Questions Concerning the General Usage of this Board

Looking for an art or writing tutorial? Or perhaps you have your own art or writing advice that you would like to share? If so, then this is the place.
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Questions Concerning the General Usage of this Board

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Tutorial Board FAQ

Q. Who can post topics here?

A. Anyone.

Q. What kind of topics can be posted here?

A. Anything of a tutorial nature that relates to artwork or literature, such as a request for a certain tutorial, or a topic for a particular tutorial of your own. "Advice Threads" can also be posted here. For example, an "Advice Thread" may not focus on one particular aspect of drawing or writing, and could be more like an open FAQ, a "Question and answer on demand" sort of topic.

Q. Does it matter how skilled I am as to whether or not I can post a tutorial or advice thread?

A. Of course not.

Q. Can I post a link to another person's tutorial?

A. Yes, just so long as you do not claim ownership for that person's work.

Q. What do the (Art) and (Lit) labels mean?

A. (Art) is for a thread of an art nature, and (Lit) is for a thread of a literature nature. This is so that threads can be easily distinguished from one another for content.

Q. My question is not answered here. What should I do?

A. PM RabidFox or JamesG with your question, and they will do their best to assist you.

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