A Short Notice on Religions

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A Short Notice on Religions

Post by JamesG » Sat Oct 16, 2010 9:34 pm

The following excerpts are taken from the descriptions of the different religions in Feila.

Monotheistic Faiths


The Church of Midas

Midas The Righteous Hypocrite

The feline population of Edwin believe in a single god named Midas, who is depicted in religious artwork and writings as a strong-minded and righteous Burmese cat. Midas is dressed in great white robes bordered with gold, and a crown of golden leafy vines sits upon his head. His followers live their lives tightly bound to his law, or at least in public eyes anyway. The story of creation, as told by the Edwinish felines, is that all living things were created by Midas, with the furries as the superior species, and the smaller and less intelligent beasts as their inferior counter-parts.



The Trinidian Church

Three Gods for the Price of One
About 60% of the Mazan population has membership in the Trinidian Church, a monotheistic religion that recognizes Dios as the Creator. Dios is a single god with three ‘god heads’, hence the Holy Triad. This is Mixcoatl, the Father, Quetzalcoatl, the Son and Tonatiuh, the Holy Spirit. In artwork, Mixcoatl comes in a variety of species, colorations and sizes, but the officially recognized representation (immortalized in a grand mosaic in the Central Hall of Santo Ve) is that of a tall, white, aged mouse with a long beard reaching to his abdomen, dressed in traditional Abbot robes -- entirely white robes, decorated with holy designs in silver thread and a small white skullcap -- with the white staff of the Paladins in one paw to represent that side of the Order and an olive branch in the other to represent the Monks and Sisters. Quetzalcoatl is also a mouse, though his fur is a rich mahogany color and his own beard is short, shown to wear either the garb of the Paladin or the habit of the Monks depending on the painter. The Holy Spirit is most often depicted as a pillar of flame by the Paladin artists and a beast-dove by the Monks.


Polytheistic Faiths


Céleste and Loup

Before Time began, there were two gods, Céleste, the Heavens, and Loup, the Lands. They were locked together in a permanent, tight embrace because of their incredible love, devotion, and loyalty toward one another.



The Tridekatheon

The three Houses each have three Gods, and a description of each is shown below:

Gods of the House of Order:

Sobek - Repairer of Evil, God of Rivers - Crocodile
Amun-Ra - God of Creation and Nature - Vulture
Horus - God of the Sky, Sun, Moon and Light - Falcon

Gods of the House of Chaos:

Justekh - God of War - Wolf
Anubis - God of Death - Jackal
Seth - God of Chaos, Storms and Deserts - Typhonic Beast

Gods of the House of Wisdom:

Thoth - God of Philosophy - Ibis
Ma'at - Soul Weigher - Bull
Seshat - Scholar, Priestess - Gazelle


The Arctic Islands

The Pantheon

Each species has its own god or goddess, who reports to a singular supreme god. The supreme god has been depicted as a primarily human female with various animal characteristics. The animal characteristics are disputed widely, as the various species will try to make the goddess resemble themselves. Sometimes she's depicted with more masculine features. The high goddess is usually named Kukik or Kuk'ia. Other variants exist.


The Yamahans and the Territory of the Ravens do not have a single religious description for the Mediaeval age. Gawain's religious status is contentious, and the Holy Gawainian Empire of the 1500s and the Age of Cavaliers was an attempt to unite the duchies in one faith in the Church of Midas. Domus's polytheistic faith is swept aside by the Trinidian Church by the 1600s, and probably as early as the 1500s.

The point that I am making here, is that expressions such as 'by the gods' or, 'may the gods be with you', or 'in the name of the gods', do not fit characters born or raised in Edwin, Gawain, or Maze in the Mediaeval period. It would also be frowned upon in Domus by the Age of Cavaliers onwards. Even in the Arctic Islands, saying 'By Kukik' would be more common than taking the whole Pantheon's name in vain. Members should consider the background of their characters to determine whether or not they would mentions gods, or their own singular deity.

Considering the power and influence of religion over people of these time periods, not only is Atheism quite rare, and thus not nearly as acceptable as it is in many parts of our world today, but speaking about your own god or gods in countries with other religions may also be frowned upon. I am writing this because I have noticed in some RPs in monotheistic countries, characters mentioning 'gods', instead of Midas or Dios. Others have an altogether anachronistic tendency to Atheism, or open-minded, 21st century style acceptance of other fur's religious beliefs, which comes off rather odd. Consider that in our world's history, people have been burned at the stake for owning a copy of the Bible in English. Similar religious friction is bound to exist in Feila, so I find it useful to keep religion as a factor in characterisation.
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Re: A Short Notice on Religions

Post by Rainwhisker » Sun Oct 17, 2010 5:58 am

Thanks for clarifying this all up in a single topic.

I've never entirely stuck with a character that really is into religion in RP on Feila persay (minus one that follows a more minor religion), but I might accidentally use an improper term referring to God(s). =s
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