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This is where all of the medieval Kahun role-plays are archived.
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With the clear desert sky visible again around him, Fiat’s wings snapped partially open. Errant desert wind caught in the membrane, pushing him back ever so slightly. But most importantly the cobra’s calm, sensible words were the perfect antidote to Fiat’s senseless emotion, bringing him back to a rational reality. The dangerous glow left his eyes and his shoulders slumped, but the lightning stayed on his hands. Now that he had summoned it, he didn’t quite know how to get rid of it, and he stared in bafflement.

It was too much for him. His three-ribbed wings snapped fully open and he flapped them once, with the easy grace of a whale’s fin, and rose into the wind. He dwindled to a speck in the expanse of blueness above them. There was a flash of light and a crack of thunder – Fiat had thrown lightning from his hands for the first time.

((Sorry for holding this back, but for a time I lacked inspiration. I’m perfectly willing to keep this going; Fiat will catch up to Tarrex at the Temple, if Luhood doesn’t mind setting the scene for us. It’s up to you, Mako, if you want to be there as well; you’re welcome to stay.))

EDIT: The story continues in Entering the Temple Grounds.
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