Questions Concerning the General Usage of this Board

Is your signature cramped? Or do you want to put more in it, but have reached the limit? If so, then here is the place to extend your signature.
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Questions Concerning the General Usage of this Board

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Signature Extensions Board FAQ

Q. What is the purpose of this board?

A. To give members the opportunity to better organize and/or extend their forum signatures.

Q. What is a forum signature?

A. The custom text that is displayed below your posts.

Q. How would I go about "extending" my signature?

A. Simply create a thread with a subject such as "Username's Signature". Put whatever you like in this thread. When you are satisfied, place a link to the thread in your standard signature by using the code shown below.

Code: Select all


Q. Are there any restrictions what-so-ever?

A. Basic forum rules apply, but, other than that, no.

Q. What do people usually place in their signature extensions?

A. Members have placed anything and everything from character profile links to favorite quotes in their signature extensions. A signature extension is literally your own personal space to do with what you want.