Stalking the Streets of Old Nottingham Town

The most powerful of the nations of Feila, ruled by the Feline. The current system of government is a Feudalist Monarchy, with counties presided over by nobles, whom answer to the monarch. The military, being the Edwinish Army and Edwinish Royal Navy, whilst second largest in numbers, is the most effective fighting force in Feila. It is geographically connected to its larger neighbour, Gawain. Similar to Earth's medieval England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland.
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Stalking the Streets of Old Nottingham Town

Post by Ramen » Fri Apr 13, 2018 7:28 pm

Sitting alone in an old, elaborately decorated church was an odd, gaunt cat, fidgeting uncomfortably as he tried to figure out what to do with himself. Far from his hometown of Axminster, Jacob was staying in Old Nottingham Town on official church business to meet with some of the other clergymen, but that wouldn't happen for many hours. Until then, Jacob just had to wait, feeling suffocated by the oppressive atmosphere of the church and the gaudy and heavy robes he had to wear.
He then got up, walking over to the prayer candles and stealing one of their flames to light his pipe. "Forgive me, whatever gods might be watching." he said in an almost apathetic tone. He had decided that he would then slip out of his priest's robes for time being, putting on his more comfortable civilian attire and sneaking out of the church to catch some fresh air. He gazed at the bustling streets of Old Nottingham Town, taking a puff of his pipe while musing about how loud and annoying all the commoners were.
It had been far too long since Jacob had done something criminal, and the urge was calling to him. It would be nice to steal some sort of small trinket to bring home in memory of this trip. He paced alongside the various shops, eyeing their goods and their people to see just what and who stuck out to him. It probably wouldn't be until night when he actually did anything, only unless something really caught his eye, but he thought he might want to acquaint himself with such an unfamiliar place. And perhaps it might be advantageous to meet some of the locals and see what he could gain from them.


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Re: Stalking the Streets of Old Nottingham Town

Post by HawkerTheGreat » Sun Apr 15, 2018 5:58 pm

(Wanted to join sooner, but alas family struck.)

The light of the evening illuminated the town brightly, the sun only starting to set as the day went on - but the locals never seemed to decrease. The market always seemed bustling with interesting creatures and howling merchants trying to bargain their goods off to the closest passer-by. It wasn't the most packed town Umbra had ever come across, but it was larger and offered less comfort than the small civilizations that inhabited the lands back home.

It felt generally uncomfortable to be the largest figure in the crowd, his unique shape and draconian look sticking out to nearly every traveler. Despite him wearing a firm jacket of field plate with plenty of cloth adorning it - as well as a hooded cloak that covered his head, even drooping down to his muzzle, - the draconian stuck out regardless. Those who passed by commonly sped up and moved past, but the ones who stared usually offered a strange or confused look. Perhaps it was rare to see a mercenary so well clad in field plate or one that looked fairly wealthy... One that would travel such long distances for employment.

It wasn't for work however... It was either to find 'something', or perhaps... Curiosity. Either way, the tall figure didn't seem to be a local, with his odd apparel he wore a strange amulet around his neck, - Books, vials, pouches along what shown of his slightly covered belt. In accordance with his gear, everything seemed to clank softly against the steel as he padded along with uncovered paws.

(I've also got a ref sheet attached to my signature, if you'd like to see it. Unfortunately it doesn't include any apparel apart from the amulet - Not to mention I might stray slightly from it.)
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