Character Shtuffs (Lit)

Looking for an art or writing tutorial? Or perhaps you have your own art or writing advice that you would like to share? If so, then this is the place.
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And here's my personal favorite Mary-Sue test:
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I did that once. It said Jeric needed to be rethought. I was like, "Screw you! Jeric stays."

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WeeEdie wrote:And here's my personal favorite Mary-Sue test:
Funny, this one gives me a level of 15.

0-15 Your character should be fine at this level.
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I did the test

Ambrogio Fieschi: 18
Harald Andersen: 16
Friedrich von Pfalz: 16
Sir Snitter: 4
Weibur Weiwinder: 10
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I ran my other characters through the test in the first post making their scores...

Jherik - 19
Dyrff - -8
Shuglel - -23

Yeah. Something tells me I tried a bit too hard not to have a Mary Sue.
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Ooh, this looks like fun! Let's see...

Emmy: 27 - borderline Mary-Sue; I can understand that, though. =)

Sopia: 17 - the Non-Sue; YAY! I'm glad, since I spent a helluva lot of time developing her character.
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