The Exile's Return (Edwin, CLOSED)

Some one-thousand years into the future, Feila is now ruled by pop-crazy teenagers, computer nerds, and gun-wielding gangsters. This period is most like our present day Earth, specifically the 2000's, with the Internet, MP3 players, and towering skyscrapers. All natives are furry (Skin Avian are present here too). No native humans.
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Re: The Exile's Return (Edwin, CLOSED)

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Art looked at Turnpike with a stoic expression that only a feline could possess, his spotted ears twitched the clack of his shoes and nodded once or twice to the coyote's summary.

"Practically." He answered before the former gangster put his attention on Spike. The practically playful argument was subsided with some matronly charm from the big-boned woman that amused the feline. Despite the long species inherit rivalry, Art didn't bear much ill will to far as his current mind could tell. Then business was returned when Turnpike crossed his arms and spoke of the recovering cat's last name.

"That is all I would ask of you." The big cat said, looking over the numerous maps with quick observant eyes, looking for anything proper of Gwynedd but he didn't expect of that. Closing his eyes as whispers licked at his ears, Art's head angling and turned oddly slow before his eyelids lifted to look at Fritz when he started to talk on his part. Everytime the fox mentioned his female, the lion immaturely imagined one of the ENSec (Edwinish Nation Security) Agents or a well-contacted freelancer. She might be, for all he knew.

"I've been blessed to be founded by such kind people with unexpecting talents." Art mused outloud and the corners of his mouth curled. Suddenly feeling a pair of paws on his shoulders, the lion bowed his head down with his shadow-drinking mane drapped over his head and shoulders.

Closing his eyes and trying to pull wholes and fragments, the lion plotted and edged for a proper plan...

"We need to get to Nottingham." He finally said after several minutes, letting in the name of the country's capital of democracy sink into everyone's head. "Before I can make a move of getting my territory back, I require particular backing from some people and call on some favors of my own. It might even keep some other bounty hunters off our tails, unless the money is quite high..."

Art furrowed his brows in thought and rubbed on them, his mane suddenly fluffing out and relaxed in the blink of a heartbeat, then his voice became softer. "Mmmm yea...that is the best course of action at the moment. The question is...should we drive or find some other way there?" He questioned abit shamefully, looking at the others.

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Re: The Exile's Return (Edwin, CLOSED)

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Turnpike, as usual, had underestimated Fritz. Okay sure, there wasn't a hardcore criminal bone in his body, but after listing off his skills and that of his girlfriend, okay, he wasn't useless. The coyote nodded to him. "With our party, two drivers isn't a bad idea. If one gets intercepted, we still have the other, and we just play lion-in-the-middle between us. And yeah, Renee...I can see it." He gave a tender, apologetic look at Spike, who had been hurt right in the femininity. "Sorry babe, but we need you as muscle," he said, licking his nose at her. She blushed; no hard feelings. Even from times of old, being praised for strength held more value to her kind than fawning over beauty; it was a known fact hyenas never made it into the Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition.

But when Patius mentioned Nottingham, the coyote's tail fur stood on end. "NOTTINGHAM?!" he yelped on reflex. The fear was twofold. First, if you're dodging a parole officer--even one who was a complete idiot like Turnpike's--it's not smart to go to the capital of the nation. Cops were one thing. Feds...YEESH. Second, despite the feds, there were neighborhoods of Nottingham where even a seasoned vet like Mr. LaTrans dared not go. After regaining his composure under a restrained giggle from Spike, he cleared his throat and chilled back down to cool. "What're we looking for in Nottingham?"

While her beau was pondering, a tube fluorescent flickered on in Spike's head. "Hey, I have some, y'know contacts too! My girl friend Cila an' her sister-in-law, they're seamstresses! If we need 'em, they can make like, costumes and disguises and stuff. An' her cousin...well, maybe...Iunno about him--"

Turnpike lit up as well, catching her drift. "Good point, babe. Her friend's cousin is...quiet, kinda on the short side, but one bad sucker in his own right. Or at least acts a good game. I don't know if he'd hurt anybody, but he's scary enough that you'd think twice. We'll keep him in reserve. Anyway, I've got Queso for vehicles and electronics, an'...nah, Tumbler'd be useless unless we're breaking in. He's strictly legitimate locksmithing anymore, but I can convince him," Turnpike mused.

He then turned back to Patius. "Sorry for the sidetrack; you were saying, what do we need in Nottingham? 'Cuz our bat buddies ain't flyin' us there, and plane tickets are too easy to track. So unless we're taking the train or hijacking a blimp, driving's the best I can come up with."
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Re: The Exile's Return (Edwin, CLOSED)

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What wound up happening with the team after the initial plan was discussed was first and foremost a side-trip back into town to pick up Renee, who had Fritz's laptop and a small suitcase with her. The second they drove by and parked nearby she came running out of the house and literally did a piledrive into her boyfriend, smothering him in a ton of affection, "Fritz, please don't leave me alone, it's hard being apart from you," she said between kisses. He blushed at the attention he was getting in front of the coyote, hyena and lion waiting behind him. The two cars were waiting there for them to switch between as they needed to stay together yes, but for safety needed to have at least two getaway vehicles. He handed the keys of his car to Spike and hopped in the back of Turnpike's car, immediately getting to work on hacking into whatever systems he could for Art, needing him in the same car as Turnpike to give him whatever information he could on the company that would help him break into the system. Renee would be riding with Spike and following Turnpike as they began the trek back to Nottingham.
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