Yamahan Language

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Yamahan Language

Post by RabidFox » Sat Feb 20, 2010 12:30 am

READ THIS FIRST: The following is an article about the Yamahan language. This article is NOT necessary information. Even if you are creating a Yamahan character, you do NOT need to read this article. This article is only for those of who are interested.

The Yamahan Language

The people of Yamaha have their own national language, which is technically spoken by the majority of the population. For the sake of keeping things simple, you can ignore this national language during role-playing and have Yamahan characters speak in English. This way you don't have to posses any understanding of the Yamahan language to role-play in Yamaha. However, if you'd like to use the Yamahan language during role-playing for additional realism and creativity, then please feel free to do so.

The Yamahan language is identical in all aspects to Earth's Japanese. Therefore, if you know enough Japanese, you can give your Yamahan characters extra depth by having them speak partially or entirely in Japanese. If you don't need non-Japanese speakers to understand your characters' speech, then you don't have to provide translations in English, though, you will need to provide translations if you want non-Japanese speakers to understand the dialog.

Remember, even the occasional use of a single word or phrase can make role-playing more interesting and entertaining. You don't need to have your character speak in nothing but Japanese to make good use of the language. Simply being able to greet other characters, use a particular saying here and there, and speak words of significance is more than adequate. Fluency is not at all a requirement to have fun with Japanese in role-playing.

Resources for Learning Japanese

The Japanese Page: Basic to Advanced Lessons
Byki Express: Free Virtual Flashcard Program
Byki List Central: Online Flashcards & Downloadable Flashcards for Byki Express
Transparent Language: Overview of the Japanese Language
Transparent Language: Various Resources for Studying Japanese
Transparent Language: Japanese Word of the Day


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Japanese Phrase List

Post by RabidFox » Thu Apr 30, 2015 9:19 pm

Japanese Phrase List


今日は。 [konnichi wa.] (Hello.)
おはようございます。[ohayou godzaimasu.] (Good morning.)
今晩は。 [komban wa.] (Good evening.)
お休みなさい。 [oyasuminasai.] (Good night.)
さようなら。 [sayounara.] (Goodbye.)
ではまた。 [de wa mata.] (See you later.)
ではまた。 [de wa mata.] (See you soon.)
また明日。 [mata ashita.] (See you tomorrow.)
お元気ですか。 [ogenki desu ka.] (How are you?)
元気です。ありがとう。 [genki desu. arigatou.] (I'm fine, thank you.)
お名前を伺ってもよろしいですか。 [onamae o uka gatte mo yoroshii desu ka.] (What is your name?)
私は......です。 [watashi wa...... desu.] (My name is...)
はじめまして。 [hajimemashite.] (Pleased to meet you.)
こちらは......さんです。 [kochira wa...... san desu.] (This is Mr. ...)
こちらは......さんです。 [kochira wa...... san desu.] (This is Mrs. ...)
ご出身はどちらですか。 [goshusshin wa dochira desu ka.] (Where are you from?)

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今日は。 [[b]konnichi wa.[/b]] ([i]Hello.[/i])
おはようございます。[[b]ohayou godzaimasu.[/b]] ([i]Good morning.[/i])
今晩は。 [[b]komban wa.[/b]] ([i]Good evening.[/i])
お休みなさい。 [[b]oyasuminasai.[/b]] ([i]Good night.[/i])
さようなら。 [[b]sayounara.[/b]] ([i]Goodbye.[/i])
ではまた。 [[b]de wa mata.[/b]] ([i]See you later.[/i])
ではまた。 [[b]de wa mata.[/b]] ([i]See you soon.[/i])
また明日。 [[b]mata ashita.[/b]] ([i]See you tomorrow.[/i])
お元気ですか。 [[b]ogenki desu ka.[/b]] ([i]How are you?[/i])
元気です。ありがとう。 [[b]genki desu. arigatou.[/b]] ([i]I'm fine, thank you.[/i])
お名前を伺ってもよろしいですか。 [[b]onamae o uka gatte mo yoroshii desu ka.[/b]] ([i]What is your name?[/i])
私は......です。 [[b]watashi wa...... desu.[/b]] ([i]My name is...[/i])
はじめまして。 [[b]hajimemashite.[/b]] ([i]Pleased to meet you.[/i])
こちらは......さんです。 [[b]kochira wa...... san desu.[/b]] ([i]This is Mr. ...[/i])
こちらは......さんです。 [[b]kochira wa...... san desu.[/b]] ([i]This is Mrs. ...[/i])
ご出身はどちらですか。 [[b]goshusshin wa dochira desu ka.[/b]] ([i]Where are you from?[/i])

Basic Words and Phrases

はい。 [hai.] (Yes.)
いいえ。 [iie.] (No.)
分かりません。 [wakarimasen.] (I don't understand.)
英語を話しますか。 [eigo o hanasemasu ka.] (Do you speak English?)
私は学生です。 [watashi wa gakusei desu.] (I am a student.)

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はい。 [[b]hai.[/b]] ([i]Yes.[/i])
いいえ。 [[b]iie.[/b]] ([i]No.[/i])
分かりません。 [[b]wakarimasen.[/b]] ([i]I don't understand.[/i])
英語を話しますか。 [[b]eigo o hanasemasu ka.[/b]] ([i]Do you speak English?[/i])
私は学生です。 [[b]watashi wa gakusei desu.[/b]] ([i]I am a student.[/i])


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