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Indrick's sig

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A strange collection
Evicted (archived)
Entering town
On these pages woven of flax
Little by little the mist clears
On the sea again: destination Gawain
Home again, home again

Amelangrien (in progress):
(see Logan's RP's, except for A strange collection)

Nowhere to be found

Never kick a drunk on a hot day
Looking for work
Bitter memories
Fateful meeting
Young and naive

Going down
Vote Bec for prez

Daren Kingley:
The start of something grand

Other characters: (who are either works in progress and will be seen shortly, or they have been mentioned in passing but as yet have not got a character sheet, due to a combination of laziness, holidays and homework. And they will be done as soon as possible)
Cain Jerigson - medieval (coming soon)
Jarred ________ - medieval (not sure about a last name yet)
Edgar _________ - medieval (once again still thinking of a last name)
Ken _________ - modern (modern version of Kenneth)
Amel _________ - modern (modern version of Amelangrien)
Samson ________ - modern
'reality is bending and screwing me over but at least it has decency' - Jackie twisting my words.

'In a war in heaven, Angels fall first'

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