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A Quiet Entity

This is where all of the medieval Domus role-plays are archived.
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Re: A Quiet Entity

Post by Blackfox52 » Thu Nov 24, 2011 9:27 am

The Fox sighed a little to himself as he stood up,"Very well, since you're persistent, though don't go crying to the town guards if your house erupts into flames." He followed the large man into the room. The snow white fox blinked looking at the straw figure, not sure just how powerful the man wanted to see his spells but smiled, tipped his hat forward a bit,"Hmmm well, let's see, I guess I should do a simple Fireball." He said pointing his staff straight to the ground with his right hand and focused, his eyes shutting as his left hand was held out, open palm facing the ceiling as a bright orange energy started to form into a sphere, the sphere soon became engulfed the size of a softball, he drew his left hand back and flung it an eased force towards the dummy, the fireball spurred in midair, and suddenly with a jolt of energy the ball sparked and raged, growing to four feet in diameter, and impacted the dummy, exploding with great force and what straw there was, was now merely ash and embers. "And that was just a 'basic' spell." He said stretching,"Its not a matter of the flames within my grasp, with my art, when the flames leave my control is when they can grow....chaotic..."


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Re: A Quiet Entity

Post by Zylowolfos » Tue Nov 29, 2011 10:36 pm

Rio dialed in on the movements that the wolf made, just as he had planned. A straightforward lunging motion, with sword drawn. The wolf's body was now in motion, and ready to be put out of commission. Rio scoffed slightly as he showed the range of his agility by completely jumping over the tall wolf, landing and deftly pivoting on the balls of his feet to meet the rear side of the wolf. Without missing a beat, he quickly gave a thrusting powerful kick and sent the wolf tumbling into a set of chairs and before the wolf had a chance to recover from the fall, Rio jumped on top of him and held the sword at the wolf's temple. "Big boys eh?" He murmured in a sly tone. Rio had no intention of killing, he didn't have it in him, he merely wanted to scare these...intruders off before anyone got seriously injured. "Get out of here now and I won't have you arrested," he Commanded, holding his sword steady. He wouldn't move until the wolf complied with his demands.


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