The Rush of Combat.... (Lit)

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The Rush of Combat.... (Lit)

Post by Slight of Hand » Tue Feb 22, 2011 9:55 pm

Okay, so, we're all not new to combat. In fact, I dare say that at some point, it's a part of every RP. I mean, what fun would an RP be if it was all sunshine and giggles all the time? I'm wanting to come up with a way that's logical, sensable, and isn't drastically complicated to understand. I'd like to believe we could RP in a world where everyone could be fair. But I've seen Rps that state much the otherwise, which are full of godmode RPCs. And it drives me mad.

So, any suggestions you have on how combat should work, please give it.

Honestly, a semi-realistic view on the roleplay would help a lot. A Barret M107 "Light Fifty" .50 sniper rifle weighs almost 31 pounds. Any soldier will tell you, that is a lot of weight to be lugging around! Yet people run around with it like it's a paperweight! Not to mention, that you have to carry ammo, too. I recall one RP, a character was carrying around a .50 cal MACHINE GUN. I can't think of ANY of those that you could casually carry around with you. In fact, the first .50cal machine gun weighed 126 lbs, and took three people to move! I'm sure that there are lighter ones now, but seriously. It's gotta weigh like, 50 lbs.

There also needs to be a gauge of action. I'm picking on this one roleplay I'm in because I feel it isn't working well. If my character aims down his sight, towards yours, calls out to 'freeze', even STATING that he would shoot if the character made a move, the response shouldn't be to casually walk up to my character, and tell him he doesn't have the nads to shoot, and make him not shoot. But, back to the topic of the matter, I've a few ideas that I'm not even pushing to be published, or anything; simply if they're a good idea, and people agree with them, then maybe the could become rules.

This is really the killer of all combat for me. What I hate is someone does something extremely impossible, with a flick of the wrist. Kill a thousand guards without taking a scratch, DODGING BULLETS is a personal pet peeve, or overpowering a fur twice your size, weight, and muscle mass. It's truly frustrating and annoying. So, it's an imediate red flag.

2. Control
Control your own fur. This is a huge killer, and it usually goes hand in hand with Godmoding! You aren't me. You don't know what I might make my character do according to the situation. So- don't do it!

2.5 Time Framing
Know your time frames. This goes under character control. It's rather unfair to say your character does an action without even waiting to see how my character reacts, and then just move on. What stops my character from turning on his heels, and pumping six shots into your's back? Or perhaps my character is trying to defend against your action? Example:
You start to choke my fur. Then, in the same post, I'm suffocated, and dead, and you're moving on. That wouldn't be fair: My character is clearly going to defend himself, or at least resist! Saying that you've already choked me without giving a chance to defend myself is VERY, VERY stupid. To remediy this, try the "probabilities". Don't state the attack is successful as soon as you throw it. Give them time to react. If they are a fair roleplayer, they'll take the hit, or dodge dependant on their character's status. Like:

Fur 1: Swings at Fur 2,trying to hook his ribs roughly.
This is done well enough. It's not stating that you were hit indefinitely.

Fur 2: Fur 2 dips his right side, catching the punch with his left low elbow. However, due to an injury recieved earlier, the fur was a little thrown by the pain that jolted through him.
This is a great post. It fairly blocks the attack, however, due to an injury that he had before the fight, his fighting capacity is lowered. Attacks effect him more on the left than the right. This is being fair to the other player, by giving him light hints to catch. Of course, it doesn't have to blatant.

Fur 3: Fur 3 comes out of nowhere, and delivers a fist to both of the other fur's muzzle, knocking them both out in one punch.
This is a bad, no-no post. For one, you're controlling the other characters by saying they're KO'd. And you're godmoding because of you ending the battle with a definite action that you create. I feel that the battle is over when both players say it is. Not when one is "LOL I WIN".
3. Be Fair

Again, this isn't a problem with some people. But what I'm saying is that if you character has been shot seven times, is bleeding profusely, and is singed, and dazed from a nearby explosion, that character SURELY isn't at optimal fighting potential, and shouldn't be fighting like it. If your character just got shot in the arm, don't use that arm. If you get a tendon sliced in your leg then you're probably, at best, at a limping shamble. Also be fair with your time frames! If my character has yours at gunpoint, he's not going to sit there and watch as you reach for your weapon, or let you walk over to him! Being fair means playing to win, but not cheating to do so.

4. Be (Semi)Realistic
I'm not saying that you have to get down to specifics, but there has got to be a limit. Unless you're in a Superfur RP, then a 130 lb Rabbit shouldn't be lifting cars, and stopping trains. I suppose this goes hand in hand with the one above.

These are truly up for debate. Do you agree with these? Or disagree? Voice your thoughts, give your opinions, and suggestions! I'd love to hear what ideas you have, so we can figure out the best idea to make everyone happy for combat-involved roleplays.
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Re: The Rush of Combat....

Post by JamesG » Wed Feb 23, 2011 3:39 am

I'd like to add that if you do see someone god-moding or powerplaying, you should tell them via an OOC note, a post in a the RP's discussion thread or by PMing them politely. If the writer refuses to edit a post or co-operate in future, please inform myself or RabidFox so we can sort out any problems. ;)

I have not roleplayed combat between players in which the outcome was unknown for a while. These days I find pre-planning and discussing combat between players seems to work best. Otherwise fights can tend to drag on if neither side is willing to back down.

I will add a suggestion of my own, if it so pleases you. ;)

5. Know Thy Weapon

If you are going to roleplay out combat, make sure you understand the basics of your armament.

First, understand the time period and location in which the roleplay is taking place. If you are using a katana in Mediaeval Domus, this is the equivalent of having a Japanese blade in Mediaeval France. It is really, really unusual in a time before bulk shipping and global trade.

In terms of time periods, I have seen people using antiquated revolvers from the 1800s in Age of Cyborgs Edwin. Do not expect enemies using particle beams and rapid-fire weaponry to be impressed.

Have a basic understanding of the limits of your weapon. Your awesome bow will not shoot over a kilometre. Your amazing revolver or assault rifle will not keep firing indefinitely. Your super cool sword does not cut through other people's swords and your powerful magic will not be levelling cities.

Finally, remember that combat is unlikely to result in your character's death. The story cannot progress if there's only one roleplayer left. I recommend discussing combat outcomes with your co-writers in order to keep the story progressing. Losing a fight is not the end of the story, it's developing the relationship between the characters. ;)
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Re: The Rush of Combat....

Post by Border Walker » Wed Feb 23, 2011 7:07 am

I'm in agreeance, and I'm also one of the ones who like to plan combat out in advance if possible. Heck, multiple times, unless the combat is in a large scale sense, I've used an Instant messenger to do the combat, edit out parts not needed, then usually through the combination of myself and the other participants(s), post chunks of it at a time Defining the combat, so others who might be by-standing can watch and react to the combat, or possibly dive in trying to alter something, therefore making it so we redo the section from then on.

The challenge I always find is in a Roleplay situation where a character has anything on the scale of a high-powered rifle, automatic or no. You bring up that they shouldn't walk up and do the 'You don't have the balls to shoot' Deal (Unless, yanno, it's their character and they have some sort of trump card), but then the RP always seems instantly one sided. In a way, that's why I like roleplays with magic over more modern stuff, or at best, a Modern-magic roleplay, because it gives a character the chance to be able to stand up to a high-powered death machine (because all guns really are death machines, really.)
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Re: The Rush of Combat.... (Lit)

Post by Rainwhisker » Mon Feb 28, 2011 3:24 am

I totally agree.

I thought the Godmode/Powerplay w/o consent rules are in appliance here already?


"First, understand the time period and location in which the roleplay is taking place. If you are using a katana in Mediaeval Domus, this is the equivalent of having a Japanese blade in Mediaeval France. It is really, really unusual in a time before bulk shipping and global trade."

Unless you have a good reason to back it up, yes, it's VERY unusual.
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Re: The Rush of Combat.... (Lit)

Post by Eddy » Wed Mar 02, 2011 5:56 pm

Can't really add much to what James said, really. Although, one thing I have come across in off-Feila rps is having a good tough fight going, and then someone goes 'oh look I have this spell that will just kill them all.' Where's the fun in that? Drag it out a bit!
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