My characters so far...

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My characters so far...

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Character name: Mazsulmoar Koton (Maz-soul-more Ko-ton)
Nickname: Maza, Mazsul
Gender: Male
Race: Weasel
Age: 67
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 148lb's
Appearance: Body fur almost completely cream in color save his head, hands and feet that are brown, wise yellow eyes complete the physical appearance of this older weasel.

Clothing: Maza wears a chemically treated brown leather vest and pants that protects his frailer body from the elements under that would be simple blue long sleeve shirt. Other pieces of clothing would be his hardy tan colored boots for long travels, the brown leather gloves he wears to protect his hands and the over sized backpack filled with tools he has made over his travels and provisions. Maza is greatly near sighted allowing him to easily work with some objects but forces him to wear a large pare of glasses.

Some Personality Info: This weasel has a rather calm and peaceful demeanor about him. He takes forever to anger, takes his time on tasks that allow it and tries to talk his way out of most hostile encounters.

Background: If one was to look back at Maza's past they would see a helpful boy grow up to become the inventor of a small farming village somewhere in the Kingdom of Gawain. The weasel has always had a lust for tools and mechanics of any sort and the farmers were more then happy to let the young guy fix their tools, plows, or even maintain the mills. It was only a matter of time before he started to make his own tools, often giving them away as gifts or selling them to travelers to fund his more larger ideas.

After creating new inventions for the farmers for over 40 years he was starting to run out of ideas, but one night in the local tavern a bard from a distant land arrived, feeling like a young boy once again, Maza was captivated by the bards tales and on top of that sparked the idea of exploring this unknown for himself. Hoping to sat his lust for creation he packed his bags, he figured that in order for him to find ideas he must place himself far from his way of life and instead find himself looking for new problems to solve, being his or another.

Mazsulmoar Koton can now be seem moving from place to place, with his over sized backpack, helping out where ever he can, most often traveling with any explorers or parties he can to keep bandits at bay.

Equipment: (Backpack has been modified by Maza to make it easier on his own back)
Collapsible; shovel, saw, staff, chain, tent, lantern.
Medical kit
Healing potions
Tool box
Draft books
Rope, chain
Books; medical, plants and herbs, minerals and ores.

Skills: Smithing, some medical, crop knowledge, tool making, inventing and lore gathering.

(A skill Maza does not have by far is fighting of any kind nor does he have any combat sense about him, he has tried reading books about defending himself but often panics during a real encounter.)
Character name: Mosin Ethron (Mos-zin Eth-ron)
Nickname: Beast
Gender: Male
Race: Wolf
Age: 29
Height: 6'11"
Weight: 247lb's

Appearance: Fur almost jet black in color with some crimson stains found here and there. Tall but not a broad guy, his muscle build is for both power and speed. Despite his height, dark colors and that smell of..blood? his eyes are a warm brown and calming to view.

Clothing: Mosin most often wears clothing fit for a commoner, gray vest with brown pants and boots. When traveling or thinking there's going to be a fight he'll wear a breast plate, shoulder guards and a helmet with his getup. On his belt one can find a small bag the holds his food, maps, etc, and a few hatchets on the other side. His sword his kept in the sheath on his back.

Some Personality Info: To most he seems to be a hard worker that would rather know his next task rather then talk and while not truly being short tempered, Mosin has a battle lust and a need to make his enemy bleed unless he's in a dual, then he tries his best not to kill his challenger. Things he enjoys are; Challenges of sword play, honesty, quiet places and strong alcohol.

Background: Born and raised in a Domus town well know for its good smiths and mercenary force he was the son of a smithing family like many others around him. Mosin was a young one when he began to fantasize about joining the "Blood Hounds" a mercenary group often hired by the kingdom to deal with bandits or other problems when ever Domus's armies were busy, and spent many hours playing with his fathers forged blades. Not long after his 18th birthday Mosin tried out for the Blood Hounds and passed for membership. His mother knew she would be unable to stop him from joining, so she had he husband make his finest blade to protect him. The father created "White" a over sized weapon designed to take on many foes at once while acting as a shield as well. The name "White" was that of a long past hero of the town, one who protected the city from everything until the day he died. The father hoped that somehow, White would here his plea to protect his son.

Mosin had taken a vow to remain with the Blood Hounds as many others had taken before him and with sword in hand he marched out with the small mercenary army ready to fight in upcoming skirmishes to come. Years had past and while the only prey for the Blood Hounds were Large bandit groups, Mosin was climbing ranks and was becoming major character of the mercenary band, bring more fame to them allow the army to grow greatly, almost to the size of a large army. When the army had reached it's peak the leaders came to believe that they may have the power to fight Domus itself and with that victory claim Domus for their own. On the day that the army was informed of this grand plan about 30% left in disgust of the army, one of them not being Mosin, why? Mosin was a man of his word, he vowed to the remain in the band until told he can leave and he was not about to go against his ways just because another became greedy.

On a dark and stormy day, The Blood Hounds last day, two armies sat across from each other awaiting the signal to attack. On one side was the Blood Hounds the other, one of Domus's armies. Unknowing to the mercenaries, Domus had worked in spies and knew the Blood Hound's tactics and skills well, giving them the edge needed to end this battle quickly. With a loud Charge given on each side the to force crashed into one another like wave on rocks and the air filled with the sound of metal on metal. The leaders of the mercenaries began to panic, every tactic they used was easily counted by the enemy commander and troops were being lost left and right, in a short time the battle was almost over, most of the Blood Hounds leader were ether dead or captured, all that stood was one wolf still fighting off troops.

The Domus commander was looking upon a lone wolf still fighting for the mercenaries, Mosin stood among 50 bodies with his fur stained, sword crimson in color and a look in his eyes that scared the troops trying to keep a good distance from him. Mosin was not himself during a fight, something the other Blood Hound members learned was to stay out of his way during a fight or lose the life you own. The commander was trying to find a way to end this with no more loses, "Wolf, What is your name?" the commander called out to Mosin, but his words fell onto death ears as Mosin took off in a burst of speed towards the next group of troops. The commander tried talking once more, "You leaders are no more, you have no more reason to fight for them!" The commander closed his eyes as he heard a crash hit the ground. He Feared the worse and assumed his troops dead as he opened his eyes, but alas, he found the wolf standing with his blade buried in the earth just before the troops. Mosin Looked up at the commander that was standing on the hill, "Are you saying that the Blood Hounds are no more?" Looking into the now calm eyes of the wolf the commander nodded with a deep breath believing that he had stopped the wolf advance. Mosin broke out in a smile feeling free from his tainted vow and spoke as if he was addressing everyone that could hear him, "Then I no long have a reason to fight you or your men... and it's Mosin." With a nod of his own he pulled out his blade and placed it on his back.

That night, Mosin gazed up at the stars as a prisoner and unarmed for once, the commander did not see the wolf as the running type so he had but a guard watch him. Looking out at the camp the wolf noticed a pair of characters dressed in black making their way to the commanders tent, most likely ex Blood Hound member, he thought to himself. Unlucky for them he had a thing against those who would stab someone in the back rather then look them in the eye. With a quick thud over his guards head, knocking him out, he started his walk to the tent. The commander was shortly woken by the sound of ripping, he could see the wolf standing over him with what looked like a assassin in his claws and another on the ground. "Did you just protect me?" Mosin dropped the assassin as his eyes became fixed on White laying on the table, "That I have, I don't care for the sneaky type and you have been keeping something of mine here." The commander was alarmed as the wolf grabbed his sword. "And what do you plan on doing now, Mosin?" Asked the commander. Grinning happily with his sword in hand he looked down on the commander. "I was thinking about leaving, finding something else to, maybe even explore a little." The commander looked into Mosin's eyes, they were calm and truthful, he would trust him seeing how he owed him his life.

That night the commander let him escape out the East side of camp and had his troop hunt for him to the West. Mosin has been exploring ever since, remembering one of the last things the commander had said, "Don't offer your skills to just anyone, the truly needy, and those ether true or pure of heart and mind need your skills, and I'll tell you this now, If I find you on the other side of the field again I'll kill you."

Great Sword (White)
Blade Length Up&down: 5'1"
Blade Length Left to right: 10"
Handle Length: 1'9"
Blade Width: 3"

Throwing axes (hatchets)

Skills: Smithing, Sword fighting, military tactician, ambushing.
(Also Battle Character)
Character name: Glave Evins
Race: Red Fox
Age: 36
Class:Bandit Lord

Weapons(Undercover): Long sword, 2 daggers, smoke bomb, and a blow gun.

Weapons(Fully armed): Long sword, 4 daggers, 2 smoke bombs, bow, 2 High grade bombs, Whip.

Grey under belly with deep Red fur. Loves to wear leather and a black Bandanna over his mouth when not undercover.

Glave has always loved to steal, cheat, and lie. He started a band of bandits called the Red Tail Bandits and in time made a name for himself. after a few years he could not step foot in a bar without people becoming hostile towards him. He's a conversationalist and dislikes talking to his bandits more then he needs to. So this got on his nerves quick, He started to go undercover, pretending to be someone he was not, most of the time posing as an adventurer or as some kind of royalty.
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