It Began with a Tale. (Open)

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It Began with a Tale. (Open)

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Every great adventure starts with the tale of treasure, some ancient evil, and a beautiful young fur. I'm here to tell you, this time, it didn't...
My home was in a temple with a stone clock that was the center of local legend. The legend, and locals, would have you believe that the clock can grant the wish of any who hear it make a strange sound like the lock on a trunk or chest. The monks protect the temple, and train other furs in the ways of the physical arts, as well as the spiritual arts. I was left here as a kit to be raised by the monks with little more than a blanket, and a note with my name.

There was a village that developed around the temple many years before I was left there, most were either furs who sought training at the temple, or the families of those invited to train. Farmers had always lived in the area, the village made things easier for them in many ways. The village didn't become wealthy, but it wasn't impoverished. The reputation of the temple and the skilled warriors who called the village home left the yakuza respectful of the inhabitants of both the village and the temple grounds.

While the legends of the clock's power were great, so were the legends of the misfortunes of those who defiled the temple grounds to get to the clock. One legend in particular tells of a thief who managed to steal the clock... In less than a year, the thief's entire family, even distant relatives, died in mysterious circumstances before the thief died after returning the clock to its pedestal. Long story short, he tripped and died falling down the steps just beyond the temple gates.

Anyway, I got a little off-track there. My name is Taski Suzumia, and I just want to find my place in the world. Before I can do that, I have to perform my part in a ceremony, and a martial exhibition held every year on the temple grounds...

The monks always talked of how swiftly I learned their lessons, and mastered the training. Words like 'prodigy' and 'savant' are just words the monks use to elevate me above the other students. The teachings come to me like second nature, unlike the other students. I have respect the other students more than their teachers. To those who come upon ability as though it were second nature, the teacher learns nothing from the student. For those who struggle to learn, their teachers learn even more. Even old lessons can be learned anew...

It was the day of the annual martial exhibition at the temple, and each student that participated was required to wear a mask that represented their personal style. Taski, as usual, took up the fox mask to wear with a white Shaolin robe. She demonstrated her techniques throughout the day against the other students. Some of the students could remain anonymous due to their "common" heritage, but Taski was the only snow-white fox, and the only fur at the temple who had more than 1 tail. She had become known in town as "Twintail", a fact which didn't phase her in the least since she never got to leave the temple grounds. She always sympathized with caged birds, since she was not one herself.

The ceremony at the end of the day was one that she had helped with the year before. The purification of the stone clock. She did as she was taught to purify the area that contained the stone relic before a small crowd of furs took turns leaving a lit stick of incense as an offering to the deity that legend said resided in the clock, before making their wish to the clock. Once the made their wish, they left the temple grounds. This went on for a few hours, and concluded about a half hour before sunset. After the last wish was made, the cleansing ritual was performed again to banish any foul spirits that might have come with the furs that made wishes for better or worse.

Taski spent the rest of the evening preparing the evening meal for the students and monks. After dinner, she went to watch the stars and moon peek out from behind the mountain that the temple was built beneath. Perhaps tomorrow shall bring change with it... she thought as she yawned before going to sleep in her room...


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Re: It Began with a Tale. (Open)

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Zulfigar approached the village that surrounded the monastery on horseback. It wasn't the best looking horse, but they'd grown up together. And Zulfigar had never ridden a horse that was as fast and sure-footed as Chou. At the the edge of the village, she dismounted and continued on foot, leading Chou by the reigns.

It was interesting to see many of the villagers moving around in preparations for something. As she moved through the village, she picked up that the temple was having an exhibition showing. It was both a blessing and a curse for her purpose there. Which was a clock that was rumored to grant wishes. Zulfigar wasn't sure she really believed in it. But she wasn't being paid to believe in the clock's supposed powers. She was being paid to retrieve it for the client.

After a little while she stopped in front of an inn, and after a quick inquiry she had a place to spend the night. So what if it was in the stable, at least it was cheap and Chou would keep her warm enough. Not that she was going to be getting much sleep that night. After she settled Chou into the stables for the night, she settled herself down for a little nap. She was interested in seeing the martial arts show, but knew she needed to rest so that she could be alert for her evening activities.

Zulfigar woke from her nap a little after dusk. She shook bits of hay from her quills before slipping on her thieving outfit. Since her family had been thieves for generations, they'd developed a uniform of sorts that was tailored to each person. Zulfigar's was mostly black with flecks of gray and white on it so it blended well with her quills, which it was made to fit around. Some of her family members wanted her to cut back at least a few of them 'so she could move easier', but she refused because it wouldn't make a difference other than to make her a weird looking porcupine. So she set about tying her quills together so they wouldn't get in the way if she had to climb or squeeze into any tight places. Once that was done, she pulled a cloak over her shoulders.

"Okay, Chou. I'll be back shortly. Hopefully with our prize in tow." She said softly to the horse, who nickered in response. After a quick pat for the horse, she slipped from the stables easily avoiding the stable-boy. It took her about twenty minutes to reach the wall of the monastery, by way of the rooftops of the village. With as close as the buildings were, getting to the top of the wall wasn't too hard. Though she saw a slight hitch in her plan when she saw a tiger practicing in the courtyard below. So much for all the minks sleeping through the night.
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Re: It Began with a Tale. (Open)

Post by Kaeden »

Arkai, a Bengal tiger, was practicing with his Quarterstaff in the courtyard of the Monastery. He loved to practice during night time, the night air refreshed him and helped him learn more of blindfighting but it didn't do much good this night given the moon and stars shone brightly. Even so, Arkai imagined enemies all around him and steeled himself swinging his staff around precisely and parrying imaginary strikes and blades from said enemies.

He flipped and dodged and rolled silently as to not disturb the others but as to still make the fight feel realistic. Shortly after the rapid sparring with imaginary enemies he sat down and meditated, laying his staff across his lap and closing his eyes, focusing his thoughts. He thought of the day's events.

He mainly focused on the Exhibition. He had worn a Black Tiger mask with red stripes, he hadn't named his own style yet, but he liked the mask design. He had performed remarkably well against the others, but was beaten by the Kitsune fur which he respected a great deal. He remembered how they had squared off and humbly accepted his defeat. He had nearly won, but had let his defenses slip. Afterwards he had payed his respects and tribute to the clock. Personally he was not as devoted to it as the others but he respected their beliefs and payed homage nonetheless. He thought three years back at how he had arrived, disheveled and travel worn at the temple. How he was received with surprisingly open arms and had assumed training for a while at this temple. It surprised him how far he had come... Now he was practicing in the dead of night, trying to find flaw in his own style and coming up with many that he would have to practice adjusting.