Blue Mage's Journey: Ability- Ice Arrows!

A recently discovered nation by the rest of Feila. The current system of government is Imperial Autocracy, with barons ruling fiefs, on the orders of the monarch. It has a standing army and navy known as the New Empire Forces (NEF). It is geographically a collection of five islands North of the Territory of the Ravens. There is only one season here and that is winter.
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Blue Mage's Journey: Ability- Ice Arrows!

Post by Bigfox3 »

In a small non-descript town in the Arctic north, news was traveling fast about their latest unusual visitor. Within their rather spacious pub, good for business due to the amount of travelers that would be stuck there for the duration of unexpected snowstorms, on the request board was a rather lengthy posting:

"Wanted! Traveling companions wanted to reach a cave devoid of crystals. Expedition will only be a few days to a week at most due to weather, companions will be rewarded generously. Warning, expedition runs the risk of encountering a dragon. Speak to the Blue Mage Fennec for further details."

The fennec in question was a HIGHLY unusual sight, as he nursed a drink between his fingers. His bright blue jacket was rather dapper, and his breeches were layered with pockets and pouches of bizarre materials. The blue cap with a white feather was the most unusual piece of clothing, but was a signal to the few who were aware of it of his occupation of choice. Blue Mages were known to learn monster techniques, and while getting hit by them wasn't the smartest move, it was an option to learn the move more directly. However, the preferred, and far safer option, would be to collect ingredients after learning the move by observation to replicate its effects.

So in this regard, Fensworth waited, knowing the dangers and not wishing to travel alone, he waited for someone to answer his request to join him on an adventure to learn the fabled Ice Dragon's Ice Arrows attack. At most he would need three companions, though the simple fetch-quest nature of the request would certainly be far more interesting in the long-run. He wondered who would apply first?

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Re: Blue Mage's Journey: Ability- Ice Arrows!

Post by Asyriel »

A petite female red fox walked into the pub. Her clothing was well tailored if also well worn, and she carried a large pack on her back. She moved with a grace and balance that spoke of martial training. She looked around the room as she moved toward the bar, looking for the fennec mentioned in a posting offering good compensation for a relatively short expedition. Luckily the fennec wasn't hard to spot, and she quickly picked him out of the patrons in the pub.

She made her way to the bar to get a drink before she headed in the direction of the fennec bedecked in blue. She set a mug full of mead on the table as she took the seat across from him. She tilted her head a bit, and gave him a long curious gaze before taking a long drink from her mug. She set the mug down again then spoke. "All right. Let's hear it; what are the details on this expedition."
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