steam, saying awful things just to 言 [iu] (say) them! But now I know... that they may even be planning consciously and just don't want us to know!"

"Oh, Kayzen." Jarvunis threw his arms up in the air, exhausted. "If people wanted to kill us, they would just kill us already." Asserted his brother, finding Kayzen's silly, childish fantasies ridiculous.

"If you only could have heard them for yourself..."

"Then just tell me already!" Ordered Jarvunis.

"I will." Assured Kayzen. "I will continue to explain myself or fight or whatever I have to do to protect my kingdom!"

"When did you suddenly develop this 愛 [itoshī] (love) for your kingdom?" Asked Jarvunis, sarcastically. Everyone knew that Kayzen was a rebel.

"It is that 愛 [itoshī] (love) that I have always had for it and that you know is there! Do not pretend that it is not true!" Retorted Kayzen.

"You know that what I refer to is your inability to stop playing games with everyone and just grow up!" Explained Jarvunis.

"I don't want to 聞 [kiku] (hear) any of it!" Barked Kayzen, angered by the reference to his ill begotten reputation.

"How can I listen to such a wild and unruly fool like yourself?!" Reminded Jarvunis. "It just doesn't make any sense to order an entire army to attack millions and millions of people just because the upcoming loser prince had a suspicion he can't even prove!"


Kayzen looked out at the kingdom from his balcony. It was an entire world made of gold. Not gold in the sense of the metal, but the metaphorical gold. Sure, it was just as pretty physically, but it was the sky falling down on it all that emphasized the majesty of the great castle town. Kayzen felt sick. He felt like his entire existence was threatened. He could see no solution and he could feel no emotion other than sorrow. He was empty. He had... he had failed?

He would fail... he would fail...?

Would he...?

Kayzen studied the world before him, laid out in a beautiful, twisting labyrinth of roads and paths and homes and stores. He looked out at the people gathered around in the clearing before the castle, all of them having a meeting of some sort. He looked for his other brothers, of who he knew were not there. But he looked for them anyway. Helplessly.

Would they all die?

Kayzen was safe in his room, comfortably locked away deep in the castle. His brothers, he felt for sure, would be leaving soon. For the mountains or a great hill or some ridiculous cemetery. More ceremonial silliness, weakness. His eyes studied the roof tops, criticizing himself. After all of this was over, what kind of king would he become? If there would even still be a reason left to rule. If they survived, their culture at heart, as they were far too large a people to be destroyed... of what pride would be left... what would people say? Which of their kind would fall through the cracks, never to be seen again? Who would become a shadow?

Whose life would embrace the past and whose body would become a tomb for the future?

That was something a wise, old man told him once. A man who had not been so old when he himself had thought of such a thing. Wisdom to the young, he had said, was pure luck. But men like him would always get it, unlike poor, little, protected Kayzen. That man said that because he was a solider, a warrior. Someone unlike Kayzen who had to work for his food, for his right to live. That was what he had said. His right to live. Kayzen had always hated him for telling him that.

Kayzen studied the sky, the gold rushing in to meet the blue, white strips dancing across the expanse. Colors swirled around, swishing and turning and flying in circles. Pretty, pretty circles. Dying circles. The words of men, dead men talking in his head. The words of soldiers, of warriors, of men who had tried to train him in youth, but always said he had never learned so much as how to pick up a sword.

"You're a good fighter, sure." They had told him, one particular man had told him. "But you're a weakling. You can fight as hard as you want, you can dream as big as you can, you are surely one of the best swordsmen for your age. But brute strength is all you have. A weak quality in a true warrior. A disappointing lack of intellect, of tactical brilliance for the battlefield of life.

"You take your sword everywhere you go, and in this great mistake, oh my future king who will one day be as grand as I hoped in his youth, you will eventually, one day long from now learn that you wish you had not wasted my time so much, wasted your own time, wasted three hundred years dragging your sword through the mud of your violent ways. You are depreciated by all those who know you, because they lament the man you could have been."

And he would say then, don't you dare mock the drama of those words and the silence that should follow. You are a fool to write it here is how he had always thought. But then the man had told him to write it is one thing, but to silence it is another. And then that Kayzen was a fool for not knowing what that meant, for not understand all of the lessons that his teachers had tried to ram into his head about such a thing. What a fool, what a silly one, they would say. What a horrible, terrible, little coward of a man. So wrapped up he is in his violence, so like his father's bad side and unlike his father's good, that all he can do is cry for his mother when the real work comes. What a disappointment he is, but oh what a grand king he will become.

I have never seen such spirit, as is the little fox child, Kayzen.


Kayzen was exhausted. He could no longer fathom what it was like to have a glass of water. Bread was being denied to him. Water, juice, milk, and bread. Well, he could have just a little bit of milk. Jarvunis would not object to that, nor would any "Grand Elder".

"And what will you do when they arrive?" Asked Kayzen, in a secretive manner.

"Who arrive..." Started Jarvunis and then, just as quickly, Kayzen interrupted.

"Do not pretend to know nothing of what I speak of!" Ordered Kayzen, invigorated. "It is THEM that I reveal to you now!

"I have had time to think about it!

"They will be the end of you surely!" Asserted Kayzen. "Your own men set out against you. You always neglected your true position... your true power! If only you had listened to me, none of what has been building up would be able to resist falling. This is the fault of you and your kind. But, alas brother... Not too guilty is you, but do not forget that you were most certainly apart of it. Part of it too? As well? Hell no!

"Part of it and nothing more! Other than the word 'used'!

"You have been warned! May god have MERCY on your soul."

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Re: The Return (Lit) (Medieval/Modern)

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The Return
by RabidFox


Kayzen was staring out the window. He was up in his room, high up off the ground. He felt deflated.

Jarvunis was at the other end of the huge room. Kayzen could not even see him. It was impossible. The upcoming ruler, heir to his father's throne, simply turned around and looked for any sign of his brother. However, he knew that he would not see him. Jarvunis' presence had been marked principally by screaming and scowls and control. His brother was simply worried for his safety, but it didn't matter. It was all too hard.

Kayzen looked back at the window. It was the most difficult thing that he had ever done in his whole life. Now if you asked a certain person, that person would argue with you only at a crossroads. A man that would not be named. A controlling person, an arrogant man... someone that had hypocritically opened Kayzen's eyes against any common sense that the man claimed to have. It wasn't Jarvunis. It wasn't his father. It wasn't one of the Grand Elders.

It was an arrogant "child" like himself. A man that had, in his eyes, turned on him. Even though that was, of course, not true. But Kayzen could not see past his rage. The man had helped him in the beginning and now he was just... getting to him.

Kayzen looked up into the sunset. The yellows danced with the reds, and purple was coming into the sky from the bottom. A sea of stars would soon be there. And, unfortunately, Kayzen feared that he would look at them alone.

He was done.

The End


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