Open your throats! (Lit)

Looking for an art or writing tutorial? Or perhaps you have your own art or writing advice that you would like to share? If so, then this is the place.
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Open your throats! (Lit)

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[center]Open Your Throats!
or how to write a good introduction.[/center]

That's right, I'm going to write a tutorial, and there is (regretfully) nothing anyone can do to stop me, in fact, by the time you've read this, it will (not surprisingly) be too late!

Also, as you may have noticed, I am using alot of these: !, this is for one simple reason. This is an educational message (shock! Horror!) so off course, if I add exlamations it makes it more intresting, if Attonbrough can do it, so can I! (That and butchering the english language in such a post amuses me with irony. Off course!)

So, here I lay out the rules that I (kinda) follow when entering any rp topic, invited or not (lets face it, we all love gatecrashing!)

1. Take it in context!

This is the big one, the one that will well and truely be what annoys people if you get it wrong. So don't!

This is the art of telling if your welcome or not and no, I do not just mean whether the rp is private or not (I should hope we are past that stage!). For instance lets take your stereotypical adventurer. For the purposes of stereotypicalness we shall name him Bob.

Bob, is off course, a barbarian who lost all his loved ones fighting against some indescribable evil and apon swearing revenge decided to tour the country looking for like minded adventurors to join his cause (B-movie plot, away!)

So, when we have our large muscly well built bob the barbarian there are a few places he obviously fits in.

Combat RP's
Tavern meets
Defending the village against said indescribable evil
and all other things on the 18+ range of what you can do with a ridiculously large and pointy axe while wearing nothing but a loincloth and a lot of swear words.

This does however natrually mean that there are several places where Bob does not fit in.

Formal dinners.
Upper class social meetings
Polotical rp's
and all other things that should you do in (god forbid me mentioning it) WoW you would be called a care bear.

So before chucking yourself head over heels into a role play think too yourself, does my brilliantly stereotypical Bob, really, and I mean really want to talk to some stuffy old librarian? If the answer is no, then find another topic, off course, there is one solution that requires so little effort, even Bob himself could do it! This would be the magic of plucking up some courage and asking the creator of the rp, after all, they should know whether they planned for someone like Bob (and his lovely axe) to come along and when.

[this is a work in progress, please place any suggestions you wish to have]
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Post by JamesG »

I agree completely. Context is very important in regards to character. You've summed up pretty much everything I would have to say on the subject, so I shall leave you with a big, shiny, red stamp of approval. :D

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