Feila Smiles on Shady Tavern Topics

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Feila Smiles on Shady Tavern Topics

Post by JamesG » Sat Feb 13, 2010 6:47 am

Now and again, RabidFox and I receive strange messages. Messages, asking if they can make a new topic in the Shady Tavern, or start some discussion thread. These messages seem to indicate that a few users, not mentioning any names, because I can't remember any, think that they might get into trouble for creating threads about any old topic in the Shady Tavern. Well, you ask yourselves, is this true? Do we frown upon people who make topics such as 'Should I Buy a Ferret?" or "Did Anyone See the Cricket Last Night?"


We LOVE these topics. Write away, if you feel like it. If you have some urge to tell the forum that you have a list of reasons you hate skiing, or you want to start a career in paving roads, go ahead. I read pretty much every topic here, even if I don't comment on all of them. I write all kinds of random threads about things I find funny or interesting, like Australia assaulting camels with helicopters, or how I spend my leisure time doing pointless tasks on video games. So please, if you are new, or just unsure about what thread fits into the Shady Tavern, please do not be frightened to open up a new topic and type away at whatever you want to share with us. Even if it seems silly, or you are not sure what forum to put it in, chances are it will fit here. We do not bite. We do not ban people for putting things in the wrong forum, and we do not frown upon random or strange topics.

So please, next time you hesitate, and feel a glimmer of nervousness when you look at the Submit button, remember: Feila Smiles on Topics.
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