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*clears throat*

First off,about roleplay with me. If you do not like cursing, warn me. I have many bad habits and such,that may come up in an RP,especially with Amethyst,because he is modeled after me. >_>

Next, about my characters. I get complaints about them being godmods,but they only seem like it. Of course,at full power they may be godmods,but i never play any of my characters at full power. I tone down to match the power of the opponent. Example:JamesG and i had a "cage match" between fercat and tellus[my earth spirit]. and while i won,it wasn't without a dislocated knee,several minutes on the ground wrestling,and a few posts of nothing but me fixing my leg :P so,before you go judging my characters,try fighting them. Also, Rith the bone dragon is a non-combat character,and has a very deep story which no one has bothered to look into.(this is my thread,i'm allowed to rant)


OK, while i prefer combat-related RPs,i have several non-combat characters such as Remora, Rith, Sarex, and Nick. I can do combat with these characters,but i really don't want to. I can do any type of RP you want,hell,i can do Pokemon for all i care XD

AND ANOTHER THING: my grammar/spelling may be off sometimes. between depression,likely ADHD,and being absolutely bipolar,i miss things a lot. and i just don't care about capitalization >_>

anything else just ask me,please. any problems you have with me,tell me here or in a PM.

one last note:i am logged in to the IRC 24/7[even when i'm AFK] and i will normally be marked like this: [ame]Sarex or [ame]Zoeroth
you get the point

Oh hey guys.

My sig's kinda naked, lol. Sorry.

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