Azalus Library visit

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Azalus Library visit

Post by omndragon »

(The library has been there for a long time, but no one visits it, so without further to do a thread to discuss how magic in Felia works or theories on how it works. I also will be researching peculiar topics so if anyone wishes to add something go ahead adding input is always welcome.)

As Omon searches through the tombs looking at ancient picture drawings a certain picture comes to light.
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"This would explain how the ancient people of Felia viewed magic. But I don't see the element of ice. It seams that Ice is something explained as only an offshoot of water. Could this mean that Ice is not something as concrete as everyone believes?"

Closing the book Omon smiles,
"Well I'll certainly gain no friends by challenging core beliefs. I may ask an arch sage on the subject later. Right now though I am researching magic spells that are interesting. Hummm, what is this? I see an ancient book of spells. Let us see Forest of Flames . Channeling ones energy into the earth to produce pillars of flames that create the illusion of a forest. This spell is an offshoot of the famous fire pillar, where one channels his energy into the ground to create a monstrous channel of energy to engulf his enemy in flames. The core difference between the two is that Forest of Flames attacks multiple targets and doesn't have to hit directly to harm its intended target. The trees shed their leaves to create a beautiful yet deadly attack in which the leaves fall and explode upon contact with the first thing it touches. This spell requires a great control over the element of fire, light, and dark. It is considered a high level spell and its use most likely requires the use of runes. It is extremely vulnerable to the spells of water variety, but can overwhelm the simpler spells, without to much difficulty."
After Omon reads this excerpt out loud he whistles
"Dang I can't believe the spells contained in these pages. I do believe I have found a spell to add to my own spell list."
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Post by Madame »

Off in different aisle of the Library, another creature was lurking. On a rare get away from the stress of guarding Ikeda Rin, Miyake Sanjuro, the yakuza mutt, was taking a well deserved holiday to explore the hallowed halls of the Azalus Academy. He'd found his way to the Library and had been lost in the vast expanse of shelves for several hours, pulling out a tome now and again when one caught his eye. As he was passing by a table with a stack of books to be shelved, he saw a title that seemed absurd:

There Is No Such Thing As Magic by Conrad Markem

Shifting the few books atop it, Juro picked up the leather bound volume and opened it to a page near the end of the first chapter.

...ridiculous my colleagues and students alike called me. To say that magic is a myth is to denounce the very essence of what many furries consider the framework of our world. I ask you, though, dear reader, what is magic? It is something that no one has explained because it is unexplainable. But mages, sages and sorcerers have been explaining magic for decades. Ever since the inception of this Academy years ago, scholars have been coming together and unraveling the mysteries of our world and so I say with certainty, there is no such thing as 'Magic' as we understand it today.

Instead, I offer a different phrase that more accurately describes what occurs when a creature uses so called 'magic': Elemental Manipulation. For that is what our magic is. To 'create' water one condenses the water within the air. To 'manifest' fire, one speeds up the air currents until they as moving so swiftly a flame is ignited. So it goes for all the elements.

Ridiculous I may be, but my learned colleagues need acknowledge my findings and put them to their own logical tests. We understand Elemental Manipulation and therefore it is not and never again shall be Magic.

"Onee-chan would find this interesting," the dog muttered, returning the book to the table and moving on. So many ideas...could they all be true?
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Post by Delak »

Duv sat at a table in a corner of the library surrounded by books. His staff was leaning up against the wall behind him. He had heard about the library fairly early in his travels and had finally decided to travel the distance to Yamaha to visit it. He hoped he could find something to further his knowledge amongst the pages of the books, and with the amount of books he had found he had no doubt that he would. His eyes focused on one of the spells in the book.

Come forth,
Fissure of Earth
Stone split
Ground shake
Rock crumble

Be warned that this spell requires a lot of willpower and should not be attempted by beginners.

He committed the spell to memory. It would be useful to have a damaging spell with a large area of effect. It almost seemed too simple for Duv. He continued searching through the book and looking for more complex spells. He wanted to push his limits.

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Post by Forscher »

Drache wasn't much for public, but when he heard of a library filled with books of magic, he had to visit it. Geist was also exited, he had to work on his wind magic as it was very poor. When Drache reached the library, it wasn't soon after that he was in a corner with every type of earth book around him he could find. His eyes went through book after book, over line after line. Each spell and encantation he found unseful was recorded in a book that Geist had carried. This was his note book, where he recorded any new information learned or discovered. When he went through the last book in his pile, he noticed something and quickly flipped to a page in his note book.

"Its not here." He said. Geist was on top of a pile of books, his nose in a smaller tome of air. He looked down at his friend and asked; "What isn't?" Drache resumed to pull out a few of the books from the pile and turn to specific pages in them. His head moved all along them, he occasionally turned the pages. "My 'spell' if you will isn't in any of these books." Geist closed his book and slid down next to Drache to look at what his note book was turned to and what the other books were turned to. Drache's book was on the page that discribed his 'spell'. The one he stumbled apon when he was 30 and distroyed his vilage in kahun.

Geist turned his attention to Drache, he was till scanning through books. "Well of course it isn't in these. You didn't discover a spell, you discovered a wierd metal from the earth." Drache stopped his movements and looked at Geist. "Your right!" he said. "I'm looking in the wrong books. I need a geology book." He stood up, Geist knew he was going to a different section and jumped on his back as he jogged off through the laberinth of shelfs. "We do need to pick up that mess you know." He said as the pile of earth magic books dissapeared from sight.

They soon found themselfs in a section of the library next to a table, many times fewer books were on it than piled in the corner. Geist had went back and put them all away, seeing that he was bored and Drache would forget about it. When he returned to Drache, an air tome with him this time, Drache motioned him over to a large black book that looked like it was previously locked, it's lock beside it. Geist pulled over beside him and looked at the book, Draches claw was on a passage. "This is it!" He declaired with exitement. "The metal I found was known as Plutonium. An alchemist had discovered it many years ago." He looked at the passage and began to read it.

I fear that this knowledge will fall into the wrong hands. This metal I discovered holds enough energy to distroy cities, level mountains, and even-
A good half of the page was scribbled out by the same pen that wrote it. All that was left were a few words at the bottom; No one can know what it can really do. I just hope my work isn't discoverd by the wrong minds. that was the last page of the book. Many other pages were ether ripped out of scribbled into illiterate blotches of ink. Drache closed the book and put the lock back on, Geist was going to ask how he got it off but found a clay key beisde it.

"It's a good thing that this alchemist distroyed most of this. This, 'plutonium' isn't to be discovered by the wrong hands." He picked the book up and put it back, it was set behind a melee of identical black books. Geist wondered how Drache even found it. "I need to keep my notebook safe if this evil isn't to infect other minds." He took his note book and handed it to Geist, who promptly put it in his pack.

Geist jumped on Drache's back, patting on his shoulder. "You think too much." He reasured him. "It was a discovery, it may only seem evil but could be used for good! Things are never evil, only the ones who make them or discover them. And you are not evil." Geist lay on Drache's back as they headed out of the library. Giest threw the air tome he had at the shelf he had gotten it from, it somehow slid into the empty slot in the shelf. Geist smiled to himself as they left the great Azalus Lybrary.

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Re: Azalus Library visit

Post by osprey77 »

An old vole walked over to a shelf, scanning it until he came across a small book with a purple cover. He pulled it down and opened it, a smile palying about his mouth as he read the words he had wirtten so long ago, which somehow had made it here.

Fey is a peculiar type of 'magic' more than any other, it is energy manipulation. But what is the energy, and where does it come from? No one knows, though many have tried to find out. None can learn Fey magic, one can only learn to better control the talent they already have...

The aged creature flipped forward to another passage.

THere are different colors of Fey magic, and some haave proposed that they denote specialties, but my reasearch shows otherwise. They are different forms of the same energy that can be directed to just about any purpose. There is a price for such versitality. Fey is extremely hard to control, and, at times, can 'consume' a fur that pulled on to much. Mastery of Fey is really an exercise in creativity and endurance, as well as carefully gaugeing ones limits...

Yearo closed the tome. there was nothing here he did nto know, but perhaps one day, a fur would coem to Trolon-Rief who had the talent, but not the knowledge. It seemed unlikely, but one never knew...
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Re: Azalus Library visit

Post by Kirrabi »

kirrabi had long awaited this visit the Azalus academy home to the largest library on the planet. As Kirrabi walked through the doors he couldn't help but marvel at the mags that came through here. As Kirrabi walked into the library he saw a very old mole one of the arch mages no doubt he made his way to the old mole to ask him about a book that could help him manipulate fire wth his blades this anciant coul certainly help him.