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Just a work in progress for myself to remember.

This is where all of the old, memorable threads are eventually placed and locked. Anyone can browse through these threads, but the threads can no longer be posted in.
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Just a work in progress for myself to remember.

Post by LittleWing » Fri Jun 18, 2010 12:33 am

One morning, I awoke. The sun had yet to rise fully, streaks of periwinkle and violet shattered the sky in preperation.

As I lifed my head, I saw that a handful of stars still peppered the sky, bidding farewell to the night

I could tell by the droplets on my white varnished windowsill and by the heavy, yet fresh cling of the air that it had rained only a few short hours ago. It must have wept down while I slept

Despite my recent slumber, so recent my warmth still clung to the bed, I felt a rush of energy course through me; currents of tangible ecstacy

Something about the mysticism of the newly approaching dawn tugged at me, like a child at her mother's skirt, begging for me attention.

A plea that I eagerly complied to.

Pajama pants, as much as I loved them, were not suitable for this soon to be journey. No, lathargy was not an option.

Before I knew it, I was dressed properly enough to face the morning chill: a simple pair of denim pants, a long loved hoodie that gave the comfort of a close friend, and black boots to stand firmly upon.

Although many would say that courdoroy was long past its expiration date, that did not stop be from grasping the worn and fraying shoulder strap of an old tan, ribbed backpack. The fabric was like dunes of sand after the wind drug its lanky fingers through it

The simple, ugly bag would be my lone companion for the upcoming future. It's gaping mouth eagerly swallowed several of my belongings; just my necessities, for the time being. Traveling light was all I could do.

Thundering down the stairs was not an option today. It was not saturday morning, there were no childhood cartoons ready to greet me with a bowl of cereal.

As a matter of fact, it was a Tuesday. an ordinary tuesday. There was nothing I could think of that struck me about today, just that the halfmoon seemed to have whispered "go" from her pearch. And "go" is what I planned to do.

I became a preying mantis, creeping from leaf to leaf as I tip-toed down the stairs
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Re: Just a work in progress for myself to remember.

Post by Duchess » Tue Jun 29, 2010 7:47 pm

*is curious and wants you to quench her thirst for more*

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Re: Just a work in progress for myself to remember.

Post by Rainwhisker » Sun Jul 04, 2010 5:31 am

I've been waiting for moar for a long while now. D: /nag
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