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[CLOSED] For Lack of a Better Name [Shanshan/Asyriel]

The most powerful of the nations of Feila, ruled by the Feline. The current system of government is a Feudalist Monarchy, with counties presided over by nobles, whom answer to the monarch. The military, being the Edwinish Army and Edwinish Royal Navy, whilst second largest in numbers, is the most effective fighting force in Feila. It is geographically connected to its larger neighbour, Gawain. Similar to Earth's medieval England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland.
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Re: [CLOSED] For Lack of a Better Name [Shanshan/Asyriel]

Post by Asyriel » Tue Mar 21, 2017 9:28 pm

Freya ducked her head a bit, and her ears drooped at Shanshan's admonishment. The medic may have been keeping her humor about the situation, but she still had a point. "I'm sorry." She replied softly. "I just..." She paused as if fighting to find the proper words to explain herself. Unable to find the words she wanted, she finished. "I let my emotions get the better of me...sorry."

She walked along with Shanshan in silence for a time. The silence was eventually broken though, by Shanshan's stomach. Freya's ears perked up, and she looked back at her companion, then up at the sky as if only now realizing just how late into the day it was getting. She adjusted their course with a slight detour that took them through one of the more popular market squares where there were plenty of vendors selling food. "We should." She replied When Shanshan asked if they would make it to the shop by sunset. When the subject of money was brought up Freya stuck a hand into one of the pouches hanging from her belt. There was the faint jingling of coins rattling together, then she produced a small piece of parchment with a seal on it. No need to worry about money in this city. "With this." She held up the parchment. "and this." she pointed to the silver collar she wore with the king's seal engraved in it. "We have a direct line to the king's treasury."

She put the parchment away before she stopped in front of a vendor selling meat pies, and pulled out a couple coins. "Want something?" She asked Shanshan while she payed for one of the pies for herself.


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Shanshan Sarchus
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Re: [CLOSED] For Lack of a Better Name [Shanshan/Asyriel]

Post by Shanshan Sarchus » Tue Mar 21, 2017 9:54 pm

Shanshan Sarchus || Traveling with Freya || Dusk

Shanshan's eyes widened at the distant scent of meat, looking skeptical as if she thought she was somehow hallucinating. Upon approaching the small stand with Freya, she realized it wasn't a trick, and the generously-sized pies looked gorgeous. She wanted to insist on paying for her own, but silently gave in to Freya's connection with Edwin's royal treasury pass. "I'll take one, yeah! Th-Thanks, Freya!" she accepted, a little ruffled as she couldn't remember anyone voluntarily offering to buy or get something for her in ages. The downsides of being a constant traveler, eh?

Once the transaction was complete, Shanshan took the pie that its baker handed to her. Her mouth, being as large and broad as it was, took little effort in taking the entire thing in one piece and giddily squishing it across her tongue, down her gullet in no time. She hummed in satisfaction as her little tail flitted to manifest the emotion even further.

Looking around from the stand, there were more small buildings littered around, seemingly other shops. Another market plaza, maybe?. She glanced to Freya from the corner of her eye, gesturing with a tilt of her head. "Hey, was this where we were headed? If it is, we should get looking for that fur that Gavin was talking about."
"Serving in a medical profession while having no thumbs really makes things difficult."
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Re: [CLOSED] For Lack of a Better Name [Shanshan/Asyriel]

Post by Asyriel » Tue Mar 21, 2017 10:13 pm

Freya smiled "You're quite welcome." She replied. Her draconian muzzle though maybe not as big as Shanshan's was still fairly large, and she disposed of her own meal almost as quickly, giving a soft sigh of satisfaction as she did.

Freya looked where Shanshan indicated, and shook her head just slightly. "Not quite." She said as she pointed to a road that headed a little downhill. There were several thick columns of heavy smoke rising from the area Freya indicated. "It's down by the foundries. It's not much further though." She commented as she led the way down the road. Not far from the foundries themselves, was the shop Gavin had talked about. A middle aged ginger tabby was outside, he seemed to be getting ready to close his shop for the evening.

Seeing that the owner seemed to be ready to close shop, Freya jogged toward him, "Wait." She called as she went. "Please wait, we're looking for something we hope you may have."
The tabby looked like he was going to tell them to come back in the morning, until he noticed Freya's collar. He gave a heavy sigh. "Do come in then." He said as the the pair made it to his door.
He opened the door, and followed the pair into the shop. "Well, what is it that you're looking for?" He asked, trying not to sound as impatient as he felt.

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