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Arturur and the Vampire King (Novelette) (FINISHED)

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Re: Arturur and the Vampire King (Short Stories) (IN PROGRESS)

Post by RabidFox » Sun Dec 04, 2016 12:44 pm

The Epilogue

Arturur entered the room with the vampires. At first glance, it didn't look special at all. There was simply some chairs and two desks. The pixie wasn't sure what they had planned, but didn't think that it would be anything traumatizing. Afterall, that was what Abner was trying to do—Prevent trauma. However, there was something that stood out about the room.

"Hello, Arturur." Said a white pixie. He was standing in the room by himself. His expression looked very grim.

"I see you're involving the pixies." Commented Arturur, a little surprised. He hadn't seen many pixies since he had come to live with Ishimi.

The other men said nothing. After a few awkward moments, the cheerful vampire approached the older pixie and turned to face Arturur.

"We have a very special inquisition set up for you." Said the vampire, a big smile on his face. He looked nervous.

The room returned to silence.

"Okay." Answered Arturur, finally. "What are we going to do?"

"You're going to have a seat here and we're going to talk." Replied the vampire. He then gestured to a chair.

Arturur followed his instructions and sat down. "I hope this doesn't last too long. It all sounds so boring."

"Oh, you won't be bored." Assured the vampire. "This will be the most entertaining moment in your entire life."

Arturur raised a brow. He highly doubted that.

"Arturur..." Started the other pixie. "This is very hard for me, but... I hope you understand." He trailed off into silence.

"Understand what?" Asked Arturur, curiously.

The man's eyes bore into his own, as if searching for something. More time passed. Arturur became even more confused. It was obvious that the other pixie was struggling.

"I am your father."

The End



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