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The Retelling of the Planet of the Apes (Fan Fiction) (FINISHED)

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Re: The Retelling of the Planet of the Apes (Fan Fiction) (IN PROGRESS)

Post by RabidFox » Thu Oct 19, 2017 6:30 pm


Years later...

The church was full of apes. It was people from Milo's family and Emmy's family and their friends. The priest stood at the end of the walkway, pews along both sides. In his hands, he held the bible. He would hold it for the entire ceremony, which would be brief, and he would read—By heart—a passage from the same book. He wouldn't ask the pair to commit themselves to each other, as such things were simply assumed in ape society. Neither of them would say vows, and there was no ring. There was also no music, as it was considered disrespectful.

The groom would walk down the path first, in a specially selected suit. Then the bride would enter afterwards. She wouldn't be wearing white and her dress wouldn't be elegant. The colour of the gown would actually be a light shade of green, except without the symbology of her normal clothes. It would still be a beautiful dress, and this would be the only occasion that she would wear it. The dress would be old, well taken care of, and passed down from mother to daughter and mother to daughter and so on.

And as Milo walked that path, he felt a tinge of loneliness, like his life in some way was ending. Yes, he was really, truly happy... it was just the way he was and had always been. So much had changed for him in the years following up to this day. He had conquered many of his problems, and, while there were still walls to break through, the young psychologist had already crossed every bridge that he really needed to. He was very happy now and had been for a long time.

Emmy, the beautiful young woman who was walking towards him right now, filled his eyes with the longing to finally call her his wife. She made him feel so calm and mature. She made him feel like he could successfully raise his children to come. She made him feel like a normal life was not just within reach, but already a part of them both.

She made him feel warm and satisfied all over. Her eyes had filled with soulful, wonderful, forever lasting love for him. Every part of her made him see the world like his grandfather had always wanted him to... He could even call himself normal now... still the old Milo, but a person who had gone through long, hard work that had smoothed out his most severe problems.

And she loved every bit of him... She loved his weaknesses, she loved his strengths, she loved the weird way he talked, she loved how different he was... she loved it all... and she would soon—Within mere moments—be his lawfully wedded spouse.

He would be married to her.

And the woman he had come to love... the woman who had hugged him outside of the tribunal years ago... she now stood before him, waiting for her world to finally be complete.

The priest recited the holy passage. There was a required, respectful silence as the Lawgiver gave his blessing to the married couple to be... And then the priest proclaimed them, in the eyes of the Lord and witnessed by all of their family and friends..

to be together in the union of marriage.

And so it was.

Milo had found the Ephraim inside of him. He no longer felt lost.

The End



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