Familiar Face (or) Golden Child of Music (PM FOR ENTRY)

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Re: Familiar Face (or) Golden Child of Music (PM FOR ENTRY)

Post by Kitt »

Kitt rolled his eyes at Freya talking about how long ago it was, and how now he had magic that she said that he was relying on. Grumbling something inaudible under his breath as he continued to focus more intently on what he was doing with his hair and makeup. Snap, snap, snap. It seemed he couldn't ever decide how he wanted to look, as every single time he appeared like he enjoy a certain hair-style or makeup application, he'd shake his head and the snapping would resume.

Not paying attention, Kitt was taken by surprise as he felt a tendril grasp him and spin him around to face Freya. The sudden spin causing him to let out a yipe, and snap his fingers towards Freya and the skunk. The snap aimed towards the pair caused both of them to gain a flapper-esque temperance. Their hair changing into a short bob, accompanied by the dresses, jewelry and makeup that flappers would have worn.

Gasping as he brought a paw up to his mouth, before breaking out into a hysterical giggle. Not as though Kitt looked any better, as it appeared that the spell had affected him too. His new jewelry jingling about as he giggled at the other two. It took awhile, but after he finished his giggle fit, he looked up at Freya, unable to stop himself from speaking with giggles occasionally interrupting his speech. "St-stop what? Trying to look good?" He asked, still somewhat giggling. It wasn't until Freya's accusation of him being obsessed with his appearance that his giggling came to abrupt stop. "I-I'm not obsessed! I-I just like to look good...I-I mean...S-some of us immortals actually /care/ about the way we look!" He huffed, as he was obviously getting defensive for the second time in such a small amount of time. After a moment of silence that was starting to become awkward he began to start up again "Wh-what right do either of you have to waltz into my personal, private hotel penthouse?!"
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Re: Familiar Face (or) Golden Child of Music (PM FOR ENTRY)

Post by Catalina Tamiko »

The skunk had been about to reply to her when the change hit him. And boy did it make him feel funny. His fur went from crimson and black to pink and white with bright red circles on his cheeks. Or should it be said....HER cheeks. Looked down at iteelf the skunk demon let out a rather girlish giggling squeal. It took a moment but the now skunkette calmed down.

"S..sorry. hehehehe magic affects demons like myself differently... teeheeheehee. Oh i must say. This is new. rather suits me dont you think? Pops always said i should have been born a girl the way i squeal for pop icons." she couldnt help sitting on thr floor to giggle more. "b..but seriously. I came... up here because i could feel the magic. Its like a bright shiny lure to me. I cant help myself."
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Re: Familiar Face (or) Golden Child of Music (PM FOR ENTRY)

Post by Asyriel »

Freya frowned, and rolled her eyes as Kitt started giggling at the results of his spell. With a sigh, she unraveled the spell upon her. "You know, it's said that those who are obsessed with their outward appearance are often hiding something ugly inside" She replied before turning her attention to the gender swapped skunk. "Now that's different..." She commented with some interest. "...definitely a change that's usually a little more difficult to enact." She returned her attention to Kitt when he asked what right she had to waltz into his penthouse. "You let me in...I knocked first." She reminded him. "I just thought it would be nice to talk to someone I knew at least a little personally who had lived during many of the same times I did." She turned toward the door. "But, if you don't want me here, I won't stay around." She said as she headed toward the door.
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