When some form together. (open)

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Re: When some form together. (open)

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Vamp wrote:((Fixed!))

The forest seems to be in an uproar. How unusual. What is going on here. Kanens Though process ended with the sound of a tiny disturbance in the bushes under him. Kanen tensed slightly, an almost unnoticeable thing. A small rabbit hopped into view, and entered into a small open area between trees. This would have made anyone else relax, but Kanen, no. Kanen opened his wings in a wide arc and took flight. Gliding on the air down between the trees. The sight was strangely graceful and majestic as Kanen silently headed for the rabbit. Soft feathers, softening his flight so that no human could detect such a thing. Kanen landed on top of the rabbit and grabbed it in his talons before flying back onto a nearby tree. Before Kanen could get to the trees, he heard something, someone had ran and then turned to lean on a tree behind him. Unable to stop, Kanen landed on a tree near it and crushed the small rabbit's head using a branch. This whole scene taking place, merely being an owl catching a rabbit. Kanen turned back and watched the feline pant. Kanen merely took his place near the trunk of the tree and watched with curiosity as the shouts grew nearer and nearer.

While keeping an eye on the feline he began pecking his owl, ripping off small chunks of flesh and chewing it in his beak. Then some big fox came bounding along. Kanen looked behind, turning his head so as to see what was behind him. In shock Kanen gave a load Whooot of surprise. But then some angry mod starts an uproar. Kanen reverts his attention and watches as a group of felines hang the other feline upside down. Only a branch or two away Kanen had a perfect vantage point. However, there not being much he could do at the moment, merely tore off another small rabbit chunk and chewed. What was he to do? no way he could save this feline by himself. Maybe that Fox would help.

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Re: When some form together. (open)

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Out of the shadows appears a 5'9" panther wielding two bloody swords. "Don't worry," he said. "there aren't any more. i made sure of that. i'm Jace, and i just was passing when your situation came to my ears. naturally, i wanted to assist, but by the time i saw you guys, all your foes had died. so i decided to help by making sure they were ALL dead."

after a brief pause, seeing their surprise, he says "what? i am good at this, just trust me." he smiles widely, with a great warmth that was hard to be faked.
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