A mile --or two-- from Hoshiruki

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Post by Rugan » Mon May 03, 2010 11:42 am

Sasha heard the commotion, or rather the pain, she caused which made her growl beneath her breath. "It was nothing more than a help-effort." Looking away from their paths she saw that Alice was fine and wasn't killed but her ally had vanished from his efforts. Though she wanted to say 'sorry' she refused to revert back to being nice.

"What was that?" Her regular self asked. "Why don't you do something to help her? You did hurt her after all."

Her cute self agreed. "That's right. She may be alive but we don't know if she's alright."

"We're all dead anyways. There's no escape. Did you see that thing? I came out of nowhere. I'll be better if we just sit here and let those things eat us." Her depressed side began to cry and curled into herself.

"Somebody shut her up before I kill her." Sasha muttered before she heard the sound of ruffling clothing. Looking to see where it was coming from she saw Zenos prop himself against the wall. "Hey Zenos," she asked bluntly, "How you feeling?"
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Re: A mile --or two-- from Hoshiruki

Post by darkkitsune » Sat May 15, 2010 1:40 pm

After that the kitsune flashed and turned into his small nogitsune form and then his normal form. "Wow, that was interesting." Rif exclaimed turning to Aiden, "So what do I owe you sir." bowing to Aiden. The fox looked at Rif and the group, "Well, how about I say that you owe me one and leave it at that. I would suggest that you keep moving forward though, it will undoubtedly get worse before it gets better. First, let me give you these amulets so that you can use your magics without the backlash." and in the fox's hand were four amulets.
"Let's light them on fire some morrrre."
Group of ninja burst into flames...again

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