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Halloween Writing Contest -- WINNERS: Hyashi and Omndragon

This is where all of the old, memorable threads are eventually placed and locked. Anyone can browse through these threads, but the threads can no longer be posted in.
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Post by RabidFox » Sun Nov 22, 2009 10:01 pm


While our third submission to the Halloween Writing Contest did not place, we are still very thankful to the author for taking the time and effort to enter. Thumbs up for sending in a story! We have posted it here so that everyone may read and enjoy it.


By Shadquartz

Nanouk shook the man around his neck, waiting for the moon to rise, before he set off again. It was halloween at night fall, which meant he could get away with being in a costume of the outlaw he was. He could have painted his fur, or dressed himself in the bow and arrow layden quiver he carried upon his shoulders. The only problem was: who would buy it? He leant against the black, scorched oak tree, and folded his arms, watching people bustle about the old town, buying candy last minute. And sorting out costumes on the street. Then it occured to him: he could just use a mask. He looked up at the sky, he had a few hours left before nightfall, he could make one quickly. He pushed himself from the tree, turning on his left hind paw to face it. He drew his carvers knife, and began to trace a pattern in the old bark. He's be some kind of demon, they were big at the minute.
After about an hourof carving the wood out of the tree, Nanouk pryed it out. He looked at it with concern. He'd gone into the outline a bit. But he wasn't going to a fashion show. He sat ahainst the tree, avoiding the gap. His face was set in concentration, as he carved out slits about half way down on either side. Her didn't know how it would work because of his snout, so he decided to cut out the bottom so he could sit it on his muzzle as well as tie it around his head. After about half an hour, he had don e everything he needed to it, except scratch it to make it look scarier. He drew his claws, and took random slashes at his mask. He smiled, before placing it over his face. It was uncomfortable on his snout, but he didn't care. This was how he could rob the king. He came every halloween. He had plenty of money to share with the in habitants of the villages and towns, so why not Nanouk?
A black wolf sped across the fields towards the town, clad i a black cape and leggins. he was sure he looked ok and not like him. he moved to the first house, but then realised he had nothing to collevt his candy in. Cursing, he dashed back to the tree. He swung himself up into it, before unhooking his quiver from the tree. It was a plain quiver, nothing special, so he wouldn't get caught by that. he just didn't want to put thing in it, since he had made it himself, but he'd have to suck it up this time. He balanced his arrows in a crrok of the branch his bow was slung over. Twelve houses later, the king showed up. His pot of gold was beside him, and he was giving money out. Nanouk got in line before it got too long. Three people ahead of him, about thirty behind him. When it was his turn, the king dropped twenty gold coins into his quiver.
"Because your costume is very scary!" He chuckled. Nanouk smiled.
"Thank you your majesty! Your robes are very grand today." With that, Nenouk bobbed his head, then turned and walked away. He knocked on the next house, but no-one was in. He shrugged his shoulders, but he was done for this year. He was tired and he had enough candy to last way too long. He wouldn't be using the demon mask again. He'd got extra candy for being scary. And now he felt sick just carrying his quiver full.



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