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Realism gets the Ratings! (Maze/Kahun)

Posted: Thu Jul 14, 2016 8:23 am
by Rosaris
The roaring of several pick up engines speeding across the desert plateau was heard for miles on end, lagging a few minutes behind the pick ups were URAL transport trucks, carrying several ‘soldiers’ into battle toward a town that was build right on the Kahun and Mazian border. Of course, this wasn’t war in the literal sense as in people dying, this was all part of an elaborate sport that had been invented by several corporations and such in order to bring war reality television into the mainstream.

Amongst this plathura of trucks, was Ila, riding in the second pick up truck’s back as she idly panted to herself… why did she have to be in a desert for pete sake?! She checked her mag, counting the ‘bullets’ in it, which were just cartridged oversized airsoft rounds, which left a nasty mark if you were shot by them… everyone in this game used them, it added realism of sorts to the whole event. Overhead passed two HIND gunships, not armed, but they were the Polaris Corporation’s choice of camera helicopter, an oddity, but hey, whatever worked, right? There was also cameras attached to the designated camera players… thankfully that wasn’t her job in this mess.

“You ready for the madness?” asked the gunner, a fennec with a cocky smile looking down at her, manning the faux-50 cal that was mounted onto the bed of the truck. “We should be crossing the defense line in five, be prepared to take some flak from the defensive artillery!”

“Oh come on, really?!” shouted Ila in aggravation. “Do we really have to put up with artillery? I mean really, this just is not my day!”

“Yup! Our designations are to take out said artillery in order for back up to come through, and then we try to capture the town, hope you got enough rounds to last!” said the gunner, just as a duster shell landed next to their truck, knocking it around and onto two wheels for a moment, before they continued to speed forward. “SHIT! That one was close!”

“YOU THINK?!” growled Ila, looking ahead over the cab of the truck through her scope, seeing all sorts of craziness ahead as she counted enemy crews. Her camo was digital desert seeing... well, they were fighting in the sandbox!

It was going to be a long match… and all of this was being broadcast live all around the world on Polaris TV, for all the masses to watch.

Re: Realism gets the Ratings! (Maze/Kahun)

Posted: Sat Jul 16, 2016 2:32 pm
by Asyriel
Dima was in a hide position on a piece of high ground just over a kilometer outside the ghost town that was the center of the current 'battlefield'. She reflected on what had brought her here as she looked through the scope of her M200 Intervention at the scene below. She had been trained in the military as a sniper, then spent some time as a mercenary and professional competition shooter. As she thought about it, these wargames were almost a logical next step for her, and the pay wasn't bad least for a world class sniper.

"technical truck fifteen hundred meters." She said softly to her spotter. There were several seconds silence, and no movement from her spotter. "Stop staring at my ass, and do your damn job." She growled, her arctic accent heavy in her annoyance. she had been paired with several different spotters since she had started in these battles, but this one was the worst when it came to professionalism. Oh he was damn good at his job when he stopped ogling long enough to do it. "ugh, why do they have to use those damn dusters. twelve hundred now." She grumbled.
there was movement this time at least, and a moment later he replied. "Up seven, lead by five."
"Got it" Dima replied as she took in a breath, a moment held, trigger squeeze, a suppressed report and the plastic bullet was away. She opened the bolt, brass ejected, and she pushed the bolt forward to chamber the next round.
"that driver is dead to rights." Her spotter commented as he watched the paint bullet explode on the truck's windshield, had it been a real bullet it would have gone through the driver's head.

"Now for the gunner." She said quietly as she squeezed the trigger again, sending another round down into the battle at the gunner from that same truck.

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Posted: Fri Aug 05, 2016 4:25 am
by Rosaris
The truck that was hit suddenly skidded to a halt after the windshield was busted from being hit 'just right' in the wrong spot, the driver falling out and playing dead as the gunner looked around for any sign of the sniper, only to be shot 'dead' by the sniper round. And to add insult to injury, after the two players were dead and down, a dust shell - which was basically an oversized sack of flower - came screaming down on top of the truck and blew the vehicle back a few feet, sending a whitish cloud of dust up into the air.

"Looks like it's gonna be the same match as it was in southern Maze!" said Ila with a small laugh, the truck she was riding in suddenly skidding to a halt and the other three players piling out to storm the walled fortifications as the technical began to speed off, sending a ploom of dust and sand up into the air as the sounds of 'war' began to echo out throughout the battlefield, several soldiers storming the walled fortifications their own way in order to try and take the city down in the key points they were designated.

A low rumble came overhead of Dima's position as a cameraship passed overhead, though it didn't give away her position by any means. Thankfully.

Re: Realism gets the Ratings! (Maze/Kahun)

Posted: Sat Aug 06, 2016 4:45 am
by philipandre1231
Coda, a small Fennec Fox approached Dima from behind, carrying a modified G3C6 assault rifle. "You got the truck. Nice. Too bad i'm here covering your pretty ass rather than taking them head on." The fox grinned at his statement, trying to get a response from the sniper in a dull moment.

A cat stood patiently and waited for the enemy by the outskirts of the city without any defence, holding nothing more then a mere M200 Semi-auto shotgun. She looked up at the cameraship and sighed. "No action for old Lilly today..."

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Posted: Sat Aug 06, 2016 7:37 pm
by Asyriel
Dima watched as a duster hit the truck she had disabled. "ouch...harsh." She mused quietly. "Damn gunbunnies need to calm down a bit, not trying to actually kill people out here." A drone ship passed overhead, kicking up dust around her. She proceeded to make a rude gesture at the ship before she returned her attention to the town below. "Damn ships are going to give me away one of these days." She muttered, as she continued to watch the battle through her scope.

"You certainly weren't complaining about it while you climbed this hill behind me." Dima replied to Coda in snarky tones. She gave a quiet growl of frustration before she spoke again. "I can't get a good angle on anything in the town from here. We're going to have to move to hide position two." She said as she carefully crawled backward far enough that she wouldn't silhouette herself when she stood up.

Once she was a safe distance down the back side of the hill, she got to her feet, and slung her rifle before drawing her sidearm. "c'mon let's get moving. I'd like to be in that hide before the match is over and I don't have any more targets." WIth that statement, she started moving toward her second chosen sniping position. She listened to the sound of gunfire, and continued duster rounds falling in the town on the other side of the hill.

Re: Realism gets the Ratings! (Maze/Kahun)

Posted: Tue Aug 16, 2016 7:02 pm
by philipandre1231
Coda grins as he cracks his knuckles and follows Dima in silence, staring at her ass.

Lilly smiles as she notices a sound behind her and fires off a dust round, not thinking if it was an ally or enemy only to turn and see a single snake standing alone, holding a handgun to her head. "Greetings from russia." The snake says before it fires a dust shell right on Lilly's forehead. The snake grins and looks up at Coda only to see him walk down a hillside following a silhoutte. She grins and slithers across the ground, quickly approaching Coda and his company.

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Posted: Fri Sep 02, 2016 6:50 am
by Rosaris
The flare of dust appeared out of the field as the attacking forces charged in a split maneuver type charge as many dodged the defensive firing of the wall emplacements of the town, some casualties being took as snipers on various high grounds, and on the high points of the wall fired down at them, as well as the defensive guards on post on the wall.

“Why?!” shouted Ila as she glanced up at a dragon as he peeked over the side at the assaulting forces, firing up at him before scoring a kill, the man falling from the wall in front of her. “Whoa… you okay?!” she asked, holding out a quick hand to him.

“Y-Yah, good job” he said with a pained chuckle, standing up and stretching before sitting down on the ground again. “I’ll just play dead now” he added, sprawling out on the ground and adding even further to the ‘death’ by pooling liquid ketchup around him from a packet on his back.

Ila, of course, just stared at this whole mess… shaking her head slowly before going back to the game. “Yaaahahahaa!” she howled as she threw up an assault hook at the wall top, trying to hook onto something in order to scale the six meter tall makeshift walls in order to gain access to the main gates… or so the plan was.

Things never did go as planned when it came to this game… as the tactics of the Mazian Militia teams were sloppy and unorganized… obviously not use to major league combat as the other states were. The majority of the teams were just zerg rushing the walls in hopes of getting access… the technicals were another sign of the sloppiness of it all, as they were just thrown together with some being properly equipped and armored, whilst others were just junkers that were thrown into the field without much effort.

“ALLAHUAKBAR!” screamed one of the Mazian shocktroopers, pulling something that was right out against the field rules since the incident last year: no suicide duster vests. The large white ploom rising up high over the field as people choked and coughed on the dust whipping around for the moment.

Re: Realism gets the Ratings! (Maze/Kahun)

Posted: Fri Sep 02, 2016 7:28 am
by philipandre1231
A snake makes it's way to the battlefield only to arrive before a gruesome scene... A dust vest aftermath. The snake quickly drops her gun and runs into the dust, doing everything she can to ensure the safety of anyone she may find.

Coda smiles as he notices a few gunshots in the distance. He readies his weapon and grins, starting to walk faster. "Better stand back little snipes, let the big guy handle this." Coda says with a grin as he starts to go full sprint into the battle. He quickly finds a suitable wall with some elevation for cover and starts firing down upon an Artic Fox with a few custom rounds. "Eat dust!" He shouts as he releases a full clip in her general direction, not bothering to aim as he's using glass rounds.

A shout is heard just as Coda looks at an opponent opening a jacket, giving Coda just enough time to duck and take cover before dust flies over his head. He wastes no time before he vaults over his cover, easily falling 3 meters and landing completely wrong, easily dislocating a paw. Even though he's in great pain he still sprints over to where he last saw the Artic fox. "Is anyone hurt!?" He calls out, opening himself for an assault if anyone were to be so stupid.

Re: Realism gets the Ratings! (Maze/Kahun)

Posted: Fri Sep 02, 2016 10:48 am
by Asyriel
Dima had been about to inform Coda that he really didn't need to follow her; that they were far enough from the actual objectives that is wasn't likely anybody from the opposing teams were going to get close. Turned out though that she didn't need to say anything as he took off toward the battlefield.

"Well, that works well enough." She muttered as she and her spotter started their ascent toward her chosen sniping position. About halfway up the hill, she saw the plume of dust from the duster vest, and shook her head. "Idiots." she commented quietly before continuing to the top of the rise where she put her sidearm away, and pulled her rifle from her back. She opened the attached bipod, set the rifle down, and shimmied herself into a comfortable position. "now, let's see who we can find down there." She said as her spotter set up his own position and equipment.

"Got a couple pushing on objective bravo. 800 Meters" She said to her spotter who for once was quick to respond with sight adjustments. "On the way." She said, mostly to herself as she squeezed the trigger and a round was sent downrange.