Political and Social states of Feila in this Age

Some one-thousand years into the future, Feila is now ruled by pop-crazy teenagers, computer nerds, and gun-wielding gangsters. This period is most like our present day Earth, specifically the 2000's, with the Internet, MP3 players, and towering skyscrapers. All natives are furry (Skin Avian are present here too). No native humans.
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Political and Social states of Feila in this Age

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It is the 21st century. Life in Feila is being increasingly defined by access to technological innovation and inter-connectivity. In many of the developed countries, this has increased to the point of saturation, with social mores and cues increasingly being dominated by a kind of pseudo-cyberneticism. Meanwhile, in the developing nations, the disparity between the haves and the have-nots has increased to a point almost ludicrous, breaking out from time to time in violence. Materially, life has never been better. It is in other matters that opinions are mixed.

The Republic of Edwin

With a surprisingly little amount of fuss, compared to the other nations, Edwin abandoned the Monarchy that had been in place for many centuries, and now embraces a Republic structure. There are three main branches of government: The legislative branch with a bicameral Congress, an executive branch led by the head of state being the President of Edwin, and a judicial branch headed by the Supreme Court. Several political parties -- Each with their own interpretation of the Federal Constitution -- work to alter the state's political atmosphere.

Edwin has long been used to being the top nation in Feila, militarily, socially, and economically. While it’s superpower status has often been contested, the back-to-back World War champion was never in serious danger of being overtaken… until very recently, with economic surges in Gawain and Yamaha, and military growth in Domus and Maze. A certain amount of paranoia and xenophobia has begun to be present, not very widespread, but growing among certain groups. On the other hand, this is the central country of the Internet, with one of the most globally connected populations in the country.

The Edwin Armed Forces prove a daunting adversary as the unified military of the state, and there is no legal obligation to enlist unless a conscription is ordered, of which hasn't been done in several decades. Edwin prefers this voluntary method of obtaining personnel, as it maintains a purely professional force. The Edwin Armed Forces consist of an Army, a Navy, and an Air Force.

The Republic of Domus

This is technically the Fourth Republic of Domus; it has had many systems of government since the Revolution of 1789. The current system has the President of Domus as the Head of State, whereas the Prime Minister is the Head of Government. The government is bicameral, with both a Senate and a National Assembly, which is directly elected for five-year terms. The Senate is elected by an electoral college for six-year terms.

The government was never the real source of Domus’ politics, it was only the froth floating on top. The real action has always been in the street, which is by no means the most rational of Parliaments. Almost no one will fight for the government; very few take it seriously. But everyone will fight for Domus. The population tends to be proud and nationalistic.

The Republic of Domus keeps its Domish Army, Domish Navy and Domish Air Force, which is reputedly one of the best air-forces in the world. It maintains a degree of professionalism and training procedure that rivals Edwinish power.

Religiously, Domus is mostly dominated by the Trinidian Church, though the Church of Midas has a strong movement in the more Western counties of the nation. Atheism is also fairly common in the larger, more affluent cities, in contrast to the country, in which religion plays a major role in citizen's lives.

The Dictatorship of Maze

The winds of revolution did not blow kindly upon this country. The old monarchial line was more or less a polite fiction even before it was overthrown, and the many subsequent caudillos who called themselves “furs of the people” may be accurately classified as impolite fictions. In any case, by this time warlords are as traditional as kings, and genuine popularity does sometimes gather around some. Very few even pretend at this point that Maze is a democracy.
While for years, decades even, gangs, paramilitaries and PMC’s ran rampant over the country, a strong movement allied of foreign aid and the latest Strong Fur at the head of the government has directed a massive amount of centralization and deal-making that is becoming successful at keeping the peace and uniting many of the guns under one state organization. There are even rumors that Maze is seeking to acquire the ultimate equalizer, the nuclear weapon.

Religiously, Maze is dominated by the Trinidian Church, with slight influences of the Church of Midas. Immigration from foreigners with different cultural and religious beliefs has led to a surge in nationalism and xenophobia amongst the Mazan populace, causing religious tensions, riots and the ever-increasing church numbers.

The Socialist Democracy of Gawain

Gawain in modern times may be best described politically as socialist. It is run by a parliament, the elected head of state being the Chancellor of Gawain. Gawain is very environmentally-conscious compared to Edwin, and takes measures such as solar panels lining highways for energy and sound pollution reduction, and an encouragement in alternate energy. Gawain prides itself on its rivers, which are an ever-increasing tourist attraction, along with the extraordinary Gawainian architecture most notably in cathedrals that dot cities.

The Armed Forces of Gawain are the Gawainian Army, Navy and Air Force, which rival Edwin in military training, but have seen no major deployment or action since the last World War, for more or less obvious reasons *cough*Nazis*cough*. Most Gawainians wishing to see any actual fighting generally find themselves in PMC’s.

The Gawainian demographics show the majority of Gawainian citizens are mustelids, though the country does have steady immigration from Edwin and Domus. The serious pursuit of peace and peaceful means has led to a surge in economic productivity and diplomatic engagement that has lately led it, on several occasions, to outright challenge Edwin on the International stage.

The Dictatorship of Kahun

Kahun is very much like Earth's Arabic countries, only rather more monolithic. Resistance of Imperialism from the more developed countries surrounding it have led to a very xenophobic and suspicious attitude, with a great cultural pressure to conform to the old, “uncontaminated” ways. This has not been good for its development, and the young and disenfranchised regularly riot.

It’s military forces would enable it to dominate the surrounding area, but the internal conflict it must deal with has on more than one occasion spared it’s neighbors a raid or six. It cannot stop an invasion, but it can make the invader regret that he had ever been born, let alone voted to go in, as Edwin recently found out…

The Imperial Dynasty of Yamaha

There is nothing in Feila quite like the contrast between the preserved woodlands of Yamaha, with their ancient peace, and the absurdly huge cities in which most of its furs live. Technology and tradition are the true rulers, and their crazy compromise has often puzzled the rest of Feila.

The Emperor is the technical head of the government, which is truly run by the Ministers. These, in turn, can come from almost anywhere, from Yakuza to corporations to actual elections. There’s an actual constitution in there somewhere, but no one seems to pay attention to it. For some reason, it all seems to work, mostly because the general population is more focused on securing its own quality of life rather than a futile attempt to rationalize its politics.

Religiously, Yamaha's own religious ideas about household gods are now declining. The Church of Midas and the Trinidian Church have both had great influence, and are quite influential, particularly the former Edwinish and Domish Imperial possessions in the nation. However, Atheism is also a rising trend in the religious demographic.

The Wild Piriqui AKA the Territory of the Ravens

The Territory of the Ravens is a nation created from the colonies of Edwin, Gawain, Domus, the Arctic and Maze. Needless to say, it is one of the most diverse and confusing nations on the planet. It has three official languages, Edwinish, Gawainian and Domish, and a demographic that spans across the globe. In the North, it is even possible to hear strange Arctic-derived dialects being spoken, remnants of the old Empire of the Tsar. The south is dominated by Gawainian speakers, the East by Domish and Mazan, with Edwinish predominant in between them, such as in the capital, New Nottingham Town. The nation is run by a democratic Federal Government and separate Provincial Governments, which follow the colonial lines.

The nation maintains the three military branches, though it is considered the world class in private military contractors, with over 300 separate PMC groups based in the nation operating globally. Religiously, the nation is predominantly secular, with mixings of everything from Arctic pantheons to Trinidian to traditional Piriqui beliefs. The nation has no official religion. The nation is most industrialised around the capital cities of each province, above, and technologically backward in the more rural areas.

The Parliamentary Monarchy of the Arctic Islands

One of the crazy stories of political reversal happened here. The tsarist government had so egregiously decayed by the end of the Age of Steam, that a series of revolutions had put the Communists in charge. Let no fur say they didn’t have a run for their money, but at the end of their rule, the Party had so exhausted the patience and pocketbooks of the people that they were willing to rally around any part of their history that they could preserve, even their aged Crown Prince in exile. Fortunately, this Prince was actually intelligent and capable, and managed a more or less smooth transition to a Parliamentary Monarchy… after a vicious civil war discredited his rivals.

Militarily, the country maintains the National Rike Arktik Forces, a more politically correct term than the Empire Forces that preceded it, as the islands no longer pursue colonial possessions. This consists of the National Rike Arktik Army, and Navy. The Islands do not pursue an Air Force for logistical and financial reasons, given the almost permanent poor weather and expense of upkeep.

Religiously, the Arctic is still very much attached to the Arctic pantheon of Gods, though foreign influences of the Church of Midas and the Trinidian Church have small movements in major cities such as Shiya and Andalsnes. This trend does not continue any further North. Shamans still have quite an influence on the Arctic people, though not as much in government.
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